Paris 3:7

Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 7:40 PM

If this had begun as a voyeuristic episode, it was quickly moving way beyond that - I had no idea whether Sophie had anticipated how intense such a scenario would be, but both her and I had gone far beyond being mere voyeurs - perhaps if we’d been well removed from the bed, tucked away in a darkened corner of the room, it might have been different, but this was early afternoon - soft light was flooding the bedroom, beaming in through the open window, and Sophie and I were sat close enough to the bed to almost touch the lovers, close enough to feel a part of what was happening in front of us. The young soldier, on his back, was too distracted to notice anything around him, given that Vanessa was still astride his face, his tongue buried in her cunt - but the other three of us were moving as one now, each of us watching the other, our movements spurring each other on, matching our rhythms almost unconsciously, joined in mutual lust.

Vanessa was still licking and sucking greedily around her lover’s now hugely erect penis, one hand stroking it up and down in constant rhythm, twisting and turning her fingers along his length, as her lips and tongue sucked and swirled over and around the head of his cock. Every so often she’d take his cock deep into her mouth, sucking greedily, each time eliciting a muffled groan from between her thighs, as he quickened his onslaught of her cunt, each flick of his tongue over her clit causing her to gasp deliciously, grinding harder against his lips.

Sophie’s attention was concentrated on Vanessa's lips as they slipped over and around the head of her lover's very erect cock, her breathing becoming more urgent as Vanessa increased her rhythm, fixated on the delicious view. I heard Sophie gasp, and looked across to her again - she was clearly getting very close to her orgasm now, no longer caring how she looked as we watched her, her thighs spread wide apart, two fingers buried deep in her cunt, fucking herself with them, her other hand rubbing her clit rather urgently, wet sounds splashing from her cunt as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Vanessa was looking right at her, her gaze fixed on Sophie’s cunt as she masturbated more urgently.

I couldn’t take much more, my gaze flicking from Sophie to Vanessa to Sophie again, back and forth, back and forth, helpless with lust for them both, my hand now urgently stroking my hard, throbbing erection, feeling my cock swelling harder, pulsing in my hand, trying to hold back my orgasm, not wanting to come first. I spread my own thighs a little wider, sliding down in my seat as I watched, suddenly aware of my bare thigh brushing against Sophie’s as she masturbated next to me. I half expected her to pull away, but she opened her legs a little further, pressing her warm, soft thigh against my own, needing the touch of skin against skin. I gasped, involuntarily, my cock throbbing harder in my hand from this touch, and Sophie glanced across at me, groaning softly as she saw my hand rubbing more urgently along my cock, precum lubricating the head of my swollen erection, dribbling along the length of my penis - she increased her own pace, her fingers now skidding around her clit, pushing a third finger into her cunt, groaning as she fucked herself.

I was almost at the point of no return, but Vanessa was ahead of us - watching us both masturbating intensely, so close to orgasm, she couldn’t take any more - rubbing herself urgently back and forth over her lover’s lips and tongue, she began to convulse, groaning urgently over his cock, rubbing his erection harder, faster, crying out deliciously as her orgasm flooded through her body, greedily lapping at his swollen, pulsating cock as she started to come urgently. The soldier gasped, moaning hard, arching up against her tongue, bucking underneath her - I watched, enraptured, as she deliberately tugged him from her mouth, flicking over the head of his wet, pulsating cock with her tongue, and he groaned urgently, and came, hard - a sudden warm jet of cum spurting from the head of his cock, splashing up over her lips, her face, followed by another wet spurt, and another, Vanessa trying to catch each spurt on her tongue, her face streaked with his spunk, still convulsing astride him.

Sophie couldn’t take any more - I felt her hand suddenly at the inside of my thigh, sliding up towards my cock, her gaze suddenly intense, looking at me, her face a picture of urgent lust - I moved my hand out of her way, and she suddenly grasped my throbbing erection, warm, hard, pulsating in her hand - I groaned - I had to come - god I couldn’t hold back - she felt my cock pulsing hard, and I heard a wet splash from her cunt, followed by her long, frantic groan of pleasure, her fingers rubbing hard at her clit, arching up from the chair, convulsing, bucking deliciously as her orgasm pulsated through her body, looking over at her, watching as a stream of her juices spilt from her cunt, splashing over her thighs - it was all I could take - I groaned frantically, intensely, my orgasm suddenly surging through my body, my cock pulsing so fucking hard in her hand, a long stream of warm, wet spunk spurting from the head of my erection, splashing over her fingers, followed by another spurt, and another, pouring over her fingers, again and again…

to be continued


I am completely lost for words. It may sound a little cliché.

That was pure eroticism at it's best. I so need to sort myself out...

Yours satiated.


Thankyou suze - and it's a pleasure to satisfy you so delightfully x

OMG, so fucking arousing... I was waiting for this to happen and you didn't disappoint. Fabulous!

Very glad you liked it so much dirtylittlegirl - always a pleasure to arouse you x

I agree with dlg, very intensely arousing... so wet now...

psy - I love getting you so wet - I think you should let it go and come for me x

I don't know what to say. I am sitting here touching myself now that this story has turned me on so. I can't help but think that I would love to be Sophie. I am so wet right now. Just thinking about it is gonna make me cum harder. Waiting with bated breath for the next part.


rhiannon - I hope your orgasm was delicious - and if you're enjoying being Sophie, you'll very much enjoy Chapter 4 ;)

omg i wanna be fucked right now, so hard, so long, so much...please. i wanna talk dirty to so many of you, if any of you men have msn add me-
lick ya later
alice xxxxxxxx

hey! Does this LOOK like a dating agency??? lol
You probably won't have much luck, flo, most of my readers are girls - still, good luck!

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