Paris Chapter Four (complete)

Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 6:44 PM

For those of you who like to read the chapters in one complete package, here's the collected version of the latest installment of Paris, which explores the desires and character of Sophie, who featured in chapter three (sharp eyed readers may also have spotted her on the Orient Express way back in Chapter One).

I'll be doing three or four shorter posts this week, and returning to Paris at the beginning of February - though stick around for the other posts inbetween installments, as I'm sure you'll enjoy them ;)

here we go:

Paris Chapter 4 - in bed with Sophie

Sophie was naked on my bed. It was early afternoon, sunlight was beaming through the half-open windows of her room above the cafe, and we were alone together. She kissed me. A soft, sensual, passionate, lustful kiss, the kiss of a woman who had done without the touch of a man for long enough. The kiss of a woman who needed that intimacy, that connection - who needed to feel alive again.

She had, of course, initiated this rendezvous, as she always did. It was the day after the voyeurism episode, she had seen me arrive at the cafe alone, book in hand, and had arranged for the usual note to be delivered to my table. I was initially surprised - but then, thinking back, it occurred to me that touching me at the moment of our orgasms, as she had done, had been for Sophie a significant incident. It meant that my actions had aroused her. It meant that she wanted more.

There had been little romance. Sophie was not looking for romance, or attachment. She did not want me to make love to her. She needed to be fucked. I was obviously not going to turn her down.

She was a vision, there on my bed. The sunlight was falling over her body, painting her with golden streaks of colour, soft, dark shadows where her curves plunged between her breasts, her belly, her thighs. She looked as though she was made of light. I needed to fuck her.

She was not going to make the first move - she was not the kind of woman who would show her hand, who would allow her need to control her - but I knew from the episode the day before that her control could be lost, that she was as vulnerable as anyone else to lust and greed. I felt I knew how to unlock that greed, how to make her helpless with lust, and something about her control made me want to break her, made me want to have her all over me, desperate for my touch, wet, filled with desire.

I kissed her softly, sensually, my lips caressing hers, a long, slow, intimate kiss, our breath mingling - I could already feel her breath quickening, and as my hands slipped down her neck, her shoulders, I could feel her own hands slipping through my hair, pulling me towards her, kissing me harder. My hands continued their journey down her body, drifting around the curve of her breasts, and she arched up towards me, pushing her breasts up towards me. I touched her, and she began to melt.

Her nipples were hard in my hands. I needed to taste her. I kissed down her neck, biting her a little, and she gasped, arching up to me again, and I began to kiss my way down her body, licking around her breasts, opening my lips and taking her hardening nipples into my mouth, sucking her, my tongue flicking over and around her nipple.

But I wanted more - already my hand had slipped down over her soft belly, finding no resistance as my fingertips traced over her neat strip of pubic hair, down between her thighs, and she gasped softly as my fingers softly brushed over her clit, her thighs opening a little, lifting herself up to my touch, inviting me further. I kissed my way down her body, slowly, seductively, and she laid back on the soft pillows, beginning to surrender, arching up to each soft kiss, each lap of my tongue.

As my lips moved down across her belly, my hands slipped down the inside of her thighs, parting them. She looked down at me for a moment, her face a picture of lust, watching as my tongue traced over her small strip of hair, laying back again and opening her thighs wider, inviting me.

It was an invitation impossible to resist. My tongue slipped down around her clit, circling it softly, moving further down to her slit, my tongue slipping between her wet, pouting lips, licking her, feeling her cunt part around the tip of my tongue as I lapped at her greedily.

She was very wet.

Sucking on her more greedily, I could feel her wetness on my face, smearing my lips across her cunt, letting my tongue drag slowly upwards, gently teasing the hood of her clit back with my fingertips, opening my lips and taking her clit onto my mouth, swirling my tongue around, sucking on her greedily. She gasped again, trembling a little as my tongue flicked slowly and sensuously around her clit, my fingers slipping down to her cunt, stroking her. She gasped again. "Please...", she whispered.

