tell me your fantasies

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 7:57 PM

Hi xx

Before we slip into the next chapter of 'Paris' (and because I'm currently suffering from mild flu - don't come too close lol), I thought it might be fun to try something a little different. I've always felt that this was a very interactive site, and that frequently the comments are as hot (if not hotter) than the erotica I write for you. From time to time I get long, delightful, detailed comments that inevitably get buried at the end of posts, largely unnoticed (except by me - I read every single comment, and very much appreciate them all - my blog emails your comments to me, so I never miss them, and very much enjoy them).

I thought it might be fun to set up a post which is yours - a place where, if you don't have your own blog, or you just want to write something a little longer, you can post whatever you like. It could be a sexual fantasy (perhaps involving me, perhaps just something that turns you on); it could be somewhere you can tell me how turned on you are, what you're thinking, what you need; or you might simply want me to watch you as you masturbate, as you come for me.

I'm not anticipating a sudden rush of readers wanting to fill this space - it's more of an ongoing place where, whenever you feel like it, you can write something delightfully dirty, whatever comes into your head. Consider this your space, to fill as you please, whenever the fancy takes you. I'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure we don't get dunderheads posting in here (as I do elsewhere in the blog - posts from dunderheads get deleted lol), so hopefully it can be a safe, anonymous, lovely place for you to share anything dirty that's on your mind. Just one post, mind you - if you want to start writing lots, you need your own blog lol - this is for those of you who want to write something dirty for me, you're maybe too shy to email me, but brave enough to post something anonymously here (make up a first name for yourself - no-one, including me, will know who you are). Those of you who prefer to email me, that's fine, I'm happy for you to do so - this is more for those readers who are a little more shy, and just want to write something dirty, anonymously, for fun.

So if you'd like me to post something you've written for me, just put it in the 'comments' box, and as soon as I've seen it, I'll move it up here for everyone to read and enjoy.

The one thing I ask? Enjoy writing it - find some time alone, get yourself deliciously aroused, start to touch yourself, and when you're turned on and delightfully wet, write something for me, something that'll make us both come. And if you feel the need to masturbate as you write - go with it, maybe even tell me that's what you're doing - be as dirty as you want - tell me what you're thinking about right now...

So it's over to you...

roger xx


a delightful, and slightly rougher fantasy here from Virginympho:

Hmm it's been a while since I've visited your collection of masterpieces, Rog...Here is a fantasy that you have inspired me to write...I hope you enjoy it.

A Slave's Plan

I smile to myself as I hear your car pull into the drive. I’ve been waiting for you to come home all day. The hours seemed to drag. I have busied myself in the kitchen preparing dinner. The table is set with flowers and candlelight. I’ve been working all day to create a romantic atmosphere, so there will be no question what I want. I want you. I’ve been wanting you for weeks now, but every night you’ve come home, ate dinner and gone straight to your den to work. Even the conversation between us has been minimal.

Most women would be concerned by this pattern of behavior. But I’m not. I know you. I know how you sometimes do this. You ignore me on purpose until I need you so badly I do something big to get your attention. I don’t mind though. The sex after the long break is mind-blowing. I need that kind of sex tonight. I’ve needed it all week, but now I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll beg you for it if I have to, and that’s exactly what you’re hoping for.

You enjoy watching me fight my urges to jump you night after night. I’m sure you laugh to yourself while in your den. You enjoy waiting till I’m at the breaking point. Waiting till I’m so desperate I’ll do anything to get some.

Tonight is that night. I’m wearing an apron that is tied tightly around my bust, creating an extra amount of cleavage. The apron just barely covers my pussy. The back is open accept for the ties, which should allow you to see that I’m not wearing anything but the apron.

My heart skips a beat as I hear you coming through the front door. I keep my back to the entrance of the kitchen as I slice a carrot. I can see your reflection in the window as you appear in the doorway. Your eyes travel down my body, but you hardly look surprised, or even interested for that matter.

“Welcome home.” My hopes fall as my greeting is met with silence. “How was your day?” “Fine.” Comes your cold reply. I don’t understand…perhaps the period of distance is not part of the normal tease-game that you like to play? Could there possibly be someone else?

The dog whines from the back room. “What wrong with him?” you ask disinterested. “He’s probably hungry” I reply walking past you, “I’ll go feed him.” I can feel your eyes following me, but I wonder if that cold expression is still on your face. I’m starting to feel a little foolish now, like a princess who’s all dressed up for a ball she never received an invitation to.

As I return to the hallway you are coming out of the kitchen. We each move the same direction in an attempt to avoid one other, only managing to get in each other’s way again. Only you now seem to be deliberately moving in my way. I search your eyes for any sign that you might be turned on by my little setting, but your face remains emotionless.

Suddenly you reach out and move my roughly to one side as you walk around me. My heart beats wildly while you’re touching me, but it’s over so quickly I’m left feeling empty.

