you've been a bad girl (1 of 3)

Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 11:54 PM

Dirty girl. You've been masturbating again, and you know how naughty that is. Did you think I wouldn't notice? The room smells of sex and you - you're such a bad girl, touching yourself like that. I wonder how many times you came, and what took you over the edge each time? Was it thoughts of me, my cock deep inside you, fucking you hard and urgent? Or maybe you were imagining me astride you, my erection hot and hard in my hand, as I came in your mouth, all over your pretty face, spurting my hot cum over your breasts... such a naughty girl.

I should punish you, but you seem to want that - walking round in that short short skirt, those tiny panties easily visible when you bend over, knowing I'm watching you, smiling at me wickedly, teasing me, practically begging me to take you over my knee, to lift up your skirt and spank you hard - that's what you want , isn't it? You want to be spanked. Such a dirty girl.

But dirty girls don't always get what they want. Get on the bed, on all fours. That's it - no need to undress, I like you just as you are. And there's no point wiggling that ass at me - I'm not going to spank you - I'm just gonna push your face down - just like I am doing now - so your head is on the mattress, your ass still raised as I move behind you, sliding my hands up the inside of your bare thigh, all the way up to your panties - no, don't struggle, do as you're told - my hand up underneath your short skirt, my fingers at the crotch of your panties - they're damp - you're such a dirty little slut - tugging them to one side, my fingers sliding over your sex - mmmm... just as I thought - so, so wet - and getting even wetter now as I stroke you, sliding my fingers between your swollen lips - your juices dripping along my fingertips - spreading the wetness up to your clit - rubbing - stroking - and already you're gasping, wriggling, wanting more - such a dirty girl - do you want me to fuck you? Is that what you want? I can feel how wet you are, as I slide my fingers over and around your clit, and back down, down to your dripping wet cunt - slipping them slowly inside you - slowly fucking you with my fingers - I can see you want it, can hear your gasps as my fingers slide deeper into your cunt - do you want me to fuck you?

I'm not sure I should. You've been so bad, so naughty. Masturbating wihout me. Having delicious, hard orgasms when I'm not there to see you. So bad. But it's so tempting - and you're so wet - and my cock is hard - I'm unzipping my jeans now, tugging them down, freeing my throbbing erection - I know just how good it would feel to be deep inside you right now, fucking you hard from behind - can you feel the head of my cock sliding between the lips of your cunt? Can you feel how hard I am? Do you want me inside you? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to slide my hot, hard cock deep inside your tight, wet little cunt and fuck you hard, until you cum, all over my cock?

Maye if I just slide it in a little way... that - just the head of my cock - can you feel it? Starting to penetrate you, teasing you - god - I can feel your cunt trying to suck me inside you - stop wriggling - don't you dare try and push back - just feel me like this - barely inside you - my cock hot, hard, throbbing, so full of cum - sliding ever so slowly into you, just a little way - do you want me deeper? Deep inside you? Pounding you hard? Fucking you deep until I cum, intensely, filling you with all my hot spunk?

I can tell that you do. You're gasping, trembling - dripping down the length of my cock - moaning deliciously - so yes I'll fuck you - but you've been such a bad girl, and this is your punishment - so you're gonna have to beg me - beg me to fuck you hard, to fill you with all my cum - tell me what a dirty little slut you are - tell me how much you want it... and if you do, if you please me like that, I'll ram my cock deep inside you, and fuck you deliciously, until you cum, all over me - and then I'll cum too, deep inside you, hot, hard, wet, over and over again - is that what you want, dirty girl? Do you want me to fuck you...?


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Yes, yes, yes ....
Gypsy, April 04th, 2005

Oh god! I knew that I shouldn't have risked visiting your site while I'm at work. . .god, dirty boy, you know just what to say to tease me, to please me, to make me want you. And yes, as I sit here, with my pussy throbbing and wet from fucking myself, I still want you to fuck me. Lauren in Chicago
sweetkittythree, April 04th, 2005

