I want you to fuck me...

Friday, May 12, 2006 at 1:21 AM

Hi you xx
A little playtime today - in the last few posts, I've spanked you, fucked you in various delightful ways, and indulged in an intense threesome with you and another girl - so I think it's probably time for a little audience participation - I feel like being pampered for a change...

So here's a question for you...

Tell me how you want me to fuck you...

You know I want you...
you know I write these words just for you alone...
to arouse you...
to make you come...
you know how much I love to make you come...
so tell me...
tell me how you want me to fuck you...
tell me what I can do to bring you to intense orgasm...

and be as explicit as you please, take up loads of space in the comments, I don't mind at all, this is your post tonight - take a little time and imagine me right there with you... touch yourself as you think about me... do it for me now... slip your fingers down between your thighs and masturbate for me, right now... thinking about the two of us together...

I'm right next to you, and I want you... my cock is so hard, and you know I'll do anything you please... you know how much I want to make you come... and you know how much I need to cum too...

and when you know what you want... when you have a picture in your mind of what you need from me... when you're so wet that if you think about it much longer, you're going to come... right at that point, write me a comment... tell me how wet you are, tell me what you want from me, tell me how you need me to fuck you... and don't be shy, I think these comments are going to be delightfully hot, so be as dirty as you please, let's arouse each other...

but don't go rushing to the comments just yet... just keep stroking yourself until you're intensely turned on... keep touching yourself for me... don't stop... I want it to feel really good... you know I'm watching you now... you know how much it arouses me to see you like this... to watch you masturbate for me... I don't want you to comment until you're really close to orgasm... I want to know what'll make you come... I want you to be so wet that you'll tell me anything... I want you to be masturbating as you write the comment for me... if you need to cum whilst you're writing it, please go right ahead... just tell me what you want... let's try and make this these the most intense comments on the site, and I'll reply to each of you individually and explicitly...

I want you to cum for me tonight...

roger xx


I love hearing you in my ear and the way your voice softens when you speak to me... when you seduce me... when you tease me. I especially love how the heat of your words penetrate my panties.

You are driving us as the day turns to night and the taste of our last kiss is still on my lips. With my hand on your leg, my thumb caresses your thigh in soft strokes. You look over and we share a smile. Giddy from the wine we had with our meal, you ask me to remove my panties as the trees waltz by overhead. It's nearing dark and you want some entertainment for the ride home. My legs curled by my side, I smile and reach up under my skirt. Slowly, my figertips reach the lace covering my hips. With fingers latched on each side, I lift myself off of the seat and begin the long descent down my thighs, over my knees, my calfs and when I reach my ankles, I drop the panties and look up flashing you a cheeky grin. Once off, I part my thighs and await your next request.

Your voice coaxes "I want you to play with yourself Christina".

And with that, I am filled with the craving of my own fingertips down between my thighs. I slide my hand down parting my legs slowly... and deeper still... to the newly swollen lips of my pussy. The skin is soft and so smooth and the sensation heightened knowing you are following with each stollen glance. My fingers dip into the warm wetness and spread upward, brushing my clit in one fluid motion. The rhythm increasing, I circle back down as my fingertips part and merge, mingling skin with wetness. The wind from the drive is immediately met with the heat off of my skin.

Watching me masturbate, you tell me how beautiful I look as I start to quiver... my need increasing as my fingers work more urgently. My neck arches back as my hand dives forward, knowing I can't stop now. So excited knowing this is what you want and how I am arousing you. Soft moans escape my lips as you reach across, your finger tracing my mouth. My tongue lunges forward to meet it and I suck feverishly.

I open my eyes to see you have pulled the car off of the road into a small gathering of trees. The night still with only the tops of the branches meeting the breeze. Quickly, out of the car and by my side, you offer your hand to invite me out. Standing in my heels, looking into your eyes you raise my hand, still moist with my own wetness. You pull it to your mouth, your tongue tasting each finger.

Without thought, "Oh God... I want you baby," falls from my mouth.
I need to fuck you...
I so want to cum for you...
I need you to cum for me...

Frantically, you pull me to you, our mouths instantly on each other. Slipping into my mouth, I taste myself on your tongue as it darts and dances with mine.

Purring under your touch... ohh god... ohhh god...
Kissing you again... more ugently

Fuck me Roger...

You lean me against the car, the engine warm against the backs of my thighs, your body pressed against me. I reach down and feel you hard pressing against your pants.

My hands quickly find the button - then zipper - releasing you. I hold your cock in my hand and you gasp at the gentle touch. I hold you and stroke your length, feeling your precum on the tip.

Oh god...

Again I plead...
God Roger please fuck me..

You raise my skirt, my wetness dripping for you.

so hot...

wanting you inside of me
craving you

taking hold of your cock, I guide you to me...
the tip pressing against my lips
I want you deep inside my pussy

Our pace frantic - grabbing for each other
you lunge forward parting the softness...
I pull you inside of me...


we gasp together
my nails digging into you
I am so hot baby
my pussy enveloping you
and you are so hard
pumping into me
my pussy milks your cock

fucking me
so close to cumming already - I'm gasping for air

My skirt pulled up,
your hand gripping my ass,
pumping into me
the other hand squeezing my breast

thrusting faster...
my thighs wrapping around you
fucking me so deeply...

it's too much...
god baby
I am going to cum all over you
can't hold back...
moaning as you drive into me

cum with me...


trembling, my body shudders...
a scream leaves my lungs
screaming your name...

ooooohhhh god

i am cummmmmming
my juices flooding from my pussy

feeling you pulsing

cum for me!
I want to feel you empty into me

with that I feel you push forward...
with one deep thrust


you groan
"oh god...

feeling you spurt in me
filling me with each spasm

so amazing
draining into me...
your hips buck rhythically
and again...


gasping together
your hand gathering my hair,
locked in a handful
holding me to you
my mouth hot against your neck
reaching for air

hearts beating hard

breath returning

ohhh... my... god...
a proper reply later, but this is just amazing... thankyou xx

I’ve been lost in here for hours now. Lost in a world where nothing exists but the power of your words which reach out to me as I lie here… beckoning me… caressing me…touching me.
There’s no-one here but you and me.
We’re alone, Roger…just the two of us…in a world you created for me…and me alone.
A world of seduction, where anything is possible.
A world where you can take me… and make me yours…if I allow you to.
And tonight, I will.
Because tonight Roger… for the very first time…you’re going to fuck me.

I push the button on my laptop and watch as the screen flickers and dies. The room is in darkness now, empty but for the gentle sound of my breath against the pillow. Closing my eyes, I sink beneath the covers, the cool cotton sheet draping across me and brushing against my naked body like the softest of fingertips. I slide further into the depths of my mind…summoning you…whispering your name…and then I wait.

I can hear movement at the end of my bed…the swishing of clothes…a shifting of bedcovers…and I catch my breath as you reach out to me. Your hands glide swiftly up my calves, over my knees, and onto my thighs. Your fingers slide upwards, sinking into my flesh, eager to reach the place they want to be. I spread my legs in anticipation of your touch, my body shuddering with desire.

You lower your head inhaling the sweet smell of my arousal, parting your lips…eager to taste me. I’m glistening…wet…my clit throbbing deliciously as your tongue flicks tenderly across it. Your cock is solid…pulsing…desperate for contact as you encase my pussy in your mouth. Sucking on me…tasting my juices…your hands skims across my stomach to me breasts, my nipples stiffening under your touch. I’ve waited far too long for this moment…I need to feel you inside me…now…right now…and I grab your shoulders, pulling you upwards.

