Dirtyboy interview part one

Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 5:27 PM

As promised, here's the first of a two part interview with me - the interview lasted over an hour, so I'm giving you the first half now (not all that filthy) and the second part later in the week (much filthier). The interview was conducted by an old friend of mine, but I'd encourage you to imagine yourself as the interviewer, relaxing on the bed with me, and hopefully we've managed to cover a few of the things you might be curious about - lots more to come in part two, of course.

If you'd like to listen to it, you can download it here: Roger's new interview. If you want to save it to your own computer, right-click on this link and select 'save link as' and it'll download it to your computer (it's 28.6mb) - if you only want to listen to it, just click on it and it'll play automatically.

Hope you enjoy, and more to come later in the week!

roger x



listening at the moment...undressing to your voice (and giggles)


Oops, I hit the wrong button and accidentally deleted my own comment. I guess that's what typing with slippery fingers can do to you.

I have always imagined the voice of the man who's words inspire some of my dirtiest fantasies and now here he is, talking to me as my fingers play in my own wetness. His sensual voice caressing my ears as my fingers caress my clit until I finally explode, juices flowing down, staining the upolstry of my chair.

paige - hope you liked it - though we don't get to the really smutty questions until part two ;)

brandy - while you're waiting for part two, if you look in the archives, at the bottom of the first section (i.e. the section nearest the top of the archives), you'll see another audio interview with me, this time about the site and my writing - hope you enjoy it just as much ;) x

lauren bacall!! good choice, dirtyboy, sorry I stumped you,heh.:) back to the interview . . .

the interview was such a delight... I'm looking forward to more ;) xx

I think I'm crushing on your friend.

And i will never understand what men see in keira knightley, lol.

mariah - I was so rubbish on those celebrity questions lol, my apologies!

DLG - and there's lots more to come... xx

anonymous - I can easily understand why ;) x

Wow. I could listen to your voice all day long!
So...you've nipped out to get girls, eh? I'll e-mail you my address! xXx

Can't wait for part 2.

lovely, post the next one soon rog - your interviewer was also delicious, some very well asked questions ;)

thankyou, both of you - part two to follow in the next couple of days xx

omg, you set me off by just saying "do you want ome tea" - i'll have to download this and take it to bed with me...
hmmmm, i love hearing you. such a lovely dirty sexy laugh.

I'd happily offer you tea too, lucy ;)
And the second (much dirtier) part to follow in the next couple of days...

Downloading right now...damn my slow connection to hell. I can't wait to hear your voice again Roger....

beautiful and sexy voice...

Your voice kind of reminds me of a younger Paul McCartney.... can you sing while you fuck?

dukky - sory it's such a big file xx

devil & vahri - thankyou xx I sing much better than Paul McCartney, of course ;)

omg you sing?

now that turrrns me on.

listening to the interview again


simply lovely...

why thankyou xx

That is a nice accent. You're definitely not from Manchester. ;)

Moving on to part II

oh thankyou x and nope, I'm not from Manchester lol. I do know it quite well, but have never lived there. Hope you enjoy the rest x

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