Dirtyboy interview part three

Monday, June 19, 2006 at 8:56 PM

Here at last, the final part of the three part audio interview (for the previous two parts, see my archives below, on the left). This one gets rather frisky, as we were both getting rather turned on, so I'm going to have to apologise for the way the interview suddenly cuts out - there were a further couple of questions, but what we were doing whilst replying to them is, sadly, unbroadcastable ;)

So I hope you enjoy what's here - if you'd like to listen to it, you can download it here: Roger's new interview, part three. If you want to save it to your own computer, right-click on this link and select 'save link as' and it'll download it to your computer (it's 20mb) - if you only want to listen to it, just click on it and it'll play automatically.

Have fun!

roger x


Lovely, Roger. Thank you for answering my question as well. I know that some like to right or at least fantasize about deflowering a virgin. I've seen something like two cases of it written and they were actually fairy similar.

Don't worry I am not 35 and a virgin, I agree that that would be quite a shame.

I have been reading for a little while now though and just never know what to comment. This is probably the third time but I do find myself coming back again and again. Keep up the lovely work!

i'm home alone and in bed ;) downloading at the moment...wishing i would hear the "unbroadcastables"

can't wait can't wait can't wait...


Just wanted you to know that I'm enjoying your archives, Roger. And looking forward to more.

~The recently single, formerly anonymous "Loveless".

hmmmm. a shame, huh? gee, thanks a lot. ;) lol

being an oder virgin, i mean . . . :)

i loooove the way it sort of ended with the sound of a zipper opening.

for some reason, it felt like i was undoing it myself.

i enjoyed masturbating to the sound of your voice, roger. it was really, really lovely ;)


Roger. Now listen.
You need some serious lessons in editing. The music cut in far too early - I think the sound of your voices AFTER the sound of the zipper would have made the whole thing work a little better. Don't you agree?

Congrats to your interviewer - she did a great job. But please....what were the last few questions??? x

l.g. - Very much my pleasure, and sorry my reply was a little rubbish - I'm not convinced I could do the story jusstice, but maybe one day x
And don't worry, I love my blog, I'm not going anywhere!

paige - I rather like the idea of you listening to me in bed ;) - abd I'm sure you would like to hear them lol, such a naughty girl ;)

beautifullyalone - very pleased to hear it - keep commenting, I love to hear from you x

mariah - my apologies, I can be such a dunderhead sometimes lol x

paige - I'm glad you felt as though it was you unzipping me - as my friend said at the start of the interview in part one, we wanted you to imagine you were her, with me on the bed, asking all those intimate questions - glad that worked for you - and I hope you came deliciously xx

miss understood - believe it or not, I really did save the edit until the last possible moment - I'm not going to say what might or might not have happened after that point, it's more fun to leave it up to your imaginations, but she did begin to stroke me at that point, and immediately after that I did something, and then she did something else, and then it all started getting very disgraceful for a little while... and the point where the zipper goes down is really the furthest I could let it run without it turning into a very different kind of audio lol. I did have long conversations with my friend over the last week or two about how much we would edit out of that last part, and just where the final cut should come - in the end I decided not to edit the third part at all (even though it is very filthy) but out of respect for her I didn't think it was appropriate to let it run any further than it does here - it's one thing me being a disgraceful exhibitionist, but broadcasting more intimate stuff was just never going to happen lol.
And there were two questions that you didn't get to hear - one she made up herself (and I'm not telling you what it was lol) and the other was this one: "Tell me...is answering all these questions making you hard? Would you like to fuck me Roger? Do you want to see how wet I am? Would you like me to lie down so you can cum all over my face?". That was actually the very next question, and I did indeed reply to it lol. I can only apologise, and will accept any punishment you feel is appropriate *bending over* ;)

Oh my goodness gracious me... I now have an uncontrollable desire to pounce on both interviewer and interviewee ;)

Would you mind ever so much?

It's even more delicious the second time around ;) xx

It's no biggie, really . . . If I wanted to, I could have lost it in high school, but I wasn't ready . . . luckily, it was a "no glove, no love" situation as well . . . there are a lot of people who are amazed that I haven't done it yet . . . I just didn't feel the need too, and I wasn't ever in a serious relationship--but now my sex clock is ticking--LOUDLY! LOL!

leela - speaking for both of us, I'd be delighted if you pounced on us - do I get to go in the middle? I do hope so ;)

DLG - I always find it gets better and better the more i do it ;)

mariah - well, here's as good a place as any to be noticed ;)

what about green eyes question?

hearing the third part was well worth the wait.

isn't the green eyes question part of the audio? Her question was:

Is there anyone in your past that you've never been able to forget, and if so, what would you do, given a second chance?

It was definitely asked, as I heard myself being asked it as I was editing - I wonder if that was after the zipper came down... might well have been a victim of that editing. Not sure without relistening to it, but my answer was non-committal - I avoided it on the grounds that I felt it was too personal, and I never talk about my personal life in my blog. Sorry about that! Another reply would be - I prefer to keep moving forwards x

danielle - I'm very pleased you enjoyed it x

Way more interesting than the football world cup.


too bad i missed asking you questions...and the audio contest...i need to visit the internet more frequently i do believe.

this was rather hot. to be perfectly honest, this was just as arousing as your writing, and yes, i did cum, twice...heh.

what is the "borderline rape" blog you mentioned? i'm surprised i missed it...