You walk to your study and pause at the door. “How long before dinner?” “It’s in the crock-pot, so it’s ready when you are.” I reply. “Okay, I’ll be out in a few minutes.” I sigh as you enter your study, and walk back to the living room to collect your coat and brief case. I take them to the hall closet, and open it to search for a hanger.”

Suddenly I feel you come up behind me, grab my shoulder firmly, and push my roughly against the opposite wall. I look shocked and confused. There is a nearly-evil look on your face. You pin my arms against the wall over my head, grabbing a keepsake ribbon printed with our names from our wedding that is hanging decoratively from a brass hook, and tie my wrists together tightly with it.

My heart beats faster as you kiss me possessively. You slide a hand up the back of my thigh, lifting my leg to your side as you press your waist to mine. I can feel that you are very hard.

You place your hands under my bust, lifting me until you’ve looped the ribbon between my wrists over the brass hook. My heart skips a beat as you let go, unsure if the hook will hold my weight, but to my surprise, it does.

You slide both of your hands up the back of my thighs to my bare ass. You tuck the skirt of my apron into the belt, giving you a clear view of my wet pussy, and its swollen lips begging for attention. You drape my legs over your shoulders, putting your face to my pussy, and gently running your tongue between the lips. You tease my clit by biting it gently, rolling it between your teeth. I moan with pleasure.

You smile slightly as you begin to tongue fuck me. I moan louder. I want to move into you, but with my back firmly against the wall I am completely at your mercy. “Have you missed me?” you ask.
“Yes, very much.”
“Yes what?”
“Yes…Master.” I reply with a shiver.
“That’s more like it my little slut.”

I moan again as you blow your hot breath onto me.
“You like being my little slave, don’t you slut?”
“Yes Master,” I moan, each of your words sending hot breath onto my pussy.
“And what do you want?”
“I want you, master.”

“What do you want from me?”
“I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh do you now?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Being quite the fore ward little slut, aren’t we, slave?”

“Yes Master.”
“And what makes you think you deserve to have me fuck you? Have you been good?”
“Yes Master…very good.”

“You haven’t been playing with yourself when I’m not home, have you?”
“N-no Master…”
“Very good slave.”

I moan as you lick my pussy some more.
“Thank you master.”
“You’re welcome slut.”

“Will you please fuck me now, master?”
“Patience, Bitch.” You scold harshly.
“Y-yes Master I’m sorry. Forgive me.”
“You are forgiven.”

You pull my legs so that my back is away from the wall, and reach up, untying my apron, and ripping it off roughly. You lower my legs so that my back is against the wall again.

You cup my breast firmly, sliding three fingers roughly into my pussy. I moan as you begin to finger fuck me roughly. You fuck me harder each time, squeezing my tit more firmly. I shudder at the mixture of pain and pleasure.

You can tell by my breathing and my moans that I am on the edge of an orgasm. I’m just about to come when you stop abruptly. Again the empty feeling returns.

“You’re not allowed to come until I do, slut. You know the rules.”
“Yes master, I’m sorry.”

You Undo your pants, sliding them and your boxers to the floor. You lower me from the hook, but keep me pinned against the wall, forcing me to wrap my legs around your waist to hold myself up.

I moan as I feel your hard throbbing cock teasing my desperate pussy. I want you so bad, my pussy is begging for your attention. I almost orgasm as you enter me roughly.

“Don’t you cum until I say you can.” You demand, as you start fucking me hard against the wall.

This is by far the meanest thing you do. You know that saying that makes me need to come almost immediately, and yet you demand it, and you expect your demands to be met.

I’m fighting my orgasm off with every thrust of your hot hard cock. Your throbbing cock mercilessly pounds my pussy, desperate to come I whimper with effort.

“Don’t you cum.” You order again, sending a shiver through me.

“Please Master, I need to!”
“No. Not yet.”

Finally I feel your throbbing cock swell, preparing for release. You cum inside me, filling me up, over and over again. The feel of your hot cum and the sound of your moan almost causes me to loose control, but you haven’t given me permission yet…so I don’t dare cum…

Breathing heavily you nod.

“You may cum now slave.”

I scream and my body racks with the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. We both stand there, catching our breath, reveling in the moment.

“Oh Master” I murmur through my delirium…”That was…wonderful…”

You smile. “You’re welcome little one…”

You lower me gently to the floor your chest still heaving as you try to control your breathing, and I look at you questioningly.

“What now master?”

“What do you mean? I’m hungry.”

We both smile at each other as we gather our clothes and head toward the kitchen.

