two guys and you - part two

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 8:44 AM

Hi you - hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx

Mine was delightful - and still continues here, as I’ll be posting more short and dirty stories throughout the next week and a half, before I return to ‘Paris’ in the second week of January - consider these extra stories an extended, ongoing Christmas present from me to you x

Submissions to More Shameless Christmas Begging still gratefully accepted - I've had six wonderfully generous girls responding so far (and thankyou, you know who you are xxx), but I know at least a few more of you out there are disgraceful exhibitionists ;) - and if you’re still wondering why on earth you should send me any naked photographs (i.e. “What has Roger ever done for me to deserve such an intimacy?”), perhaps this might help persuade you to be brave - sit back, relax and enjoy part two of the 2-part m-m-f threesome story, featuring you, me, a bisexual young stud, and more gay porn than you should ever need (and almost certainly your last chance to read it in here for a while - I like girls too much!) - I want you to enjoy this, and I very much want to bring you to a delightful orgasm - Merry Christmas, my dear lovely reader xx

Here we go with part two…

I can still feel you cumming hard around my cock, your cunt pulsating deliciously, your juices flooding down the length of my throbbing erection as you scream and gasp and groan through your intense orgasm. The young man’s cock is still buried deep in your ass, the two of us filling you - as you start to come down from your orgasm, you can feel his cock throbbing hard in your ass, and he’s trembling now, groaning sensually, so close to his own orgasm.

“god…” he groans, “I can’t hold it back… I think I’m gonna cum…”

You’re about to let him spurt his cum deep in your ass, but another idea suddenly flashes through your head. You lean over to me, and whisper: “…make him cum… please… I want to see you make him cum…”

I smile at you, slipping my erect cock out from underneath you, dripping wet with your juices, sliding out from under you, watching the two of you for a moment - you’re still on all fours, bent forward now, and he’s fucking your ass harder, so close to orgasm - it’s an intensely erotic sight - I move closer to you both, smiling at the guy, sliding my hand up to his hair, tugging his face greedily towards mine, and I kiss him, hard, my tongue sliding into his mouth - he groans as our lips slide together, sliding his cock deeper into your ass - it feels intense, but you’ve just cum, you can’t take the sudden deep penetration - you pull away from him, his cock slipping from your ass, hugely erect - you watch us both, intensely aroused to see us kissing so greedily, your clit throbbing again, watching my hand slide down to his cock, stroking it, masturbating him as I kiss him, his hands all over me.

He’s so fucking close now, desperate to cum - I push him back onto all fours, sliding behind him - you watch, amazed, intensely aroused, your hand sliding down to your clit, and I look over to you, smiling at you, my cock very erect as I watch you masturbate, stroking my cock a few moments, pushing him down, and sliding the head of my hard, dripping wet cock against his asshole. He groans, pushing his ass back towards me - I reach underneath him from behind, taking his hugely erect cock in my hand, stroking it deliciously, and he gasps again - and at that moment, I begin to fuck him, sliding the head of my cock into his ass, and he groans intensely, pushing himself back onto me. Considering it a direct invitation, I thrust my cock hard and deep into his ass from behind, and he groans with pleasure, my hand sliding faster along his hard cock as I begin to fuck him, ramming my cock deep into his ass, taking him roughly.

It’s a delicious sight - you’re masturbating urgently now - I look across to you, groaning as I see you slide your fingers deep into your cunt, fucking yourself with them, rubbing your clit urgently - I can barely take it - the guy looks across to you - he groans long and hard - I ram my cock so fucking hard into his ass, my hand masturbating his cock urgently - he cries out, growling uncontrollably, and I feel his cock starting to pulse hard in my hand.