I pushed two fingers deep into her cunt, and she groaned deliciously at the sudden penetration, pushing herself onto my fingers, my tongue circling her clit a little faster, a little harder. She was shuddering now underneath me. I needed to make her come. I wanted to feel her cum all over my face. My cock was hard, and with my free hand I had now grasped my erection, masturbating as I stroked her, my fingers moving in the same rhythm as my tongue.

She was so close to her orgasm, her thighs wide open now, arching up to me, my fingers splashing harder and deeper into her dripping wet cunt - my tongue worked faster around her clit, flicking, sucking, licking her more urgently, my fingers thrusting deeper - she groaned again, trembling harder, pushing up to my lips, my tongue, gasping more urgently as her orgasm approached - I needed her to cum, I wanted her to come - I sucked on her harder, faster, fucking her cunt hard with my fingers, hooking my fingertips inside her, rubbing her g-spot in the same rhythm as my tongue on her clit - she couldn't take any more - a flood of wetness splashed from her cunt, and she groaned urgently, frantically, her body arching up off the bed, her cunt spasming around my fingers as she started to cum, hard, frantic, pulsing and throbbing around my fingers, her juices streaming from her cunt as my tongue circled over and around her clit, gasping, groaning, screaming out my name as she came, all over me...

Sophie's thighs were still trembling, her body convulsing deliciously as her orgasm pulsated through her body, my fingers still deep inside her, drenched with her juices, my tongue greedily lapping at her clit, licking and swirling and sucking as she shook gorgeously on the bed. My other hand was still around my erection, stroking myself urgently as she came, needing her, wanting her badly now - so much lust for this woman, and I had yet to fuck her. As she bucked and writhed on the bed, still convulsing from her orgasm, I couldn't wait a moment longer - I needed to be inside her, I had to take her.

I slid up her naked body, between her wide open thighs, my fingers still deep in her cunt, my thumb stroking around her clit, kissing my way up her body, licking, sucking, until I reached her lips - and I kissed her, greedily, lustfully, Sophie responding in kind, her tongue slipping into my mouth, her thighs wrapping around me, pulling my body against hers.

Already the swollen head of my erect cock was sliding against her clit, my penis slipping and sliding against the dripping wet lips of her cunt, rubbing against her, my cock getting wet from her as we kissed more urgently. If Sophie had initiated this rendezvous - if she had truly been in control as we began - that control was slipping from her rapidly - she was still getting aftershocks from her orgasm, and as I moved between her thighs, she splayed them wide open, rubbing herself against me, offering herself to me, surrendering to my lust eagerly.

The head of my cock slipped down, her labia parting easily around my pulsing cock, and I slid easily down her slit, pulling back for a brief moment, kissing her again and thrusting my cock, hard, deep into her cunt. She groaned with pleasure, another splash of her wetness pouring down my erection, flooding my balls, and I gasped, thrusting my cock deeper inside her, fucking her more urgently, my lips greedy on hers as I pounded harder, deeper, taking her, fucking her.

She was cumming almost from that first penetration - her orgasm had barely abated from earlier, still throbbing through her, and the sudden invasion of my cock into her cunt pushed her over the edge again, screaming with pleasure as I rammed my cock again and again inside her.

I knew I couldn't last long with this first fuck - I'd needed this for so long - but I knew I'd need her again, and again, and again - so damn it, I was going to be selfish with her this first time. I grabbed her wrists, lifting them roughly over her head, pinning them down on the bed, and she gasped, momentarily shocked by my roughness, but melting again as my lips found her neck, biting it greedily, still pinning her down as my cock slammed harder and faster into her moist cunt.