“I need you to fuck me Roger…”

You drag your lips from my pussy and move up to my mouth…kissing me hungrily…our tongues slithering together in lustful delight. Your cock finds the wetness of my sex and you push against it, feeling the tight, hot contentment as it sucks you inside. I drag my nails across your back…reaching up to your hair…sliding my fingers through and closing them around it.

You fuck me…long, slow strokes…sinking your hard cock deep into my cunt. As you pull out of me, my walls tighten around you, begging you to return. Again you thrust into me, pumping the entire length of your shaft deep inside. I pull against your hair, my mouth sucking on your neck, my hands running over your body as you pound into me again and again.

You raise yourself up onto your knees, your fingers sinking into my flesh as I rest my legs on your shoulders. You thrust into me as far as you can and hold there for a moment, feeling my cunt spasm against you.

“Roger…don’t move…”

Using the back of my knees as support on your shoulders, I lift my ass off the bed. Your cock is solid…and perfectly still…as I begin to slide my ass up and down against your body. Up and down…my wet pussy gripping you…slamming onto you…milking and sucking you…squeezing you tight. You can feel my juices dribbling over your balls, tight now, ready for their release.

I’m looking deep into your eyes now, my lips parting as your beautiful cock fills me up.

“Fuck my pussy Roger….go on…harder…I’m gonna cum for you…”

You push my thighs back so my knees are on my chest… my cunt wide open for you…and you pound into me…slamming your cock into the wetness. My arms are above my head, grabbing the headboard, as I feel a hot gush inside. The feeling increases, sweeping through my body…the sensations running through my pussy as it squeezes you tighter…

Oh God…I’m gonna cum….



yeeesss…I’m cumming….

god…I’m cumminnnggg.

And as my cunt pulses around you… my juices smothering you…our hips grinding together…you feel the surge of your spunk…your cock pounding deep inside me….ready to explode….

Cum for me Roger…

come on….

fill up my pussy…

oh god….

fuck me…..


I feel your hot spunk spurting inside my pussy…again and again…your body shuddering against mine…lost inside me…lost against my flesh…lost in the moment…never wanting it to end….

Oh God Roger….please…I beg you…

Don’t ever let it end….

ohhh god...
I think I can type now...
still throbbing a little...
okay, that's twice I've cum today... once this morning, after reading christina's story, and now a second time, after reading this one...
both of these need proper, explicit replies as I promised, first I need to get my breath back...
absolutely incredible...
don't let these two long ones intimidate you, if you want to write something short and intense, that's fine too - but this is your space today, take as much room as you like... write for me as you masturbate... make me cum... I'm going to respond in detail to every one, and will get back to both of these later tonight...
thankyou, both of you xx

christina such a delicious fantasy - thankyou x I read it this morning, just after waking up, and would have given a proper reply then, but all I had time to do was read it and enjoy - you made me cum so gorgeously - a delicious, intense orgasm that set me up for the rest of the day. There really is nothing quite like being written your own personal erotica, a fantasy just for you - I was already intensely aroused, and the moment you mentioned my name, I began to throb. Watching you masturbate like that would very much arouse me, just as you describe - I talk a lot about being a voyeur in my blog, I love to watch, and seeing you do that for me... I'd very much need to fuck you. And the urgency of your writing as we began to fuck... I could feel it... so gorgeously vivid... my mind suddenly split between imagining the scene and imagining you writing it, knowing from the urgency of the writing that you were masturbating, that you could feel it too, could imagine us both there, up against the car, fucking where anyone might see us... and it got hotter and hotter... and when you came... I couldn't take any more... I came hard, my orgasm pulsating from my cock, throbbing intensely, as I imagined spurting all my cum deep inside you... masturbating here urgently, my spunk pouring over my fingers as I came... just so delicious... thankyou... I hope you came gorgeously too... xx

miss understood - and now I'm erect again, and need to reply to you too... you made me cum with this too - if I keep getting comments like this, I think I'm going to be completely worn out by the end of the weekend, but gorgeously satisfied... I love it when you do this to me, when you make me cum like this...
It's difficult to know where to start, to tell you just how intensely arousing this was for me... re-reading it now, just an hour after you made me cum, and I'm erect again... wanting to cum again, imaging you, imagining being in your bed... you had me from the moment you said "I need you to fuck me Roger" - those words made me melt, made my cock pulse, and from that point it was always a matter of how long I could hold back, how long before I'd need to cum...
and then it starts to get really intense... and I'm right there with you, fucking you so deep and hard... feeling how wet you are around me... god... getting close again just typing these words, masturbating right now... god and when you cum... and you beg me to cum inside you... fuckkk... it's impossible to read that without cumming intensely... and I did, my hot spunk spurting from my cock, over and over again... imagining filling you... filling you with all my cum...
so delicious...
and so erect again, right now...
thankyou xx

I am ready, come hither my dear!

You're not supposed to just call me over, you dafthead, you're supposed to tell me what you want me to do. I also suspect there are a number of readers who might be rather interested in what you want, given that you're one of my few male readers... ;)

LOLOLOLOL (no, this is not my fantasy post--still thinking)y!!!

then you definitely need to get thinking - it's gone quiet in this one! I'm just greedy, I know...

hmmmm...so many things running in my mind about this...

i promise i'll post a long after the weekend.


paige (and indeed anyone else) - please don't think that just because these two were really long, that you have to match them - long or short, it's entirely up to you - all I ask is that you masturbate for me as you write... that you're intensely aroused as you imagine us together - I want writing it for me to make you come deliciously x
I'll very much look forward to yours, paige x

I want to be with you right now, tasting every inch of you. Our lips would meet and just brush softly at first, then your tongue would enter my mouth, deepening the kiss. My arms would curl around your neck, then I would lean in a start to kiss around you ear, biting gently at the lobe, running my fingers through your hair and whispering how much I want you into your ear. My body pressing against yours, my breasts brushing against your chest as I straddle you.

My already short skirt would move up my legs, revealing to you my yellow daisy print panties. I pull of your shirt and then mine, showing you my naked breasts. When I lean in to kiss you our bare skin touches, my nipples hardening against your skin. Ill kiss down your neck, my hands caressing your body moving down until I reach the top of your pants, I pause before undoing the button and lowering the zipper.

I pull your boxers down just enough to show you hard cock. I stoke the entire length a few times, the reach between my legs, moving my panties to the side and rubbing my clit, letting the wetness drip onto your leg.

Then I guide you cock with my hand to my wet cunt. Pushing my hips down onto you so your cock fills me deeply, I move over you, thrusting my body down on you over and over. Your hands grab my hips pushing me down harder, setting the tempo higher. We kiss more urgently, your hands reaching up into my hair grabbing a handful and pulling back to kiss my exposed throat and neck as a cum all over you cock.

My cum drips down soaking your cock and balls with my juices. I pull you out of me and lower myself to the ground in front of you, licking your very erect cock. Your hands guiding my head back and forth over your cock. My mouth taking the whole thing into my mouth and sucking. Your cum shooting down my throat and I swallow all of your sweet cum that I can allowing the rest to drip over my face and bare chest

It isn't only women who read your blog, Roger...

