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Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 4:11 PM

Apologies for lack of posting since wednesday - I always like to have a new post up at the weekend, but the third part of the threesome (which I'm currently writing) is very intense, and I have to keep stopping as I get too turned on to write lol. I'm doing my best to get it done though, if I can just ignore this damn erection ;)

It'll be up by Tuesday at the latest, possibly sooner (the threesome story, not my erection lol), but in the meantime a couple of news things that might interest you - many of you have asked for audios, and there's some news coming up shortly on audio versions of the Paris stories - I'll tell you more when I can, but they'll be proper studio recordings, not narrated by me (as they're being done independently), but they should be fun, and will give you the opportunity to just lay back and enjoy my words - more information on that one when I can x

For those of you who want to hear me again (and I know there are many of you), I've just this morning lined up a second audio interview, which will be done by an old friend of mine - she doesn't normally do this kind of thing, but she's a good friend and knows about the site, so she's gamely volunteered to ask me a few probing questions for you. As we won't be under the same time constraints as we were with (the very wonderful) Cyber Erotic site, expect a long interview - however long it takes to get through all the questions, there'll be no time limit.

I'd like the questions to come from you - so if you have any questions you'd love me to answer, please leave them in the comments here or email them to me (my email address at top left on the page, above the archive list) - I don't want to cover the same ground as the previous interview, so listen to that first (it's in the links to the left) - I want all new questions please. And they can be as filthy as you like, I'll answer anything , the dirtier the better - I'm very much up for a fun, delightfully sexy interview, so please ask me anything, no limits, whatever it would turn you on to find out about me. I'll try to answer every question left here, and we'll come up with some filthy ones of our own too ;) Should be fun - and hopefully not too embarrassing for my interviewer, who's very game to agree to do this! We'll be doing it in a couple of weeks, so questions by Friday 19th May at the latest, or you'll be too late!

Okay, think up some delightfully dirty questions for me, and in the meantime, if you're still wanting a good spanking (mmmm), I'm currently being assisted by DLG, so feel free to jump in ;) - here's the link to the post ;)

Have a good weekend, I'll look forward to your questions, and there'll be a new post by Tuesday

roger xx


Mmmmm.... more of your sexy voice and that amazing laugh....i think my head might explode;)

I'll try to giggle lots again Amenti lol

Yay, I truly adore that laugh it just suits you so well. Mmmm

i just finished listening to your first audio blog, it was wonderful, your voice is so rich and sexy. i came twice just listening to you talk. also i was looking throught your archives, they are so amazing, i don't think i have ever been so turned on at one time, i have sat here with my hand between my leg fingering myself i as read, your writing has gotten me so wet i'm dripping

hi danielle - thankyou, and a very warm welcome to my blog x
Hopefully my second audio will make you come just as deliciously.
It's an absolute pleasure for me to arouse you so intensely, to make you so wet - now that you've found me, I hope you'll stick around. I usually post two or three times a week, but hopefully the archives should keep you going for a little while - have fun in there, I'd love you to come for me again...

Wow! We are lucky readers!

OK, I'll be thinking of a question or two for you, Roger...

vixxxen - then you'll be pleased to hear that the second interview will be along before the end of the month ;)

green eyes - I'll look forward to it x

Well, since no one has asked a question yet, I'll get it started...

When masturbating, what is the most frequent fantasy that pops into your head? And please describe it in great detail... and I'll assume of course, that it involves me ;) xx

good question DLG, I love it - I'll definitely add it to the list of questions ;)

which of your sexual exploits is most memorable to you, and why?

Yep, I'll happily add that one as well, mariah x
I don't want to get in too dep into specifics of my personal life, but I'll generalise and be suitably vague to protect the innocent lol

Exactly, that's exactly what I thought. If anyone can tell a vague story in a hot and sexy way, it would be you . . . can't wait to hear you . . .

your archives are...amazing, roger. you've amassed such a collection of beautiful, sensuous sexy work for every mood, honestly.

and then the comments of every post...wetter n wilder than anything i could've ever dreamed, back in those early days.

i stand in awe (and, i'll be honest, satisfaction) from what this has become.

thanks :) xx

ps. another, longer audio of your voice? you do spoil us!

wetnwild - thankyou x
such lovely things to say!

Interesting question, I like it! It's on the list...

I think you should work selfish strumpet into the conversation again, mixed with that naughty giggle of yours. I was jsut listening to your first audio blog again at work, it wasn't really the best idea, totally worth it. ;)

Amenti - I'll make a definite note to use the words 'selfish strumpet' somewhere in the interview (jotting it down as we speak). And I do rather like the idea of you getting aroused at work ;)

If you could have sex with anyone, living or dead,who would it be?

(this is not meant to be a gross, morbid question--time travel would be involved!)

It's gonna be very hard to narrow it down to one person lol - but I'll add it to the list!

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