She groaned again, wrapping her thighs around my back, pulling me deeper inside her - I couldn't take much more - it felt so good, my mind dizzy with the sensations, my cock throbbing harder inside her as her cunt milked my cock, squeezing around me as I fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her - she began to convulse again, arching up to me, my lips greedily sucking her breasts, biting on a nipple - her cunt engulfed my cock, taking it deep, and she bucked frantically up to me, her orgasm suddenly surging through her body, gasping, groaning, convulsing around me, and as her juices poured over my swollen cock, streaming over my balls, I couldn't take any more - I groaned her name, and began to cum, hard, my cock pulsing intensely as I felt the first spurt of cum splash into her cunt, followed by another spurt, and another, filling her with my spunk as we came deliciously together, hard, urgent, frantic...

My diary, thus far, has been concerned not just with my sexual liaisons, but also with the thoughts and feelings and motives behind what happened in that glorious summer in Paris. Consequently you'll be expecting me at this point to perhaps reveal intimate conversations between Sophie and myself as we lay together on the bed, drenched in the afterglow.

The truth of the matter is that there were no such conversations, no such intimacies - Sophie was not the kind of woman to reveal intimacies, no matter the occasion. For her, I was there for one reason only - to satisfy her. To fuck her. Though perhaps in attempting to control her, I had made something of an error of judgement. Little did I know what she would have in store for me as the afternoon continued.

I was getting my breath back - my orgasm had been intense, almost draining, the urgency almost overwhelming, and as I collapsed back onto the bed, cum still coating my cock, her wetness cooling on me, Sophie was watching me - on her back, her thighs open wide, presenting herself to me, a trail of my cum dribbling slowly from her cunt, the evidence of my urgent lust.

She was still intensely aroused. I had pushed her further than she was accustomed - she was not used to being taken in such a manner, not used to surrendering herself, and it was clear from the look in her eyes that she fully intended to wrest that control back from me.

She looked at me, almost studying me. I tried to return her look, my gaze drifting across her soft, naked curves, lingering, wanting her again, but still breathless from my orgasm. Sophie was not going to allow me to rest. As she watched me, her hand drifted down her soft belly, between her open thighs. Her other hand cupped her breast, squeezing, caressing. I watched her, entranced, my cock pulsing again, unsure if I should touch her, very much enjoying the intimacy of what she was allowing me to see. She clearly loved to be watched.

And she was deliberately arousing me again, that much was certain. Resting was not an option. She needed to be fucked again. Her fingers were stroking her clit, sometimes rubbing sensually, sometimes slipping her fingers deep inside her cunt, masturbating not for my pleasure, but for hers. Despite myself, I was once again erect.

My hand slipped around my cock, and I began to stroke myself, masturbating in time with her, my cock warm, erect in my hand, wet from her, wet from her cunt. She watched me, her gaze fixed on my growing erection, watching my fingers slide up and down my cock rhythmically, in time with her own hands. It was too much - I couldn't merely watch, I need my cock to be deep inside her. I needed to cum inside her.

I started to get up and move towards her, but she immediately moved towards me, straddling me, pushing me onto my back. Her hand brushed my own from my cock, and she took hold of me, her hand sliding around my throbbing erection. I gasped with pleasure as I felt her begin to stroke me greedily, her thighs now astride mine as she moved up my body. She kissed me, hard, a possessive kiss. I could feel her body all over me. Rubbing against me. Overwhelming me. I tried to sit up, but she pushed me back down, her hand pressing me down onto the bed as she straddled my cock, holding it erect in her hand, her cunt wet above it, dripping on me.

I was helpless in the face of her lust. As I looked up at her, she smiled at me enigmatically, pressed the head of my swollen cock to her wet cunt, and sank down onto me, her cunt enveloping my erection. I groaned with pleasure, pulsing inside her. And she began to fuck me. Hard. Urgent. Frantic.

I now knew what it was like to be taken. She held me down, using me, fucking me, taking me, her concern not with my pleasure, but her own. At that moment, I could have been anyone. I was now simply a hard cock, a writhing body. My orgasm was no longer her concern - this was for her. She rode me, fucking me harder, her cunt drenching my cock as she moved back and forth, back and forth, gasping with each thrust of my cock in her cunt, leaning over me, one of her breasts suddenly at my lips, forcing me to take it into my mouth, forcing me to suck greedily on her hard nipple. I had no choice in the matter. I was her whore, her slut. She was teaching me a lesson.

