Paris 2:4

Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 1:28 AM

There is nothing quite so immediately stimulating to a man than to see two attractive young girls kissing each other, slowly, softly and delightfully. I have yet to meet a man immune to this sight, or one who would not become immediately aroused from being witness to such a scene. I was soon to discover that this kind of mutual female decadence was fairly commonplace here amongst the cafes and bars of Montparnasse; but this was my first week in Paris, I had spent little time exploring the nightlife of the city, and watching Vanessa and Gabrielle in their soft, sensual embrace was arousing me intensely.

I wanted them both, immediately, from that moment.

Gabrielle was still massaging my feet, though the movement of her fingers was becoming increasingly distracted. Vanessa was still leaning over her, my gaze falling for a moment down the front of her generously open blouse, my lips moistening as I imagined sliding my tongue once more around her soft breasts, her pert young nipples. As their smouldering, passionate kiss continued, Vanessa's fingers continued their journey down Gabrielle's long neck, drifting over the collar of her shirt, across her shoulders, and slowly down, until her hands found the curve of her breasts through the white cotton of the shirt, sliding over them softly, cupping them gently through the shirt, squeezing just a little.

Gabrielle had now abandoned my feet, sliding her hands up to slip through Vanessa's hair, pulling her down to her lips more passionately, , breathing and sighing softly together between the kisses. As Gabrielle raised her arms towards Vanessa, her body half turning from her kneeling position as she stroked her face, her cheeks, my view became even more delicious - Gabrielle's open shirt was parting generously, more of her breasts delightfully exposed, one of her nipples now peeking from the edge of the shirt, deliciously erect.

I could feel my cock hardening, beginning to pulse in my trousers, still finding myself unable to utter a word as the show before me continued, Gabrielle's thighs now parting as she knelt in front of me. My lustful gaze wandered down from her breasts, down over her bare tummy, lingering on her small white cotton panties, and I felt another pulse of pleasure throb from my rapidly hardening penis as I noticed a distinctly damp patch of moisture at the crotch of her knickers, slowly spreading.

I could no longer watch dispassionately - my erection was throbbing delightfully, and needed attention. My gaze still fixed on the girls as their passion intensified in front of me, I slipped my fingers to my belt, unbuckling it, my slightly trembling fingers unbuttoning my crotch, and sliding my hands down inside. My fingers slipped around my warm, hard cock, and I began to stroke, masturbating slowly, rhythmically.

Noticing my movements, Vanessa looked towards me, her lips leaving Gabrielle's, smiling at me lustfully.

"Does watching us please you...?" she asked, her gaze wandering down to my crotch, watching my hand moving rhythmically inside my trousers.

"Very much..." I replied softly.

"Perhaps you'd like to see a little more of your new maid..." she smiled. slipping her hands to the collar of Gabrielle's shirt, sliding it slowly and teasingly off her shoulders, letting it drift down her back and fall to the floor. As my gaze drank in the delicious sight of Gabrielle's almost naked young body, Vanessa slipped her hands back over the girl's naked shoulders, down past her collar bone, and over her soft breasts, cupping them in her hands, her fingertips drifting across the hardening nipples, stroking and squeezing them softly. Gabrielle gasped delightfully in response, her own gaze directed towards me, watching the slow rhythm of my hand inside my trousers.

"Would you like to see his cock, Gabrielle...?" Vanessa asked, caressing her nipples again, leaning over once more to nibble a little down her neck.

"Yes..." she gasped, "yes I want that..."

I smiled at her, delighted with how easily she slipped into the submissive role. "Undress me," I said, softly. "I want you both to undress me. I can no longer endure just watching. I need you both to touch me..."

to be continued...


Oh Roger, this chapter is so delicious.... I've just exploded with 2 intense orgasams, just now, to the latest installment.

Your words are fantastic, they're warm and inviting, they wrap around me, and turn devilishly dirty, to which I can't help but become intensly aroused and masturbate fervently until I reach incredible heights of pleasure, quivering, gasping, and moaning...

And it's all because of you, my Dirtyboy.

Keep up the incredible work


oh yum rog... i want her...

You can touch me with your writing that no one else has. As soon as I begin to read your words, I become aroused. I can feel the tingle all over my body and without conscious thought, I am touching, massaging, and stimulating myself. I would love to feel your hands and mouth on my body. I can almost feel your tongue on my breasts as your fingers explore my wetness. God, I am so turned on, I need to orgasm. I am going to read this again and I am going to cum for you Roger ;)

kitten - you know how much I love to make you come xxx

lust - I've picked up a whole bunch of new readers from 'behind closed doors' this week - I'm very flattered by their recommendation, and pleased that you're having fun here - hope you enjoy the archives ;)

nez - you're about to have her ;) x

sandra - I love you being so turned on, and I'm planning to turn up the heat intensely as we continue with this chapter... x

Should have guessed you'd get 2 women in here eventually. You really are a dirty boy, Roger ; )

I want to be both Gabrielle and you at the same time. Her so that I could see you stroking yourself and you so I could see the beuatiful sight you've laid out. So exquisite, so desireable. You have me lustful and wanting more...

JeN - what can I say, I've always been greedy ;)

dirtylittlegirl - I know exactly what you mean - as this scene becomes more intense, I'll be trying to write with enough detail to allow you to imagine yourself in whichever role suits you the most - please feel free to be whoever you wish ;)

NO! you cant stop now! lol
Again i agree with the high praise of the ladies above


you'll be pleased to hear I've just posted some more ;)

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