Paris 4:1

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 7:45 PM

Paris Chapter 4 - in bed with Sophie

Sophie was naked on my bed. It was early afternoon, sunlight was beaming through the half-open windows of her room above the cafe, and we were alone together. She kissed me. A soft, sensual, passionate, lustful kiss, the kiss of a woman who had done without the touch of a man for long enough. The kiss of a woman who needed that intimacy, that connection - who needed to feel alive again.

She had, of course, initiated this rendezvous, as she always did. It was the day after the voyeurism episode, she had seen me arrive at the cafe alone, book in hand, and had arranged for the usual note to be delivered to my table. I was initially surprised - but then, thinking back, it occurred to me that touching me at the moment of our orgasms, as she had done, had been for Sophie a significant incident. It meant that my actions had aroused her. It meant that she wanted more.

There had been little romance. Sophie was not looking for romance, or attachment. She did not want me to make love to her. She needed to be fucked. I was obviously not going to turn her down.

She was a vision, there on my bed. The sunlight was falling over her body, painting her with golden streaks of colour, soft, dark shadows where her curves plunged between her breasts, her belly, her thighs. She looked as though she was made of light. I needed to fuck her.

She was not going to make the first move - she was not the kind of woman who would show her hand, who would allow her need to control her - but I knew from the episode the day before that her control could be lost, that she was as vulnerable as anyone else to lust and greed. I felt I knew how to unlock that greed, how to make her helpless with lust, and something about her control made me want to break her, made me want to have her all over me, desperate for my touch, wet, filled with desire.

I kissed her softly, sensually, my lips caressing hers, a long, slow, intimate kiss, our breath mingling - I could already feel her breath quickening, and as my hands slipped down her neck, her shoulders, I could feel her own hands slipping through my hair, pulling me towards her, kissing me harder. My hands continued their journey down her body, drifting around the curve of her breasts, and she arched up towards me, pushing her breasts up towards me. I touched her, and she began to melt.

Her nipples were hard in my hands. I needed to taste her. I kissed down her neck, biting her a little, and she gasped, arching up to me again, and I began to kiss my way down her body, licking around her breasts, opening my lips and taking her hardening nipples into my mouth, sucking her, my tongue flicking over and around her nipple.

But I wanted more - already my hand had slipped down over her soft belly, finding no resistance as my fingertips traced over her neat strip of pubic hair, down between her thighs, and she gasped softly as my fingers softly brushed over her clit, her thighs opening a little, lifting herself up to my touch, inviting me further. I kissed my way down her body, slowly, seductively, and she laid back on the soft pillows, beginning to surrender, arching up to each soft kiss, each lap of my tongue.

As my lips moved down across her belly, my hands slipped down the inside of her thighs, parting them. She looked down at me for a moment, her face a picture of lust, watching as my tongue traced over her small strip of hair, laying back again and opening her thighs wider, inviting me.

It was an invitation impossible to resist. My tongue slipped down around her clit, circling it softly, moving further down to her slit, my tongue slipping between her wet, pouting lips, licking her, feeling her cunt part around the tip of my tongue as I lapped at her greedily.

She was very wet.

Sucking on her more greedily, I could feel her wetness on my face, smearing my lips across her cunt, letting my tongue drag slowly upwards, gently teasing the hood of her clit back with my fingertips, opening my lips and taking her clit onto my mouth, swirling my tongue around, sucking on her greedily. She gasped again, trembling a little as my tongue flicked slowly and sensuously around her clit, my fingers slipping down to her cunt, stroking her. She gasped again. "Please...", she whispered.

I pushed two fingers deep into her cunt, and she groaned deliciously at the sudden penetration, pushing herself onto my fingers, my tongue circling her clit a little faster, a little harder. She was shuddering now underneath me. I needed to make her come. I wanted to feel her cum all over my face. My cock was hard, and with my free hand I had now grasped my erection, masturbating as I stroked her, my fingers moving in the same rhythm as my tongue.

She was so close to her orgasm, her thighs wide open now, arching up to me, my fingers splashing harder and deeper into her dripping wet cunt - my tongue worked faster around her clit, flicking, sucking, licking her more urgently, my fingers thrusting deeper - she groaned again, trembling harder, pushing up to my lips, my tongue, gasping more urgently as her orgasm approached - I needed her to cum, I wanted her to come - I sucked on her harder, faster, fucking her cunt hard with my fingers, hooking my fingertips inside her, rubbing her g-spot in the same rhythm as my tongue on her clit - she couldn't take any more - a flood of wetness splashed from her cunt, and she groaned urgently, frantically, her body arching up off the bed, her cunt spasming around my fingers as she started to cum, hard, frantic, pulsing and throbbing around my fingers, her juices streaming from her cunt as my tongue circled over and around her clit, gasping, groaning, screaming out my name as she came, all over me...

to be continued...


Intensely arousing. I, like Sophie, need to be fucked soon...

then come and wrap yourself around me, DLG, and slip slowly down onto me...

I wish I were Sophie as well...
*opens legs and gets another go at that post...and at the reward*



Very good, looking forwards to this fourth episode of Paris. But it doesn't have a name?

paige - you, the reader, ARE Sophie - now go re-read ;)

Laura - thankyou! Stupid me - title now added x

thanks dirtyboy...that was well worth the wait :)

my pleasure elly - much more to come this week, we're gonna be staying in bed for a while ;) x

As lexically lascivious as ever Dirtyboy...another scrumptious post.


thankyou welshsupergirl - and that's quite a mouthful ;)

Ah, and back to Paris
: )

jen - I knew you'd be pleased - I'll be taking us right through Chapters 4 and 5 before I take another brief break - there's a little more character development in Chapter 5, though Chapter 4 is mostly sex, sex, sex...

mmmmm... get on the bed, roger, I want to straddle you.....

lucia - mmmm I'd love to - and I think you just might be anticipating Paris 4:3 there... (I'd say 4:2, but there's somethinhg else that needs to happen first ;)

*slides her wetness down onto your stiff cock* uhnnnhhh.....


DLB, that so hit the spot. You know me too well. Is this Alex in disguise?

It brought back memories of my clitoral orgasm last night.

I need to get me some. ;)

lucia - mmm, god yes, slide all the way down...

sirena - why thankyou - glad you liked x

suze - where on earth would Alex find the time...? ;)

huntress - don't let the slightly literate nature of the Paris story put you off - there's lots and lots of very explicit sex in there, and I think you'll love them - go have fun, I'll be there waiting for you ;) x

mmm.. I'd like that

quite the mouthful eh?'d be surprised what a mouth can do... or maybe you

cyber erotic - thankyou - gald you liked it!

welshsupergirl - I love those kind of surprises ;) xx

yes. oh yes. oh roger... don't stop. oh please don't stop. mmmmmmmmmm more. ;)

bo - MUCH more still to come ;) x

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