I was so erect, so intensely aroused, but I could barely move. She had me pinned down, fucking me urgently, her cunt squeezing and pulsing around my erection, so wet now, her juices dripping down my balls as she fucked me, dribbling down the crack of my ass. Her movements quickened, her cunt so wet around my erection. She was going to come, and come hard. I needed to come too - needed it so much - I could feel my spunk pulsing along the length of my cock, needing to cum, needing to spurt deep inside her, holding it back as she fucked me more and more urgently, pinning me down, fucking me hard. Somehow I managed to lift my hands to her breasts, and I pinched her nipples - she screamed suddenly, slamming down hard onto my cock, a sudden flood of her juices pouring down my erection, shuddering now as her orgasm overtook her - she leaned over me, biting my shoulder hard - I gasped with pain and pleasure, and as I cried out, arching up to her, ramming my cock so deep into her cunt, she came, urgently, frantically, all over me, convulsing, her wetness flooding over me. She just kept coming and coming, her body shuddering hard as her cunt poured over my cock, pulsing, pulsing, milking my cock as she came.

I couldn't take any more - it was too intense - I gasped :"I'm going to cum... ohhhh god I'm going to cum..."

She pulled herself up from my cock, still convulsing, her cunt dripping wet as she got onto her back, rubbing her clit frantically, riding her orgasm, her thighs wide open, writhing urgently on the bed.

"Cum on me," she gasped. Cum all over me. I want you to cum all over me". It wasn't a request. I straddled her belly, my mind delirious with lust for her, my hand on my hard wet cock, masturbating over her, about to cum. "No," she instructed, "don't touch yourself, stop masturbating." I groaned, my cock throbbing as I released it from my grasp, intensely erect, precum coating the head of my cock - she took hold of me, her fingers sliding along my hard wet cock, rubbing me, and stroking me, gliding wetly along my erection, and ohhh god it felt so good - I felt my cock pulse hard, and I growled with intense pleasure, and I came... ohhh god I came... so much cum... my spunk spurting hard from my pulsing cock, splashing down onto her belly, groaning intensely as she stroked my cock hard again, another long spurt of cum splashing onto her breasts, her body arching, shuddering again underneath me, another spurt landing on her cunt - and her body started to convulse, screaming my name...

My cock was throbbing so hard, intense lust pulsating through me as Sophie arched and writhed underneath me, her body convulsing, her hand on her clit, rubbing it hard as her orgasm swept through her - I was still cumming, so hard - I need to be inside her again, needed to feel her cumming around my cock - I thrust back inside her again, still hard, my cum still pouring from my cock, spurting deep inside her, and she screamed again, clinging onto me, her cunt pulsing around my erection, sucking and squeezing on it as she rode out her climax, our bodies locked together in delightful ecstasy. Slowly our intense pleasure began to subside, each of us gasping and throbbing, her body wrapped around mine, her thighs clinging tightly onto me, holding me deep inside her as the last of my cum poured into her, our bodies joined, feeding off each other's orgasms, pulsing... pulsing... pulsing...

Until we collapsed together, our bodies wet with sweat and cum, the drifting afterglow washing over us as we laid on the bed, catching our breath. I'd have been happy to have just wallowed in the deliciousness of the afternoon, but Sophie still wanted more - she was already sliding down my body, kissing and nibbling her way down, and I gasped with each touch of her lips, opening my thighs in invitation as she reached my cock, taking it in her hand, stroking it slowly, watching as a little more cum dribbled from the head of my cock, leaning over me and taking it into her mouth, her tongue lapping around the head of my penis, sucking on me greedily, the soft sensuality of her lips coaxing me erect again, keeping me hard, smiling lustfully up at me as her tongue swirled around my cock.

I groaned again, wanting her, needing to fuck her again: "please..." I gasped, "god... I need you... unnhhh fuck...". She looked up at me, smiling again, still stroking my cock, her tongue lapping again all the way up my length, teasing me, licking me, stroking me.

