Paris 2:5

Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 7:12 PM

Vanessa smiled at me, slipping her hands away from Gabrielle, unbuttoning her own blouse as she moved slowly towards me, letting it drift open. She was naked underneath, and the curve of her breasts as they were revealed made my mouth water, delicious pulses of lust rippling through my body. As I watched her, unable to take my eyes off her, she unbuttoned her skirt, slipping it down her thighs and stepping out of it, and moved behind my chair. Catching a glimpse of her as she walked by, I felt my erect penis throbbing in my hand again, rubbing my cock a little harder as I took in the details of her naked body, her blouse floating in the soft breeze a little, just as Gabrielle's had done, briefly displaying her delicious form underneath.

I felt her press closely to me from behind, sliding her hands down my chest, just as she had done to the girl at my feet, her fingers finding the buttons of my shirt, opening them one by one. Gabrielle smiled, still on her knees in front of me, sliding between my open thighs, reaching up to the waist of my unbuttoned trousers, slipping her fingers into the waistband of my underwear, smiling and tugging them all the way down, pulling them from my ankles. Vanessa's fingers had finished unfastening my shirt, pulling it open, revealing my body now naked on the chair, my hand still around my exposed, erect cock, stroking it rhythmically up and down. Gabrielle watched me masturbating for a moment, her gaze fixed on my hand sliding again and again along the length of my cock, slipping one of her own hands up to her breasts, squeezing her nipple, sliding the other hand down between her open thighs, into the waistband of her panties, finding her clit, rubbing it deliciously as she watched me, breathing a little harder, stroking herself in rhythm with my hand along my cock.

Vanessa kneeled at my side, leaning over me slightly, pressing her lips to my cheek, then past my earlobe and down to my neck, kissing and biting my neck teasingly, her hand sliding over my bare chest, then down, tracing over my belly, until her fingers found my hard penis, replacing my hand with hers, stroking my erection softly, rhythmically, a gasp escaping my lips as I felt myself throb in her hand. I heard Gabrielle gasp in front of me, and looked down at her, now half-crouching in front of me, her panties tugged down her thighs, her fingers rubbing, stroking, masturbating deliciously as she watched Vanessa stroke me.

The sight was becoming too much for me - Vanessa's hand around my cock increased its rhythm a little, and I groaned with pleasure, feeling my cock pulsing harder, arching up a little from the chair, already so close to my orgasm. "Please..." I gasped, "please... I'm going to come soon... take me in your mouth... both of you... god... I want you both to suck me..."

Vanessa slipped between my thighs alongside Gabrielle, one hand still sliding up and down my cock, the other drifting through Gabrielle's hair, pulling her close again, their lips meeting as I looked down at them, kissing passionately, sensually, so close to my pulsing cock. Still stroking herself with one hand, Gabrielle slid her other hand down Vanessa's back, drifting all the way down over her naked bottom, between her thighs from behind. Vanessa gasped in Gabrielle's mouth as she felt her fingers slide over her sex, pushing herself back a little onto the girl's fingers, gasping again, trembling slightly as she felt the fingers push inside her cunt, a splash of wetness accompanying that first thrust.

I groaned at the sound, and Vanessa looked towards me, sliding her hand all the way down my cock, moving closer to me, opening her lips and taking the throbbing head of my penis into her mouth, sucking greedily, sliding her wet lips down over my cock. I felt myself pulse harder, a familiar surge building - I wasn't going to be able to hold back my orgasm for long - I groaned again, watching as Gabrielle moved in close alongside Vanessa, sliding her tongue teasingly down the base of my shaft, licking over and around my balls as Vanessa's tongue swirled over the head of my cock. For a moment her lips slid from my cock, but Gabrielle took her opportunity, sliding her tongue all the way up the length of my penis, taking my cock between her lips and sucking greedily, Vanessa feasting gorgeously on my balls.

I couldn't take much more - they changed places like this twice more, my cock sometimes in Vanessa's mouth, sometimes in Gabrielle's, kissing greedily over my cock each time they exchanged - Gabrielle was still sliding her fingers deep into Vanessa's cunt, sounding so wet now, delicious sucking sounds accompanying each thrust of her fingers into her sex.

Vanessa gasped, trembling a little, taking me deep into her mouth again, her tongue lapping deliciously around the swollen head of my cock - I couldn't hold back any longer - my erection was pulsing harder and harder in her mouth - I felt my spunk begin to surge and throb along the length of my cock, gasping, groaning intensely: "god... god I'm going to come..."

Vanessa slipped me from her mouth, Gabrielle joining her on my cock now, their lips and tongues sliding up and down my erection, their fingers stroking, their lips caressing each other over the head of my pulsing, wet erection, then swirling their tongues together, licking, sucking, stroking, my cock throbbing intensely, so hard - I groaned, trembling, my fingers suddenly in their hair, holding them there, gasping, crying out; "ohhh fuckkk... ohh fuck I'm cominngg..." Both girls gasped, their tongues flicking wetly over my throbbing cock - my back arched - my cock pulsing so hard - and I groaned with intense pleasure, a long spurt of cum pouring from my cock, splashing up onto Vanessa's face, followed by another spurt, and another, splashing onto Gabrielle's lips, their tongues greedily lapping at my pulsing cock, catching my cum in their mouths as I spurted again, and again, and again...

I gasped, catching my breath, the girls still lapping greedily at my cock, and then at each other, licking and sucking the cum from each others lips, their mouths caressing deliciously, their hands sliding greedily across each others bodies, needing, wanting, so intensely aroused...

to be continued...


I have never really thought of being in a threesome, but your stories are so erotic, it makes me wonder how great it would be. You touch the most sensual part of my being. I so look forward to the feelings you bring me. Thanks Roger. XOXOX

and thankyou sandra - I do my best to make the experience as real as possible, glad it's working for you x are such a dirty, dirty boy. Thank you!!! I could almost feel the sensation of your hard cock in my mouth, sharing you with the women in the story. Longing to feel you cum across my face the way you did Vanessa's. Very good Roger...I want more.

oh fuck rog... i'm all abuzz here at work now ;) gosh, i'm going to be coming hard to this tonight...

I needed that after the day i had, what a nice wet way to go to sleep.
mmmmm!! very nice!!

oh god, rog. I wanted so badly to be you at that moment with those 2 lucious women kneeling before me. I can't wait to taste them.,,

sometimes less is more...
this time ill keep things simple:



admhail - lots more to come - this chapter continues, and gets even more delicious... ;)

nez - mmm good - I want you to come gorgeously for me... x

anonymous - very much my pleasure, glad to help you relieve some of that tension ;)

dirtylittlegirl - keep imagining yourself deep in the action, I think it works best that way ;)

nyrala - *gasp* right back at you ;)

delightfully inspirational roger, as always

pleased you're enjoying it, V x

mmmm, came for you rog, came hard, my cunt clenching around my fingers...

always an absolute pleasure to make you come, nez ;)x

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