I've been craving a nice hard cock in my mouth...so glad you were free this evening. feeling your cock through your shorts, slowly rubbing it, feeling the length, the thickness, my desire growing...pulling your shorts down and off and sliding down in front of you, stroking your cock lightly...how I love feeling your cock grow hard in my hand. I slowly take you in my mouth, lips sliding over the head, softly suck the head...if I sucked only here and stroked you up and down, would you cum for me? It would be so delicious...but I'm too greedy...your cock slides further into my mouth, my hand sliding down to your balls...feeling them, caressing them...i take you deeper, feeling your cock sliding over my tongue, so sweet...sliding back up to the head, spending more time there, I just can't get enough, my lips, my tongue, mmmmm....i release your throbbing cock from my mouth, licking down the shaft to your balls. Again, my mouth and hands trade places as I begin to jack you off...licking your balls, sucking them into my mouth, rolling them around...mmmmm...mmmmmm...stroking you harder with one hand, I reach down to my own stiff cock and begin to masturbate in time with you...I love sucking your balls, but I need your cock back in my mouth, Roger...I take your cock all at once in my mouth and down my throat again and again as I feel your cock throb harder, you moan, I'm getting close to cumming myself...but I want you to cum for me Roger...please cum for me...sucking you faster up and down, now taking your cock in my hand and stroking harder, sucking on the head, swirling my tongue around and around...cum for me, cum in mouth, on my face, cum for me...I feel your orgasm rising, your cock in one hand, my cock, so close to orgasm, in my other hand, sucking, sucking on the head of your throbbing cock..you begin to cum, spurting in my mouth again and again, my lips tight around your cock, tasting you, stroking you, as your cum floods my mouth, I start cumming as well, cumming so hard, cumming with you...mmmmm...keeping you in my mouth, getting every drop out of you as my own orgasm begins to subside...swallowing your cum, licking and sucking you clean, I hear the door open and a soft, sweet, feminine voice say, "Hello? Honey, are you home?"

It seems our fun is only just beginning...

Bah...never write your response directly in the box if it is going to end up horribly long. What I wrote orginally has been eaten...I will post again when I get a chance.

Though I would really like to hear what Inner Hell's fantasy would be. :P


mmm goodness... new fantasies...
let's take them in reverse order this time...

vixxxen I'm so sorry you lost your story - blogger has been a bit weird with comments tonight - I'll look forward to your second attempt ;)
and if you want to know what Inner Hell wanted, you might get an idea from the Last Mango one above... ;)

last mango - delicious x
I think this might be the first full on gay comment in my blog - you're definitely the first guy to go down on me in the comments, and you did it so gorgeously... it'd undeniably be a pleasure to get attention like that, and it'd excite me all the more to see you masturbating like that as you sucked me... and cumming as i cum in your mouth, your cum spurting hard from your cock... delicious... and then the girl walks in...? I need this to happen ;)
thankyou - I suspect my readers will enjoy this even more than me ;)

danielle I need to cum to your story... so I'm going to read it now, and reply properly in the morning... I'm so looking forward to this... thankyou - reading now... xx

roger...i can smell your sex and mine, and i only know you can smell how wet i am. i don't want a soft kiss tonight, i want unbridled passion.

i've already began touching myself, closing my eyes lost in my own pleasure and i can feel your naked body beside me, our heats mingling in the space between us. i want you i want to feel you in me, now. i reach over and grasp your warm erection in my hand and let my fingers show you how much i need you...i roll over onto my side and throw my leg over yours, i can hear you breathe in sharply as you feel my wetness on your thigh, and finally on your erection, our sexes touching, our lips meet and soon our tongues. i reach down and begin to stroke you, and rub you against my wet pussy. i groan into your mouth at the contact and bite your lip. letting go of your cock i let my hips continue their playful seduction of your erection...i wrap my arms around you and digging my nails into your back i roll you over...my pussy just inches off your cock, you can feel the heat of my cunt bathing your erection. i lean down and kiss you again, my breasts grazing your chest as my lips find your neck. your hands move along my body first cupping my breasts, teasing my nipples and tracing my curves down to my hips. i bite along your neck until i reach your ear..."fuck me roger" i breath into it, kissing down your neck to your chest i take one of your nipples in my mouth, breathing hot air across it and quickly leaving little bites across your chest...and your neck and finally reach your other ear, "now please". that's all you need as you slam my hips down on to your cock...uuuunghhh...no words just gutteral sounds at the first impact. despite your attempts i hold myself down on you and slowly grind myself into you. you abruptly flip me over and gripping my knee with one arm, throw it over your shoulder, "enough teasing" you growl into my ear. fuck, i can feel you deep inside, our breathing laboured you show no mercy as you pound me deep into the bed..."is this what you wanted?" "yes...god...yes" i try to match your thrusts and throw my other leg over your shoulder, you lean close to me and i bite your shoulder...you grip my hair and pull my head back and bite my neck...so hard, so wet...fuck roger, i dig my nails into your back...harder you move...fuck, close...i can feel you tensing...my pussy holding onto your cock as long as possible as you thrust in...moaning...screaming...oh god roger you feel amazing...i'm going to cum...you can feel it...my juices drenching your cock as i buck up and dig my nails deep in your back...fuck...i'm going to cum...please more...that's it...yes...now...fuck...cuuummiing...you pick up pace and thrust harder and deeper and i want you to cum, please cum roger...until finally god i can feel you cum deep inside of me, sweat shakes your body and you collapse on me...god...yes.

danielle - just gorgeous, thankyou x
I love the slow, sensual beginning, passionate and erotic, touching me, moving against me, and especially love the idea of us both still being dressed, just tugging your panties to one side as I thrust deep inside you, and the increasing urgency of it, and of your writing, as you fuck me harder, cumming all over me... and then taking me in your mouth, cumming in your mouth... on your face, your breasts... so so erotic... you made me cum last night... just delicious, simply gorgeous for me to read... thankyou xx

moonlitnymph - and you were my pleasure this morning...
there's a raw, urgent intensity in your words here, it's so clear that you were masturbating as you wrote this, which you know is what I wanted - a sensual rhythm to your words, as our movements together quickly become explicitly intense... I was masturbating right along with you, gasping with each word, each sentence, and I loved your greed, the biting, the scratching, the groaning as we moved closer and closer to orgasm - and when you told me you were going to cum... that did it for me... I couldn't hold back any longer, and I came, hard, my orgasm pulsing through my body as my cum spurted from my cock... just so good... I loved it... and I'm erect now talking about it... thankyou, just wonderful xx

Warm water carresses us, I can hear your breath in my ear. The hot tub is warm and jets of water swirl around, reaching over and I stroke your cock already hard. Feeling you like that in my hand makes me groan, so wonderful, so hard I feel it pulse. Then I know exactly how I want you...exactly how I am going to fuck you.

First I want to taste you, I push you out of the tub, sitting on the edge I kneel on the seat in front of you. Letting my warm breath tickle over your legs and groin, a bit of precum beads on the head of your cock. Reaching out I scoop it up with my finger and lick it down greedily.

...Roger you taste so good.

I lick my tongue over your balls and up the shaft of your cock. Goosebumps run over my flesh and I suck you down fully into my mouth, knocking the back of my throat. I groan...I want you in me all of you as I feel you throbbing over my tongue. Pulling back I move your cock from my mouth, a soft groan escapes you of disappointment.

Quickly before you can continue with that sound I pull you back to the water, the warm water slushes around us. In a swift motion I move astride you, this entire time I haven't touched myself and I haven't let you touch me either. I want you, I want to fuck you, but I want to be tight. I want to feel your cock force it's way in and shudder around the great beast of a thing.

"I'm going to fuck you Roger and I'm going to fuck you hard." With those words I slide onto you, spearing your firm cock inside of me. I shudder with the sensation a cry of pleasure in the air. My back arches...

...oh god it feels so good.

My full breasts are crushed into you, as I lift myself and start to thrust you into me again you lean forward and take my hard nipple into your mouth. Sucking, licking, and gently biting as I ride you, take you, fuck you. Breathing quickening my dark hair damp from the water, fingers tangled in it, bodies writhering in time with one another.