"Fuck me from behind..." she smiled. I felt my cock throb hard in her mouth...

She licked around the head of my cock again, greedily, taking me in her mouth again, sucking me deliciously. She wanted me very hard. Her request still rang in my ears: "Fuck me from behind...". Though of course it wasn't a request. It was a demand. I breathed harder, enjoying the sensation of her lips and tongue swirling around my cock, feeling my erection throbbing with each lap of her tongue. I could have cum, just like that; could have so easily let myself go, and cum hard in her mouth, have her drink my cum as I spurted all my spunk again and again into her mouth... but this was still subtly about power, about who had the control in this bed, in this room. She was not prepared to relinquish that control, and had taught me that lesson intensely - if I'd have cum in her mouth, our sexual relationship would be over, she wouldn't call on my services again. I knew I wanted more of her - if that meant giving in to her demands rather than my own, I was happy to do just that - though I had ideas of my own of how this would progress. I allowed myself to imagine that I was in charge again, that she was mine to take as I wished - but I should tell you now, dear reader - never, for a single moment of our liaison in her bed that afternoon was I in control of her.

She slipped my cock from her mouth, giving me a last, lingering lick up my erection, and knelt on the bed, getting onto all fours, her thighs spread wide open. I slipped my hand around my cock, masturbating as I watched her, my cock wet from her mouth, my fingers skidding along the length of my erection deliciously. I could see her cunt, her lips swollen and parted, dripping wet. Her fingers were underneath her, rubbing her clit, sometimes slipping to her cunt, dipping inside it, masturbating as I watched her. She looked around at me, wiggling her bottom enticingly.

"Fuck me," she smiled, "you know you want it. Fuck me hard."

Once again, at that moment, I was lost...

I knelt behind her on the bed. She was still looking back at me, watching my hand sliding up and down my erection, her own fingers still stroking her clit as she knelt in front of me, her ass high, her back deliciously arched as she masturbated for me.

She was dripping wet.

I couldn't wait any longer - I pushed the swollen head of my cock between her pussy lips, feeling them part around my cock as I began to slide into her cunt. She gasped, pushing herself back onto me, but I held back, teasing her a few more moments, just the head of my cock inside her, moving it back and forth, feeling her slick wet lips trying to pull me deeper inside. Still barely inside her, I slipped my hands over her ass, up her back, around her waist, sliding underneath her, until her breasts were cupped in my hands, pinching her nipples gently, hearing her gasp as I squeezed them.

"Fuck me..." she gasped, "I want you to fuck me. Take me hard."

I breathed harder, pushing a little deeper inside her, and she groaned softly, again trying to push back onto me, and still I teased her, only halfway inside her, thrusting slowly, pulling almost all the way out, then sliding back inside her again, each thrust going just a little deeper into her cunt. My cock was throbbing intensely - I needed to control myself or I was gonna cum right there...

"Fuck me hard..." she gasped, "you know you want to... do it to me... god... I'm so fucking wet..."

I could feel it. I could feel her wetness dripping along my erect penis, sliding down to my balls - my cock pulsed again, throbbing inside her cunt - I wanted to cum - I wanted to pour my spunk deep inside her cunt... I gasped again, holding it back, still moving slowly with each thrust. Sophie was rotating her hips now, moving her cunt around my cock, intimate wet sounds accompanying each thrust of my cock inside her.

"Fuck me..." she gasped... "push me down hard... fuck me like you want to... do it... take me any way you want...cum inside me... fucking cum all over me..."

I couldn't take any more - her intense provocation was pushing me over the edge - no man could have held back in those circumstances - I groaned, and rammed my cock hard into her cunt from behind, all the way, and she moaned gorgeously, pushing her cunt back onto me, engulfing my penis, slick and hot and wet around me as I began to fuck her hard. My hand slid up her back, up to her head, pushing it down onto the bed, holding her there as I fucked her, pounding deeper and harder.

"God yes..." she gasped, "that's it... unnhhhh fuck... that's how I want it..."

