Paris 4:4

Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 5:01 PM

My cock was throbbing so hard, intense lust pulsating through me as Sophie arched and writhed underneath me, her body convulsing, her hand on her clit, rubbing it hard as her orgasm swept through her - I was still cumming, so hard - I need to be inside her again, needed to feel her cumming around my cock - I thrust back inside her again, still hard, my cum still pouring from my cock, spurting deep inside her, and she screamed again, clinging onto me, her cunt pulsing around my erection, sucking and squeezing on it as she rode out her climax, our bodies locked together in delightful ecstasy. Slowly our intense pleasure began to subside, each of us gasping and throbbing, her body wrapped around mine, her thighs clinging tightly onto me, holding me deep inside her as the last of my cum poured into her, our bodies joined, feeding off each other's orgasms, pulsing... pulsing... pulsing...

Until we collapsed together, our bodies wet with sweat and cum, the drifting afterglow washing over us as we laid on the bed, catching our breath. I'd have been happy to have just wallowed in the deliciousness of the afternoon, but Sophie still wanted more - she was already sliding down my body, kissing and nibbling her way down, and I gasped with each touch of her lips, opening my thighs in invitation as she reached my cock, taking it in her hand, stroking it slowly, watching as a little more cum dribbled from the head of my cock, leaning over me and taking it into her mouth, her tongue lapping around the head of my penis, sucking on me greedily, the soft sensuality of her lips coaxing me erect again, keeping me hard, smiling lustfully up at me as her tongue swirled around my cock.

I groaned again, wanting her, needing to fuck her again: "please..." I gasped, "god... I need you... unnhhh fuck...". She looked up at me, smiling again, still stroking my cock, her tongue lapping again all the way up my length, teasing me, licking me, stroking me.

"Fuck me from behind..." she smiled. I felt my cock throb hard in her mouth...

to be continued...


mmmm, a girl after my own heart ;) There';s nothing like taking a man from behind, so many choices, so many options...

I know exactly what you mean - given the intensity of this chapter, I'm still undecided as to how far Sophie would go in the respect - I expect she'll make her own decision in the next part, willful girl that she is...

"sigh"...delightful as always Rog. Your amazing...please hurry I want to read more.
Ever CookiM

Yes, please hurry, we want more! I think this fourth chapter will be much hotter to read in one whole, though.

From behind. My favourite position. I can't wait *huge grin*

ohhh, from behind - one of my favourites! I can't wait to see how this'll turn out.

P.S - *looks over previous comments* Is it just me, or are more and more females liking this position? lol

I definitely think more and more females love this position. Most of my girlfriends prefer that one too.

Lol, amusing how much us women have changed over the years

I think women has found out how much fun it can be to be a bit dirty and also try new things. For me, that position is what gives me most physical pleasure. I think it's always been like that, just that maybe women didn't dare to try it earlier

Yeah, women were more 'proper' back then. I think women are more daring these days.

Grumps - I love it when I arouse you this much - one more part to come in this chapter, and I think you're going to enjoy it ;) xx

Cookim - short and sweet this one, I know - but the next one, in a couple of days, will be long and intense - your patience will be rewarded x

dirty girl - mmm, you're such a greedy girl x

and laura and psy - woo hoo! Two of my favourite readers having a conversation about being fucked from behind, in my comments! How fantastic is that??! If only you readers talked to each other in here more often - I love that! And I promise you'll like what's to come... ;) xxx

DLB, Sophie knows what she wants and by the sound of it how to get it too.

An insatiable lady indeed, just like someone I know.

I'm with Laura and Psy, my fave too! Waiting patiently (barely)for the next part!

suze - yes she does, very much so. I wanted this to be a very sexual chapter, moving from one orgasm to the next to try and show the intensity of their afternoon together, but I've tried not to forget a little subtle characterisation - Sophie is very much in charge in any situation, and gets what she wants - something that will become apparent in later chapters.

colleen - not long to wait now ;)

It's lovely to have you back - try not to stray too far this time, I do try to keep the bed warm - and there's another new post tonight x

warming your bed as we speak - feel free to slip alongside me ;)

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