I cling needing something to hold onto my nails dig into your shoulders as I feel the warmth of sex start to fill me.



I gasp and you suck and thrust upward meeting my body, filling me all the way the the end. You bump the very end of me it sends chill up my spine.

I'm going to cum...I need to cum.

But first I want you to cum for me... cum for me Roger...

I throw my head back feeling one decisive, quick, and rough thrust from you. Your cock throbbing inside of me as you cum, filling me with your juices. My body spasms and I join you, cumming all over your cock holding you tightly to me as we ride the pleasure of good sex. The water of the hot tub surrounding and holding us...

...hmmm I really needed to cum.

I need you to cum.

And I really enjoyed Last Mango's post. ^^

I think I would work for you...ye just simply be your assistant!
You would make me do all sort of things at work and I would just obey! You would force me to always come in your office top less and your eyes would act as an instant hard on for my dark little nipples!
Then when you feel like you need to satisfy your senses you slowly just slide your fingers under my panty less skirt and in my cunt you would expertise my tight leg along the way. Your eyes still on the report that I just brought you and your fingers eating me until I moan and melt for you! You would make me lick off my juice from your hand and slowly I would slide down to the level of your big hard cock!
Licking slowly your balls until I feel them hard in my mouth...sliding my tongue around your ass hole and when I feel you ready I would just swallow your penis in my mouth! Your hands pulling my hair in the same rhythm that i suck you hard. Sometimes using slowly my teeth on your penis and hear you moan of satisfaction from it!
Not being able to wait any longer for it you would pull me back up and through me on your desk, my hard ass facing you! Without any care you would just push yourself in my dripping wet pussy! Slapping me and telling me how you like my little dirty mouth and how I am your bitch for the day! In and out, in and out...I can feel your balls slapping my ass each time you push your cock hard in! One of your hand holding on to my tit and the other one playing on my vagina! All I can do at that moment is beg you for more you dirty asshole!
I would push you away and while we look at each other I would slowly caress my nipple and my body! You grab me and I would gently put my legs around your waist and feel the cock hard on my vagina. Your tongue reaching my throat and eating my mouth! So I would pull your dick closer to me and slide it again in me while your mouth bites my nipples and eats my mouth....

Sorry I just discovered your blog,..and this is what came to my mind while reading your words!
Thanks Dirtyboy...for making me cum.hmmmm

ahh my god... two more delicious fantasies...
I'm going to save these for when I'm in bed tonight - thankyou, both of you - I'll reply to you properly when I get the opportunity to enjoy them in full - I know you're going to make me cum... xx

I'm another man who enjoys your column. I especially enjoyed your previous threesome with two guys and a girl, though I am not at all against sharing myself with two girls. So when the occasion presented itself...

I interrupt your hot session with your two girls. I have been lurking, watching you all, and finally I cannot control myself any longer. I crawl onto the bed, and the girls start undressing me. Tearing off my shirt, licking my hairy chest and nipples, pulling off my pants, releasing my aching hard-on. The brunette starts going down on me, sucking my cock voraciously, while your girlfriend sits on my face giving me access to her open lips, letting her juices run over me. I am able to caress her clit with my tongue, then sliding back till my tongue circles her puckered, musky asshole. I can't see, but I feel a change around my cock, and guess that it is you, Roger, now sucking my cock. And you are good at it, very good! Next, I feel a finger probing my asshole, and I thrust my ass towards it, encouraging the intruder to push further. It feels so good, don't stop, don't stop.

Then, still with your girlfriend sitting on my face, I feel my legs being lifted up on to your shoulders, and some cold goo being applied to my asshole. Then I feel your cock pushing into me. No... Stop! I mumble into pussy, it's too big. But you gently push on, and finally my sphincter relaxes enough to let your hard cock penetrate me fully. As I get used to the feeling, I beg you to fuck me hard. And you do. While your girlfriend continues to work her pussy and asshole over my face, and I feel hands playing with my cock, then someone, must be the brunette, sucking it...

You start banging me hard, then you yell "I'm going to come in your tight ass,".... And I feel warm spurts inside me. The feeling is so intense I start to come in the brunette's mouth. Slowly you pull out of my ass, and my hole starts to contract. Your girlfriend moves off my to kiss you, while the brunette slides up my body to share my cum with me with a long, sexy kiss. Thank you all for the fun.


BC - delicious, and very very intense... I'll reply to this properly tomorrow too, but it's fun to have a couple of guys commenting so explicitly in here - and as you know from the threesome post you mentioned, I do sometimes fantasise about fucking a guy, and I'd guess that watching us would arouse my readers ;)
I'll reply properly when I've been able to enjoy your story more thoroughly, watch this space ;)

The restaurant is crowded. So crowded, there are no free tables. And once again, they have overbooked. I glance around the room, and notice you. You are sitting alone, sipping a glass of wine. I feel a twinge in my body. I want you. The waiter is at your table, I hear murmurs. You look over at me, and nod. The waiter returns to take me to your table. You have agreed to share your table with me. I slip in across from you and introduce myself. You kiss my hand, and it sends shivers through my body. I can feel myself being turned on. And I think you know it too. Dinner is fun. The conversation flows, and we get to know each other. I want you even more. I dare to brush my leg against yours, and watch your reaction. Your eyes meet mine, and I blush a little. I can see you want me. You move to sit beside me and whisper in my ear, your hand brushing up my leg. When it slips beneath my dress, I smile, and gasp softly when your fingers brush against my panties. I glance around, wondering if anyone else in the room can smell my desire. Your fingers move m y panties aside, and slip into my wetness. I bite my lip to keep from moaning as your skilled hands tease me. I am so close to the edge, I want to come. I need to come. But not here. I know if I did, I would cry out, and everyone would know our little game.

You lead me out of the restaurant and in 5 minutes we are at your place. You haven’t touched me since the restaurant and it is driving me mad. We are no longer through the door when I kiss you hungrily, my tongue darting into your mouth. My bag slips to the floor, along with our jackets. You pull me up against you and I can feel your hard cock through our clothes. ‘No waiting,’ I whisper, ‘I want you now.’

Our clothes are gone within seconds, and your hands roam my body as I moan. I hear your sharp intake of breath when I wrap my hand around your cock. I stroke you slowly, loving how you feel, but its not enough. I want you inside me, and I want it now. Pushing you back onto your couch, I straddle you, my pussy inches way from your cock. Your mouth moves to my breast and I moan, sliding down over you slowly, feeling you deep within me at last. My hips begin to move slowly, and I savour the feeling as you thrust inside me. ‘Roger, I need you badly. I want to make you come. Hard.’ You groan as I change the pace, your hands on my hips pulling me roughly down onto your cock. I cry out in pleasure, begging for more. ‘Fuck me’ you whisper. ‘Hard. I want to come for you, and I want you to come for me.’ I lean into your body, and begin to ride you. Each movement makes me gasp in pleasure and I know I am going to come. But I want you to come first. I need you to come first. Our movements are hard and fast, your hands play with my breasts, before one moves down and finds my clit. I scream, crying your name, and bite your shoulder. Fuck, im cumming. Ooohhhhh…….. Your finger works my clit as my hips buck against you, and I cum hard on your cock. Its all you can take, and you cum too, your hot spunk spurting deep inside me as I grind against your hips. I collapse on top of you, breathing hard, the last of your cum still spurting inside me. I need more of you…I slip off your lap, and kneel between your legs. You cry out as I take your cock in my mouth….

I'm sitting here at the computer in a tight yellow tanktop and shorts, reading your stories...flirting with other men. You walk through the door Roger and I try to hide the fact that I'm so aroused, but you know. You can smell the sweet scent of my pussy in the air.

