Paris 2:3

Friday, November 11, 2005 at 12:49 AM

A delicious vanilla scent accompanied Gabrielle's entrance into my lounge, the soft breeze from the half-open windows helping to waft her delightful aroma towards me. She knelt at my feet, looking up towards me for a moment, and then bowing her head, her hands clasped in her lap, patiently and quietly. The soft, warm breeze caused the shirt she was wearing to drift open a little more, rippling softly, giving me tempting, teasing views of the curve of her small breasts. For a moment, she dared to peek at me again through her eyelashes, smiling, blushing a little as I briefly caught her gaze and returned the smile, then looking down again, waiting, breathing softly.

"She's a musician," Vanessa continued, breaking the momentary silence, anticipating my curiosity. "A cellist. Quite a remarkably talented one, in my opinion. Like you, she has come to Paris to further her career, and like you, I have taken her under my wing, become her patron.

"I provide her with opportunities to play her music, to earn a reasonable income. To help her afford the standard of living to which she has become accustomed, she has been working a little for me as a maid, just two or three days a week, and has recently entered into an arrangement with me, very much like the one I now propose to you. Gabrielle and I share occasional sexual intimacies, to our mutual satisfaction. I have spoken with her at length about you, and we have come to an agreement - consequently I now offer her to you under the same mutual agreement."

It was clear that Vanessa was a girl accustomed to getting her own way - though after our meeting on the train, this was hardly a surprise to me. Her manner, without doubt, was a little brusque, and she perhaps needed to learn that buying and selling individuals in this way was hardly moral - and yet I knew she meant no harm. Gabrielle was still smiling softly to herself as she knelt in front of me - a warm, honest smile - and if Vanessa lavished her with as much attention (and as many gifts) as she was now offering to me, then the girl would clearly be enjoying herself.

"And how do you feel about this, Gabrielle?" I asked, gently. Gabrielle looked up towards me, smiling again, a little shyly, her gaze at once both attractive and sensual.

"I am not Miss Aldaine's slave, if that's what concerns you," she began. "I am free to come and go from her side as I please, to spend time with whomever I wish. She supports my music, and has given me a delightful apartment, not far from here. In return, she merely asks that I satisfy her whims when she needs me."

"You have become her courtesan, Gabrielle," I chided.

"I am her lover, Monsieur", she corrected me. "Our arrangement is mutually beneficial. I am here by my own choice, and of my own volition."

"I offered her the same arrangement that I now offer you," added Vanessa. "And under those terms, I am now offering her to you, for us to share, as a token of my sincerity. It would disappoint us both if you were to turn me down."

I smiled at Vanessa, and she returned the glance warmly. "You're an extraordinarily generous young woman," I replied. "It would be both rude and ungrateful of me to turn down such a delightful arrangement. Consequently, I agree to your terms. When can Gabrielle start?"

"Immediately, if you wish," Vanessa smiled. At which, the girl reached slowly across to my shoes, her hands finding my laces, untying them both, and slipping my shoes and socks off one by one, placing them by the chair. She slipped her soft fingers across my feet, massaging them gently, her hands moving deftly, slowly, pressing, smoothing, rubbing my feet softly. As I looked down at her, bent a little over me, I could see her breasts move in and out of view behind the open shirt, her nipples clearly hardening as they brushed against the material of the shirt.

I looked across to Vanessa, and she smiled at me in return, getting up from her place at the window and standing behind Gabrielle, drifting her fingers softly through the girl's hair, smiling down at her.

"She's such a delightful girl, don't you think...?" she said, speaking softly. The girl looked up to her and smiled sweetly, and Vanessa leaned over her a little, cupping the girl's face in her hands, and kissed her gently, their lips caressing softly, slowly. Gabrielle's fingers were still massaging my feet as their mouths slipped sensually together, Vanessa's fingers drifting slowly through the girl's hair, over her earlobes, and down to her neck, stroking softly with her fingertips, their kiss slow and passionate.

My breath was quickening at the sight.

to be continued...


My breath was quickening too...but then you stopped. :) Looking forward to the next part Roger.

It is wonderful how you can make the antcipation nearly as erotic as the actual story. I can't wait to see what transpires with the "maid". I look forward to it.

Quickening has been detected over on this side of the pond...breath, pulse, etc.

I do so love your stories...

I merely concur with the above ladies. Well done roger.. youre to be congratulated on keeping so many women satisfied ;)


wow, you really know how to make me want more. very erotic. pulse quickening and panites getting wet.

wonderwoman - more to follow tonight, worry not ;)

sandra - yes, I like to think that the anticipation makes the resolution that much more intense - I'm often playfully accused of teasing, but I like to think that maybe adds to the fun a little ;)

jo - I'm very pleased you do x - it's going to get a little more intense from tonight's installment ;) x

swanseagirl - thankyou - I just do my best ;) x

dirtylittlegirl - and hopefully delightfully wetter after tonight's installment ;)

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