Paris 1:6

Friday, September 23, 2005 at 7:40 PM

The train continued it's rhythmic course, rocking gently to and fro, and as I continued to watch her, Vanessa kept rhythm with the movements of the train, her breath a little faster, her hand still firmly between her open thighs, her fingers not visible to me, but clearly stroking, stroking, stroking. I heard her feet slide a little underneath the table, and she looked up at me for a moment, smiled, and suddenly I felt a stockinged foot brushing against my shin, staying there for a second or two, and then sliding enticingly up my leg, smiling at me again and returning to the journal.

I could barely think - I was trying to concentrate on the diners around us, nervous that she might be seen, that someone might guess what she was up to, but no-one was paying us the slightest attention, and my own senses were becoming fully engaged on the slight, rhythmic movement of her arm, the barely detectable increase in her breathing, the slight tremble of her fingertips as they caressed the pages of the journal, and her stocking foot, now all the way up my leg, and slipping between my parted thighs. I looked at her - I know my face was flushed - and she smiled again, almost demurely, as her foot found its way to my crotch, and settled there, firmly, against my now straining erection.

Still no words passed between us, and to anyone passing, we would have seemed to be relaxing, smiling occasionally at each other, Vanessa quietly reading the journal, with me watching her casually. Underneath the table, however, was a different story entirely. I could see from the movements of her shoulder that Vanessa's fingers were working more rapidly, a small, intimate, wet sound occasionally just audible to me, her breathing a little harder. I also now had a hand discreetly under the table - it felt too obvious - I picked up my copy of Le Monde in my right hand, and casually perused the sports page I had already read in the gentleman's toilet - or at least that would have been how I appeared to a fellow traveller walking down the aisle. My gaze, however, was still firmly on Vanessa, my left hand under the table between my thighs, rapidly unbuttoning my trousers, finding my deliciously throbbing erection, stroking it in my warm fingers, and slipping it out to rest against her foot, still stroking it discreetly, my fingers brushing against her toes with each stroke of my hand. Feeling my cock suddenly hot and hard against the sole of her foot, Vanessa looked at me and gasped gently, pressing her foot against my erection, rubbing against it rhythmically, keeping time with her fingers as they stroked more urgently between her open thighs.

I gasped, looking at her - I could feel my climax approaching, and was certain nothing would stop it. She immediately sensed my urgency - her eyes met mine, fixed there, both of us watching each other intently - I felt her foot tremble against my cock - she gasped quietly, suddenly - a definite splash of wetness suddenly audible from between her thighs - I glanced around us quickly - no-one was looking our way - I felt my cock throbbing intensely, pushing it hard against her foot - she whispered suddenly "Now..." and a delicious shudder rippled briefly through her body, followed by a harder one, biting her lip, her expression suddenly intense, rubbing herself urgently against her wet fingers, trying not to groan as her climax overtook her.

It was all I could take - stifling a groan, I tightened my thighs around her foot, pressing myself against it, feeling my cock throbbing hard, my orgasm pulsing through my body, over and over, as my cum spilt in small wet splashes from my cock, again and again, covering her stockinged foot with the evidence of my orgasm.

Slowly our trembling ceased, both of us suddenly aware again of our surroundings, making ourselves discreetly decent under the table, Vanessa giggling playfully. "I think, perhaps," I smiled, "that we should continue this conversation in my room."

"My thoughts exactly," she smiled, taking a final sip of her tea, wiping her wet foot discreetly against the soft carpet of the carriage.

to be continued...


Roger, it is *SO* delicious. I have my hand stroking down towards my thighs right now.

I look very much forward to the next chapter.

glad you like it, kristen - it was fun to write too ;)
More at the weekend...

that was so good.. im sure i'll read that through a few more times, my hand between my thighs..
im definitely looking foward to the next part :)

thankyou sarah - and it's practically a requirement that my site should be read with your hand between your thighs... ;)

in that case ill make sure to keep it there when im reading ;) xx

my fingers wet... trembling, my heart racing, and I'm breathing hard... oh Roger, you've done it again....

I love it

Oooh, I can feel the rhythm of the rocking train, Roger: the gently moving seats, the clinking of the tea cups in their saucers, the noise of the engine just disguising the sounds of your lusty characters (soon to be lustier, I trust), enjoying themselves in public like that. Such a naughty boy!

wow....worth the wait, my dear


sarah - glad to hear it, your enjoyment should increase delightfully ;)

kitten - always a pleasure to excite you so intensely, and that excitement is hopefully about to increase as we move into the privacy of my room ;)

bo - yes, I love the naughtiness of the scenario too, very exciting to write - and yes, much lustier to follow...

Carly - thankyou, much filthier to follow ;)

Roger, you always take me to the edge. I am wet, my fingers caressing my clit and lips. It feels so good and the thought of your throbbing erection is spectacular.I find my myself stroking myself faster and faster and then slipping my finger inside. God, that feels good.....

Sandra, that's precisely the reaction I want you to have to my erotica - I hope your orgasm was delicious x

you bad, bad, naughty dirtyboy, you! that was so naughtily clever. very delicious indeed. my silk panties are soaked.... I'm now stroking my swollen clit through the material............ bet my fingers will slip mmmmmm.... so..... easily into my ooohhhhh juicy..... hole..... once I tug... the cloth... to one uhnn side...nnnnnow....... ohhhh fuck take me to your room, Monsieur.

I havent stopped by in a while, (due to lack of time) but my how the place has changed!... It's prettied up a lot - looking absolutely fabulous - even better than the original blog. And of course, the writing is as deliciously seductive as ever.
Great job

lucia - that really is an extraordinarily arousing comment... instantly erect here, and very pleased you're enjoying it so much - lots more to follow ;)

extraordinary woman - thankyou, hope you stop by regularly! x

but of course!

My skirt didn't stay tucked nicely around my legs for very long. It was up around my thighs far before the end of the second paragraph. It was by far one of the most seductive things I have read in a very long time. I feel like the "good girl gone bad" as I sit here refusing to touch myself... hoping that this feeling of pent up desire will pass. But I can feel my desire tracing rebelliously down my thighs as I continue to absorb your every word. How is it that you make it worse? much worse--yes-I can't...


more to follow, scarlet lady - hopefully tomorrow - when I'll be hopefully making it even harder for you to resist touching yourself - obviously, I very much encourage such a reaction to my words ;)

well dirtyboy darlin', you get what you give. ;) this kind of naughty business really does it for me. the risk of being seen while playing just cranks up my lust to delicious proportions. i love being "forced" to be discreet like that. cause then I'm sure it will translate to hot steamy sex with wild wild WILD! abandon once we get to a more private nest. so it goes without saying (and with fingers jammed in my cunt), I'm wetly awaiting for the next chapter.

yes lucia, that's precisely what's going to happen in the next part - I think you'll like it ;)

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