two girls - part three

Friday, July 28, 2006 at 12:43 AM

You pull her up to your face, kissing her greedily, sliding your tongue into her mouth - her lips so soft against yours as she surrenders to your kiss, melting into you. Her fingers are still inside you, inside your cunt, stroking you... you can feel your own wetness as it drips slowly from you, down along her fingers as they caress you rhythmically, feeling so, so good... you break the kiss for a moment, turning to watch me masturbate next to you, feeling yourself getting wetter... you need my cock inside you so much... your cunt is pulsing with each stroke of her fingers...

I can no longer simply watch - I need to fuck you... I need you so badly... I see you looking at me, your gaze wandering down my naked body, taking it all in, watching my hand sliding up and down my very erect penis, stroking, rubbing, breathing hard as I watch you, masturbating right next to you... my cock hard and throbbing as my hand strokes up and down, up and down...

It's all getting too much for you - you push her over onto her back, and she giggles playfully, kissing you again a little more hungrily, her hands in your hair, drawing your face closer to hers, her tongue caressing yours as you slip astride her, straddling her hips, rubbing yourself against her, feeling her soft breasts brushing against yours as you kiss her softly.

Your thighs are spread wide now, your ass raised - breaking the kiss for a moment, you look over to me again, smiling at me, watching my hand stroking my hard cock again, looking at me hungrily. It's all the invitation I need - I slide behind you on the bed, looking at you, watching you as you kiss your way down her body, down her soft neck... over her breasts... lingering for a few moments at her nipples, licking, sucking, biting a little... then kissing your way further down... over her belly... spreading her thighs with your hands as your lips and tongue make their way to her sex...

As you kiss down her body, your ass moves back towards me... my hands drifting over your bottom, brushing across to your hips, pulling you gently back against me... my cock is very erect, hard and visibly throbbing between my thighs, and as I pull you back, my erection slips between your buttocks, rubbing against you, as my hand slips between your open thighs, my fingers finding your cunt, sliding my fingertips between your pussy lips, stroking you... spreading the wetness up to your clit... circling it, stroking it...

I feel you shudder, pushing back a little against me, my finger slipping inside you a little way, and you gasp, your hot breath drifting over her cunt, dripping wet in front of your face... you need to taste her... you slide your tongue up over her pussy lips, lapping at them, and she trembles a little, bucking underneath you, arching up towards your tongue, gasping sensuously...

I can't hold back any longer... I slide the swollen head of my cock down... down towards the lips of your dripping wet cunt... I need to fuck you...



Once again, you have left me wet and disheveled. Pulse pulse, throb throb. Thanks for the orgasm. OneHappyGirl

PS- why do I have to page down to see your posts? Your side or mine?

Oh my.. and I need you to fuck me as well !!!

You are such a gorgeous tease.....

i need it so badly, roger!


OneHappyGirl - that's just the effect I want to have on you - I'm glad it works for you ;)
And my pages look fine at this end... so I'm not sure what you mean... hopefully all is well now...

pandora - and so I shall, in the very next post... ;)

miss understood - it's very wrong of me, I know ;)

paige - then I shall give it to you, this weekend...


Oh bad bad boy!

That's what I call a classic mean cliffhanger... leave me impatient and longing for more!!

You know exactly what you're doing, dirtyboy, keeping me addictive!

a german girl

by the way @OneHappyGirl: this can happen if you use Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox as a browser

mmmm. . .Mr. Roger, alas I have you (: I can never tire of you

Roger, I haven't come like that in a while.

Imagine, I haven't yet had the courtesy to comment and let you know that I read, and yet you keep writing for me.


Soooo wet and horny now Roger!
I enjoy reading your blog sooo very much!

putting in a dripping, horny, needy request for a new rough sex story..

roger you are the sexiest writer..

Damn Roger, you left me wanting so much more. That was very intense, very hot.


germangirl - very bad of me I know, but more is imminent ;)
And yes - everyone should use Firefox! Much nicer than nasty old Internet Explorer.

lina - good, as I want you to keep coming back for more x

M - it's always a special pleasure for me when a lurker surfaces to say hi - I'm very glad you're enjoying my words xx

sugar and spice - and I love making you so wet...

anonymous - a little rough sex is indeed on the way, keep watching x

sexy dukky - lots more still to come...

Great -- it's hot here, and dehydrating -- and now you've gone and made my hotter -- and thirstier!

You have such a way with words. I've just cum, twice, very hard for you. Thank you lover... so, so good. xxx

leatherarento - I'd apologise, but I know you don't object ;)

DLG - fair exchange for the delicious orgasms your latest post gave to me I think ;) xxx

I particularly enjoyed this.
Thank you.

PS, I notice that if I view your site in IE, I have to scroll to see your posts...but when I use Firefox, it's just fine...hence the reason for the Mozilla discaimer at the top of your page huh? *grin*


p oflust - yes, I've been told before that in some versions of IE the blog looks strange - all the more reason to use Firefox! (I hate IE, by the way, never use it).

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