Paris 3:4

Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 11:50 AM

Vanessa slipped her hand enticingly along my erection, rubbing it teasingly - she was developing a habit of masturbating me in public places, but quite frankly I wasn't complaining. I glanced around the bar - it was relatively quiet, no-one was paying us any attention - I relaxed back into my chair a little, listening to her attentively, my cock throbbing deliciously in her warm hand as she continued her story.

"Sophie's obvious arousal was extraordinarily stimulating to Michelle - she had never seen another woman masturbate before, though she had often fantasised about it, wanted it - that private part of her thoughts that she never told to anyone. Sophie had not yet touched herself properly - she was still just gently cupping her breast, pinching her nipple a little between her thumb and forefinger, tracing the fingertips of her other hand across her delightfully firm, bare tummy - but her thighs were spread open now, displaying herself - she was looking at Michelle, as Michelle glanced back to her, and was making no attempt to cover herself.

"After a few moments of this mutual voyeurism, Sophie spoke again. "Please - continue with what you were doing, I'm enjoying your movements - concentrate on your lover, not on me". With those words, Sophie slipped her hand slowly down her soft belly, and over her exposed sex, her finger dipping briefly into her wetness, drawing a little of it up towards her clit, and began to stroke, in slow, circular, rhythmic motions, breathing a little harder, her sex now glistening wet in the muted light of the room."

"You're arousing me intensely," I breathed, my cock throbbing harder in Vanessa's hand, imagining the image she had described, suddenly hungry for the taste of Sophie's sex, my erection pulsing insistently as Vanessa's hand rubbed me a little harder, sliding rhythmically up and down my cock under the table, stroking me deliciously. Vanessa smiled at me, increasing her rhythm.

"As I'm sure you can imagine, the sight had the same effect on Michelle. Her sex was throbbing now as she continued to fuck her lover, sliding down harder and deeper onto his cock, her slick juices coating his erection as she moved greedily back and forth, back and forth, engulfing his cock, grinding down onto it with each thrust. She risked another glance over her shoulder towards Sophie - she was masturbating a little more urgently now, her gaze fixed on Michelle's cunt as it slid deliciously along her lover's engorged cock, so wet now - Sophie's fingers slipping and sliding over and around her clit, dipping two of them down to her sex for a moment, sliding them deep inside, fucking herself sensually with her fingers, her thumb moving over and around her clit."

I gasped, the image suddenly so intense, my penis throbbing harder in Vanessa's hand as she increased her rhythm. "Vanessa..." I breathed, "you're going to make me come..."

Vanessa smiled at me again, sliding her hand slickly along my swelling cock, rubbing harder, encouraging me. "Which is precisely what happened to Michelle at that moment - seeing Sophie masturbating so decadently was all it took to push her over the edge - she began to convulse, a sudden flood of her wetness splashing over her lover's pulsing cock - crying out with pleasure as her orgasm overtook her - this was all it took to take her lover to his own climax - he groaned, arching up to her, the sudden, frantic movement causing his cock to inadvertently slip out of her drenched cunt, his swollen cock shooting a long jet of cum over Michelle's bottom, a second spurt streaking up her back - the sight did it for Sophie - Michelle managed to look back, watching in intense delight as Sophie arched up against her own fingers, rubbing her clit urgently, her fingers thrusting into her cunt, her body shuddering, convulsing deliciously as she watched the streaks of warm, wet cum spurting from his cock, again and again, her own wetness splashing over her fingers as her orgasm overtook her, hard, intense, urgent, her juices pouring from her cunt..."

I couldn't take any more. I felt my cock throbbing intensely in Vanessa's hand. "Ohhh god you little minx... you're making me... unnnhhh god... you're making me come... fuckk..."

Vanessa stroked me harder. "Come for me," she whispered, "cum all over my fingers, I want to feel your cum spurting over my hand... give it all to me... please... don't hold it back..."

I stifled a groan, feeling my body tremble, intense orgasm pulsating through me, my cock suddenly spurting hard, again and again, my cum splashing over her fingers under the table, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing... ohh so good...

Vanessa smiled, her movements slowing, milking the last drops of cum from my cock, tucking it discreetly back into my trousers, lifting her wet fingers to her mouth, licking my cum from her hand, watching me lustfully.

"It may interest you to know," she smiled, lapping a little greedily at her fingers, "that I have a plan which may well succeed in giving you the pleasure of Sophie that you so obviously desire..."

I mopped my brow, sipping from my drink, trying to calm down, very much aware of our surroundings again. "Tell me more," I smiled.

to be continued...


This story is getting hotter by the Chapter.

Love the voyeuristic plot and the sub plot is very arousing.

It reminds me of the time I brought Alex off in my hands whilst in the back of his father's car. His parents were blissfully unaware of the backseat activity. ;)

very glad you're enjoying it suze x
Lots more of this chapter to go yet, we've not finished with the voyeuristic aspect ;)
And you two are so bad ;)

Wow, I hope this guy sure drinks a lot to replace all the fluids he's been losing!
ha ha ha

jen, you're not too old to spank, y'know - and I know you'd like it ;)

Oooo and it keeps getting better. I am enjoying watching this scenerio unfold. I have a feeling you're about to give us a wickedly delicious treat...

mmm.. yum, more please ;)


dirtylittlegirl - I can promise a very delicious treat, yes ;) x

Psy - more to follow early next week x

WHOA! First time visitor here and uh yeah I will have to come back. at the moment I need to go take care of a little something.
Great storytelling!

thequeen - thankyou, and a very warm welcome to my blog x
go have a look around the archives (listed to the left), there's lots to discover - and have fun ;)

want more ;)

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