I smile to myself at the success of my little plan, wondering what the rest of the night has in store; hoping you’re still just as horny as I am.


from Anonymous:

My fantasy begins with me sun bathing in the nude. I have my eyes closed and some one starts to lick my cunt, with just the tiniest flicks of the tongue. I want to look but don't becuase the unknown is making me wet and hot. He sucks harder on my clit and puts his fingers up my wet pussy. I am so horny I am about to explode. He stops and I feel the tip of his hard cock rubbing my lips, of lick my tongue out to taste his sticky pre-cum mmmmmmm! i want to take his big hard cock in my mouth and suck all the cum out. He starts fucking my mouth and his balss are slpping against my chin, they are so hard I know he wants to explode. I have to stop and tease back a little now. He says finish your job you horny slut, suck me until I say you can stop. I do as I told and getting more wet and hot by his bold manner. I suck and take his big hard cock in all the way in and he let s go a huge tasty load. he flips meover and licks my cunt more and my ass. fingers going in both holes while his tongue tickles my clit and nibbles my clit. without warning his cock is pressedinto my cunt and fingers still in my ass i moan with pleasure, fuck me hard, i need it hard. (i am getting so wet thinking about this). i start cumming all over his big cock and he puts it in my ass, ohh god this puts me over the edge, I 'm in a different place out of my body in a complete orgasmic explosion. I never want to know who the mytery fuck is, just can't wait for him to give me that first flick of the tongue!!!

god i am so wet and need to cum!


from dirtylittlegirl:

I've had a long day today and I want nothing less than to relax. I turn on my computer and see what you have posted today. You're asking for my story. My fantasy. Interesting. I've been thinking about you, roger, a lot lately. Would you fulfill my every need? Would you touch me the way I like to be touched, spank me the way I like to be spanked, fill me with every inch of your cock - ramming it in over and over? I think you would. Just thinking how you would tease me has me wet. I am reaching down into my panties now which already beginning to get wet. Can you see me roger? I run my fingertips over the lips of my pussy feeling my slickness. So nice. Gently, I push a finger inside me, I'm so hot inside. My pussy begins to throb with desire as I think about you watching me. Would you like that roger? To watch me masturbate? I move my fingers up to my clit and begin to move them in a circular motion, teasing my hard nub. You're touching yourself now aren't you. Touching your hard cock as it grows. Wrapping your hand around it, stroking the long hard shaft. Watching me is turning you on. My other hand pushes my shirt up and my bra down. I encircled my nipple with my fingers and roll it between my fingertips. I want to feel your wet tongue on my nipples, your teeth biting them. Oh roger. My fingers are working harder now... gasping... My pussy is so wet for you. You're working it harder now too, aren't you? My juices are wetting my thighs now. I am rubbing my clit hard, so wet with my juices. I want to feel your cock inside me, pushing at me, ramming it in. I am so close. My fingers... oh god... feel so good...can you see me roger? so hot for you... so wet for legs tense... can you feel it... can you feel my pussy tighten... my back is arched now...pushing my fingers inside me... ohhhhhhh...fucking myself with my fingers... my hand on my clit... rubbing...I'm coming.... fuck me now roger... hard... ahhhhhhhhh YES ohhhhhhhhh... fuck yes... ohhhhhh... pussy clenching... pulsing...breathing heavy... body shaking... sigh. Thank you roger, that was the perfect end to my day.


from Kitten:

I picture you lying on a gigantic bed, one that is much bigger than a king, like 10 feet across, and 11 feet long, 4 poster type thing, with a black satin comforter, and blood red silk sheets, it has a canopy of black silk that encompasses the bed all the way to the floor, thick enough to make it darker, but thin enough you can see the luminescence of the candles that surround the room. The room is new-gothic style, lots of candles, dark colors, with classic art depicting people having sex, and one that doesn't match, one that stands out, a large picture of a woman’s penetrating eyes, across from the bed, always watching what’s going on behind the silk curtain around the bed….. You are lying on this big bed, snoozing, home from a night out, lookin and smellin’ good, but too tired to change. I sneak in, and find you behind the curtain, I crawl onto the bed, and on all fours, and wake you with a kiss, soft at first, and as you awaken, it becomes more passionate, more needing... I withdraw away from you, crawling off the bed backwards, you smirking at me. I'm wearing a white gauzy loose fitting shirt, with angel sleeves, and a plunging V-neckline, with a little lace on all the hems... it's sheer enough you can see my hard nipples through it, and white lacy panties. my blonde hair curled and sexy, and just a little makeup... looking like a very natural little angel....

As I move away from you, I pull back the curtain a bit, enough to reveal the post closest to your left foot... I can see the bulge in your pants... "Anticipating something?" I ask, "when you look like that.... always, kitten" you reply with a with a seductive smile on your face, I return the sexy look, but you can see behind my eyes there I have a plan, but you can't figure it out yet.....

I pull the curtains away from that post... I walk over to the stereo... and start playing Vivaldi, his Summer movement... I walk slowly to the post I've revealed.... I touch it, grab it and swing towards you by my outstretched hand, I crawl back on to the bed... and stand up, using the post for support... I grab it high, and lift myself off the bed, with two hands, I get behind the post, and spread my legs wide to either side... basically acting as if your cock was that post, I'd want it between my legs.... I spin down it, so that my butt is at the bottom of post, sitting there, straddling the post. I cut it short, being as shy as I am….