Laure - very much a pleasure to provide a little distraction for you x

moonlitnymph - you can send me an audio file any time you please, no need to wait for the next contest (though I will be holding one in August). And I'm glad you came - it's clearly hotter than I thought ;)
The post I was referring to is one in the archives where I wake you up, then take you in your ass, despite your struggles - though it's consensual, playful struggling, part of the game, so not an intentional rape scenario (as I wont be writing any of those, for obvious reasons!).

i very much enjoyed listening to all of the parts of the interview. the one thing i found a problem - really not criticising too much lol - was how distant and quiet you sounded so turning it up to hear ur answers only to be deafened by ur friend laughing or talking..
but a very very good interview :-)

Yes, sorry about that lol - it was mostly a consequence of being rather turned on, mostly laid back on the pillow, whereas she was sat up, so she was closer to the mic - I do mumble more as we rteach the end of the interview, for which I apologise, but there was some sneaky touching going on ;)

you naughty boy ;)

oh, to be a fly on the wall...

wait, do flies have good eyesight?

Flies have compound eyes, so you'd see it many times at once lol - and probably in slow motion. Not that I want a conversation starting about insects in here lol x

not that i really wanted you to answer that, lol.

Hearing your description of what it feels like when you cum (multiple times)...the sound of your delicious voice and sexy (devilish) laugh... well, that's what moved me to take the leap from lurker to active participant. I've just recently graduated from the archives to the Paris stories. Your words, Roger, are electric. Thank you for the many, many orgasms you've been responsible for...

hi tiff x
Lovely to see you delurking, and thankyou for such a gorgeous generous comment - and I'm very pleased you're enjoying the Paris stories (which resume next week) - hope now you've delurked, you'll be a regular participant - and it's very much a pleasure to give you so much pleasure ;) x

finally listened to part 3, and i've only got one thing to say to you...

you are one naughty, filthy dirtyboy xD

but great interview, to the both of you :)

glad you liked it psy ;) xlntdjbcc

mmm british accent, gets me everytime. ;)
too bad i found this lovely site just now. i would have liked to ask you some questions.

mara, you can always ask me questions here in the comments - please feel free, and I'll answer as best I can x

Oh my…!! Still have to catch my breath…

Just came across your Blog recently – and I’m already lost and addicted! You really distract me from work! But you inspired me to write some very explicit e-mails to my own dirtyboy. Guess my reward last weekend…??

And the interview… wow… you are a dirtyboy indeed…

…and I love that!

I agree with Mara, your voice is already very sexy, but the british accent is irresistible. I studied in England for a few months and I really miss that – I will listen to the interview some more… because of the accent of course… *blushes*

There is only one negative critique... it wasn’t me who interviewed you! ;o)


a german girl

germangirl25 - I like distracting you, it's what I do best ;)
And I'm always especially pleased when I help inspire a little lust between couples - I'm delighted to have been of assistance, glad you had fun ;)
and next time you listen to it - imagine that's you next to me, on the bed, asking me all those disgraceful questions, I'd like that... x

ok, how much time have you got? lol

have you ever had sex in a movie theater or a plane and if not would you like to?

have you ever had a shy girl who needed a little convincing to do "whatever" in bed?

mara - I have all the time you need...

I haven't had sex in either a movie theatre or a plane, but I do love the exhibitionistic aspect of both - something about being watched while I have sex very much excites me, I'm not sure why - I've had sex in parks on a couple of occassions, and in a few other outdoor places, often with definite risk of being seen, and one particularly risky fuck in the rest room of an office where I used to work, so I do love that excitement of maybe being caught - luckily I haven't been yet!

and no, I've been lucky with lovers, they've always been delightfully enthusiastic... ;)

Oh, question time! :D

I'm always very happy to answer questions it's fun! Especially dirty ones ;)

wow ive just found this site, your voice alone makes me feel hot great interview when do you need a new interviewer? sara b

sara - and I'm glad you found me - I hopr you're enjoying exploring the archives ;) - and I suspect it's not the interviewing you're thinking about here... ;)

I really enjoyed this interview...that unzip...was just too much for me...

Damn, can I do an interview with you when I visit London? *grin*

Like Paige...oh how I would have loved to watch and learn the reast of that interview....



ahh, the interview was pretty much over, we had other things to see to ;)

O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied? ;)

were you hoping we were going to fuck each other, and leave the audio on? Such a dirty girl ;) Actually, we did lol - but I'm keeping it strictly for my own pleasure ;) Anyway, you don't want to hear me grunting and groaning, it's so ungentlemanly ;)
Glad you liked it xx

You're right, I'd be appalled at your groans. In no way would they make me want to rip off my clothes and touch myself. ;)

well I hope you'll still rip off your clothes and touch yourself anyway - I rather like the sound of that ;)

Only if your delicious voice tends to my needs. ;)

such a bad girl ;) xx

i know im incredibly late to the party, but im really interested in hearing this interview after reading all the comments. is there any other way to access it as the links dont seem to be working for me. pretty pretty please :)

Hi Nikki :)

I wish there was! The files disappeared from the servers, and I didn;t have my own copies saved. Sadly unless anyone saved them, they're now long gone. Most annoying!
I really need to do a new interview to replace these, I think...

Its more than annoying it's down right devastating! Hope you do get around to doing a new interview sometime. Thanks for the response

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