Paris 4:3

Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 11:23 PM

My diary, thus far, has been concerned not just with my sexual liaisons, but also with the thoughts and feelings and motives behind what happened in that glorious summer in Paris. Consequently you'll be expecting me at this point to perhaps reveal intimate conversations between Sophie and myself as we lay together on the bed, drenched in the afterglow.

The truth of the matter is that there were no such conversations, no such intimacies - Sophie was not the kind of woman to reveal intimacies, no matter the occasion. For her, I was there for one reason only - to satisfy her. To fuck her. Though perhaps in attempting to control her, I had made something of an error of judgement. Little did I know what she would have in store for me as the afternoon continued.

I was getting my breath back - my orgasm had been intense, almost draining, the urgency almost overwhelming, and as I collapsed back onto the bed, cum still coating my cock, her wetness cooling on me, Sophie was watching me - on her back, her thighs open wide, presenting herself to me, a trail of my cum dribbling slowly from her cunt, the evidence of my urgent lust.

She was still intensely aroused. I had pushed her further than she was accustomed - she was not used to being taken in such a manner, not used to surrendering herself, and it was clear from the look in her eyes that she fully intended to wrest that control back from me.

She looked at me, almost studying me. I tried to return her look, my gaze drifting across her soft, naked curves, lingering, wanting her again, but still breathless from my orgasm. Sophie was not going to allow me to rest. As she watched me, her hand drifted down her soft belly, between her open thighs. Her other hand cupped her breast, squeezing, caressing. I watched her, entranced, my cock pulsing again, unsure if I should touch her, very much enjoying the intimacy of what she was allowing me to see. She clearly loved to be watched.

And she was deliberately arousing me again, that much was certain. Resting was not an option. She needed to be fucked again. Her fingers were stroking her clit, sometimes rubbing sensually, sometimes slipping her fingers deep inside her cunt, masturbating not for my pleasure, but for hers. Despite myself, I was once again erect.

My hand slipped around my cock, and I began to stroke myself, masturbating in time with her, my cock warm, erect in my hand, wet from her, wet from her cunt. She watched me, her gaze fixed on my growing erection, watching my fingers slide up and down my cock rhythmically, in time with her own hands. It was too much - I couldn't merely watch, I need my cock to be deep inside her. I needed to cum inside her.

I started to get up and move towards her, but she immediately moved towards me, straddling me, pushing me onto my back. Her hand brushed my own from my cock, and she took hold of me, her hand sliding around my throbbing erection. I gasped with pleasure as I felt her begin to stroke me greedily, her thighs now astride mine as she moved up my body. She kissed me, hard, a possessive kiss. I could feel her body all over me. Rubbing against me. Overwhelming me. I tried to sit up, but she pushed me back down, her hand pressing me down onto the bed as she straddled my cock, holding it erect in her hand, her cunt wet above it, dripping on me.

I was helpless in the face of her lust. As I looked up at her, she smiled at me enigmatically, pressed the head of my swollen cock to her wet cunt, and sank down onto me, her cunt enveloping my erection. I groaned with pleasure, pulsing inside her. And she began to fuck me. Hard. Urgent. Frantic.

I now knew what it was like to be taken. She held me down, using me, fucking me, taking me, her concern not with my pleasure, but her own. At that moment, I could have been anyone. I was now simply a hard cock, a writhing body. My orgasm was no longer her concern - this was for her. She rode me, fucking me harder, her cunt drenching my cock as she moved back and forth, back and forth, gasping with each thrust of my cock in her cunt, leaning over me, one of her breasts suddenly at my lips, forcing me to take it into my mouth, forcing me to suck greedily on her hard nipple. I had no choice in the matter. I was her whore, her slut. She was teaching me a lesson.

I was so erect, so intensely aroused, but I could barely move. She had me pinned down, fucking me urgently, her cunt squeezing and pulsing around my erection, so wet now, her juices dripping down my balls as she fucked me, dribbling down the crack of my ass. Her movements quickened, her cunt so wet around my erection. She was going to come, and come hard. I needed to come too - needed it so much - I could feel my spunk pulsing along the length of my cock, needing to cum, needing to spurt deep inside her, holding it back as she fucked me more and more urgently, pinning me down, fucking me hard. Somehow I managed to lift my hands to her breasts, and I pinched her nipples - she screamed suddenly, slamming down hard onto my cock, a sudden flood of her juices pouring down my erection, shuddering now as her orgasm overtook her - she leaned over me, biting my shoulder hard - I gasped with pain and pleasure, and as I cried out, arching up to her, ramming my cock so deep into her cunt, she came, urgently, frantically, all over me, convulsing, her wetness flooding over me. She just kept coming and coming, her body shuddering hard as her cunt poured over my cock, pulsing, pulsing, milking my cock as she came.

I couldn't take any more - it was too intense - I gasped :"I'm going to cum... ohhhh god I'm going to cum..."

She pulled herself up from my cock, still convulsing, her cunt dripping wet as she got onto her back, rubbing her clit frantically, riding her orgasm, her thighs wide open, writhing urgently on the bed.

"Cum on me," she gasped. Cum all over me. I want you to cum all over me". It wasn't a request. I straddled her belly, my mind delirious with lust for her, my hand on my hard wet cock, masturbating over her, about to cum. "No," she instructed, "don't touch yourself, stop masturbating." I groaned, my cock throbbing as I released it from my grasp, intensely erect, precum coating the head of my cock - she took hold of me, her fingers sliding along my hard wet cock, rubbing me, and stroking me, gliding wetly along my erection, and ohhh god it felt so good - I felt my cock pulse hard, and I growled with intense pleasure, and I came... ohhh god I came... so much cum... my spunk spurting hard from my pulsing cock, splashing down onto her belly, groaning intensely as she stroked my cock hard again, another long spurt of cum splashing onto her breasts, her body arching, shuddering again underneath me, another spurt landing on her cunt - and her body started to convulse, screaming my name...

to be continued...


wow.. i havent been able to get on the internet for a while now.. so wonderful to come back to this paris story.. been reading for a little hwile now.. and already eagerly anticipating what ocmes next after several intense orgasms reading it up to now. still very horny, think im gonna go to bed imagining you and this situation, touching my already dripping wet pussy until i come again..

moaning your name as I touch myself, needing to take you hard, urgently, needing to use you to make me cum... once again, so lustful, so desirous, so delicious xx

sarah - and it's wonderful to have you back with me - and yes, I want you to come for me, delightfully, urgently...

dirtylittlegirl - then I think you should take me, and fuck me hard - I want you to cum all over me, all over my cock... x

ginger - it's very lovely to have you here - and there's more of this chapter to come, I promise - almost certainly this weekend x

Sure hope Paris has some lovely bathing rooms after this one.

What can I say except "hot"? Hmm, I've never read your blog in class before, kinda interesting. I hope no one saw me. Now I guess I just have to go to the toilet to "ehm, you know, girl's stuff"

getting a little hot there, Jen? ;)

laura - whatever you do, please don't get caught - and I want you to cum for me gorgeously - try not to make too much noise in there ;) x

mmmm god... I love to ride, just like that...

and I love you riding me just like that, psy ;)

Wow, that was a fantasticaly arousing piece of writing.

I just loved the idea of him cuming on her belly.

Such a good read a refreshing change from the standard cum on her face story. You deliver every time.

I think there's something a lot more sensual about cumming on a girl's belly - on her face is intensely arousing, but on her belly - there's something fabulous about that...

Given that as usual you all giggled through most of your show again, it wouldn't have made much difference Grumps ;)
And feel free to have a dig around in the archives any time you need a little inspiration... x

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