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Friday, March 17, 2006 at 7:25 PM

Hi girls xx

A little update on the contest - it's been brought to my attention that it's Spring Break over in the US (where a lot of my readers live) - a large number of my readership has families of one sort or another, and clearly this has pretty much wiped out any opportunity you might have had to record anything for me this week. Consequently I've decided to extend the deadline for the contest, to give you all a little more time. The new deadline is:

Friday 31st March

That gives you another two weeks to record yourself for me - plenty of time to find yourself a little privacy to come delightfully for me, I'm sure ;)

I've received three gorgeous audios so far, so as it stands, just entering gives you a very good chance of winning the prize (to remind you - a personal filthy audio from me, for your ears alone, the subject matter of your choice, where I say your name as I seduce you) - and you know I'd love to hear you... For the less technically-minded, there's plenty of advice on how to record and send audio clips on the original post here, as well as details of the kind of thing I'm hoping to receive from you (a delightful recording of you masturbating to orgasm for me - mmm god) - I very much hope you'll join in with the challenge ;)

I'm not going to tell you who I receive files from, unless they reveal it in here (so I can tell you that so far I have one from DLG, who left a comment to say so, and two others who will remain nameless), though I'm hoping (fingers tightly crossed!) for files to come from admhail, Lexie, raindog71, nez, and cathy leigh, all of whom have said that they're up for the challenge, with three or four other possibles (sunny delight? You're not out of the running just because I've heard you on your own site, I'd love one just for me x - jen? I know you love contests, but are you going to join this one? I hope so x - paige? I know you're still mulling it over, i hope you decide to take part x - suze? you know I'd love to hear you, having heard brief clips on your own site x - green eyes? - you seemed keen, and it'd be so lovely to hear you x - and a couple of definites whose names I won't mention, who have emailed me privately to let me know.

So there you go - the challenge is ongoing, so far it's down to just three girls to win, so if you want a chance, you have just two weeks...

roger xxx


I do like contests but I'm not submitting anything for this one. Unfortunately, while everyone in the US gets spring break (I am assuming that's the same as the reading week I had in Feb), I am here trying to get all my work done for the end of the term.

Sorry, Roger, darling. I just don't have the time
: (

But happy recording to everyone else who is going to enter!

hmmm, darling, just heard your voice in your interview, and well, i'm not american as you know, but i always had a weakness for that english accent (must be a result early teen experiences, or perhaps it's just sexy...)

i really am thinking to go through all the hassle of technix...

kisses lucy

ann - I most certainly am ;)

jen - to be honest, I didn't expect you to anyway (I just didn't imagine it'd be your thing) but I thought I'd ask cheekily anyway ;) - and there's absolutely no need to apologise, especially after your delightful lingerie shots this week ;) x

lucy - an audio file all the way from Vienna would be a wonderful thing... and trust me, it's easy - if you don't already have recording software, download Audacity (free), plug in your mic, press the record button in Audacity, have some fun for a while (ohh my god) press the stop button, and export it as an mpeg wav file (File>>Export as...) - it's very very easy, I promise x I'd so love to hear you, and you might win and hear me too ;)

that should have said 'mpeg or wave file...' - exciteable fingers lol

Still not sure what to do... What do you think I should do, Roger? :)

It's no use asking me, Wendolin, I'll just encourage you to take part ;) If you think you'll enjoy it and have fun, then you should go right ahead and be naughty for the night - if you don't think you'll enjoy it, then you definitely shouldn't - the most important thing is that it's fun for you, I won't think any less of you if it's a little too much for you, this kind of fun isn't for everyone x
I do, obviously, want to hear you though ;) x

lmao, these comments are always delightful. I wish I could join, it's really sounding like a lot of fun

I've just got to work out the techie stuff, and I plan on sending something your way...too exciting to pass up!

psy - I love them too, and I hope the fun aspect of this is coming through, that's the whole idea! There are lots of sites out there where you can see girls cumming if that's your thing - is my favourite example and hugely recommended - so this is all about us having fun with a similar idea, and just being exhibitionists for the sake of it, because it's fun to do so. It's also very special for me to be able to hear my readers, and hear just how aroused I make them - makes it much more personal and a delightfully erotic treat for me! The prize should really just be an afterthought, this is more about us all being disgracefully naughty and having fun doing it ;)

raindog - I'll email you later today with very simple guidelines for the techie stuff - and very much looking forward to hearing you! xx

yes, still mulling it over...though all i need is a mic ;)

you don't have a mic? my goodness, girl, it's the 21st century! ;)
With a mic you can discover all the pleasures of skype (free phone calls with your friends - think of the money you'll save on those long rambling phone calls!)
I await further news with interest ;)

brrrr... deadlines - even the word puts a chill down my back...

Someone say skype? God, so tempting. I used to use that program with my ex-boyfriend. You're really making this hard to say no to roger, you're so bad.

I love skype, better sound than a phone call and completely free to download and use, so long as you don't mind coping with it's occassional quirkiness - in fact, the interview was conducted via skype (Grumps, the delightful interviewer from Cyber Erotic, lives in the US, I, of course, live here in England). For those of you with a cam and broadband, the video quality is superb, and it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. I'd very much recommend it - available here :

oh - and I like to think I specialise at being bad ;)

No wonder your voice came over so nicely! Yes I do agree on the quality of skype. And for a such a program to be free is really amazing. I should redownload it again.

I just noticed something. Everyone has been gushing over rogers voice, but not much commenting has been going to Grumps for that interview. My bad. If you read this, Grumps, you have a very nice voice as well :) And great work on the interview!

I agree, psy, grumps voice was just as inspiring for me as roger, very breathy towards the end ;-)good job, grumps, i loved your part of it.

what a pity that was made by skype, i would have loved hearing you flirting and imagining you starting brushing against each other under the table and starting to touch each other while doing the interview. mmm.
(lucy xxx)

Grumps does indeed have a very sexy voice - I've always loved listening to her on the Cyber Erotic shows, and I was aroused for pretty much the entire interview, entirely because of that voice of hers. Had we indeed been in the same room, I think it's fair to say that lots of touching would have occurred ;)
If you like Grumps's voice, I can very much recommend downloading any of the other Cyber Erotic shows (there's a link down below with my other links) - she always gets very turned on doing the shows, is frequently clearly touching herself during the conversations, and in the 'Foreplay' show she gets so turned on that she has to leave the room for a couple of minutes ;)
Grumps - if you're reading, I really think you should enter my contest, you know I'd love to hear you ;)

You were the very first to comment on the initial post admhail, and hinted that you'd like to join in - and I'd very much love you to do so. I have three at the moment, with another half dozen just waiting for the right moment and enough privacy - I'm delighted that I can add you to the list ;)
And yes, whether you make the closing date of the contest or not, I'd still love to hear you, and would very much love to cum with you as I listen to you... a very delightful thought indeed ;)

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