let me be your lover

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 6:46 PM

Happy Valentine's Day, you xxx
And if you're alone tonight, then why not let me be your lover - I'd really love that, and you know I always want you...

I smile at you, pulling you close to me
you know that I need you
my hands sliding around your back
holding you close to me
warm in my arms

smiling again
looking in your eyes
our gaze meeting
and kissing you softly
oh so sensually
my lips gently caressing yours
tasting you
god, so soft
our breath quickening
as my lips slide softly against yours

our heartbeats moving faster
our bodies pressed together
your hands pulling me closer
needing me
wanting me

my tongue slipping gently into your mouth
kissing you passionately

my hands moving to your blouse
tugging it gently over your head
smiling at you again
and kissing you sensually
as your fingers unbutton my shirt
tugging it off my shoulders
our heat rising
looking at me
smiling back at me

my own hands unfastening your skirt
letting it fall to the floor
my hands sliding over your bottom
following your curves
stroking it softly through your panties
pressing you to me
wanting to feel your body
pressed against mine

your hands sliding up over my bare chest
drifting over my soft skin
then moving down
exploring my body
still kissing me

your fingers unbuttoning my trousers
tugging down the zip
pulling them down my thighs
watching me step out of them,
your hand sliding over the bulge in my boxers
greedily touching me
tracing the length of my cock
feeling me hardening
as we embrace softly
needing me

and I lift you into my arms
and carry you to the bed

laying you down
leaning over you
kissing you again
lingering on your lips
wanting you so much

my hands slipping around your back
unclipping your bra
sliding it off your shoulders
pulling it gently from you
smiling lustfully as I look at your breasts
leaning over to kiss you again

one of my thighs slipping between yours
moving together
our bodies warm
and soft
brushing together
as we push and move
our movements becoming one

wanting you
craving you
kissing my way down your neck
nibbling gently
my breath warm
as I move down further

my hands tracing down your body
as my lips kiss your collar bone
kissing down to your breasts
my tongue circling a nipple
flicking across it teasingly
taking it into my mouth
biting gently
feeling you arch underneath me
wanting me
wanting me so much

kissing my way further down
lips tracing over your tummy
hands gently parting your thighs
my fingers sliding over your panties
down to your crotch
stroking softly
rubbing you
caressing you
as my lips slide down

my fingers slipping into the waistband of your panties
smiling at you again
and tugging them down
all the way
pulling them off your ankles
leaving you naked
naked underneath me
looking at you
my gaze following your curves
leaning over you again
and parting your thighs

holding them apart softly with my hands
moving closer
my breath warm between your legs
my lips so close
and kissing you
ohh god right there
on your pussy lips
my tongue flicking out
circling your clit
feeling you tremble
parting your thighs further
moving down

the tip of my tongue teasing your slit
feeling it begin to part
tasting your wetness
as my tongue slides up your slit
dragging it all the way up
until the flat of my tongue
reaches your clit
sliding over it
my fingers parting your pussy lips
as my tongue dips inside you
inside your cunt
tasting you
drinking you

and you writhe under me
so wet now
arching up towards me
my tongue circling your clit again
lapping greedily
opening my lips
and engulfing your clit with my mouth
feeling you tremble
hearing you gasp

and I want you so much
kneeling up between your thighs
feeling your gaze on me
as I slide my boxers down
taking them off
feeling you watching me
seeing how hard I am
my cock so erect
visibly throbbing
needing to be inside you
needing to fuck you

and you gasp
pulling me over you
our naked bodies sliding together
my hands stroking you
touching you
your own hand finding my erect cock
gasping as you stroke it
ohh god
pulling me towards your cunt
guiding the head of my cock into you

and I groan
ohhh fuck yes
feeling your lips part around my cock
so warm
so wet
and I slide my hard cock into you
all the way
deep into your cunt
my erection filling you
a long, deep thrust
and you gasp
our bodies one now
feeling me begin to fuck you
sliding my cock in and out
in and out
ohhh god
my cock so hard
so hot
throbbing deep in your cunt
our bodies pushing and moving

moving more urgently
your hands on my ass
pulling me deeper into you
so wet
your juices dripping down my cock
gasping with each thrust
kissing me again
wrapping your thighs around me
pulling me in harder
my breath hard now as I fuck you
my penis throbbing deep in your cunt
fucking you
my lips sliding against yours
my cock pulsing inside you
needing to cum
wanting to cum
feeling you so wet now
so close
pushing and moving
more urgently now
moaning my name
begging me to fuck you deeper
ohhh god so close
needing it harder
and I groan
ramming my cock into you now
again and again
so fucking close
wanting you to cum
needing you to cum
ohhh god so much
my cock so swollen
my cum starting to surge
holding it back
gasping your name
ramming my cock so deep now
fucking you
and fucking you
and fucking you

ohh god and that's it
I feel your juices streaming over my cock
your body start to convulse
and I slide my erection deep and hard into you
your wetness splashing around my cock
and you can't take it any more
and you grip onto me tightly
and you start to cum
ohhh god
all over my cock
your juices pouring down my penis
as your cunt engulfs my cock
and I groan
crying out your name
my cock pulsing
ohhh god so intensely
my cum starting to surge along my cock
and I cum
so fucking hard
spurting my spunk deep into your cunt
ohhhh god
and again
and again
ohhhh and again
filling you
all my cum
pulsating deep in your cunt
clinging together
cumming together
so so good...

and we hold on like that
not letting go
our bodies joined

and we know we still want more...