I thrust my cock deeper into her cunt, and she groaned with pleasure - I wrapped her hair around my fist and pulled her back hard, and she gasped, her back arching, my other hand squeezing a breast, pinching a hard nipple as I leaned over her, my cock ramming deeper into her cunt. "Is this what you want?" I hissed, "rough like this...? Tell me you're a dirty slut. Tell me you want it." She groaned deliciously, pushing herself back harder onto my cock. "unnnhhhh fuck... god I want it... I want you to fuck me hard... nnhhhhhh... god...". "Tell me you're a dirty slut..." I repeated, pushing my cock deeper into her cunt, holding it there hard, "tell me and I'll fuck you...". She groaned again. "ohhh god... god I'm a slut... I'm a dirty little slut... please fuck me... god please..."

I rammed my cock hard and deep into her cunt, and she gasped with pleasure, my hand pushing her head back down on the bed, pounding into her now, fucking her, taking her, my other hand grabbing hold of her wrists, pulling them behind her back, gripping them tight as I fucked her, so hard, so deep. "God..." she gasped, "my ass... fuck me in my ass... unnhh fuck please...". I felt my cock throbbing hard in her cunt, just the idea of it almost taking me over the edge. "Ask me again..." I gasped, "beg me... beg me to fuck your ass...". "god..." she groaned, "please... I want it... please fuck my ass... fuckk... I want you to cum in my ass... I want you to cum all over me... unnnhhhh god..."

I was throbbing so hard now, so close to cumming, fighting to hold it back - I pulled my cock from her cunt with a wet splash, her juices pouring from her cunt, dripping onto the bed - my cock was so wet - I slid the head up to her asshole, rubbing against it, getting it wet - she wasn't prepared to wait - she pushed back onto me, and the head of my cock slipped into her ass - we both groaned, and she pushed back harder, and I felt myself throbbing intensely as I began to fill her, inch by inch sliding deeper into her ass - I slipped a hand to her cunt, rubbing her clit hard, skidding around it, and she groaned intensely, my cock pushing all the way inside her, and as I began to fuck her ass, my fingers found her cunt, and I thrust three fingers deep inside her, fucking her with them, my thumb stroking her clit as my cock rammed deep and hard into her ass.

"Dirty little slut" I groaned, "look at you... unnhhh fuck... my cock deep in your ass... god... my fingers in your cunt... fucking you so fucking hard...". "Don't stop..." she gasped, pushing herself back harder onto me, her cunt so wet around my fingers, "god I'm gonna cum... I want it harder... ohh god please..."

I couldn't take much more - my cock was throbbing so hard - I could feel my cum starting to surge up my cock. "Cum for me..." I gasped, "cum all over my fingers... dirty fucking slut... cum hard for me... god... god I'm gonna cum..."

That was it - a wet stream of her juices splashed from her cunt, drenching my fingers, and she began to convulse, cumming hard: "UNNNHHHHH FUCKKKK..." screaming with pleasure as her orgasm pulsated through her body, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing as she bucked and writhed underneath me, her ass pushing back so hard, so tight around my cock - I couldn't take any more, and cried out intensely, urgently: "god... god I'm cumminnggg... now... UNNNHHHHHHH!..." my cum suddenly pouring from my cock in wave after wave of pleasure, spurting deep into her ass, again and again, my fingers deep in her cunt as she rode out her orgasm, gasping and writhing and convulsing as my cock spurted hard and deep in her ass, again and again and again... god...

...and as we collapsed on the bed... my body wrapped around hers... drenched with sweat and cum... she looked back at me... and smiled wickedly... and whispered to me, a sly grin on her face... "That's what I wanted....".

I smiled back, kissing her softly. Sophie, I knew, always got what she wanted...

to be continued in Chapter Five...


Sophie was the woman who was bored with all the attention she got from both women and men? I wouldn't have known unless you hinted.

