watching you

Thursday, September 01, 2005 at 11:48 PM

I want you to touch yourself for me. Right now. I want you to lay back in your bed, or sit back in your chair, wherever you happen to be, whatever you happen to be doing, and I want you to touch yourself, intimately, sexually... I want to know that's just what you're doing right now... stroking yourself for me, masturbating as you read these words... I want you to masturbate for me... I want you to come as I watch you...

I know you like to read these words secretly, alone, when you know no-one can see you but me, when you want to be aroused, to be taken, to be fucked, to be made to cum intensely... you're such a deliciously dirty girl, but you know I love that, you know I want you to be aroused, I want you to become wet, I want you to feel that pleasure slowly building, throbbing, pulsing... I so very much want you to come...

Masturbate for me now... I want to watch you... want to see you... your fingers down between your open thighs, sliding and skidding deliciously, over and around your clit, stroking, rubbing... ohhh that's it... ahh god I love you doing that for me... knowing that I'm watching you, knowing how hard that makes me... knowing I can almost taste you as I hear you getting wet, loving your gasps, your delicate moans, your sweet, urgent sighs as you take yourself closer... closer... closer to orgasm...

It excites me intensely... can you see how hard I am...? I have my warm, hard cock in my hand now, stroking, sliding my fingers up and down the length of my cock... keeping time with you, sharing the rhythm of your fingers, my cock pulsing deliciously as I watch you, knowing this will make me cum...

And you know I'll cum... you know I won't be able to hold it back... when you come for me, when you reach that orgasm, you know I'll need to cum too, hard, urgent, wet, groaning intensely, cumming all over you, my cum spurting from the head of my swollen cock as I reach an incredible, pulsating orgasm right next to you... crying out your name as I cum... spurting my cum over your face... your breasts... your tummy... covering you with all my spunk... so hot... so wet... all over you...

Come for me... come hard... don't hold it back... I want to see you come... can you see my cock throbbing, pulsing, so hard, so erect...? I need it... I need your orgasm... I need to see you come so badly... rub harder... faster... god don't stop... rubbing... stroking... squeezing... ohh god... fucking yourself now with your fingers... god you're so wet... don't stop... please don't stop... god I'm gonna cum with you... thaat's it... harder... ohhh god harder... ohhh fuck... ohh fuck you're gonna make me cum... now... ohh god cum for me now... ohhhhh fuckkk that's it.... yes.... YES... NOW....


You mean you want to hear all about how my hand is shoved down in my thong right now, unable to contol myself? Do you want to hear all the naughty details of how I am touching, stroking and fucking my pussy?

You know that you will make me cum, my sweet juices flowing overy my fingers. I'm going to lick them clean thinking of you and your gorgeous cock.

For you, my hand constantly slides down between my thighs. All the way down... always surprised how wet I am. I caress as you witness me contort. You must know how much you arouse me. It is written all over my face.

:: christina

kristen, of course I want to hear the details, and it's a pleasure to make you cum...

christina - yes, I can see how much I arouse you, and just how wet you are...

I love when you watch.... You make me so wet and I can't help but touch myself. It feels so good, but would feel so much better if after you watched for a little while, you would slide your cock inside of me so we could cum together.

you are getting better at making me elicit gasps, hopefully i will be able to keep this down... you are so naughty.
-*tease me*

sandra - you're such a greedy girl ;)

tease me - ah yes, but naughty is good... ;)

Hey Roger baby,
I just discoverd ur site while searchin google for dirty talk, and I hav never read nehtin so amazing, Ive come already just from reading 1 of ur stories and playing with my very wet pussy. I hope you write some more soon, as now I'm a single grl, I need a little help and u r amazing. Im touching my throbbing clit rite now, getting closer to coming, ooooh baby thts so gd, i want u, my whole body is getting tense now, oooh fuck, baby i need u inside me, oooh wow, fuck, im coming baby, rite now, aaah, fuccck, wow *deep breaths* ur so fantastic! tlk 2 u soon baby n thnk u xxx

Its so easy for me to spread my legs for you. Almost too easy. The warrior within me is ashamed at my quick surrender. Your words guide my fingers, insistent, persistent, closer and closer to my aching clit. I am so wet from your words, from your gaze, your eyes holding my glory, your eyes willing me to orgasm. My thighs trembling as I near the edge of that sweet abyss, my fingers slippery with my juices moving faster, harder against my swollen flesh. I never needed to moan before I found you, now every ounce of my sexual being requires me to do so. I moan and you watch and I cum... there is blood on my lips where I bite back an exclaimation driven by release. You are my new aphrodisiac.

such an intensely erotic comment, which quite frankly has left me hard - thankyou, it's a pleasure to arouse you so x

it is a pleasure to be so aroused... :)

You are such a great writer, I love your style. I got so horny and now I am going to get soaked, soaking wet, just for you honey.

anonymous - thankyou - very much a pleasure for me to get you so deliciously wet...

oh roger
what are you doing to me?
How are you doing this to me?
I know you wrote this post over a year ago
yet i feel it right now
like you're commanding me, now, and i'm gushing wet, so wet
haven't even touched myself yet and my clit is throbbing at your word
so hard to type
every time
every time roger
your words
stroke me tease me a line of fire licks me
no stopping it
have to stop
but i cant stop cant stop so good

have to go now need to cum so hard for you roger

i've found i can't cum while typing, too much brain engagement
will come back & tell you about it
can't wait any more can't wait
so good
too good too hot oh

thank you

wet & shy

wet and shy - mmmm... such a delightfully dirty girl... I think you know how much I love watching you, how much I adore seeing you cum... such a greedy girl, and such a disgraceful little slut ;) x

This is my favorite one. I don have to use my imagination too much, I jut do what I'm told. You made me come after holding back for weeks. Loved it.

mmm... I'm glad you enjoyed it so much - I hope your orgasm was really, really good, after holding off for so long - and I hope you'll be back for more ;) x

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