"Are you being naughty again my slut?" you ask,licking your lips as you notice the wetness on my shorts. I squirm under your intense stare and nod sheepishly.

"Are you going to punish me Roger?" I ask, knowing that the web cam is on and there are people watching. "Oh yes you little vixen I'm going to punish you. Stand up and take off your shorts. I'm going to spank you for your lack of self control."

I stand up and slowly slide them off knowing you won't be able to resist my little white panties. You moan as you catch a glimpse of them and your cock begins to throb only wanting to part my legs and fuck me until I think of you and you alone. But, you shake your head, first you must punish me.

I bend over the chair making sure my ass is in full view of the web cam. You slide my panties down taking a moment to dip your fingers in my pussy..feeling how incredibly wet I am. You sigh and I begin to think I might get away with it...and then SPANK! Your hand comes down across my ass, leaving a red handprint. "That's for fucking other guys on the computer." SPANK! "That's for forgetting who you have at home."

As you press up against me I can feel how much this is turning you on. You lower your pants and release your hard cock...I turn to take it in my mouth and you push me away. "Not today, today we do it my way you greedy little slut."

Your fingers push into my pussy hard. You pull them out and they're covered with my juices. YOu lick them off and smile. Then you move behind me and begin to push your cock into me...slowly at first and then with all your built up frustration...harder and harder.

You reach around and pull at my large nipples...driving me close to the edge. I'm so hot...so wet.

I begin to cum hard...my pussy pulsing around your cock...squeezing...throbbing. You can't stand any more and you feel your cock begin to swell as you get close to your own orgasm.

When I know you've passed the point of no return I reach out and push a button on the computer and you see us on the webcam, fucking deliciously...

Knowing a chatroom full of people are watching you punish me...watching you own me...you can't hold back anymore and you begin to cum so hard...your spunk filling my pussy. Then you pull out and turn me over leaving the rest in a trail over my breasts and face.

You lean into the web cam and announce to the world, "This is Roger's little cumslut. Find someone else to play with." and you shut it down and pull me into your arms.

Damn these comments are making me hot. I wonder if there is punishment for masterbating over the comments of others.

And wonderwoman used one of my favorite names to be called, "Vixen"....*shivers*

Hmmm...I think I'm going to cum for you all. ;)


I've been reading your postings, Roger, and I see how you like to be forceful. I think it's time to turn things around, Roger. You met me in a bar, I am wearing a black leather jacket, short black leather miniskirt, fuck-me leather boots. We are dancing, close, I am turned on by your handsome features and strong, firm body. I feel your hands exploring my ass, and in the crush on the dance floor, I feel your hands sliding up inside my skirt, finding the thin black thong I am wearing, sliding it aside, feeling my wetness and slipping two fingers inside me. Oh...my....god. Your finger is pressing on my g-spot and I am about to come right there, on the dance floor. It's time to get out of here. I drag you across the bar and out into my car. I want to fuck you here and now. But I have other plans.

We drive the short distance to my flat and run upstairs. Inside the door, you grab me and kiss me savagely. I want you. Now. I start stripping off your clothes, and then mine, leaving just my boots and thong. My tits are freed, large and firm, you bury your face in them while I massage your hard cock. We tumble onto the bed. I push you down so your face is in my cunt, I force your head down so you can lick my clit. Bite it, Roger, please. That's it, you've got it, don't stop. You alternate between sucking my clit iand stabbing my open cunt with your tongue. Ooooooohhhh ... I wrap my legs around your head, squeezing you as I start to cum, the spasms shaking my thighs. God you are good.

Now it's my turn. I flip you over on your back. I reach for the ties on the corners of the headboard, and in a few moments I have both your hands tied. You are not apprehensive, I think you have done this before. I slide down your body, my mouth engulfs your cock, I take you all the way, you are big and thick but I can do it. I lick your big balls, then take your cock in my mouth again. Playing with the head. While my finger starts exploring your asshole. I lick my finger, and apply pressure, while sucking you deep. Soon the resistance is over, my finger snakes inside your ass, putting pressure on your prostate. Don't stop, you say. But I have other plans. I am going to fuck you, Roger. Fuck you hard. In your ass. You look a little hesitant Roger but I know you will like it. I grab a wet one and clean my fingers. I reach over to my toy box, and pull out my strap-on dildo and harness. It's a Nexus, I slip my end into my cunt, which is dripping wet. Then I lubricate the other, much larger end, and applying some lube to your asshole for good measure. I line it up with your butthole, and lean into you. Your cock has wilted just a bit, so I play with it, while pushing slowly forward. Your eyes are wide, I can see there is pain, but I keep going. Relax, Roger, your ass can take it, I know one I am deep inside you you will beg for more. Pop. I am in. All the way, Six inches of thick rubber dildo is in your ass. I slowly start to fuck you. Playing with your cock, tweaking your nipples. You start to enjoy it, thrusting back at me. I am fucking you hard now, Roger. You are jerking your cock, the dildo stimulating your prostate, I can see you are ready to come. I fuck you harder, thrusting my pelvis. It feels good, the nubs on dildo inside me are rubbing on my clit as I fuck you. I am ready to come. Come on Roger, let's come together. I aaaam theeeere.... You start to spurt and I lean over you so you cum hits my face, my lips,I open my mouth to catch some. I lick it, it tastes salty but oh so good. And there is a lot of it too! I pull out, undo the harness and remove the dildo, and slide up till I am sitting on your face. Lick me, taste my cum, I am flooding your mouth, fucking your ass has turned me on. I release the ties so you can be free. You roll over so you are on top, kissing me, holding me close. It was so intense, I have to take a break. For a while anyway..... Let's just lie here for a while. Then maybe I'll let you return the favor and fuck me in the ass, as you are a good sport, Roger.

Claudia Jean

Just came home...working on a long one.

*surprised at how hot it is in here*

wow... these fantasies are just incredible... I'm falling behind in replies a little, but that's only because I want to be able to enjoy them as you each intended them to be enjoyed - as I know you each want to make me cum... and you have been doing...

so let's take these in a slightly mixed up order...

vixxxen - I agree, these comments are just wonderful, and I'm glad it's not just me enjoying them. I love the mixture too - we have one or two of my readers with blogs of their own, some from long time readers without a blog, some from new readers (or those who haven't wanted to comment before), and even stories from a couple of guys (who almost never comment in my blog, as I think it's generally accepted that my comments are for women only - not that I've ever enforced that, but I think that's the general view - which is probably why my readers feel comfortable to let loose in here, knowing there are virtually no guys watching them). A delightful mix, and I hope everyone else has been enjoying these as much as me. If there are any of these stories that especially excite you, please feel free to say - I'm sure the writers would love to know!
Oh, and there's no punishment for masturbating over these stories, Vixxxen - unless you were wanting to be punished, that is... ;)
and speaking of the stories - let's talk about yours ;)
I read this late last night, masturbating as I read, loving your words - I really liked the combination of water and sex - one of my own favourites - and the start, where you went down on me first, making me so hard... just delicious... and as you started to fuck me, your words becoming more and more intense... and I was stroking myself harder... and when you begged me to cum for you... that was it... those words always do it for me... and I came... imagining the water splashing around us, my cum spurting again and again, deep inside you... such a delicious way to end the day... thankyou xx

Minou - Welcome to my blog - and such a delicious way to introduce yourself! I read your fantasy this morning, such a lovely way to wake up, and the idea of you being my assistant was delightful - you're clearly happy to be disgracefully naughty whenever I demand it of you... my submissive little slut ;) - obviously I love that idea, and you're right, I would indeed take advantage of that, fucking you whenever I pleased, taking you hard over the desk... and after I'd spurted all my cum deep inside you, I'd insist that you walked around the office without your panties on, knowing you'd be able to feel my cum dripping slowly down the inside of your thigh...
I loved this, thankyou... and it warmed me up sufficiently to move on to...