Aroused by the little show, you are now massaging your swollen cock…. I crawl over to you... you are wearing a button down shirt and tight pants... I untuck your shirt, and start slowly, passionately kissing just above the waistline of your pants.... I unbutton your shirt, kissing you chest as I go up... when I reach the top button I spread open your shirt.... moving to your mouth to kiss you... you kiss me greedily... sensing this... I move away, I tell you "Not so fast lover boy", you give me a look that says "Well, you evil little slut"....

I go back to kissing your chest, sucking gently on your nipples.... as the music floats around us, and fills the room.... I take off your shirt, slowly, kissing the insides of your elbows, I know that's such a sensitive spot... it makes tingles go up your spine, goosebumps spreading up your arm, you smile wildly at me, you're loving this, bein teased... me not letting you do any more than stroke my soft hair, and oh how I love to have someone touch my hair.... I fiddle with the button of your pants.... you want to take them off, to relieve the pressure there, but I won’t let you.....

I lay on top of you, wriggling a little, moving against the bulge in your pants, I kiss you, my tongue flicking out of my mouth and against your soft lips as I kiss you, putting my tongue in your mouth.... your warm, wanting hands around my tiny waist pulling me harder against you... pulling me towards your hot and hard cock... I'm getting to the point where I can't take much more of this, but I like teasing you more for the moment, I pull away from you, though as I try, you hold me down to you, a wicked look in your eye, though I wriggle, and I get away, and take your hand in mine, I love hands, I love that they can move in so many ways, they are the basis of all affection if you ask me…..I take a finger into my mouth, warm and wet on your skin; I move my tongue up and down on the underside of it, sucking on it a little, making you imagine me doing this to your rod.... I put another finger in my mouth to join the first, still sucking lusciously, doing what I'd like to do to your cock... your other hand is behind my head... stroking my hair and slowly pushing my head down, encouraging my face closer to your crotch... I take the tips of your fingers in my teeth, playfully; you smile at me, and tell me, "How about we undo these pants now..." I put the tip of my finger in my mouth, all cutsy like, and look upwards, and say “Maaaaybe…. if I feel like it"

I crawl up towards you, kiss you hard, so hard, and start moving down, you say "that's more like it!" and I take a detour at you left nipple, and bite it playfully... then go down to your pants.... I pull them off, and you tug off your boxers, before I have a chance to make you keep those on.... happy.gif while you're sitting up, you move so that you are in front of me, and start kissing me, and push my shoulders down on the bed, so now you are finally on top of me, you have all the control now... you are astride me, you hard cock pointing at me... I look up at you expectantly, lustfully, my white lingerie looking stark against all the black... you pull off my top, and tug my panties off, I sigh as I lay into the satin of the bed, so soft on my skin... I tell you, "I’m a little cold though..." You smile at me, and say, "Well let’s see how those silk sheets feel on your tight little ass...", I smile and give you a lustful look, and move under the covers, and you close the curtains, and crawl in next to me.

We are alone and naked under the covers of this gigantic bed, soft music, and the soft light of candles gently penetrating the silk that surrounds us.... We can see the painting of the woman’s eyes overlooking us in bed, watching us…. Your hands move around my hips, we lay side by side, I wrap my arms around your shoulders, pulling each other closer, we begin to kiss, slowly at first, but it grows more passionate, we can feel the white hot energy between us, so intense, arousing us to the point of no return... we roll as one so that you are on top of me, still kissing me. You touch my soft body, greedily, grabbing a breast, softly at first, then you clench it, showing me what it's like to be tortured, as I tortured you…. you rub your hard cock between my wet slit... I beg you "Please, Roger, oh please, just put it in, you know you want to.... " I know I have no chance of getting what I want that early, you look at me like, "are you kidding?" followed by a lustful, mischievous look.

You start kissing my jaw line, then my neck, while fondling my hair, you kiss my collar bone, then down my chest, and take one of my nipples into your soft mouth, sucking on it gently, sweetly, and then take it into your teeth, and say "there, how do you like it?" I smile and tell you "I like it very, very much, please….more... oh, I want it all Roger", "oh you'll get it alright, just not....quite....yet" you tell me, letting your words be slow and full of tease, your accent enchanting me....

You continue kissing down my flat stomach, and rub your nose in my short hair and kiss my clit, I immediately arch my back and exclaim in pleasure from the direct stimulation, you part my lips with your tongue, and take my clit into your soft, warm, wet lips and suck on it.... you give it a long hard suck…. I moan deeply, not being able to take such extreme pleasure... you come up and kiss me, the taste of myself exciting me, you roll over on your back and say, "lets see what you got wink.gif" I get on top of you and move my head near your crotch, I hold your cock millimeters from my face, you can feel my hot breath on it, I part my lips over it, slowly, still not touching it.... I look up at you with my eyes full of lust, full of want, understanding just how much you want me to touch your cock with my warm wet lips... how much you want to feel them all the way down to the base..... my nose in your hair.... You look up at the painting of the woman’s eyes, looking for sympathy, but you find none there, she is just watching you, watching us…. I look back down at the monolith I hold gently in my fingers, too gently for your tastes....looking at like I want to make love to it, I move closer, you lay back, knowing what you are gonna get, I put the head in my mouth...finally, slowly moving my tongue in circles around the very tip, so slow, never letting my lips past your head, slowly, succulently, I start to suck, letting my wetness dribble down you cock, so warm, you want it, you want it all, your cock ready, wet, hard, wanting....but I just suck gently, rubbing my tongue on it... and I stop, you look at me quickly, can't believing that I'd be that mean, that evil… as I take it out of my mouth, you reach up and take my shoulders, and throw me on the bed, it being so big, there is plenty of room for me to land…