I look over at you again, gasping as I thrust deeper - “He’s going to cum…" I gasp, "watch him cum as I fuck his ass…” - you groan, rubbing your clit harder and faster - you slide down between his thighs, your hand replacing my own, your lips sliding down over his throbbing cock, sucking him, licking him greedily, his cock pulsating intensely in your mouth - he can’t take any more - he groans so fucking hard, and I ram my cock deep into his ass - you feel his cock pulse, and he cries out: “fuckkk… fuckk I’m cumminggggg…. UNNNHHHHHH…” - his cock suddenly spurts hard into your mouth, a warm jet of spunk splashing over your tongue - you pull him from your mouth, rubbing your clit urgently as another jet of spunk spurts across your cheek, and another on your lips, spurt after spurt of cum splashing from his cock, pouring onto you…

You’re trembling hard - I can see you’re about to cum again, and my cock is still intensely erect, my own orgasm so close - I need to cum inside you - I pull out from the guy’s ass, pushing you greedily onto your back, and you wrap your thighs around me as I thrust my cock lomg and deep into your cunt, grabbing your wrists, pinning you down, and you scream with pleasure as I fuck you so hard, ramming my cock deep into your cunt, fucking you urgently - the guy is still cumming, watching us intensely as his cock throbs in his hand, his cum dripping down his erection - sliding behind me, he moves his hands to my hips - I know what he's gonna do - I think about stopping him, but I need you too much, need to fuck you, need to cum inside you, I can’t stop… and suddenly I groan hard - I can feel his cock thrusting slowly into my ass, and I groan long and hard - you look up at me, seeing him behind me, fucking me from behind as I fuck you hard - you can see how intense it is for me - as I thrust forward, my cock slides deep into your dripping cunt - as I pull back, my ass slides deeper onto his hard cock - I cant take it, it’s too intense - I groan, leaning over you, still holding you down hard, crying out: “I’m gonna cum... I can’t… fuckkk… I can’t take it… unnhhh fuckk…”

“Cum for me…” you gasp, “ I need you to cum roger… spurt your cum deep inside me… fill me with it… please… I want to feel your spunk spurting deep in my cunt…”

I groan so intensely - the guy thrusts his cock harder into my ass - and that’s it - I cum so hard… so fucking hard - groaning as I cum: “UNNHHHHHH… fuckkkk… I’m cumminngggg… UNNHHHHHH!” and you gasp with pleasure as you feel my cock spurting hard in your cunt, a jet of warm spunk spurting from my cock, splashing deep inside you, followed by another spurt, and another - it’s all you can take - you convulse, hard, your cunt spashing over my spurting cock, arching up to me, gripping my cock with your cunt as you cum hard... urgent... frantic... pulsing and throbbing and screaming intensely as your orgasm tears through your body, my spunk still spurting into you, over and over again… so good... ohhh god so good...


so fucking intense and so so good. You've outdone yourself, I'm dripping wet and needing to cum...

you really are such a dirty little girl - I think you should cum for me, hard... xx

intense, rog

*kisses you after last gasp*

Fuckin' awesome. My wife and I want your young bisexual stud's number! It's been my fantasy to fuck her ass while some young well hung guy pounds his hard cock in my ass. You have outdone yourself. Take the day off as a reward.

Just one thing to say Roger, pin me down and fuck me.

There is nothing like raw carnal sex.

OMG Rog. I never thought I would be turned on by something like that but now all I can think of is making myself cum. I am so wet, my panties are soaked.


paige - I love leaving you gasping like that ;) - tasting your lips x

bcboy - thankyou - and I'll send him right over! It's an intense scenario, but definitely fun - and curiously, I did indeed have the day off!

suze - raw and carnal is definitely very high on my list of pleasures - and I think I might just have to tie you up first, can't have you struggling ;)

rhiannon - yes, I know whjat you mean - it excited me to write it too, which surpised me - and I think you should cum for me, cum hard, don't hold it back... x

*sensual kiss* left us an awesome
late Christmas present...:) ;)

:P I don't know whether to punish you
for being bad and making us wait...
Or rewarding you for being good....

They both sound delicious....
The dilemma....

nyrala - thankyou x - and if it's okay with you, I'll take both the punishment and the reward please ;)

Wow, this must be the most intense I have read in your blog for a long time - definitely one of your best stories! Great work :)

again, wow... lol. Not really my kinda thing, but you still got me all nice and wet and ready for more as usual ;)

anonymous - thankyou - and if you're a regular reader, make up a name for yourself so I know when you've said hi x

psy - very much my pleasure psy ;)

that was amazing!! i'm very into the mmf thing. hell, if it's sex, i'm into it ;P
but, this i love. you write so well. it's almost like i can hear you better sound in the world then a man cumming!
thank you for a great evening!!