BC - I'm guessing you're the same BC who has been reading me for a long time, and used to have the Behind Closed Doors blog - where did you go? If it's not you, my apologies - but whichever - I'd already read Minou's fantasy, and was erect, and masturbating, and moved straight onto yours... I'm not always in the mood to read gay sex, it's not something I fantasise about a lot, but I'll happily admit it's at least a part of my sexuality. I've always been a little nervous of the idea of a guy fucking me, but I loved everything you described - having the two girls with us, me going down on your hard cock as one of the rides your face, my lips and tongue lapping at your hard cock... and then sliding between your thighs and fucking you, my cock deep in your ass, facing my girlfriend as she smears her wet cunt over your lips, your tongue, kissing her over you as I ram deeper into you, cumming deep in your tight ass... that all sounds delicious, and reading your words took me right to the edge... but I had one more fantasy this morning...

sexy dukky - so lovely to see you comment in here again, and especially with this... you'll appreciate that by the time I got to yours, I was already right on the edge of cumming, my cock very erect in my hand, masturbating rather urgently... and it was reading yours that finally made me cum... the teasing in the restaurant was gorgeous... touching you, stroking you... but when we began to fuck... so greedily, hard and urgent... looking up at you as you straddle me... arching up into you... thrusting my cock deep inside you... as you started to cum, that was all I could take... I began to cum, so hard... groaning as I felt my cum spurting from my cock, again and again... such an intense orgasm... god... I just loved this... thankyou for making me cum so intensely... I'm aroused again now just glancing at your fantasy... thankyou dukky xx

wonderwoman and Claudia Jean - you're my pleasure for later this evening - I'm resisting reading your fantasies yet, and will be enjoying you in bed tonight... I know you're going to make me cum... look back in here tomorrow and I'll reply to you properly - and thankyou xx

and paige - yes, it is very hot in here!! You know I'd love to read one from you... xx

Oh my god Roger - these women (and men)look like they've been wearing you out, you poor thing. The last thing you need right now is another story from me. So instead, I'm going to lay you down, massage your tired and weary body, make you a nice cup of tea and let you sleep. And then tomorrow...?

Well, that's an entirely different story! Chloe x

Chloe - a cup of tea and a delightful massage would be lovely, thankyou - though I'm not convinced I'll want to sleep ;)

I am fairly new to your blog and I've spent some time in the archives.. I wanted to stop lurking and post and this gave me the perfect opportunity to do so...

I am sitting in my computer room, wearing only panties, reading your blog. Just browsing through the archives with my hand in my panties. My back is to the door and you come in quietly, but I feel the air stir and turn around.
"What are you doing?" you ask.
"Exactly what you want me to do" I reply impishly.
You walk toward me slowly. I grab you by the belt and begin to undo it. You help me by removing your shirt as I free you from your pants. I stand up and kiss you with a hunger you didn't expect. I break the kiss, licking my way to your ear and I whisper "sit in the chair." You sit. I step closer, between your legs, and begin kissing you again, my hands roaming all over your body. I gently graze your cock and you shudder. I step back, removing my panties. You pull me to you, my breasts at the perfect level for you to cup and suck. You tease my nipples for long minutes, and you expect me to mount you, but I pull away and drop to my knees. I suck on the insides of your thighs, moving to take your balls in my mouth. I lap and suck gently, then move up to your hard cock. I lick up and down the length of it gently, teasing you. I make my way to the head and swirl my tongue around a few times. Then without warning to you, I take you in, deep. I suck you hard, alternating stroking you with one hand. My free hand cups your balls and gently plays there for a while. I am so wet and aroused that I can't take it. I remove my hand from your balls and move it down to my pussy. I am moaning now, and you feel the vibrations on your hard, throbbing cock. Suddenly, I pull away, and we both groan at the loss. Quickly, though, I am on your lap in the chair, knees straddling your thighs, impaling myself on your cock. I move on you sensuously, slowly, driving both of us crazy with need. Then you spin the chair around to face the desk. It is only now that you realize what I had been reading when you came in. You are shocked for a moment, but then you have an idea. I start moving faster on you, urgently seeking my release. You let me continue to a delicious orgasm, but somehow manage to hold out yourself. You know I want more, but you grab my hips, making me settle for a minute while you maintain your composure. I kiss you lingeringly, slowly, full of passion. I start moving on you again, out of reflex. You let me pleasure you. I suck on the side of your neck, running my hands in your hair and along your shoulders. I feel your arm moving behind me, and realize that you are doing something on the computer. I pause and look at you questioningly, but you say nothing and urge me to continue my movements on your cock. You choose a post from your archive at random and begin to read it to me. My pussy clenches in reaction to your voice reading your words to me. I move on you faster and harder, along with the pace of the words you are reading. Just as I hear you telling me to cum, to cum for you, I let go, convulsing over your hot, hard cock. My entire body feels like it is cumming. I soak your cock with my hot, slippery juices. The amazing wave of feeling doesn't stop, and I don't want it to. Ever. Just as my glorious release is ending, you reach between us and lightly brush my clit. That is enough to send me into convulsions again. I scream out "Roger, ohhhhh Roger I cant take anymore, cum with me, oh please CUM with me!!!"
That sets you off with a grunt and moans and I feel your hot cum spurting inside my pulsing pussy. We come down together and I tell you that next time I will read your words to you..

- Lizzie

I've been lying on my silk sheets in t-shirt and sheer satin boy shorts, with laptop beside me, masturbating to your stories, Roger. My hubby is away on business, and I'm horny as hell, so this would be a great time for you to come over and fuck my brains out....

Come in, Roger, close the door. Put down your briefcase, take your coat off, come lay down on the bed. On second thoughts, strip down to your underwear. Mmmm, I like your smooth chest, your well defined muscles. You are a sexy beast. Come close, where I can touch you. Sit down on the bed and kiss me. Slide your tongue into me, let me taste you. Minty fresh, just as I like it. Your tongue explores mine, our lips locked, my hands travel across your firm flesh, your arsm encircle me, sliding my t-shirt up and off, exposing my breasts. They are not big, but they are firm, my nipples dark and swollen. You slide down to my breasts, swirling your tongue around my nipples, sucking them deep. Massaging my breasts with your strong fingers. Sliding your hands down, kissing every inch of me as you move down.... you hook your thumbs in my shorts and slide them off me, raising them to your nose and inhaling my scent, feeling the dampness in the crotch where my juices have been soaking in. Now my pussy is revealed, my bush trimmed short, my vulva shaved, my lips open and glistening with juices. "Eat me, Roger", I beg. Eat my pussy, lick my clit, make me come!" Your talented tongue is finding all the right spots. You slide a finger inside my pussy, then two, pressing on my G-spot, moving in and out, biting my clit ... Ooooooh my, I feel an orgasm approaching. Uh, uh, don't stop, please, I beg you, keep doing me, Roger. Your tongue lashing my clit, your other finger toying with my asshole. My juices are pouring out, I am so wet, oh, don't stop, this is great, I thrust my pussy into you face, my thighs start to tremble as the first wave of orgasm hits me, your finger suddenly penetrates my ass, all the way in, the ample lubrication from my pussy easing its path. The sudden invasion just increases the intense feelings even more. I keep coming, coming, coming, oh yes, yes YES! For maybe a minute, I keep shuddering, the waves of orgasm slowly dying down. You move up and kiss me deeply , I taste my cum on your lips. You've made me come so good, Roger, and you have not even taken off your shorts! Now it's my turn to pleasure you ....