Still under the covers, you get on top of me, you breathe to me such dirty words, telling me how bad I’ve been... I look up at you with baby eyes..... pouting my lip a little, with my soft curls framing my face on the silk all around us.... I manage to melt you away........ pleased with my performance, seduction crosses my face, and I pull you down on top of me, I love to feel the weight of a man on me, I kiss you, you kiss me back, I move my hand down and point your cock into the wetness of my lips, and slide it down, down, down into my wet pussy.... the first time inside of me, you gasp, "oh fuck, you weren't lying..." my tight cunt sucking onto your hot rod.... the connection is beautiful, my arms spread on the bed, you meet them with your hands, we hold hands as you move in and out of me, my hips moving in rhythm with yours... enhancing it all.... I immediately start making soft moaning noises…. and me and my intense ways... I am almost instantly brought to orgasm... and I'm a multiple kinda gal, I let go of your hands, I wrap my self around you my arms and feet locked behind you, getting as close to your rod as I can… breathing heavy, I start to scream, "OH Roger, OH, OH, OH, OH" with each thrust, you putting your all into it... I start tensing up…. shuddering….until I shriek your name "Roger!" I convulse, and shake, and can't do anything but breathe.... until my muscles all relax.

You whisper in my ear, " did you like that, hmm?” moving to the other ear, so close I can feel you lips on my ear, “do you want it again, pretty thing?" I breathe to you " oh yes, yes, I want it so bad...... ". You pull out of me and motion for me to turn over, as I do, you pull my ass up high in the air for you, I grab a pillow to hug underneath me, and you push that hard rod inside of me as far as it will go, leaning over me and groaning as you do, the smell of sex starting to fill the air, the blanket off, you start to fuck me hard, as hard as you want it, hearing your moans turns me on so much….

Just as I start to cry out in pleasure, you pull it almost all the way out, and stop.... you ask me... "how do you like to be tortured? hmm? do you like it as much as I like getting you back for how you teased me?" shocked, I reply, "oh no, I don't like it at all, please, please, Roger, I want it deep inside of me, oh please, just put it back in...". You take it out, and I gasp in frustration... I moan at you " ohhhhh... pleeeese..... pleeeeeeese just put it back innnnn.... I want it so baaaad, I want you, I want you and your cock, I want it all inside of me.... right now…." sounding a bit more urgent, and you, needing it as much as I… needing my tight cunt around your hardness, give up, and shove it as deep as possible into me, pulling my hips up to meet the base of your length... I start moaning with the almost violent motions again, "Oh Roger, please, put it into me... I want all your cum... I want it inside of me, oh please... I want it", "oh, you're gonna get it alright" you breathe urgently at me... I can feel your throbbing cock pumping in and out of me, so hard, hitting my G-spot with every thrust... with every throb; I begin to orgasm again, my pussy contracting tighter around your rod... my whole body contracting and convulsing around your rod….only pleasing you more.... I start truly moaning and screaming, I like to be loud... letting you know you're doing such a good job.... fucking my brains out.... so hard, so fast… sooo gooood…. "oh roger, I'm gonna cum... I want you to cum in me, oh fuck, I want it sooo bad, make me cum, make me cum all around you..." with this you are so turned on, so hungry, so urgent, so hard, so ravenous for an larger-than-life orgasm, one you will never forget, one that just leaves you just exaughsted, the kind you want right now….... my tight pussy feeling so good, so tight on you, the way I bet you like it, and I start cumming, screaming, moaning, so tight!, feeling this on your cock thrusted deep into me, as deep as it will go, catapults you into an epic orgasm, so intense, so passionate, so forceful, so extreme… unnnhhh!!! We cum together, so fervent, so impassioned... convulsing together, we can feel my pussy, and your cock throbbing together, my juices now spurting out of me, your cum churned into it, I can feel how hot it is inside of me, so much of it…... dribbling all over us…it feels sooo good, you groan from behind me... I squeeze down on your rod… just to tease you more, but I'm pretty much just left gasping from such an intense orgasm... so tired... I move a few more times against you, to make sure I remember how it feels to have you inside of me, so you remember how it feels to be inside of me, until next time…. and I move away from you, I reach down, and wipe the juice from me, and lick it off my hand, staring seductively at you as I do so, then I move down to your dripping wet cock, and stick the whole thing in my mouth, so you can feel the back of my throat with the head of your rod... circling my tongue all the way around it as I suck and pull the whole thing out of my mouth, licking and sucking you clean, I look up at you innocently, and bite my lip... you lay on top of me, and kiss me. You move beside me, and we lay there in a warm embrace, and fall asleep.


