Paris 2:6

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 12:44 AM

I was still coming down from my intense orgasm, soft pulses of pleasure throbbing through me as I sank back into the chair, my cock wet from their lips, their mouths, a drop of cum dribbling down my length. But if I had any ideas about resting, the activity in front of me put that thought completely from my head. My two delicious girls had pulled each other to the soft rug at my feet, kissing greedily, lustfully, writhing together on the rug, both of them intensely aroused by my orgasm, needing to be touched, needing to come. Legs were entwined with legs, hands exploring, stroking, caressing, lips and tongues sliding together sensually, their bodies moving against each other, skin brushing against skin.

It was a deliciously erotic tableau - despite myself, I already found my hand moving back to my cock of its own accord, stroking myself again, keeping myself hard, watching as they pushed, and moved, and writhed together. Before long, Vanessa was on her back, gasping sensually, with Gabrielle astride her, soixante neuf, her thighs straddling Vanessa's face, her own head dipping down between Vanessa's thighs, her tongue slipping over and around her clit, licking, lapping at her, her fingers finding Vanessa's deliciously wet sex, slipping inside.

Vanessa gasped, arching up from the floor, her hands sliding up over Gabrielle's buttocks, pulling her down over her face, her tongue slipping into Gabrielle's moist cunt. My view from the chair was perfect - Gabrielle's bottom facing me, naked and so deliciously tempting as she rubbed herself rhythmically against Vanessa's lips, gasping sensually, working her way towards her orgasm. My cock was fully erect again, and I knew I couldn't resist - I needed to be inside her.

I knelt down on the rug behind Gabrielle, my hands sliding over her soft, smooth buttocks - I felt a warm hand wrap around my erect penis, and looked down between my thighs - Vanessa had her hand around my cock, stroking me rhythmically, tugging me closer, closer to Gabrielle.

I gasped, pressing myself behind her - Vanessa was moaning softly, her breath drifting over my balls - Gabrielle was clearly pushing her closer to her orgasm - I couldn't wait any longer - Vanessa's fingers guided the swollen head of my cock to Gabrielle's now deliciously wet sex, and I pushed slowly inside her. She groaned with pleasure, bucking a little at my first penetration, then dipping her tongue back down to Vanessa's cunt, pushing herself back on me at the same time, as inch by inch, my cock slowly filled her, deep and hard inside her cunt...

to be continued...


I need to be fucked! You have made me so wet and turned on, I am sitting in my office chair masturbating. I would love to have you go down on me. I fantasize about your mouth on me and then your cock inside of me...hmmmmmm.

exquisite. The more I read, the more I want... including all three of you here in my bed.

sandra - don't get caught! It's a pleasure to arouse you so much x

dirtylittlegirl - such a greedy girl - more to come... x

just come back from a week away, and how great it is to find all of this chapter.. several wonderful orgasms.. already wanting the next part badly :)

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