Paris 3:6

Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 5:51 PM

To say that I was aroused by this scenario would be a huge under-statement. My confession to Sophie had been true - I had never been a voyeur before, had never witnessed lovers in the midst of sexual congress - even whilst watching Vanessa and her maid Gabrielle a few days before, I had been very much a part of the proceedings - here I was one step removed, audience rather than participant, and the notion of watching Vanessa being taken deliciously and urgently to orgasm by another man aroused me deliciously.

That alone would have offered me intense erotic stimulation, but my heady anticipation was heightened (almost beyond reason!) by the presence of Sophie in the chair alongside me, already all but naked. I knew that she would be masturbating next to me as we both watched the erotic tableau unfold - and what's more, I would be freely masturbating with her, had already secured permission to take myself to orgasm, right next to her - the sexual tension in the room at that moment, as Vanessa and her soldier faced each other, smiling lustfully, was delightfully intense.

Vanessa, of course, was never one to follow rules or take instruction. Sophie was about to get a show infinitely more extraordinary that the lacklustre performance of Michelle and her lover. No quiet disrobing here - as Sophie and I settled back in our chairs to watch, Vanessa wasted no time, still fully dressed, kissing her lover greedily, pushing him back against the wall next to us, the soldier breathless and aroused as she rubbed herself against him, her lips sliding sensually against his, tongues lapping greedily, her hand sliding down his body as she pressed a thigh between his, finding the bulge of his cock through his trousers, stroking him lustfully, his own hands pulling her against him, sliding down to her bottom, slipping his own thigh between hers so that she could grind herself against him, their bodies pushing and moving together urgently as they kissed.

I heard Sophie gasp gently at this sudden, unexpected beginning - they were behaving like two young lovers suddenly alone, able to at last express their mutual lust, as if completely oblivious to our presence, though Vanessa was clearly moving in such a way as to ensure that our view was always exceptional - even as she rubbed sensually against the young man, her hand was in plain view between his legs, rubbing harder at his crotch, the shape of his swelling penis now clearly in view as her hand rubbed against his length. He, in turn, had hitched up her skirt as she rubbed against him - I felt myself throb as her bare bottom was uncovered, his hands sliding over it, gripping it, pulling her harder against him as she rubbed herself greedily along his thigh, one of his hands sliding between her legs from behind, Vanessa trembling, pushing back onto his exploring fingers as they slipped over her visibly wet sex.

I was suddenly feeling very overdressed, and could see why Sophie chose to be virtually naked right from the start - I glanced across to her, and could see that the performance was already clearly arousing her, sinking into her seat a little, one of her hands drifting across her soft skin - I needed to touch myself too, suddenly aware of my shirt, my trousers, my shoes... I could feel my cock already erect, wondering rather ridiculously at what point it would be appropriate to begin to undress.

I heard a gasp, and looked back over to the lovers - Vanessa was down on her knees in front of her young lover, efficiently unbuttoning his trousers, tugging them down with his underwear, his large cock suddenly springing into view, erect, throbbing, needing her attention. Keeping slightly to one side to give us a better view, Vanessa wrapped her hand around the prodigious cock, stroking it, leaning over it, opening her lips and sliding her tongue over the swollen head, his fingers sliding through her hair, guiding her over him, until her soft lips engulfed his penis, sucking and licking greedily.

I heard Sophie gasp softly, looking over to her again - one of her hands was now cupping a breast under her open blouse, squeezing softly, her other hand drifting over her stomach, slipping over the neatly trimmed dusting of pubic hair, her breathing a little harder - my cock was throbbing now, uncomfortable inside my trousers - throwing caution to the wind, I unbuttoned my shirt, my hand sliding to my trousers, fidgeting with the buttons hurriedly - Sophie glanced my way for a moment, her gaze following my fingers, her own hand now slipping between her parting thighs, drifting over her clit - I managed to tug down my trousers and underwear in one smooth flourish, wrapping my hand around my swollen, erect cock, beginning to stroke myself, aware of her gaze following my fingers.

There was a more urgent gasp from the young lovers - Vanessa had pulled her lover onto the bed, tugging open his shirt, pulling off his trousers, straddling him on the bed facing his feet, her hand still stroking his hard cock, licking and sucking greedily as she lowered herself over his face, his hands sliding up over her bottom, pulling her down onto him, Vanessa groaning deliciously around his cock as his lips and tongue found her sex, licking over and around her cunt, his tongue flicking over her clit.

The sight was intensely stimulating to Sophie - I head her gasp again, looking across to her, her hand now buried between her thighs, rubbing, stroking, her blouse falling away from her body, her nipples very erect, one hand pinching a nipple, squeezing it as she began to masturbate deliciously. This was not the controlled Sophie whom I had heard about - Vanessa's enthusiasm and urgent greed had struck an immediate chord with her, and I stroked my cock a little harder, my concentration torn two ways now. Vanessa groaned again, and I glanced over to see her rubbing herself against his face, his lips and tongue greedily licking and sucking on her cunt as she slid her lips along his throbbing cock, masturbating each other as we watched - such an intense view, each of us now working inexorably toward orgasm, all four of us rubbing, stroking, gasping in almost the same rhythm - whichever of us came first, the other three would not be far behind...

to be continued...


This tale gets Hawter and Hawter.

The amount of self control expressed by the voyeurs is arousing in itself.

I am not quite so with strained and would have dived in and spoilt the whole thing.


That self control may well break down (well, in certain ways, anyway) in the next post, suze - I shall say no more ;)

very erotically arousing... I wonder who will be first to reach their climax...

and the first to lose their self control...

mmmm, delicious, getting very wet watching the four of them...

psy - control is about to be lost in a big way.... ;)

dirtylittlegirl - mmm good - then I hope the next part will make you come deliciously... x

ohhh to be Vanessa...

extremely aroused here, very very wet...*squeezes thighs together*

lucia - I love it when you're wet - don't let me stop you touching yourself ;)

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