from milehigh:

I also stumbled onto your blog. I was somewhat horny to begin with and I devoured two of your stories. I must say I love the way I can cum sitting up, fully dressed, without touching myself... are you wondering how yet ? I hope so because I want you to feel good too. It begins with a pulse of electricity shooting through me into my pussy. I can feel the blood slowly making my pussy lips larger and accentuating the throbbing. The more throbbing I feel the more excited I become knowing an orgasm is not far behind. I begin to squeeze my legs together, squishing my clit between my thigh muscles. I gyrate my hips in rhythm with the sqeezing and add some Kegel muscle squeezing into the mix. As I read your words of you fucking harder and deeper, you become that cock thrusting deep into me. I'm sqeezing my thighs harder now, my engorged clit rubbing against my wet hot squishy lips like a shaft being stroked. The thought of being fucked and fucking you by pushing my cunt onto you while the strength of my thigh muscles cause my clit to be stroked back and forth and back and forth... ohh it feels so good that I'm almost cumming... I want to imagine you stroking yourself, the head of your cock fully wet with precum. OH fuck me! Stick it in hard! I want to hear you grunt with each sweaty stroke. I want to see the milky white squirting of your sperm onto your desk, splattering drops of cum with every wave of pleasure over your lap as you read my words because I am cumming for the third time for you NOW !! UOHHHH DIRTYBOYY OH FUCK!... whooo my thigh muscles are tingling, that was niceee... sleep tight dirtyboy.


from Anonymous:

This one was perfect. You know how I love to be taken from behind. The biting is such a turn on. And I get wet as your hands toy with my naked breasts. But when you push me over the desk, when I struggle, loving to be forced - that's the best part. That's what drew me away from the screen just long enough to loosen my belt and unzip my pants. I prompty glanced back, letting my hand slide into my panties. I can almost feel the warmth from your erection so close to me and I'm only at the very entrance of my cunt spreading the wet juices. Your hand slides inside, and I urgently do the same. My thighs shake just a little, involuntarily.

As your cock slides into my wet pussy, I become more aroused. My breath thickens. I can feel my heart pulsing faster. My fingers slide more quickly around my clit. For some reason, I can't sit up and do this. I let myself recline down onto my back as my legs dangle off the bed. My tight cunt squeezing, your erection swelling and pulsing and pumping deep inside - I can't hold this one back for long. But I want to. I want it to take me to the end of your sensual entry. I slow my eager fingers down, letting my orgasm take time. Your belly slaps against my ass. I can feel it. I can hear it. Your cock bangs me forcefully. You know I love being fucked from behind like this - taken over and pinned down and used. I love it when you do this to me. I look down to the next line. That's where I orgasm. My eyes scan over the word "throbbing" again and that's all I can take. I can't even hold myself up to read the screen. I let my body fall, my back arch, my hips trust into my fingers - thrust towards your cock - a hard, throbbing erection that very sadly isn't there. My legs clench, trying to manipulate the building orgasm. My toes curl. I throw my head back. My mouth is moving. It needs something. Your mouth or maybe your wet erection. No, my swollen pussy needs your erection. Wants it so bad. My rhythm's now frantic. I slip over my clit a few more times. And I feel myself about to come. And I want it. I want you. I feel a hard cock inside of me instead of my small fingers. I imagine your penis mercilessly fucking me from behind. And that thought, that image, your throbbing cock, throws me over the edge into a glorious orgasm. My pussy very suddenly contracts and slide my fingers out. I lay on the bed for a few moments, reading your last lines - reading about your orgasm. Was it as good for you as it was for me? I hope so. Mmmm, your cum filling me. I wish I'd read that before I climaxed.

You write beautifully, Roger. I love every minute of this.


from tara:

i just love your site. upon stumbling onto it i read your stories. i know you love to know that you turn your reader on. and here is just a tid bit of what you did to me:

i sit here in front of my screen in my black leather chair. i lean back and begin to read your blog. i begin to feel very wet and begin to push my hand up my shirt, until i reach my strapless bra. i push down my bra until my nipples are exposed, erect and ready. i begin to play with them with my fingers, as my right hand scrolls down to read more of your delicious story. soon i come to part your cock is entering the girl. i run upstairs to grab my vibrator and return reading your story. i push up my pink skirt and move the crotch of my panties to the side as a insert the vibrate slowly while my left hand slowly begins to rub my clit. it feels delicious as a begin to play with my nipple with my right hand. i can almost feel your warm throbbing cock entering me as i insert the vibrator fully. i begin to moan as i thrust my hips to my vibrator and i push in and out at an angle that brushes against my clit. i begin to pant and beads of sweat form while my right hand vigorously tweaks my nipples. OHHHH OHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH. i thrust harder and faster...until my body shakes with tremors. and i come all over my black leather chair...

