London 1:2 - the arrangement

Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 7:12 PM

The view from the dining room was spectacular - it was a clear morning, barely a cloud in the sky, and the sea beneath us was blue and clear, dappled with sunlight. The shadow of the airship followed our progress as we sailed slowly towards Dover, our landing only a couple of hours away. I'd have been content to merely gaze out of the window, watching the landscape drift by, but politeness and good manners insisted that we converse with Henri and Kathryn. Which didn't turn out to be such a bad thing...

Sophie was in a flirtatious mood - we had spent some time the previous evening, inbetween breathless bouts of delightful lovemaking, discussing ideas for the week. Despite our growing (if unconventional) relationship, neither of us was ready for monogamy just yet, and Sophie saw the vacation as an ideal opportunity to, as she put it, 'find a little fresh blood'. The vampiric overtones of her remark didn't escape me, but she was ever the seducer, and never the seduced. It was something I had grown to love about her.

I could see from the way she was flirting with Kathryn that Sophie was interested in her. Kathryn and Henri were clearly equally as enchanted by Sophie, and conversation flowed easily and delightfully. For the most part I sat back and observed - Sophie was far more skilled at seduction than I, and I had a definite desire to see Kathryn naked myself - and Henri, for that matter, was by no means unattractive. Already my mind was wandering, wondering how he'd look naked and erect, fucking Sophie deliciously. I tried to focus back on the conversation...

"Did you hear the noises last night?" Kathryn appeared to be blushing a little as she said this - had Sophie already steered the conversation towards sex? How did she do that so easily?

"Noises...?" Sophie replied, smiling coquettishly.

"Oh you must have heard them, you were only a couple of doors down from us - someone on board was having a lovely time last night."

"What did you hear?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm embarrassed now, I felt sure this would be something you'd have overheard too... did you not hear the couple last night...?"

"No, we didn't," Sophie smiled, "what were they doing?"

"I'm not sure of a polite way to phrase this over breakfast" she blushed, "they were... well, they were engaging in the act of love... rather urgently, it seemed to me..."

"With abandon..." Henri added, clearly reminiscing.

"Would this have been about midnight?" asked Sophie, smiling to me conspiratorially.

"About that time, yes..."

"And I believe your room is a couple of doors away from our own...?" Sophie smiled.

Kathryn blushed again, suddenly realising her faux pas. "Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry - it never occurred to me..."

"There's absolutely no need to apologise," Sophie reassured her, "we realised we might be overheard - if anything, that very much heightened our pleasure."

Henri's eyes lit up for a moment - Sophie was always disarmingly frank. "You... enjoyed the idea of others listening to you?" he ventured.

"Very much," Sophie smiled, "I love being the voyeur, but there's a certain frissance in being the one whom is being watched, don't you think?"

Kathryn blushed again, but she was clearly enjoying the conversation, and Henri's attention was positively gripped. "You indulge in voyeurism...?" he asked. "You watch other couples...? Making love...?"

"Well, given a preference," Sophie smiled, "I'd rather be the participant rather than the voyeur, but yes, I have watched others engage in sexual activity on a number of occasions. And have been watched myself. Sharing is fun, don't you think?" She smiled again.

This time it was Henri's turn to blush, though I believe it was more in arousal than embarrassment. "I don't really know..." he replied, "Kathryn and I have never..."

"Henri!" scolded Kathryn, "I really don't think we need to be quite so frank about our private life."

"Ah, but honesty is a refreshing and invigourating thing, don't you think?" Sophie smiled, gazing seductively into her eyes, shifting in her seat a little. "Honesty brings the possibility of further pleasures, in my experience."

"Then... then Henri is correct," smiled Kathryn, "we have not been... lucky enough to indulge in such vices as voyeurism."

"And would you like to...?" Sophie asked, smiling again.

"Well... I..."

"After all, you have already heard us, so why not watch us too? I'm sure my partner wouldn't disagree...?" She looked towards me.

"Naturally not," I replied. "I'd be delighted for Kathryn and Henri to watch us, if they wished."

"To watch you... make love...?" Henri asked.

"To watch us fuck each other delightfully," Sophie smiled. "That, precisely, is what we'd be happy to offer you... unless of course you don't wish to...?"

But of course they did - who could turn down such an offer? By the time we had completed breakfast, Sophie had made arrangements for the couple to join us that evening at our London townhouse. Although not spelt precisely, the deal was explicit - they would be watching us, watching as we fucked. I'd never done that for an audience before, and the idea was intriguing - would they simply sit and watch? Would they actually even show up? Would they want to join in? Time would tell - as we floated down to dock, I was already anticipating a delightfully intense evening ahead...

to be continued


Mm..Can't wait to see how this turns out.


Pussy is tingling....Don't make me wait long...

Amenti - you'll see in the very next episode ;) x

cranberry - you will indeed see - I know, but I'm not telling lol

niagra - you only have to wait until the next episode - I think I should be getting to the crux of the matter by that point ;)

Oooo, I'm looking forward to this one...

You know how to keep a girl hanging, just on the edge... ;o)

Beautiful as always, i can't wait for more...

L x

Oh Roger, I hate how you keep me hanging like that! Hurry....please..

Oh I am sure ... time will tell ... ;-) A delightful invitation ... care to extend this beyond the "realm of the Zeppelin" ... Nice and subtle writing ! - A

Roger .......... i love you ....... lol.

Only you could make me smile at 7am !!!

p.s. you know how much i love this series of stories. Keep it up baby.

........the stories you perv lol


leela - hope you'll like the way it's going to go ;)

laura - I'm a terrible tease, I know ;)

miss understood - such an impatient girl - but yes, we're almost there...

aragorn - thankyou x Bit of a shame to lose the Zeppelin as a metaphor, but we're heading for the town house...

indigo - I most certainly will keep it up ;)

lovely addition to your sophie stories...been too long since i have been here....hmmm some nice thoughts to take to bed with me..tis 1am here...
oh and thanks for participating today, proves once again to me..You are man among men!

I'm certainly looking forward to the latest adventure... Of course you know how much I like to watch ;)

Mmmmmm, being invited to watch Sophie fuck, what a nice idea... I like to watch too, and not having to hide while watching will be so much fun.


sunny delight - I rather like keeping you up late - hope you had fun x

DLG - I do indeed ;) Such a delightfully bad girl xxx

vahri - and I'm glad you decided to take up the invitation ;) x

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