waiting for you...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 8:07 PM

Today I'm yours.
Do as you will with me.
I'm laying on your bed, waiting for you, wanting you, and I'll give you anything that pleases you, I'll touch you any way you want to be touched.
I'm naked and very erect, smiling at you as you walk into the room, watching you as you slip out of your clothes.
I'm stroking myself slowly as I look at you, my gaze filled with lust, desire burning in my eyes, my fingers sliding rhythmically up and down the length of my hard cock, masturbating as I watch you.
I want you.
I need you.
Come to bed.
Take me any way you please.
Make me come, I want that.
Use me for your pleasure.
Touch me.
Take me.
Fuck me...
god I need you to fuck me...



oh god, roger…!!

this invitation is more than enough to arouse me… the image of you naked on my bed… your hard cock… masturbating…

…so wet already!!

so many dirty dirty thoughts rushing through my head… skin, lips, gasps… ahh!

I’d looove to tell you but unfortunately I’m not a native speaker and I would probably only embarrass myself…

still have to learn… from you… while reading your stories…

I’m your eager student…devouring your stories

till then… I’m going to my bed now, where you’re waiting for me…
and I’ll do all the things to you that I’m thinking about right now…

a german girl

mmm roger, you always make me want you, need you.. you have no idea how much i'm wishing you were here, wanting to straddle you, pinning your hands down above your head..
leaning down to kiss you - softly first, barely brushing my lips against yours...my body pressing against yours, grinding, teasing you.. feeling your hard cock pressing against me, making me moan wanting to feel you inside me.
As i start to kiss you more passionately, more urgently, you roll over so you're ontop. my hands running down your back and over your chest as you start kissing my neck, making me sigh with pleasure.
Your hands find my breasts and you squeeze them gently, pinching my hard nipples. i moan and my back arches pressing me up against your chest..
i slide my hand down to your achingly erect cock, wrapping my fingers round it, stroking you until you can't take any more teasing.
You pull away from me, your eyes filled with need, your breathing deep and shakey as you slide your cock slowly inside me, filling me inch by incj.. hearing me groan as you thrust deep into me.. my hands slide back down your back, pulling you closer to me, leaning up to kiss you..our tongues sliding against eachothers as your thrusting becomes more urgent..
you moan and fuck me harder, faster, filling me with every thrust.. when your fingers find my clit and start circling, rubbing, i can't hold back any longer, you feel my cunt gripping you as the pleasure shoots through me.. i cry out your name and that's all you can take, you thrust hard into me one final time before your groan and explode inside me, filling me with your cum..
you rest ontop of me, still inside me and i run my hands through your hair, kissing you softly..

God, I need to continue this elsewhere.. You're a bad, bad boy roger, making me so wet with your words, I can never resist sliding my hand down between my legs when i'm alone and reading your blog, you should be ashamed of oyurself turning people on like this ;)

S xxx

Damn....there's quite some action going on in here. Is it me, or is it a bit warm in here?! (: Hi Roger! I'm just dropping by to say HEY! Goodness it's been awhile since I've touched myse--ahem....read your naughty lil posts. Take care, sexy! *mmuahh*

german girl - no need to worry, your english is exceptional - and I rather like the idea of you being my student... and yes come to bed I'm waiting for you...

S - ahh but I love turning you on so gorgeously, and I'm sure you know how much I love to take you all the way... to bring you to intense orgasm...
I very much loved your fantasy, but you should know that I always want more... I'd need to fuck you again... to feel the warmth and softness of your naked body against mine... needing to fill you with my hard cock... to slide deep inside you...

mahemma - lovely to have you back - and yes it is getting very warm in here - perhaps you should come and join us in bed... ;)

I think...for now....I shall just pull up a chair at the end of the bed...and watch you. x

You want me to take you? Such a greedy boy. Though I can see you're ready for me. Your soft touch making yuor cock so intensly hard. I lick my lips as I slide up your body, my body. My wetness slowly surrounding you as I slide down on your hard cock. I think I'll do more than fuck you today, Boy... ;)

miss understood - please feel free to watch - tough I'm definitely going to want you to join in when it all gets a little too much for you ;)

DLG - you know that's what I want... I so need you to fuck me - do with me as you please...

April - welcome to my blog, and now that you've found me, I hope you're having fun exploring the archives - there's lots for you to catch up on ;)

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