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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 6:58 PM

"This must have seemed strange to your friend..." I offered, becoming more aroused as the story unfolded.

"It was certainly beyond her experience," Vanessa concurred. "She had never been watched before - never even considered it - and had Sophie not been a frequent feature of her own private sexual fantasies (and, it's safe to assume, those of her lover), she'd never have gone through with it. Sophie has a way of bewitching a person - look how the idea of her is bewitching you, even now...". She smiled at me.

"I'm happy to admit that it would be a pleasure to fuck her," I replied, "though I think I'd prefer to be the seducer, rather than the seduced. Anyway, please continue..."

"Well, I can't offer you a truly intimate account of everything that occurred in that room, as Michelle was somewhat coy about precisely what she and her lover did for Sophie, though I can give you a general idea. My understanding is that, once naked and on the bed together, Michelle and her gentleman lover proceeded as you would expect, fucking each other deliciously on the bed, initially almost forgetting that Sophie was present. For the first few minutes she remained very quiet, simply sat beside the bed watching them, naked except for her thin white blouse, her legs casually crossed - one might imagine that she was perhaps discreetly squeezing her thighs together as she watched, but when Michelle glanced across to her, she was showing no obvious signs of arousal, merely taking in the view quietly, watching the couple push and move sensually together.

"After about fifteen minutes, it apparently became clear that what Sophie needed was something a little more intense. Michelle's lover is, unfortunately, no sexual athlete, and their gentle, fairly standard, some might say unimaginative lovemaking wasn't what Sophie had been wanting to see."

"She was bored by them?" I suggested.

"Not bored, as I understand it, maybe just a little too relaxed. Unexpectedly, she began to direct them a little, to guide them towards what she needed to see. Sophie asked Michelle to straddle her lover, facing away from her. Michelle was only too happy to oblige, already a little disappointed not to have glimpsed Sophie's arousal, wanting to excite her, wanting to see her come. Again, she was coy with the precise details, but the new position certainly afforded Sophie with a delightful view of the gentleman's hard cock sliding into Michelle's sex, thrusting deliciously in and out as she rode him gorgeously."

"Did this appeal to her more?" I asked, my cock now hard between my thighs, pressing against my trousers.

"Very much so," Vanessa replied, smiling, shifting a little in her seat next to me. "Michelle told me that within moments, she heard a movement in the chair beside the bed, a gentle intake of breath, and managed a glimpse back to see Sophie reclining a little more in her chair, one of her hands inside her open blouse, cupping one of her breasts, the other hand tracing down over her own belly, moving slowly down towards her now slightly parted thighs.

"The sight stirred Michelle's blood - she fucked her lover a little harder, intimate wet sounds splashing from her sex as they moved together, sliding back and forth along her lover's hard cock, glancing back again to see Sophie shifting in her chair, her thighs spreading, the lips of her gorgeously pouting cunt now visible in the soft light of the room."

"Vanessa, you're arousing me intensely," I admitted, my cock throbbing now in my trousers, fighting against the urge to touch myself in such a public place.

Ah, but there's more," Vanessa smiled, "you must be patient. Would you like me to move a little closer? The table should disguise us... I could touch you as I continue..."

And with that, Vanessa moved her chair next to mine, taking care that the tablecloth covered my crotch, and slipped her hand discreetly between my thighs, unbuttoning my trousers, smiling at me again as she slipped her hand inside, wrapping her warm fingers around my inflamed, erect penis, stroking softly.

Is that better...?" she asked.

"Much better..." I whispered, my cock throbbing in her hand, "please continue..."

to be continued...


That was mean - why do you always have to stop when it's starting to get exciting? *sigh* Ah, well, looking forwards to the next installment :)

What a wonderfully erotic scene. A live sex show just for your enjoyment.

Alex and I have thought many times of visiting the live shows in Amsterdam but reviews vary considerably. Perhaps one day. ;)

anonymous - my apologies, though the length of the chapters means that I either serialise them in short bursts like this, or you wait ages between posts, so I decided the former is better - as ever, the temperature rises with each post, I promise - in the meantime, if I've turned you on and you need to come, there are always the archives, feel free to go play x

suze - not convinced an Amsterdam show would interest me - my preference would be something like this - small, intimate, maybe even watching someone you know who feels comfortable with it. I recall remittancegirl (in my links) once saying that she went through a voyeuristic phase, and simply asked close friends politely, with the assurance that she didn't want to get involved in the action, she simply wanted to watch. At the time she spoke about it, she'd found it easy, no-one refused, and she found it tender and erotic. It's partly that which has inspired this early part of the chapter, though (as ever with my stuff), this is going to be far more intense than that. I'd certainly very much love to watch a couple making love, close up in circumstances like this, being a voyeur, but I suspect it's a lot harder for a guy to ask to watch than a girl lol - they'd be bound to say no lol. And I'd never ask, I'm way too chicken lol. Ah well, that's what fantasies are for ;)

Intensely arousing even with Vanessa's lack of precise details. ;) It lets my imaginations fill in the scene - ah the visions dancing in my mind of what Sophie directed Michelle and her lover to do... very erotic.


it's a pleasure to arouse you so intensely, DLG, lots more to follow... xx

You are a tease aren't you dirtyboy.. stopping just when it starts getting good again. Update soon, can't wait ;)


more to come this week Psy, I promise x

Great Stuff...Update ASAP.. Thanks

ooooooohhh Dirty boy, you are such a tease...pleasse pleeeaase hurry... must read more...and more... wantonly waiting. ever yours CookiM ;-*

HIM - new update tonight! I live to serve lol

cookim - no more teasing in tonight's episode, I promise - check in later x

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