Paris 1:8

Thursday, October 06, 2005 at 7:20 PM

We kissed passionately, a kiss born of lust and extreme desire, at long last tasting each other, her lips soft and wet, surrendering to mine, a small groan drifting from her throat as my tongue slid against hers, penetrating her open lips, invading her eager mouth. Her fingers were still rubbing at my crotch, grasping around my erection through my trousers as I pressed her against the door, stroking up and down, masturbating me through my clothes, wanton, greedy, desperate for my cock.

My own hands were equally as busy, one hand cupping one of her firm young breasts, squeezing it through her blouse, my other hand urgently tugging up her long skirt, sliding up the inside of her stockinged thighs, gasping as I reached naked flesh. She groaned, trembling a little as I kissed her more greedily, her fingers fumbling urgently at my crotch, trying to unfasten my buttons, as my hand slipped further up, up to her delicious cunt.

I groaned with pleasure in her mouth as I kissed her, astonished to find her bereft of underwear, naked under her skirt - either she'd removed her panties whilst touching herself earlier, or she was in the habit of wearing little under her skirt - whichever, she quivered with pleasure as my fingertips found the warm wetness of her cunt, dipping my index finger inside her, her labia parting wetly around my exploring fingertip, hot and wet, her body shuddering against the door as I stroked her, her thighs parting to invite me further, my lips still greedily caressing hers.

We were still pressed against the door of the compartment - on the other side of the door I could hear people coming and going along the corridor of the train, talking, laughing, heading to and from the busy restaurant carriage, but I no longer cared if we were heard - our bodies pushed and moved urgently against the door, feet, elbows, knees, banging against the thin wooden veneer as we wrestled with each others clothes, Vanessa's fingers succeeding in unbuttoning my trousers, tugging them down eagerly with my briefs until they fell around my ankles.

I groaned again as her warm hand found my hard, straining erection, wrapping her fingers around it, rubbing me, stroking me, masturbating my hot, swollen cock as my own fingers slid inside her. I kissed her more urgently, spreading her warm wetness up from her hot sex, dragging it up to her throbbing clit, and she moaned wantonly as my fingers skidded wetly around her clitoris, rubbing, stroking in a delicious rhythm as I kissed her passionately. Her thighs were trembling now as I masturbated her, her legs spreading open, inviting me, surrendering to me.

I couldn't wait any longer - I had to have her, right there, pinned against the door. I needed to fuck her. My thighs slipped between hers, still kissing her as my body pressed against her, my hands tugging her skirt up around her waist, my erection suddenly hot and hard against her, sliding between her parted thighs.

She rubbed against me greedily, and I gasped with pleasure, feeling the wetness of her cunt sliding now against my erect cock, still not inside her, her labia pouting deliciously, the wet lips skidding wetly along the length of my throbbing penis, her juices already dribbling along my cock. I had to be inside her - I slid my hands under her stockinged thighs, lifting her up, her legs wrapping around my hips, the head of my cock sliding down the entrance to her sex, slipping suddenly between the lips of her dripping wet cunt.

I kissed her again, our lips skidding together, and as her tongue slipped into my mouth, I felt her cunt begin to engulf my erection - I groaned into her mouth, and thrust, long and deep, penetrating her - she moaned into my lips, pushing her wet cunt down around my hard cock, taking it deep inside her, a sudden gush of her juices splashing down my erection as I began to fuck her.

We were moving as one now, fucking each other hard against the door, our bodies pushing and moving in urgent rhythm, grinding, thrusting, gasping with pleasure, her cunt so hot and wet around my throbbing penis, wet sounds splashing from between her thighs as I took her greedily, urgently.

My lips slid down her neck, licking, sucking, biting at her soft neck as my hand returned to her breast, squeezing, stroking, rubbing at her hard nipple, my cock thrusting in and out, in and out, harder, deeper, taking her, fucking her - so urgent, so greedy, so intensely passionate.

I was desperately holding back my orgasm, wanting her to come first - and from the trembling of her thighs as she fucked me, the wetness of her cunt flooding around my cock, I knew she was almost there. I rammed hard and deep, wanting her to come, needing it, needing to feel her come all over my cock - she groaned urgently, her body suddenly shuddering against the door, her cunt engulfing my pounding erection - she gasped: "ohh god... don't stop... please don't stop... " - I thrust hard, again... again... again - she gasped urgently: "that's it... I'm coming....." - the door rattled at her back, her body convulsing intensely as her orgasm shook through her, a stream of her wetness suddenly drenching my thrusting cock, dripping down my balls as she came all over my hot, hard erection, grinding down on me, her cunt squeezing my cock, so wet, so hot, contracting urgently as her orgasm pulsed through her body, my cock filling her so deep, so hard...