I agree with sweetkittythree. I never should have visited your site while I'm at work. My pussy is so wet, hot, and throbbing I am going to go masturbate. (Thank god I work at home.) I wish you were here to "punish" me like you talked about. You always know exactly what to say to make me tingle all over.
Victoria, April 04th, 2005

pinkpanties, April 04th, 2005

i've been such a dirty slut, please please please fuck me dirty boy...please harder...please
neglected_wife, April 04th, 2005

oh yes fuck me... ram your hot hard cock all the way inside my wet wet cunt....mmmmmmmm... god, i want you to fuck me so bad......
juliana, your little slut, April 05th, 2005

i want it real bad, roger.
real bad. here...
make me cry as you make me come
paige, April 05th, 2005

moonlitnymph, April 05th, 2005

ha ha This was cute. Brought on a big grin.
Now who's the girl who's gonna make you her dirty boy? ; )
JeN, April 05th, 2005

Oh god your entries are too good. I can't recall how many times I've cum reading them. mmmmm
lesex, April 06th, 2005

Oh my GOD, yes.
X., April 06th, 2005

Oh my gosh, first time at your site and my panties are soaked. I am getting my vibrator out right now and i am gonna continue reading oh i love it so much. I would love you to fuck my brains out.
butterflies and rainbows, April 06th, 2005

oooooohhhhh god yes roger....i can feel you fucking me.....please!!!
Ana, April 07th, 2005

pussy is wet and throbbing. need your hard cock right now, plunging in. so fucking wet.
Jen, April 07th, 2005

R..Please..pretty please?..I am such a naughty, filthy whore..the only way for me to be cured is to get a good hard fuck from you..please..I am begging you..I want you to fuck feel you deep inside me...fuck me hard and show me what a slut I am...M
birdmadgirl, April 07th, 2005

There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out...
MidniteSiren, April 08th, 2005

give it to me, roger. i want u to, u know u want to as well.
paige, April 09th, 2005

reading this over and over never fails to harden my nipples and make my cunt wet wet wet for the rough fucking that I so deserve for having been so bad. fuck me now please...
juliana, April 10th, 2005

go down on me roger. go down...
paige, April 10th, 2005

I'm not going to beg. I can't, I just can't. Are you going to pinish me for that? +.+
p!nk, April 13th, 2005

Grrrr I'll beg N sway n stretch n tempt you
Fuck me
Fuck me
Lilly, May 05th, 2005

im wanking off reading about what all the ladys have to say.......
, June 30th, 2005

That's fine, I don't blame you lol - have fun ;)
dirtyboy, June 30th, 2005

ohhhhhh Roger....

I've just come, twice... to various posts.... god I came soooooo hard... my fingers are numb, its a miracle I can type, my right hand is trembling a little, I'm out of breath, I'm perspiring... that's what you do to me...

god...that's what you do to me.

I came so hard I was making groans in my throat, trying my hardest for no one to hear me, lol... I probably looked, and sounded like I was in pain, which isn't my normal reaction... but I was experiencing intense pleasure... they were much much more intense than the 5 orgasams you had given me here yesterday...

ohhhh... there's sweat dripping from between my breasts, it tickles a little...I worked hard for that sweat... be a dear and lick that up for me, will you?

my god I love your words...

aaaahhh god YES roger thats whatI want. And you know it. Pleeeease. I WILL beg baby. Please. xoxo-N.

kitten x - it excites me intensely to make you come so hard, to make you gasp, and groan, and tremble with intense pleasure - I love you cumming like that for me, over and over and over again... x

I love it when you beg like that, dancingbackwards... ;)


Fucking Awesome! No more searching for internet porn when I need to get off... fun!

my first visit here. hi :) this post and greedy for you both made me cum. i really like when you catch me being a naughty girl. if i had more time i'm sure u would make me cum over and over, but i'll back soon for more. ~april

anonymous - thankyou!
bella - hope you enjoy exploring the archives ;)
april - it's a pleasure to make you come - hope you come back for more x

It was thinking of you fucking me urget and hard. Right against the wall with my skirt shoved up. I got a little wild, that's why there's pictures on the floor instead of on the wall. I think I broke one of them the second time I came. (Or maybe the fourth or fifth...) I wonder if you could hear me before you came in, when I screamed your name as loud as I did. I couldn't help it...

Nnnh...I can't help it now either. I'm a dirty little slut and I want you to fuck me. God please, don't tease me anymore. I want your hard cock deep inside my cunt. Oops! I-I wasn't pushing back! Honest!

hinoka - you are a dirty little slut - but given that you're at least trying to behave, I suggest you move on to part two... ;)

Oh, you tease, you masterful fucker, YES, god, YES!