Lizzie & Vahri - thankyou xxx
I'm going to be reading both of your stories in bed tonight - look in tomorrow for a much fuller reply ;) xx

You, as well as the rest of us were truly spoiled with all these posts. One was more delicious than the next!

Lizzie and Vahri - I'm going to comment on your delicious posts together, as that's how I read them this morning - I needed a hard, urgent orgasm to start the day off delightfully, and it was the two of you who gave that to me...
Lizzie - so good to welcome you into the comments - I tend to lurk a little myself, but it's so much fun here in the comments, and I hope you stick around - this was such a delightful introduction to you. I read your story first, and was intensely aroused, loving the idea of discovering you masturbating to my words, absolutely delighted with the way you went down on me, greedily sucking on me, before easing astride me on your chair - such a vivid image - I had to skip read the last few sentences, as I knew they would make me cum, and I needed to hold off just a few moments longer...
Vahri - and a warm welcome to you too, again the first time I think I've seen you in the comments - I very much hope you'll be a regular in here now...
I was already erect, and masturbating, intensely aroused and close to orgasm when I began to read your fantasy - just the kind of mood to need to go down on you, and ymou described it so vividly, so explicitly, I could almost taste you - so delicious to read, but you left me needing to fuck you, needing to cum inside you - I was so close, and had no alternative but to glance back up to Lizzie...
Lizzie - re-reading the last few sentences, my cock pulsing - and as you came all over me, screaming my name, that was it... I came hard, goraning intensely as my cum spurted hard from my cock, imagining cumming deep inside you, Vahri laying next to us, wanting to be next, the three of us together on the bed...
So, so delicious, and just such an intense orgasm - thankyou to you both xxx

and christina - I agree, this has been a gorgeous comments thread - I'm glad you've enjoyed it too ;)
Keep an eye on it, you never know, there still may be more...

Roger, and others too, glad you enjoyed my wee post, thanks for the opportunity to share. I am sorry I left you hanging Roger, didn't mean to be a prick-teaser. But you did ask me how I want to be fucked! I've left you a thank you on my new Vahri's Dreams blog. You have inspired me to express myself!


Vahri, you weren't a prick tease at all, I was merely being greedy ;)
And thankyou for your gorgeous post on your own blog - just leaving you a comment as we speak xx

It’s been a while and I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve dressed up especially for tonight, black lace and silk stockings.

I’m on top of the bed as you come in. you know where I want you, you can tell by my look I want you. You come over and I undress you. Slowly, as I kiss your neck and down your now naked back.

I don't stop my hands from wandering all over you teasing you not touching your cock. You are so hard. My hand moves to me, down into my panties, I’ve been waiting so long, my fingertips caress my lips. I’m already wet, gently at first over my clit and then hard plunging my fingers deep inside.

You watch, naked, you take my panties off, you want a better look. You want to see as my hand as I start to shudder with pleasure, my fingers growing quicker, then going deeper, I can't stop now.

You move my hand away onto your hard cock, I start to rub down the length gently, I don't want you to come yet. Slowly I massage you; your moans turn me on. Your tongue takes the places of my fingers. You rub my clit, you can taste my wetness. Slowly round in circles you lick me, you can feel me wriggle. then you dive your tongue in, I’m so close to coming and you can taste it, your tongue works fast I can feel the ripples of pleasure run through me as I come.

I can't take it any longer, I want to fuck you.

I sit astride you, tying your hands above your head, you’ve touched me enough. You’re so hard, I take you inside of me, you moan gently as you slide inside of my warm, wet cunt. Thrusting deeply and rhythmically, I run my hands all over your body, you’re mine.

Teasingly I keep you shallow, only letting you feel a small bit of me. You try and thrust inside me, I won’t let you. Then I thrust on you deeply, my nails run down your chest. You’re sliding in and out of me, quicker now I know you are about to come.

I lean back so you can go deeper my back arched through pleasure, I ride you harder, faster and deeper. Your so close, not before me. I moan as I start to come, your throbbing deep inside me, my juices start to drip down your erection, just in time as you come, you spurt inside me

You feel so good.

pixiedominator - first of all, welcome to the comments - I haven't seen you in here before, and this is such a delightful way to introduce yourself x
Such a sensual fantasy, and i could feel everything you were doing to me - I loved the part where you tied me and took me the way you wanted to - so greedy, but so arousing too... I love to be used like that...
just delicious... I'm erect right now... take me any way you please...

Roger, I'm still waiting to see how you liked my story. (pout)

I need to take off my bra, because I can't finger my nipples if I don't. I already have the heirloom silver and garnet ring off my left middle finger -- ahhhh, where that finger will be later, musky with you... ?


Goooood, yes.

I don't know how it happened, but we're suddenly in a hotel room together. I must have been lost in a fog of blunt-steel ache-want. I've been reading your cunnilingus pieces and see now that they are not written upon paper but upon hot, wet, white silk, in our mingled come, sweat, and joyous tears.

I take off my glasses, careful to put them somewhere where my legs won't break them when you're making me flail and spasm and curl my toes, later on...

As I put them down, I notice that, even without touching, my tits are pebbled, swollen from their usual firm, pert, pink-mocha-areolaed A-cup size to at least A1/2, maybe B... Your words, so close to your lips, have been buffeting them all the time I've been looking at your site. And the ohgodI'vestartedtouching them and itwasyoufor a moment. Your hot, moderately-furred hand, using its nails ever so -- AAgh! -- lightly -- oh, I close my lustlidded eyes, looking at your mouth, corner curling up a little, and at you swallowing your mouthwater.

You can smell me through my panties, your dear, fuck-lusty wolf. I tilt my head, rolling it backwards just slightly over my left shoulder, my eyes blinking slooowwwly and turning their hotwire gaze your way. I know you feel it in you cock. Ah, Jolly Roger. I want Jolly roger to feel me before I've ever touched him. I want him hard as the plank he might have his crew walk. Hard as a pegleg. I use my toes, up against the backs of my achilles tendons, trailing them down perfunctorily, to remove my electric blue suede moccasins. My soft first toe can now creep underneath your pant leg, peeking at Jolly roger, who is at half-staff, though he is long enough to be -- waitaminuteI (breath shallow, a little dizzy, tits tingling; HOT!) need to unbutton the metal button on the waistband of my cotton jeans-style lady-trousers -- now the zip (you hear the sound, like a little female pleasure-gasp. I think my clothing is even into you. My earrings are certainly heavier, seem to glow and sparkle for you, darker and more inviting like my aroused eyes.) Now the scarf I tie around my waist in the current fashion -- gotta get rid of it. It leaves, across the room, onto the sleeping calico cat's head. I circle my hands over my tits -- You do, though. It is you, behind me, in the sublime blue darklight of control and strength you exude. Your arms' muscles wrap themselves around you like I could never possibly hope to, even if I had a million arms.


I am jealous of these others who found out about you, who found you, before I did. Every one after your first poster is, if she'd only admit it. But we know the rules, and our passion for you and you ever-hungry and ever-generous lips and tongue and teeth and fingers and face and ass and skin and scent and GOAAAHH, cock, that monstrous tree, forever oozing with our sap and your own, making our cunt-mouths water for It, for Sex.

I ache for you. For the warm pulse of a real cock. I know you ache, too. Jolly Roger tells me. I take off my watch and khakis. I can feel your mental hands, warm and firm and just a bit rough, but with dexterity to burn, pushing them down, you are behind me, your lips quivering with hunger, your arms wrapped around my legs, your palms pressed against the very tops of the insides of my thighs. You worship my thighs. Your lips and tongue make love to the little dent where my spine and ass meet.

