Paris 3:5

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 at 7:47 PM

And so it was that I was summoned (for the first time, as it happened), under our agreement, to the Cafe du Soir a couple of days later. Vanessa had delivered a note to me, which merely stated that she had arranged matters to our mutual satisfaction, and that I should be there at noon.

We had discussed her plan in some detail, and she had discreetly kept me up to date on developments - she was to speak to Sophie (whom she knew very well, of course), and mention that she'd heard tittle-tattle around the bar about the voyeuristic incident a few days previously. She would enquire if the incident had been to Sophie's satisfaction (knowing, of course, that it wasn't quite of the intensity that she had been searching for), and casually suggest that if she wanted to see a private show that she would never forget, that Vanessa would happily perform for her with a more imaginative, physical man.

Sophie knew of Vanessa's dalliances well, and she was immediately intrigued - having secured her definite interest, Vanessa then moved to the second part of her plan - informing Sophie that she would be bringing along the rather athletic young soldier as her partner (the one whom I had seen with her on the train briefly the week before), but that she wished her new lover to also be there to watch.

Sophie was initially reticent, but Vanessa then detailed just a few of the delights she intended to perform with the young soldier for her benefit, if she would be agreeable to the arrangement - what enticing suggestions she made, I have no idea, but the ruse worked - my place as a second voyeur alongside Sophie was secured. More than that, Vanessa could not do - it was now up to me - if I wanted to fuck her, I would have to tread carefully, as we both knew that Sophie's 'no touching' rule would almost certainly be in place.

And so I arrived at the Cafe du Soir at noon, greeting Vanessa and her young soldier (not the brightest conversationalist I had ever met, but I knew that it was not conversation for which Vanessa had chosen him as an occasional lover - he was, so I understood, extraordinarily well hung, and knew how to use his cock with some skill and stamina). I was very much looking forward to the show. Sophie did not greet us in the bar, merely leaving a note for us along similar lines to that left for Michelle and her lover - a room number, and a key.

Upon arriving in the room, I was immediately dazzled to see Sophie waiting by the window much as had been described by Vanessa previously - a white, diaphanous silk shirt wafting gently in the breeze from the open window of the room, completely unbuttoned, flowing over her otherwise delightful, smooth, naked body. AS my gaze wandered over her curves, I could feel my erection already beginning to swell in my trousers, but I retained a calm demeanour, accepting a glass of wine gratefully from the table by the window, smiling at Sophie, and seating myself next to where she was stood, slipping into one of the two chairs arranged next to the window.

Before Vanessa and her soldier began to disrobe, Sophie commenced her speech again, almost a carbon copy of the one Vanessa had related to me : 'You are not to touch me,' she told us, 'I will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch me, no matter what you may see me do. You may look at me, if you wish, but you may not touch me. I wish simply to watch you, to observe, in the company of my fellow voyeur here. Please - disrobe and make yourselves comfortable on the bed. I will simply sit in a chair here by the window, and watch you.'

"May I ask a brief question, to clarify?" I enquired, smiling to her.

"You may," she replied, sitting herself comfortably on the chair next to mine.

"I have never been a voyeur like this before," I continued, "though the idea has always intrigued me. I am certain to become intensely aroused. I will almost certainly need to come whilst I watch them. Is this permissable? Do you have any qualms about me touching myself next to you, masturbating as I watch them, reaching delicious orgasm in this chair next to yours...?"

I smiled at her again. She shifted in her seat, almost imperceptibly, her cheeks flushing a little. Regaining her composure, she returned my smile almost business-like. "You may do as you please," she replied. I felt my cock throb inside my trousers at her response. "Now - shall we begin...?"

to be continued...


Somehow I think Vanessa's been a victim of Sophie's gazing before. How else would she know what was to happen in such detail?

Yet another deliciously erotic chapter.

You seem to hit all the right buttons for me. I love to watch a guy wank, it gets me every time.

Quick, hurry and post the next chapter. :)

Jen - I've deliberately only implied that, but you may well be right - I don't want the reader to have missed out on anything, so any prior experience they might have had is only implied here, pending further information (i.e. I'm keeping you guessing lol). It's a safe conclusion to reach, however, that Vanessa knows Sophie a lot better than she's admitting (did she really get all that detail about the previous encounter from Michelle? Or from someone else? How did she persuade Sophie so easily, when Sophie is reknowned for being very difficult to seduce? Who is pulling who's chain here? - all stuff that's sort of under the surface to reward those (such as yourself) who are prepared to read between the lines a little and get to know the characters - though not essential in individual chapters, just fun stuff in the background. The artist (my alter-ego) knows none of that, by the way - he's very much the innocent abroad here...

suze - thankyou x - I knew that nothing overtly sexual was going to happen in this section, but wanted to maintain that erotic tension of I could - I'm pleased it worked x

And you're going to get precisely what you want in this chapter, it's coming up in rather filthy detail from the next post onwards...


I'm assuming that was a cry of frustration rather than orgasm - more to come, I promise!
In the meantime, go have fun in my archives, I'd hate to think I'd left you high and dry, lots there to help you come gorgeously x

I've just, very wettly, I must add, updated myself on your last few posts... I've been tired and busy lately ;) darn this holiday season! It leaves no room to please myself!!! But your writing, as always, Roger, gives me time to be greedy, dirty, naked, and wet... oohhhhh so wet. yum ;) Thank you again for such a delicious orgasm... it was specifically: shooting cum, and thrusting fingers, my god!

and to continue my greedy moment... I want more more more!!!


A wonderful build-up of very erotic tension between the characters. As always, you have me wanting more.

lots more to come kitten, and I like you best when you're greedy, dirty, naked and wet ;) xx

dirtylittlegirl - that erotic tension is about to explode - from the next post, in fact ;) x

Oh Roger...Your such a bad boy....leave me in this state...hurry ....write more...

Hmmmmmmmm ever yours

more to come (and delightfully explicit too) at the weekend, cookim ;) x

I can't stay out of your archives. Now just coming here to this page, I get all tingly!

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