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Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 8:40 PM

Apparently, there are unsubstantiated rumours that I've been interviewed for the Cyber Erotic website. And that this interview might be being broadcast this weekend. I couldn't possibly comment...

update Still waiting for the interview to go up on their website - it's not there yet, but I'll let you know when it's available for download (or you can tell me lol)


ahhhh ...but I can comment


his voice is as sexy as his writting ladies ...... you won't be disappointed !!

very much looking forward to hearing it... ;)

mmmm cant wait to hear it!

dg xx

this weekend? gah so confusing, it is the weekend for me.. anyone have a date? I dont want to miss this LOL

I recorded the interview last night5, psy, and the new episode containing the interview is due to be available to be downloaded some time in the next 24 hours.

oh my...I'll certainly be tuned in to listen to this.

I'll be wishing you were talking dirty to me...the little dirty slut that I am. *winks*

Ah... thanks for clearing that up for me. These different time zones confuse me a bit sometimes

Ahhhh just to hear the sound of your voice. I'm waiting...

I haven't heard it myself yet, but usually the weekly episodes go up on a Sunday evening, so some time tonight I assume...

I think I might cry. My sound is broken!! What am i going to do??!! Damn my computer to hell

ahhh, it's only a silly interview, and they still haven't posted it yet - and when they do, it'll be left up online for ages (they currently have all eight previous episodes up) so it'll be there for some time (if it ever goes up!). so worry not! xx

Hey, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valetines, not that I celebrate But yeah, hope everyone has a good one :)

omg, I forgot to put in, my word was "austxr" and I'm an aussie, closest match I've had yet ;)

My appologies ladies, I forgot to untie Tek so that he could get to the studio and put the interview up.


We've released him though and I PROMISE it'll be up very very soon.

.........he's worth the wait.

xxx Grumps xxx

Roger, I can' wait to hear you in the flesh. ;)

psy - and a very happy Valentine's day to you too *kiss*

grumps - I don't know about anybody else, but i can barely stand the suspense! What if I was really dull and sound stupid? argh! lol

suze - yep, having heard you, it's only fair that you get to hear me...

pssssst ladies..........'s up and he sounds yummy !!!

I however sound like a dork.


You sound delightful and giggly, as always, Grumps x

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