Thank you for putting it into one piece, I'll enjoy reading it later

mmmm god... came to this again just now, so good...

laura - yep (hence the title of chapter three - 'Sophie the voyeur' lol) - but I forgive you ;) - It'll all come together better when I eventually publish the novel... assuming I can get it published...

psy - mmm good, that's exactly what I wanted - I very much love making you cum xx

touching myself now, thinking of you. think I'll finish this in the shower... mmmm xx

This was a great read... Looking forward to soo much more...umm.. pleasure! ;)

nez - I like to think my smut is indeed good smut ;)

dlg - I love it when you touch yourself - hope the shower helped release your tensions ;)

pandora - there's so much more still to come ;)

wow... roger i'm new here and i have to confess that i've been a bit of a lurker for the past few weeks... and this is the first time i read chapter four as a whole and... wow! it's so intense... i'm soooo wet... unhhh... xx ~katie

katie - welcome to my blog (and big hugs), and there's no need to lurk, everyone's friendly here x
And I'm glad you enjoyed it so much - it was very much designed to get you wet, and to arouse you deliciously - that's just the reaction I hoped for - hope you came delightfully ;) x

I've been checking this blog religiously for the ending to this story and now that I've read it I'm upset! I don't want it to be over! I find it so hard to understand quite honestly how Sophie could be so bored and disconent. I've masturbated to this story more times than I care to admit! -- Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your dirty mind with me!

Jasmine - Dirtiest Girl in the World

Grumpy x - I'm glad you enjoyed it - keep that couch warm for me ;)
And if anyone is wondering what we're talking about - follow the link on Grumpy's profile to the Cyber Erotic site, where they're holding a writing contest - I've sent an entry, and if it ends up getting posted, I'll link to it from here. I'd also encourage you to listen to the shows - they're funny and sexy and a delight to listen to.

Jasmine - don't worry, I'll be returning to Sophie in a couple of chapters. She's a woman who can have any man, and has done many, many things, so it's left her a little jaded - we'll be following her journey in the story as much as we're following the artist, so stick with it, lots still to come. x

I NEED more.
Please come again, and soon!

sweet dreams - lots more to come, promise ;)


From the first kiss to the last, this chapter in bed with Sophie rocks. Ohh What a Night ... er, afternoon LOL

xoxox Bo


bo - I'm very glad you enjoyed it - quite a night indeed ;) x

Rambling Lady - lovely to have you here, and welcome to the blog - and have fun exploring the archives ;)

lurk. lurk.lurk.lurklurklurk

MMMMMMMMMm - early on this reminded me of a very favorite movie of mine Moulin Rouge. For many reasons some quite obvious. But this chapter made me squeeze my legs shut more than a few times and I must confess to having masturbated myself but not until he finally took control of the arrogant bitch and made her beg for it. Finally!@!! A mans man!!! .... That snooty tooty needed rammining speed and to beg to get it. Well fucking done. I had begun to lose faith in the character until this. I hope we see this man make her come to him at some point and even wait for it .... That is where I want to see Sophie go. Talk about humble pie..... OOOOOH lala..

niagra - Sophie is a complex character, and is indeed used to getting things her own way. Where she goes wrong, for me, is carrying her desire for sexual dominance into her day to day life - she needs to learn a few social skills, and to realise that the world doesn't necessarily revolve around her all the time, but it is fun to ply with that notion, and to put her in situations where that attitude can be broken down (this one is a good example, and then there was the moment in chapter three where she lost control and had to touch herself).
I realise she can come across as a bit snooty, but she just knows what she wants and is able to get it, but her dominance is going to be challenged as time goes on.
Oh - and I'm glad I made you cum ;) x