absolutely my pleasure Huntress - I've never written mmf before, and I have to admit that it did arouse me to write it - so there'll be more, I'm sure - might pencil it in for Paris chapter six (4 and 5 are already booked up ;) )
And giving you a great evening is precisely what I'm here for! x

I am a lurker, but I just HAD to tell you how intense this was ;)

The same anon as earlier

ahh, it's okay, lurking is just fine, and thankyou, glad you liked it ;) x

well well well now there's an outcome lol xx

ha! Might have known you'd like this one, bc ;) x

Holy shit! That, Dirtyboy, was fucking hot. My cock is so fucking hard right now that it hurts. Bar none, that was one of the best erotic stories I've read in sex blog land. Standing ovation from me and my cock!

mr w, that's some pretty heady praise there - thankyou! You've just given me the perfect end to what has been a rather perfect day, and I thank you x

hi dirtyboy, just wanted to wish you a happy and orgasmic new year ;) Lets ring in the new year with a bang shall we?

psy - thankyou xxx
And a very happy New Year to you too - and there'll be a new post later today to help ring in the New Year exactly as you describe... ;) - I definitely want you to start the new year thinking about me ;)

deliciously depraved and yummy. Thank you.

very much my pleasure, yearning heart - and welcome to my blog xx

Oh. My. God. I haven't been this aroused in ages. I think I've found my new favorite fantasy. ;)

Ashley - I'm very pleased you're enjoying it - not my usual thing, but very fun to write all the same ;)

New reader!

That was...

Real good~ Im gonna be having a goodnights sleep thanks to you. :)

I'll be back for more.

Hi Viv - welcome to my blog *hugs* - hope you have lots of fun exploring the archives - though try to make them last - there's plenty there, but I normally only post two or three times a week, so always best to have something to read on quiet days ;)

new to your blog and WOW...i've been browsing your archives and this story made me cum so very hard. being with 2 men has been a fantasy of mine for quite some time. absolutely wonderful!

Adele - thankyou x I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and welcome to my blog - hope you have lots of fun (and, of course, lots more delightfully intense orgasms) exploring the archives ;)

this has become one of my favorites...makes me cum everytime...twice today in fact. i love the position switching and guy on! hot! hot!

this is definitely a very intense one - lots of fun to write, too, as I recall. Not my usual thing to do, but all the more intense because of that, I think - one of those posts that took me a couple of orgasms to finish ;)

...and again.

mmm... such a greedy girl ;)

Hey, that is so hot. I'm a married straight guy (so far) but have been having a fantasy like this for a few years. bcboy - shall we hook up?

great work db.

this is absolutely the first time I've been propositioned by a guy in here ;)
This fantasy actually probably goes much further than I would in real life - I'm all in favour of enjoying a guy/guy/girl threesome with a dash of gay sex thrown in, but I think the furthest I'd go would be oral sex and mutual masturbation. I'd happily take another guy's cock into my mouth, and have him cum all over my face, and would enjoy doing the same with him, having him suck me off and spurt all over his face - and double penetration of the girl would be intensely hot too, I think - but I've never had any real desire to be fucked in the ass, or to fuck another guy in the ass. The fantasy is very hot to write about, but it's not something I feel the need to directly experience. I'm guessing that's the part that particularly appeals to you?
You might be interested to know that there's a new guy/guy girl story going up in the next week (with a little gay sex included), and the next Sophie story includes Sophie with three guys... ;)

spot on DB. It was a little too far, but the taking of a cock and his cum is as far as my fantasy goes too. Eating his cum out of her pussy/arse is another one for your thoughts.

so, all we need now is a willing lady?

I would so love to be that lady. I haven't had a three-some in way too long and there's nothing I love better is having two men all to myself. I'd love to see you two together and I so enjoy having two guys fucking me at the same time. I think fun would be had by all.

Ricki Rose :)

PS Thanks for the good time, Rog. You made me cum again. I love how you have that effect on me.

I am so wet...
This is the third of your posts that I have read. You have become my bit on the side; my dirty little secret.
I love having you keep me company while my husband is working interstate.

I love taking you to bed with me each night and fantasising about you during the day.

*blowing kisses*
D. Lectable

I'm delighted to be your dirty little secret, D. Lectable - I hope you'll keep taking me to bed with you, and I hope I can continue to make you come delightfully ;) xx

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