Paris 3:2

Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 10:33 PM

Vanessa relaxed back into her chair, taking a sip of wine and returning to her story.

"Sophie was waiting in the room, of course, when the couple arrived, some minutes later, following a brief argument in the bar, wherein Michelle made it clear that she did not want her lover touching Sophie in any way, sexual or otherwise. He, of course, had other ideas. But anyway, domestic issues aside... she was waiting for them, stood by the window, no longer wearing the layers of seductive lace and velvet to which she was accustomed, she had disrobed almost completely, now wearing a simple white blouse, just long enough to cover the delightful curve of her bottom as she faced away from them, looking out of the window, puffing patiently on a slim cigarette. Otherwise, she was naked."

"She didn't greet them as they came in...?" I asked, already imagining the scene, sipping at my coffee, trying to look casual, though the story was already beginning to excite me.

"I'm told she simply turned to face them, her gaze lustful, aroused, but composed, her cigarette held delicately between her fingers, sending drifts of diaphanous smoke curling out of the partly opened window. Her thin white blouse was open, drifting a little in the slight breeze from the window, revealing her neck, her collar bone, the curve of her breasts, her soft belly, and, of course, a dusting of dark hair between her bare thighs. Michelle's lover, as I understand it, was heard to give an audible gasp at the sight."

"As would any man," I concurred, "please - continue..."

"She spoke to them, then, quite firmly, so that no misconception could be construed. 'You are not to touch me,' she told them, 'I will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch me, no matter what you may see me do. You may look at me, if you wish, but you may not touch me. I wish simply to watch you, to observe. Please - disrobe and make yourselves comfortable on the bed. I will simply sit in a chair here by the window, and watch you.' Who knows what was rushing through her lover's mind at that moment, but the arrangement suited Michelle, and within moments, they were both naked, and laid on the bed together, watching as Sophie pulled a chair from the dressing table, and sat facing them".

to be continued...



This is the subject matter on which dreams are based.

She's sat there in a chair waiting for them to get it on. Wow, what a head rush.

very exciting for me to write too, suze - I haven't written about voyeurism before, and I think this may get rather intense - chapter four will then push the scenario a little further - very much looking forward to writing this...

no... dont stop yet!

you certainly have the knack for the 'hook'
Great stuff as always


I like to keep you 'coming' back, swanseagirl ;) xx

Wonderful buildup, I keep wanting to "turn the page" to see what happens next. Lovely as always...


I'm a terrible tease, DLG, I know, but I'll try to make it worth the wait ;) x

Oh I am quite sure it will be worth the wait...*sigh* have such control...I like DLG would love to just keep turning the pages and read lustfully and devour it...but you make me take sinfully little bad boy...
can hardly wait...

Need more! need more!

You have me totally hooked on now... cant wait to read the rest of the posts. Do visit Me and My sub at our blog

cookim - I like the idea of sinful little nibbles ;)

nyrala - you're such a greedy girl ;) - more to follow...

alchemy - welcome to my blog - hope you enjoy exploring the archives

Wow...such hot and wonderful stuff. I dearly love the way it is written. So sensual. I could not read it without playing. I became so incredibly wet. The more I read the more I played. A mind shattering, vision blurring, hot soaking orgasm erupted from my body as I neared the end of each page. Wow.

Brandy - a very warm welcome to my blog x It's a pleasure to make you come so deliciously - I hope I can continue to inspire such gorgeous orgasms ;)

This is such a delicious blog you have that picture at the top the same women?

Well spotted, anonymous! You're the first person to notice! The photograph at the top is of a friend of mine, from a photoshoot taken by the designer of the blog (Ubershique - see the link in the strip on the left). And yes, it's Sophie!

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