I can hear your moan turn to a whimper when I lose my vertiginous footing and your thumb feels how the cream seeps right through my cotton panties, my cunt breathing her aromatic breath all over your hand. I am dripping, and I love how you've paralyzed me for your personal exploration. I can lick my lips, and I do. You draw your hands deliberately down my legs, picking me ***all the way up by both of my slender ankles*** and setting me down only when the slacks are gone from our sight.

I get weak for strong, passionate men. That move almost gives me cardiac arrest -- so eefortless, like I was a doll, but respectful, reverent, full of passion reined in with steel cables The bed is right in front of me.

The white silk sheets!

You seem to read my mind, about wrecking the white silk with our juices, but your eyes' gleam sends back your response in a stray spark of your heat-energy:

"Oh, darling, I in-*tend* to *thoroughly* ruin the bedspread!"

Oh, Roger, I neeed your fingers to roll my nipples, and you respond, oh, Roger, uuuh! I can't help but lose any concentration I have for standing as your fingers focus my whole soul into my nipples. Heat, orange and black and rose-colored, blossoms around them like the petals of some psychedelic sunflower. My ears ring and my cunt bites her own desperately-swollen and ready lips. They ache and so does my wildly-weeping and -contracting vagina.

You smell it, and I hear a light exhalation, short and anguished, escape your lips. I know what that sound is, because I can smell your Chinese-hot-and-sour-soup precum, and I make my own desperate, starving little yelping noises. I wish you would will me to clean your cock. I can feel your dear mushroom on my lips already, and soon you are in front of me, and I am on my knees, holding the backs of yours with my fingertips, circling and occasionally stroking up, up, up, out around the sides, and down, pressing harder , spreading you cheeks, using my left middle finger to stroke up and down and up and down over your hot, soft pucker, and the sounds that you make in response fill my head with drowsy bees and soft, caressing flowers. I keep doing that, knees to node, with my hands, as I press my tongue into your snake's one sweet, sightless eye. Good lord! So soft and yet so HARD. My hips can't help but thrust back and forth as the warm, soft tip of my tongue travels along the sensitive underside of Roger's shaft feeling him twitch and cavort under my ministrations, releasing more of that darling piquant delicacy.

Suddenly your powerful palms are squeezing me tight around my ears and I turn my head up to see your thunderhead of a warning-face:

"Damn it, woman. Stop that or I'll be useless for the rest of the night--"

You pull my face up to meet your thrusting tongue, introducing our tongues on the field of fierce, purposeful combat. Your head is, like mine, far from clear. All I want is a good, hard hand between my legs, a strong finger teasing my clit and labia, my arms wrap around you, my nipples pleasuring themselves by grating against your broad chest's tousled, wirelike hairs, my lips already bruised by your insistent, laddishly-satisfying suction. I suck right back, and we are both heavy lipped and craving more, the hot salt winds of our cyclone whipping around us,and your member gleaming. I am about to go back down when you stop me, Your head darting down cobralike to clasp my nipple in its wet mouth, your top teeth grating down lightly across the areola.

You sink to your knees slowly, tongue and teeth working my every nerve on your way down.

When you reach the end of your journey, you apply just enough pressure to the backs of my knees to make me fall, back first, onto the bed. You pull me until my cunt is just at the edge of the bed, and drape my legs over your shoulders like I am a stage, my legs are the curtains, and my cunt is the stage. I suppose that makes my pubic bone the "obscenium arch"? >;-D . The look on your face when you see my panty-covered mound in like that of a child on Christmas morning, with one difference: You know you're getting what you want when you unwrap this box! Your hands work a bit and tear the crotch of the panties, and you inhale like you've just opened a fresh bag of coffee beans. You take a last look at the gleaming expanse of my body, the landscape of you lust, before you tenderly scrape your bottom teeth from the swell of my left inner thigh to the juncture of leg and labia in sure, leisurely strokes. Watching this is pushing my heat limits. I bring my right hand up to finger my left tit, grinding my front teeth and echoing your worshipful expression with my own. I have never felt the firestorm burn so hot before. I wish you would start with my cunt and just fucking eat me, chew and grind and swallow and keep going until nothing was left of me but my lingering desire.

But you madden me.
I thrash
through your stroke-stroke-stroking.

You will not



You grin up at me,
and finally




my clit

and I

e (wheeze!)
x (pant!)
p(grindgrindgrindyourfacehurtsyoucannot breathethroughme )
l ("Fuckmefuckmefuckme" can't breathe "fuckmeyoufuckinghotsonofabitch OHHHHROOOOOGERFUCKMEINEEDITINMENOWNOWNOW!")
eYouareinmenowohinmewearefuckingyouare flingingmyhandsabovemyheadandpinningthemthereandflipppingmeover andputting itbackinand DEARSWEETGODTHESPOTYOUFOUND IT !!!

Ican'tstopscreamgrowlingI am cryingthereisnoroomtostopmy titsarefuckingthesheetsmy wristsarefuckingyourhandYourotherhandis godohgodoohgodmyclitbackandforthsohardyoualmostcannotmakeitbendtothesideoutofitshoodyouarestoppingto ohmygodwhatapuddleihavealreadymadesohotandwetyouscoopsomeup(youcheekysumbitchputting plasticdownunderthesheetsoyoucanhavemygirlsoupallofit)youdrinkitlikeadesert-crawler: sendsmeintohigherspirals,coldbeesbuzzinginmyfingersandmylungs Oh

I pass out cold.

When I awake, you are kneeling at my altar once again. You have brought me baguettes, grapes, sharp Vermont Cheddar cheese, a bottle of Spanish red wine (two glasses sit alongside) and a hiker's water-pack. My throat *does* ache from screaming. My cunt, that contrary little tart, beams and glows, ready for more kisses, ready to make my stomach muscles ache even more than they already do. Oh, well! The little tart is rarely wrong about what she wants... we dine (I can't sit all the way up: I am sore :-D ) on bread and cheese. We toast with half a glass of wine. Then you get the grapes and lay the water-pack so that I can easily reach the straw-part, and begin immersing the cool, soothing grapes in your favorite little fondue pot...

wonderwoman - my apologies, I knew I'd end up missing someone! I loved your story - it incorporates so many elements I love - especially the bending over and spanking of course ;) - though I'm way too shy to ever fuck on a webcam for all to see lol - you're such a dirty girl x
Delightful, and thankyou - and I promise i won't miss you next time! xx

You're forgiven Roger, although I may have to punish you later...just for fun.

I want you to fuck me hard. And fast. And i want to feel it....Leave bruises on my body. Use me... Own me. Control me. Tell me I'm yours. Leave me weak and exhausted. And aching.

leatherargento - I'm speechless - it's impossible to reply to your gorgeous fantasy and really do it justice, but it's simply amazing - you should know that you made me cum, hard, and I'd guess I wasn't the only one - an intense and delicious fantasy, thankyou xxx

devil in a blue dress - I would adore to take you like that... over and over again...

God I came so fucking hard. Visusal images. *snicker*

wolf - glad you had fun ;)

shit. just found this tonight, months after the original post. fuckin' awesome. you write so well, and so many of these women do, too!

leatherargento - ahhhhhhh...

thanks for the read!

You've got a point, actually, marcus - this post needs to be much higher up the archive list, there's some intense writing here from my readers (I've cum repeatedly reading some of these) - I'll fix that tonight.

I just want to see if real I need your hard cock in my pussy make me cum answer back if real

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