thanks for the orgasm


from MidniteSiren:

My body still trembling, "Please....", I whisper "Take me again..."
You push me down and begin to enter my saturated, throbbing cunt.
" my ass....fuck my ass..."
With a firm hand, you thrust your fingers into my pussy, dripping with the culmination of our prior lust. You smear the cocktail of my honey and your seed over the taut pucker of my backside.
You tease me...rubbing your swollen manhood between my cheeks. Placing the tip against it, pushing slowly, then retracting.
"Please..." ( I think you rather enjoy making me beg)
Again the tip knocks at my backdoor. Entering slowly, until my dark hole swallows it. You begin to fuck me, hard as you like. Still holding me down, a fistful of my hair keeping me in place. My gasps of pleasure trapped in the pillow.
You reach around and cup my breasts, pinching my pierced nipples. Sending shivers through my body. Then your hand slides down my tummy until it finds my swollen clit. You stroke it firmly, feeling my insides tremble around your cock, knowing I will cum soon. As the pace quickens, I can barely control my quivering body....
"FUCK..I'm going to cum..."
The pleasure explodes though me just as I feel you explode inside me.
Deliciously spent :)


I had forgotten about that...seeing it again got me just as aroused as when I wrote it:)


Yes Rogy, thank you for this, I love it :)

Siren - ahh, but it's been a while - you should write a new one ;)

Kitten - it's fun, isn't it? I don't think we'll get entries in here very often, but I'll always enjoy them when they show up - glad you're having fun reading them too! xx

one of my own sexual fantasies rog? well that's easy - you. teasing me, kissing me, fucking me. playing for hours on end... getting to suck your gorgeous cock, getting to fuck you a million different ways, getting to watch you come... oh let me count the ways i fantasise about you ;)

nez, that obviously sounds delightful - now if you were to write that in a little more detail for me, not only would I post it, but I'd enjoy it rather thoroughly too ;) xx


Mmmm... A real work of art, and made me wet, too! Full of symbolic imagery -- the bonds of marriage (the ribbon from the wedding) lain too long denied/neglected ("hung up" "in the closet,") finally finding release in bondage ("hot, married sex") A+ (and for use of literal "suspense" (you, hanging by a hook) to "heighten our "suspense": You put a lot of thought into this... Thank God there are still people with *their own* sexual fantasies in the world. I could smell the cedar, feel the possibility -- both exciting and terrifying -- of a million fragrant splinters in my face and breasts (nipples, too), but these emotions were quickly bruched away by the beautful, spotlit vision (as in, "she's a vision to behold,") of your glistening pussy under your flowing hair and ribbon-hung hands, and his lips worshiping at his makeshift shrine -- gorgeous!

The thumping of the music the movement of the bodies as they dance together sends an electric pulse thru the atmosphere. I'm lost in the moment, dancing to the beat. Allowing the sensual pleasure of a strangers touch as they fluidly move against me in the crowd.

You come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist. Bring me against your chest. Allowing me to fill your hard cock in the cleft of my bottom. The only thing between us was our restrictive cloths. We continue to move to the rhythm of the music. Gyrating and pulsating to the beat. You see the passion and frustration in my eyes when I look back at you and grind myself against you. You slide your hand up under my skirt and between my legs feeling my wetness thru my panties. You grab my hand and guide me to the back door.

In one step we go from the electric buzz of the dance floor to the cool and frosty air of the damp back lane. You point to your car, I head for the door but you grab me and push me against the bonnet. I look at you startled. You hoist me further up the bonnet and I fall back with my legs spread. Your hands are on me as you pull my panties down my legs. I kick one leg out trying to get away from you. I feel exposed. You flip me over on the cold metal whispering in my ear that I am a dirty little cock tease who needs to be fucked. As you whisper this you push your finger into my dripping pucy. I buck against your hand. You turn me once more and bunch my skirt up around my waist. I must look a real slut with my legs spread on your car with my panties dangling from my ankle.

You stand back and look at me with a carnal look in your eye. ‘Touch yourself’ you say. I succumb to your tone and start to rub my pucy. As I touch myself I look around at the back lane. Seeing the damp and dark surrounds, the overflowing trash cans the stars above. I feel like a dirty $2 whore. That thought sends my juices to my core. I then look to you; you have undone your jeans and are fisting your cock. You walk towards me and grab my hands, holding them above my head against the windshield. You position your cock at my dripping centre and in one forceful thrust you impale me on your cock. My eyes roll back in m head as I start my journey towards heaven with each thrust hitting deep inside my womanhood. You hold my hands tighter as you pound your quivering cock into me.

The sounds of the connection of flesh, the creaking of the metal car bonnet under our combined weight. I manage to miss the sound of the back door of the club opening. Its too late when out of the corner of my eye I catch the spark of a match being lit by a fellow reveller as he stands and watches you fuck me into oblivion. I gaze around and see that a crowd has gathered to watch the scene of two strangers fucking in a back lane in the middle of the night. I look at you with pleading eyes and ask you to stop. You look at me then rip my blouse open revealing my tits to the world. I close my eyes and try to block out the crowd and focus on my impeding orgasm that is building inside me.

