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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 at 2:04 AM

The long wait is finally almost over - starting next week...

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Such a bad boy, Roger, teasing us like that, leaving us unsatisfied. Hmmm, how about if a couple of us tie you down (leaving your hands free to type, of course) and slowly, oh, so slowly take turns licking and nibbling you - One starting from your toes, up the inside of your knees, your thighs... the other working her way down from your neck, to your chest, your abdomen... meeting in the middle, driving you wild, teasing you without mercy, til you post some delightfully dirty new material. Then we'll reward you with a little lip and hip service ;O Vive le Paris!

ooohhh... such a tease! I am a brand new reader... brand new to reading anything like this, and I have to say I love it!!! you are an amazingly erotic writer! you've actually insired me to do a little dirty e-mailing of my own.. :)

oh la la! I'm with bo! and I wanna help tease! (tease tease) It's just perfect Roger :) can't wait :)

hugs and kisses

thankyou girls - look for it after the weekend, along with some BIG changes to the look of the blog - I'll say no more, but it'll suddenly be a lot nicer in here...

and daisy - welcome to my blog, hope you're having fun in the archives - and hope you're enjoying your dirty emailing too !

Roger, you are such a naughty tease! Making us wait like this ALL weekend long.

Why, it's enough to make me want to do all sorts of unspeakably naughty things to you for your just desserts.

gday from australia.
just wanted to say i love reading your work dirty boy and keep it up!

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