London 1:1 - Sophie and the artist visit London

Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 6:57 PM

The Zeppelin rose majestically from its moorings as I watched from the promenade deck, seeing the ground slowly falling away beneath us, the great grey shadow of the airship following us across the Parisian rooftops. As we made our way towards London, Sophie stood next to me, keeping me company as I gazed at the view drifting slowy below, our progress over Paris watched by the crowds underneath, pointing at us open mouthed as we floated past. An airship of this size over Paris was by no means an everyday occurrence. I almost envied the people below, envied them their view of the huge airship, gleaming in the early evening sunlight.

I knew Sophie liked to travel in style, but this was quite extraordinary - the Hindenburg had been touring European cities for a couple of months, as much a show of German technological superiority than for any commercial reasons, but when the airship's trip from Paris to London had tied in with Sophie's own travel plans, it had been far too tempting an opportunity to turn down. I had to admit to a definite discomfort in travelling under the Nazi swastika, boldly emblazoned on the tailfins of the magnificent craft, but this would be a short trip - just two days of relaxing flight, and I could forget politics for such a short while.

This was a simple business trip for Sophie - to arrange the transfer of some of her funds into a London bank. I was aware that she had money secreted in various European accounts (some in England, some in Switzerland, perhaps others of which I was unaware). At the time I thought it an unusual practice, though of course hindsight proved how astute she really was. These precautions protected her fortune when the war broke out four years later, and allowed her to resume her business when the Nazis ultimately relinquished French occupation. Sophie was more intelligent than I perhaps appreciated at the time, but of course it had never been her money that had seduced me...

The flight was calming and luxurious - to be honest, I was happy just to have been brought along. Sophie normally travelled alone, but she was starting to change, as was I, and the flimsy excuse of an exhibition of pre-Raphaelites at the Royal Academy in London had been sufficient to secure my place alongside her for this week long trip. We would be staying at a townhouse she occasionally rented close to Russell Square - my old stomping grounds in the shadow of the British Museum, and I felt sure that a week in her company was certain to include a number of delightful sexual encounters - reason enough to stay by her side for the duration of her trip.

The spacious decks occupied the interior of the massive airship - most of the cabins were small (barely enough space for a small bunk bed and a tiny wardobe), but the state rooms were larger and more impressive, and I have to admit to a singular thrill at being able to fuck Sophie in opulent comfort whilst floating lazily across the Channel, the cries of our mutual orgasms threatening to ring around the cathedral-like interior of the immense ship.

I awoke next to her in a haze of satisfied warmth - a further fuck before breakfast would have been delightful, but we were due to land at 11am, and we both relished the notion of at least one meal in the sky before we docked.

Washed and dressed, we made our way to the dining room, to the table we were to share with a couple whose brief acquaintance we had made in the lounge the previous evening - Henri and Kathryn , a writer and his young wife, also vacationing in London for the week, before moving on to New York. Little did I realise at the time what delightful pleasures this chance encounter would bring later that week...

to be continued...


Umm, you do know that the Hindenburg had her maiden flight in 1936...?


shhhh! lol
I did think about using one of the earlier Zeppelins, but the Hindenburg had the wonderful interior decks, I found some super archive photographs of the interior (that really is the promenade deck of the Hindenburg above), and there's a certain resonance with the Hindenburg because of the 1937 disaster. Given that it's only playing a cameo role in the story, I figured I could cheat by a few months - though I did seriously consider moving the story forward to 1936, but it seemed silly just for the sake of authenticity - so I went the Hollywood way and slightly rewrote history, not wanting to advance the timeline yet.
Well spotted though! (grrr lol)

don't worry cranberry, there's a very intense sex scene on the way, I'm setting it up as we speak... ;)

I am so glad this is back, I've been waiting for weeks! A fantastic start...can't wait for the next installment. x

A lovely easy opening back into the story, can't wait for more

~ Miss Minx ~

miss understood & miss minx - thankyou x We'll move a little closer to the naughty stuff in a couple of days ;)

Oh Rog,
It was so long in the waiting, am so glad you have started once again with this wonderfully decident story. As always waiting with baited breath.
Ever yours

It has been a long wait, I know, but hopefully you'll be delightfully rewarded for your patience, Cookim ;) x

I'm always fussy about (unimportant) details, it's a curse. I'll keep my mouth shut in the future, I promise. lol


It's okay I should have guessed you'd spot it, don't apologise lol ;) x

Hmm, great story ... That Zeppelin is such a male erotic symbol ... Look forward to more ... Cheers - A

Argh! I was so ready for a delightful romp! You are such a tease!

Aragorn - it most certainly is ;) Definitely a sign of things to... erm... come ;)

Skye - ahh, of course, you've only ever read the collected versions of the Paris stories - for these you need a little patience, it takes me a little longer to set the scene - but as always with the Sophie stories, it'll hopefully be worth the wait ;)

Mmmm, what a delightful beginning to a promising adventure... ;)

Tease!!!! More please!

perfecting the art of the tease, are we?

such a turn on...


DLG - thankyou, glad you like it ;) xx

evilicious blonde - more arriving today...

paige - I am a terrile tease I know ;)

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