There is a flash across my eyelids. I open to find that I am being photographed mid fuck. You smile at me and fuck me harder. You get one of the men to come up and you ask him to hold my hands, he does willingly. Looking down with a smile on his face at the view that’s before him.

You hold my legs up and apart and you pound into me. You then pull out showing the crowd my gapping pucy, more flashes. You start to finger my clit. I yell at you to just fuck me and make me come. You grab my hair and force me to look into your eyes. You say to me and you rub my clit harder ‘You want this; you’re a dirty slut who is getting off on this. I could feel your pucy pulsating and milking my cock. Now take it like a good girl or I will let every man here fuck you’. I squirm against your finger and you ask if I like it. I nod my head then beg you to fuck me, make me cum.

You turn me over. The man holding my hands lets go. I don’t try to run; I claw at the car as you pound your piece of flesh into once again. I don’t fight you. I push back imbedding you further and further into me. The man who was holding my hands places his hands on my breasts and pinches my nipples. You fuck me hard and harder. Our bodies are a blur at the speed of your thrusts. You can feel my pucy start to pulsate you know I am about cum.

You grab my hips and angle my body so you are hitting a different spot within. You slip your thumb into my puckered arse. It sends me over the edge and I scream in ecstasy as I shatter around your cock in a mind blowing orgasm. You grab my hair and pull me up against you building to your own explosion. You bite down on my neck as you shoot your load of hot cum into my quivering, trembling pucy. The audience which has now grown cheers at the performance they have just witnessed.

You push me onto my back and nudge my knees apart letting them see our mixed juices as they leak from my swollen pucy. I lay back in the after glow. I let the cold air touch places that it hasn’t touched before. I look at sky. The stars are hiding now. There are clouds in the way. It starts to rain. The cold drops splash on my naked body.

My own tears start to fall. Not due to pain or humiliation, But the loss of my innocence. The knowing I will never be the same again and the freedom it brings of knowing I now belong to you. My body, my mind and my soul belong to you


AllyX - incredible... so intense and dirty, so delightful... I just came gorgeously... still wet and throbbing as I type... thankyou xxx

nice blog...
something i don't know if i'd really like/do in real time but i do think A LOT about while i masturbate.

let's say you are my man, we are sitting at our place with some of your friens... out of the blue, you tell your friends that i am an eager cocksucker and that i just LOVE to go down on men. i shyly complain, and ask you to stop but you go on, telling everybody that just the thought of that makes me wet. i am embarassed but i also know that you are right and your words are making me wetting my panties. You ask me to tell all our friends if i am wet in this moment, or not. i whisper 'yes, i am' you ask me to say it louder, i say 'YES, I AM'.
so why don't you show us you say, and i feel like io could die out of shame but i also know that i need it. i stand up, raise my skirt, show you my wet panties.
'and this is just by thinking about having a cock in your mouth' you tease me, 'wonder what would happen if you really did it, right now....'

'why don't you ask X to let you suck his cock and show us what happens', you go on.... 'no, pleae, i say...' hoping that you will insist, and make me do it.

'i know you want do do it' - you say - 'don't you?'

'yes, i murmur, lowering my eyes as i get close to X.

i knelle before him. 'may i suck your cock' i ask X, loud enough for you to hear me.

X can't believe his ears and looks at you, asking for approval. you nod, and he pulls out his cock.

i feel humiliated, slutty and extremely aroused. as i take his cock in my mouth a wave of juice ozzes out of my cunt. you lower my panties, leave them half way down my thighs, so that any of your friends can look at my pussy and see how obscenely wet it is. i fioght theurge to rub it.

i can feel X is close to cumming, and i know what's gonna be next. i crave it.

'X is about to have an orgasm' you tell me... 'where would you like him to cum'?

we both know the answer, as i whisper 'in my mouth'.

'well, ask X' if he's willing to do it' you say

'will you cum in my mouth, please?' i ask, as my own words make my shiver in a light orgasm.

X does not even reply. colses hizs eyes, grunts, inreases the pace of his thrusts in my mouth and fills it with his hot, sticky sperm. he pulls out and shoots the last load on my face.

it's over, now, as you come close to me, lift me up and ask me if i you enjoyed it.

i did, of course, you know it, and everyone of your friends know it.

your hand between my thighs, incredibly wet mith my juices, is the ultimate evidence, and you proudly show it to all of your friends.

they will never look at me the same way from now on.

other varations of this fantasy include me being offered and fucked
or assfucked by one of your friends, or you making me masturbate and cum in front of them.

i masturbated while writing this.

excuse me for my english, i'm italian

your english is very good, lady bijou, and this fantasy is intensely erotic... just as you masturbated whilst writing this, I'm masturbating right now, as I type these words... you've left me erect and aroused, so I think I'm going to read this again, and cum thinking about this... just delightful, thankyou xx

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