Paris 1:7

Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 7:54 PM

We made our way through the carriages, passing fellow train travellers; waiters bringing tea and refreshments to private compartments; the guard collecting tickets - if anyone thought we were perhaps in a little to much of a hurry to get to my sleeping compartment, they turned a blind eye - this was, after all, the Orient Express, notorious for providing the upper classes with an opportunity for private, spontaneous pleasures such as this. It might have looked a little more innocent if Vanessa hadn't been holding my hand, giggling as I led her to my compartment - but I was beyond caring about such things after her delightful display in the restaurant carriage - I needed to fuck her, there and then. My orgasm had been sharp and urgent and strangely unsatisfying - I needed to be inside her, needed to feel her wrapped around me, gasping sensually as my cock pounded deep into her deliciously wet sex - I needed to feel her come on me, urgently, intensely.

We finally reached my compartment, and I opened the door, watching her step inside, her pale blouse drifting in the slight breeze from the open windows of the carriage, her long skirt sweeping teasingly around her legs. I was erect again, already, anticipating the pleasures to come, following her inside the luxurious, wood-panelled compartment, and closing the door firmly behind me, smiling at her.

She turned towards me immediately, pressing herself against me, her lips sliding across mine, tasting, caressing, her body molding itself against my own. As she kissed me, her hand slipped quickly down my body, over my silk shirt, passing over the crotch of my trousers, gasping a little in my mouth as her fingers found the shape of my erection, clutching it, stroking me through my trousers, her lips kissing me greedily. I groaned softly, sliding my hand up her back, my fingers drifting through her hair, turning her as we kissed, until she was positioned as I had been, pressed against the door of the compartment, my own body moving against hers, our lips clashing sensually, passionately, my hand tugging up her long skirt, slipping all the way up her stockinged thighs...

to be continued...


short but wonderful.. you're such a tease leaving it there like that.
I can't wait for the next part, hope it comes soon so i can ;)

Cruel! thats what it is!
very damned masterful though (giving just the teensyest pleasure) and as always very very sexy. Already some gorgeous tingles and an alteration to my breathing rate...

So short... not fair!

My hand is sliding over my silky thigh right now, Roger. I am just waiting to see where your hand slides next.

I hope I dont have to wait long...

you should.... oh you should write a book. I need it all, I need it now. I need the story and I need to cum to it. I need it, Roger, and badly

I got used to reading your whole posts!!! You've spoiled me Rog!!!:P...Dealing with the wait has become almost impossible...I want to come to you, NOW...(*stamp stamp* :P)I guess I'll just have to find the patience to WAIT for you to decide it's time for me...I'm sure it'll be worth, it ;)

thankyou girls x
I am a terrible tease, I know ;)
more to come in the next day or two...

I love how you tease me. You seem to know that I like that. It makes me want you all the more. I love the idea of you sliding my skirt up so you can touch me. I can't wait for the next installment.....

sandra - yes, I do love teasing you ;)
Much more tomorrow though, or possibly wednesday at the latest x

just found your site a few days ago and have lost sleep backreading. It has kept me very arooused.

A big fan

Jackie, it's a pleasure to arouse you - hope the lost sleep has been worthwhile ;)

More the worth it..its been very exciting

If you ever need any one to discuss things with hit me up :)

not fair rog, you're being a tease :P we need more more more...

hmmm... wednesday at the latest? its thursday.. perhaps u should be punished for this ;)

nez, anonymous girl - your patience has been rewarded, the latest part is up as we speak - enjoy x

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