Paris 4:5

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 1:31 AM

She licked around the head of my cock again, greedily, taking me in her mouth again, sucking me deliciously. She wanted me very hard. Her request still rang in my ears: "Fuck me from behind...". Though of course it wasn't a request. It was a demand. I breathed harder, enjoying the sensation of her lips and tongue swirling around my cock, feeling my erection throbbing with each lap of her tongue. I could have cum, just like that; could have so easily let myself go, and cum hard in her mouth, have her drink my cum as I spurted all my spunk again and again into her mouth... but this was still subtly about power, about who had the control in this bed, in this room. She was not prepared to relinquish that control, and had taught me that lesson intensely - if I'd have cum in her mouth, our sexual relationship would be over, she wouldn't call on my services again. I knew I wanted more of her - if that meant giving in to her demands rather than my own, I was happy to do just that - though I had ideas of my own of how this would progress. I allowed myself to imagine that I was in charge again, that she was mine to take as I wished - but I should tell you now, dear reader - never, for a single moment of our liaison in her bed that afternoon was I in control of her.

She slipped my cock from her mouth, giving me a last, lingering lick up my erection, and knelt on the bed, getting onto all fours, her thighs spread wide open. I slipped my hand around my cock, masturbating as I watched her, my cock wet from her mouth, my fingers skidding along the length of my erection deliciously. I could see her cunt, her lips swollen and parted, dripping wet. Her fingers were underneath her, rubbing her clit, sometimes slipping to her cunt, dipping inside it, masturbating as I watched her. She looked around at me, wiggling her bottom enticingly.

"Fuck me," she smiled, "you know you want it. Fuck me hard."

Once again, at that moment, I was lost...

to be continued...


Such enticing words. And such an arousing scene unfolding once again. I think you should take her hard, just as she asked... ;) Such a demanding girl x

I am indeed going to take her hard - just one more part in this chapter, and it's going to be intense and lustful ;) - and feel free to be demanding too ;)

mmmm... hard from behind... i agree with the others, always definitely a favourite rog ;)


I am really, really looking forwards to the end of this chapter :D

Such a tease, leaving us all hanging and waiting eagerly for what we want ;)

Liking what I see so far... please take her... can't wait to read the rest...

this woman and I think alike.

give it to me, roger, NOW.....

nez - it's a favourite of mine too ;)

nyrala - smiling at what's to come...? ;)

laura - I really am racking up the tension here, I know, but I just needed that brief character bit - the final part will be worth the wait, I promise x

psy - I'm a terrible tease, I know ;)

huntress - I thought a little teasing would really make the final scene of this chapter something special - I definitely want you to be tingly ;)

pandora - forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time you've commented - welcome to my blog, hope you're having fun, and I promise I'll be taking her deliciously in my next post, and it'll be long, and explicit, and I'll be wanting to make you come...

lucia - I love an impatient girl - stay on all fours, just like that, as I slip inside you from behind...

it's good that you know who's in control... just because I'm bent over doesn't mean that I'm the one getting fucked....

dirty girl - you're about to get your wish!

secret37 - indeed, which is very much the theme of this chapter ;)

Grumps - just stay right there on all fours, I'm slipping behind you as we speak...
...and yes, I'm sure you can expect an, er... entry ;) from me shortly...

This woman is captivating me, I want her as much as you.

She is strong, demanding and so hot. I can see myself in her (or rather I would like to be). ;)

suze - she's very strong, and knows exactly what she wants, and exactly how to get it. I think I'll have to write her into a girl-girl scenario to give you the chance to have her too - and see the new post (just been added) to see how she finally gets what she's needed since the voyeur story...

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