Words fail me.
How could you possibly know?

I just can't resist a little romance, sweet dreams x

perfect ending to my day, thank you lover xxx

very much my pleasure, DLG xx

now this would be nice...
too bad I don't do Valentine's Day
; )

Mmmmmmm.... and a very happy valentine's day to you to, roger... somehow that just made mine a whole lot better xx

ohhh yes... perfect valentines gift, thankyou x

I've been gone for some time, due to some computer-problems, and I see that I've missed a lot. Thank you so much for a quite intense, romantic valentine's day-persent!

I'll go and read through the rest now. Looking forwards to it ;-)

you're such a great lover... ;-)

dg xx

I love to feel loved. Thank you Roger. Happy Valentine's Day.

Roger, I want to take that throbbing cock in to my mouth. To lick you clean and taste your cum.

What a perfect after dinner treat that was. ;)

Your tenderness overwhelms me. Wow....

jen - it was lovely to cuddle you anyway x

katie - it was very much my pleasure x

psy - ahh, you deserved something a little special x

laura - I've missed your comments! Hope you enjoy catching up ;)

dirty girl - why thankyou, I try my best x

wonderwoman - my pleasure, I wanted you to feel loved x

suze - mmm god, please do... I'd very much love you to go down on me...

green eyes - I'm always happy to see a new face in the comments - and I'm very glad you enjoyed it - tenderness is often overlooked in erotica, I think... x

Soft, sweet, gentle love..

often the best kind, ann x

Holy motherfucking GOD. That was pure orgasmic poetry. I could fuck you all night and still want more.

raindog - I'm glad it worked for you ;) - and welcome to my blog, not seen you here before! x

Oh..I have a yummy treat to read tonight after work! Thank you for that! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

I did indeed Black lace - hope you enjoy the interview x

Thanks, I made myself come 4 times in the lst day and a half...I had to take myself away from work today to come again. Being horny is so very distracting...

Nice one, Roger.

Not so banal. ;) (But you always have to throw that little punch in at the end, huh? Nice.)

raindog - and it's an absolute pleasure to be the one who's distracting you so deliciously...

steff - thankyou ;) - and I will be getting back to the less banal Paris next week, I just have to do the second part of that rough post from last week - nearly there... (ohh god I'm nearly there...)

You just made me come again..you're so deliciously filthy..my cunt is wet and wanting to be filled..can you see how wet I am?
I want you to touch me, feel how horny you've made me...wetness just dripping down my thighs..waiting for you to taste me, fill me with your hard cock..oh god...I want to hear you moan and telling me you're gonna cum...That will make me cum hard, my pussy squeezing you, coming all over your cock..I want to feel you shoot your hot cum into my pussy...fuck, I'm gonna cum again...

raindog - I can see how wet you are, yes... and I can see that delicious look of lust on your face as you touch yourself... I want you to cum for me again... do it for me now... cum for me... cum all over my cock...

mmmmm, I've been away and its soooo good to be back. Take your time with me lover....make it last.

it's so lovely to see you back - and we have all day, so lay back and enjoy...

that was really good dirty boy !!!! once again we cum together!! xxxxxx

*sigh*....how do you read my mind Roger? it is amazing how you just catch me off guard sometimes....
thanks Roger

anonymous - I love it when we cum together ;)

cookim - I always know what you want ;)

Oh My God....are you married?
I love you and your words.

missyemma - nope, I'm not married - and welcome to my blog, it's always lovely to see a new face - hope you're enjoying discovering the archives ;) xx

How did you write that? I made my wife read it and I have not ever know her to be that hot from a story.

all you need to do, Leatherback, is get in the zone and write what you feel - I've always only written these posts when I'm turned on, and I think maybe my own arousal just comes through in the writing - I'm glad your wife enjoyed it ;)

Delicious, wet, provocative, needy.

glad you liked it so much, sinner x

oh sweet blessed fuck, i came with tears in my eyes, thank you

it was absolutely my pleasure - and a delightfully sweet comment, thankyou xx

Mmmm, yes, more please...

Made me change my mind about the rougher stories being my favorites (now it's more even, I suppose). They're best for getting off quickly, but ones like this are exquisite and make me swoon and feel all melty; they're what I dream of experiencing someday.

oh my goodness... ive been away for a very long time - if you even remember me, that is - but i very much enjoyed that and i hope to hear more tender, loving posts from you. not that harcore isnt a bad thing. ;) <3

Oh wow Roger, as much as I love reading the frantic fucking stories, there's a lot to be said for a little old fashioned romance. I am as turned on by this as I am by any of your more erotic Fuckfests.

Keep giving us this wonderful mix of hot and hotter.... Lol makes me come deliciously every time ; )

Thank you

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