I am dripping wet, drenched! I hold my hand up underneath your nose, and you smell my juices.

"Yes!" I cry, tears of frustrated ecstasy forming at the corners of my eyes, "yes, PLEASE! My breasts are so swollen with want. Please, please, beautiful MAN! Slide your dripping penis into my hungry cunt! Chew my nipples mercilessly!Slam into me!...

and Ooooovvvveerrr!

All the way out, so slow and delicious, then IN! so quick I splash all over our thighs.

Then all the way out, so I can feel each twist and turn of each of your throbbing cock-veins, so I can paint them with the nectar of my pulsing, greedy pussy.

Then IN! So hard it hurts me a little, then grind back and forth, up and down. Smack my bottom. I am such a dirty little SLUT! Oh! AAAH! Yesss... Warm, hot, burning--

No! don't pull out! No! AAAH! Your tongueyour AAAH Yes! Nibbling on my clit, so gently, so deliciously, I may cry from joy-- Oh, uuuuuhhhhnh! You give a mighty SSSUCK on my clit and stuff three fingers in at once, ramming them all the way past the top knuckle once, twice, three times, almost four before you ease the suction and add a fourth. The pressure of fingerbone against pubic bone pinches and aches, but the guuuhhhhssshhhh, prolonged and near-orgasmic, is well worth it. You ram all four into my dripping, gushing, fluttering cunt over and over, and she sucks them like an oversized lollipop, a little hot, hory, bone-grinding popping action every time your top knuckles pass the entrance, and an extra "AUUUNGHHH!" with stupid, sex-blind grin and tears from me every time the fingers pop.

"Hurt a bit?" You ask, "Well, maybe next time you'll -ask- before you come without me present," your eyebrow lifting, your lips curling up on one side. You bring your arm back and give me a good WHAP! on the ass, and the stinging connects with my cunt, which closes for a few whole -seconds- such that you can't move your hand and its bones creak together inside me.

"God. Damn..." I barely moan in my stupor. By now, I can't hold myself up with my arms, and my face is supported by one cheek down against the bedsheet. I drool a little everytime I catch wind of your scent, but I am heedless of my ghastly uncouthness. I couldn't think if I tried. Everything in my world exists in your hand in my cunt. I begin to slide down a little, so you have to hold one forearm under my belly to keep my ass up and in place.

While your free hand is there, your resolve breaks, your steely cock twitching his command to it to make me come already. My tits are brushing delightfully against the sheet, a little bit each time your hand thrusts my whole body,


each time my cunt grabs at your hand, trying to make it stay inside: "grab-suck-POP!, grab-suck-POP!, grab-suck-POP!,"

then your free hand finally gets your cock's message, and begins to stroke my clit,


Suddenly my eyes are wide open. I scream your name every time you thrust-then-flick-right ("ROGER!!!") thrust-then-flick-left ("ROGER!!!NGH!!") thrust-then-flick-right (Heavy, seafaom, splashing noises, three at a thrust now "ROOOGER!" eyes even wider. pussy tingling, burning, -oozing- for you, now I am only saying "in-me-in-me-fuck-i-fucking-fuck-love-hand-your-hand-i-need-i-want-iwant-i-in-me-in-me-fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck)

A great silence like a drumroll then:


And now I am a mass of jelly, sweat, nectar, and pussy, a melted sweet popsicle impaled upon your fingers, and you still flick-flick-flick, producing sleepy, anguished, hard, delicious shudders in my near-inert form. It is with sadness and relief that I greet your hand's slow, final, "pop!"

A gussshh of juices is uncorked when you pull your hand out, which you are quick to lap up, and begin to drink from my cunt, until I curl up in a fetal position.

In seconds, I stretch, shaking and unsure of my strength. I lower my face to your lap, coming at the underside of the base of your cock with my glowing, grateful tongue, lapping--

but that's for later, n'est-ce pas?

intense and just incredible... god I so love watching you cum... xx

Mmmmmmmm YES!! Please!!! Fuck me..........HARD!!!! Mmmmmmmm! God..........YES............FUCK ME NOW!!!!


P - god... so urgent, so delicious... such a pleasure for me to arouse you so intensely... and I love it when you come for me... x

Hello from the future.

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