touching yourself...

Friday, June 23, 2006 at 11:21 AM

One for those who like it a little rougher today, as I'm feeling greedy... if you prefer something a little more sensual or literate, give this one a miss and explore the archives on the left, as this one is for those who like to be dominated...
And for those of you missing Sophie, the Paris stories return at the end of the week - don't say I didn't let you know ;)
roger x

Sit down next to me
look at me
don't take your eyes off me
tonight you're here to please me
tonight you're mine
mine to use as I please
to touch however I wish
you'll do whatever I ask of you
whatever I demand of you
you're my plaything
my slut
my whore

I know what you want
I know why you've come here
I know what you're thinking about

such a dirty little slut

touch yourself for me...
you know that's what you want
I can see how aroused you are

touch yourself

dont pretend you dont want to
I know what you think about
late at night, there in your bed
I've seen the way you look at me
I know what you want

show me

show me how much you want me
show me how wet you are
touch yourself for me
show me what a dirty little slut you are...

that's better
open your thighs...
dont pretend to be shy
I know you're wet
I know you want me to fuck you

that's what you want, isn't it
you want my cock inside you
thrusting, deep and hard...
filling you...
fucking you...
cumming deep in your cunt...

well first you have to please me
do what I tell you
touch yourself for me
put your hand between your thighs
masturbate for me
right here in front of me
show me what a slut you are
show me how much you want me...

that's it...
such a dirty girl
look at you
such a little slut
masturbating right in front of me...

open your thighs wider
I want to see
I want to see how wet you are...

ohh that's better...
that's what I want...
that's what I wanted to see...

you're so fucking wet...

don't stop
show me what you want
put your fingers inside
show me how you want me to fuck you

that's it
all the way inside...

fuck yourself...
fuck yourself with your fingers

ahhh god...
that's it
fuck yourself
fuck that wet little cunt

god look at you

dirty fucking slut
do you want me to fuck you?
is that what you want?
look how hard I am
I'm touching myself
masturbating as I watch you
stroking my cock in time with your fingers...

I'm so fucking erect...

do you want me to fuck you?
do you want to feel me deep in your cunt?
thrusting hot and hard...
pulsing inside you...
my cock so full of cum...
do you want it?
do you want me to cum inside you?

then beg me
beg me to fuck you

slide your fingers deeper into your cunt
god yes...

tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are
beg me to fuck you...
and I'll fuck you hard...
I'll spurt my hot cum deep inside you...
tell me...
dirty little slut...

to be continued...

20 Comments: very inspiring. Cannot wait for the next part.

I'm soaking wet with anticipation.. ;)

I'll be your whore, your personal prostitute..just for you.

God roger, just fuck me...please fuck your little slut..

You want me to beg you? I think you know better dirtyBoy. I think you know better than to think you're going to take me. You're my fucking slut, you know that. I'm going to use you, Boy. I'm going to fuck you until I cum on you, I'm going to use you to make myself cum. You'll have to beg then, beg me like the dirty fucking whore you are. (Nice try though) ;) xx

Im on my hands and knees... I'm begging you to fuck me.

oh yes, please please fuck me.

I'm your dirty slut...your whore

fuck me hard...please make me scream

i'm a slut, dirtyboy
and i'm yours...

i depserately need your cock inside of my pussy

i need you to cum inside of me

i need you to spurt your cum inside of me

i want to feel your hardness against my pussy

i am desperate to be fucked by you, used by you

i want you to make me cum until i cry

i want you to ram it into me even after i can't take any more

raindog - I love making you wet - and you're such a delightful little slut for me...

DLG - I am indeed yours, and I'll beg you like the little slut I am... please use me... I'm a dirty fucking whore and I'm begging you to take me... and it's always worth a try ;)

pandora - mmm... on all fours, begging me... perfect, just as I love it... x

anonymous - I will fuck you, hard and deep, just as you love it...

paige - such a little slut... I'm going to take you, and use you, and fuck you for my own pleasure... and fill you with my cum, over and over again...

WOW..dirtboy you make me so fucking horny. Im a newcomer here so I havent read everything you have writtin. But what I have read..WOW..makes me so hot and wet, makes me just wonna take your cock in my pussy and fuck you forever, and cum and cum and cum all over it. Damn you are good. So good in fact that I need to read more of your stuff.

mmmm.. I would love you to fuck me, just like that... cumming deliciously hard, all over my cock... you know that's what I want...

mmmm I love it when you watch me Roger... I love to see the lust in your eyes as you watch my fingers moving urgently, in and out of my tight little pussy... so wet; aching for you. I'll do anything you ask Roger, just please, fuck me. Take me from behind... fast and hard. God, I love to feel your balls slapping against me... your tummy on my ass with each thrust. I want to feel your hard cock deep inside me... throbbing and pulsing... I want to feel your hot cum on my ass... please Roger....

tiff - such an intensely erotic reply... and such delicious, arousing pleading... I'm very erect from reading this, and would very much love to fuck you...

Your blog is the best sex I have had in a long time! I really enjoyed the two guys....and me! Holy fuck!

lori - I'm very pleased you enjoyed it and welcome to my blog - hope you're having fun in the archives... ;)

Roger, you're taunting me has pushed me over the edge. I stand up and approach you, pushing your shoulders back against the bed and straddling you, so I can slide your cock deep into my pussy.

I'll ride you, long and hard, squeezing your cock, until you cum hard inside me...

green eyes - I love the idea of you being so aroused that you just take me, putting up with no more of my nonsense ;)
and you know I'd love that, being held down, straddled, fucked, not stopping until I cum hard inside you, filling you with all my cum...
You might be pleased to hear that in the first of the new Sophie stories, coming up at the weekend, the tables will indeed be turned, and you'll be able to take me, use me, and fuck me any way you please - and I'll be the one doing the begging - I think you'll like it... ;)

I think I will, too, Roger! *wink

Please Roger I'm begging you fuck me now, cant you see how wet I am, I need to be fucked by you, I need to feel how hard you are inside of me, you can do what you want with me, just let me feel you

mmm... such delightful begging... yes, I can see just how wet you are... and I'm going to fuck you just how you want to be fucked...

I couldn't keep my fingers away from my pussy reading this, thinking of you watching me masturbate, with your throbbing cock in your hand, pulling on it hard.I want you in me sooo bad, I'm on my hands and knees, looking up at you, begging you to fuck me again and again.How long are you going to make me wait?I'm so very wet,so very hungry for you.

mmmm... such a little slut... such a delightfully dirty girl... you know I love it when you beg...

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