I needed to come - I was so close to my own orgasm, Vanessa still trembling, clinging to me gorgeously. I gasped, my cock throbbing intensely inside her, still moving, still fucking her - she groaned in response, still squeezing around me, feeling the hard pulses of my cock, sensing my imminent orgasm : "please...", she breathed, "don't cum yet... I want you to cum in my mouth... let me go down on you..."

In that moment, I was hers, completely.

to be continued...


Roger, that was simply breathtaking. I slid my hand down between my supple thighs, stroking my wet slit as I read this.

Thank you for a delicious orgasm.

wow, Roger


I knew...*gasp*...It would be worth...*pant*
...the wait *pant*...
;) Sorry baby...still catching my breath here,
pussy throbbing, soaking the keyboard here,
fingers trembling so much I can barely type...
That was intense...
Does anyone have a towel???
Actually, on second thought, I'll take a bubble bath
so that the pleasure doesn't have to end...
care to join me?

Very lovely, very hot, very wet...thank you.

Oh my.....I am still trying to gather myself together. I have read this now twice and am extremely aroused. I found my own fingers dipping into my wetness. One of my hands squeezing my breast while the other slides in the wetness and around my clit. I can imagine you touching me like that. I want you to take me like that. I need it..... Thank you Roger for such a truly erotic story! It is so hard to wait for the next installment, but I have have me hooked. :)

In her case, FINALLY.
As for his... keep the chapters flowing!

mmm Roger, so amazing.. still stroking my clit as i type this. Wishing you were fucking me against a door in that way..

that was definitely worth the wait, it'll be unbearable waiting for the next part. hope its soon :)

girls, thankyou xx
still one more post on the Orient Express before we finally reach Paris (and begin Chapter 2), which'll go up after the weekend - hopefully you'll enjoy it...

Simply marvelous....

thankyou char x

Amazing, beyond words...I need someone...oh my word...Roger you are gifted. I can hardly wait for the rest...


just how luscious can this get?!
I hope you dont mind, but i've added you to my links and you are also my "blog of the week". Congrats! :)

hmm. baby that was great. can't wait to get to Paris.

paige xxx

Cookim - thankyou, more to follow after the weekend x
paige - yes, just one more post in Chapter 1 to go, and we reach Paris - this chapter sets up the central relationship in the story (which is cemented in Chapter 2), and we're about to meet the rest of the cast (some of whom you might have spotted in passing already, if you've been reading closely).
Ans extraordinary woman - that's the first award I've ever received! I'm blushing, and honoured, thankyou xx

I suppose I should start at the beginning... I haven't been reading this series, since I've not been surfing blogs for some time now. But I have to say, I didn't think you had this level of writing in you. You were very arousing before, but I wasn't sure where your prose would take you, since a plot's much harder to balance than just vignettes of fucking.

Very nice, very arousing, but very well-written. Congrats. I'll very likely go back to the beginning on some Sunday when time is on my hands, unlike today.

The Cunting Linguist.

rather a back-handed compliment lol, but thankyou anyway - there are other sustained narratives in here y'know! ('photographing katie', 'the house' 1 and 2, 'at the party', amongst others) Anyway, glad you liked this segment - this is only chapter one, so there isn't a great deal for you to catch up on, should you choose to do so...

beautifully intense like always...

now i need to go wash my hands, thank you


thankyou, very much my pleasure x

oh roger...

I just came to this, and then again to one of the archives... I'm just so greedy, it's hard to have just one ;)

Getting a chance to really read through it, repeating the most enticing lines in my head over and over again... it just blew me away. I love your work Roger, thank you for being so amazing.


Hello Roger,
I hate to rush u much longer I need to continue reading...sorry so greedy

Yours CookiM.

Goodness...well, I stumbled upon this site from the recently updated column. Now I know where to 'cum' on a lonely night. ;)
Nice writing.

It's so hot in here - I think I need to remove some clothing! lol You write that so well, Roger, each of us is in that little room with you - moving to the rhythm of your beat. mmmmmmmmm

This setting is proving to be the beginning of a very sensual and decadent time and place. What will the courtesan from 1:1 bring??? Take your time, dear, but keep it coming. And coming.

*kisses* - Bo

kitten, it's always a pleasure to please you so much, and your greediness is, of course, encouraged ;) xx

Cookim - my apologies, I've been having a sneaky week off from writing, but there'll be lots more after the weekend - thankyou for your patience, I promise it'll be worth the wait x

texas gurl - a warm welcome to my blog - hope you're enjoying the archives x

Bo - thankyou, and fear not, I have all kinds of plans for this (most of them filthy ;) )

yes, i know, i know... i'm on the verge of reading it, but i'm listening to the canucks/avalanche hockey game and my attention's not so good. making a mental note to return.

that WAS backhanded, huh? tsk. it's very good. :)

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