Thanks for the insight and glad I saw it as you intended. I love how you have grown into a deeper more challanging you and how you are truly trying to develop character and history for each in these stories. IN life I have come across many Sophie types. I know what I want and carry myself very well but I don't act like I own the world and any participants in it. THat is why I like the character cuz it will be so delicious to see the tables change for Sophie.. To see her humbled and actually in need for a change. Desires overwhelming her. Makes me tingle at the thought. Funny you mentioned her loss of control in chapter 3 as when she had to play with herself... I did not view it that way. I saw the loss come when she had to grab ahold of the artists erection. Breaking through the " keep your hands and feet inside the car" rules she had laid forth. LOL
Looking forward to learning more about all these characters!
THanks again dirty boy! xxx0000

niagra - you're absolutely right about the point at which she lost control - I was working from memory without checking - I knew she'd slipped somewhere!
And yes, what we're going to end up with is a better Sophie, I think - much of this is only really hinted at in the narrative, but she's a girl with a lot of money, her own business, beauty and a healthy sexual appetite - but she's also lonely and not especially good at connecting with people on any real level - she spent a year travelling Europe, alone and celibate, and an expeerience like that will always at least be temporarily life changing. For her, it's hardened her, and I like that, it gives me something in her that needs to change, and change is good in a continuing narrative - you want your characters to reach a different place, in some way, in an ongoing story, or you jus have soap, which isn't really where my interests lay.
The artist (the narrator) arrived there as an innocent abroad, Sophie arrived at the same time, as a distant siren - they'll meet in the middle somewhere, but it's going to be a battle for both of them, and that's where the heart of the story lies - assuming they can keep themselves from being distracted by the various other temptations, of course (I like to think Paris 1935 is the other character in the story, and I like exploring the possibilities - I'm about to move the main cast temporarily to London, and that will also be hopefully brought to life as best I can).

Is this exciting or what?!!!! Oh Roger, I am loving where you are going with these two... hadn't even entertained the thought. With the excitement surging thru my body and stopping dead center upon my clit merely because of that mind of yours. That freshly arousing mind fucking insight. Ohhhh I am cumming small trantic pangs as I type this Roger. Juices running back along the swollen lips of my pussy and puddling underneath me on my executive desk chair. I must go further.. OHHH you touch all my senses... all of my body sensors like little wanting suckers just latching on and sucking you...... HARD!!! D'oh so sorry now where was I ...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. oh yes Paris 1935 and about to see LONDON. Oops another after shock squirting this time... Just a little one ... after glow ....:) Oh I feel so good and refreshed. I am still tingling though so must take care of this proper, Yes, my chosen name here is for you dirty boy and will be ringing loud and clear this very fine morning... As a motherload bursts forward to relieve this awesome pressure. Can I gush all over you today dirty boy..... Or perhaps A stream of my sex so hard your messy brown hair instantly becomes slicked straight back like John Travolta and the greasers wore their hair. Would you? could you? tell me please.! Hurry.... I can't hold back long..

Now whoever said the mind fuck wasn't as important as THE fuck..... never met this orgasmic thing..... Thank you for.. welll... everything!! I want you more each time you open your mouth and mind.

Niagra (think gush)

Delicious! Thanks for the wonderful orgasm!!

It was absolutely my pleasure, Skye, it's always a delight to arouse you so intensely... x

So hot.
I'm so turned on right now.
It definately drove me a little bit wild. (: ha.
I think i'll finish off with a bubble bathh. ;xx.

ashley - I'm glad you liked it ;)
Hope you enjoyed the bubble bath - funnily enough, I've just had one myself - just drying off as I type...

this was the perfect morning orgasm. so wet and still throbbing....could stand another go around...

I love making you so wet - and very much love making you cum - you've clearly been having fun with me this weekend ;) xx

fuck...roger...this always makes me cum so fucking hard...

still trembling...


b - I loved writing this one - and I definitely love knowing how intensely it arouses you - such a pleasure to know that you've cum for me xx

thank you roger...the orgy is arousing, so far, but this really got me off. i'm delightfully limp ;) x

Cassie - I'm very much enjoying having fun with you in there ;) And I'm delighted that you came tonight... I hope I'll be able to make you come again delightfully tomorrow ;) xx

My pussy says thanks for that fucking awesome orgasm, SUCH A GOOD ONE. where have you been all my life?! lol
Rough anal....oh god. yes!! it's perfection

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