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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 7:43 PM

I hear your footsteps behind me.
I turn around, and see you - you're wearing a silk dressing gown, untied, drifting open as you step towards me, a lustful, inviting smile on your face.
You're naked underneath.
And you're very, very wet.
"I want you." you whisper, "I want you to fuck me. Right now."
It's an offer I can't resist.
I get up and move towards you, slipping out of my clothes.
My cock, you've noticed, is already very, very erect.
I pull you close, and kiss you, sensually, passionately.
You feel my hands, touching you, my fingers teasing, caressing, exploring.
My cock is hard and warm, pressing against your belly, wanting your attention.
You're so wet now.
You know I want you, you know I'm going to fuck you.
I pull you closer, our bodies pushing and moving together now.
I need to be inside you.
You want me. You want this to last, but you know you could cum very, very easily.
You slide your hand down to my cock.
It's so warm, so hard, throbbing in your hand as you stroke it ryhythmically.
I gasp with pleasure, kissing you again, my own hand sliding down between your thighs, lust washing over you as you feel my fingers touching, stroking, caressing, so wet, dripping down my fingers.
What would you do next...?


previous comments:

I would guide us towards the desk never breaking contact. Still stroking your cock and kissing you deeply. I would lean back,dressing gown open exposing my breasts and hard with excitement nipples. Sitting on the edge of the desk with my legs spread open for you. What would you do next?
lascivious_lil_me, August 05th, 2004

I'd cover your hand with my own and make your fingers slide deeper, harder into my wetness keeping your gaze before sliding them out slowly, raising them to my lips, tasting each one with just the tip of my tongue and then I'd pull a pillow or two from the sofa, lay them down underneath me, my hips risen so you can enter my tight wet pussy as I run my nails down your back, pulling you close, biting you...
FrozenDesire ;0), August 05th, 2004

im not going to flip the channel on this porn.. i like....ALOT
bored@work, August 05th, 2004

I stare into your eyes, sharing my desire with yours. Smile teasingly and lick your neck to your nipples, teasing them. Biting at them and sucking at them the same time making your cock throb hard between my breasts.
I’d take my hands and play with your balls and suck them softly in my mouth and play with the tip of your cock. First kissing it lightly, looking up at you and licking your pre-cum off my lips with a playful smile.
Opening up my mouth taking your cock in deep and sucking then licking soft little licked up your shaft. Turning myself around and getting on my fours crawling away with my arse in the air, as you watch my juices sliding down my legs I turn my head back towards you with a lustful smile… waiting for you… what would you do next hun?
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 05th, 2004

dirtyboy is gonna be the one cumming this go around ;).. this is true talent!!
bored@work, August 05th, 2004

I'd kiss your lips, nibble and suck your neck to give you an idea of what my mouth is about to do to your cock...suckling your nibbles and biting them very gently...running my fingertips down your sides, down your thighs, sinking to my knees in front of your beautiful cock. I'd wait for you to rub your juices all over my lips until they glisten, and then, looking up into your eyes, I'd slide that gorgeous cock between my lips, over my tongue, working it deep into my throat until your balls rubbed up against my chin...until you were so hot that you'd grasp my head in both hands and fuck my mouth urgently. When you came, I'd look into your eyes while drinking your spunk.
Secretive, August 05th, 2004

Yes, this is extremely clever. He's getting what he wants, one way or another! ;-)
Secretive, August 05th, 2004

not only is he dirty-but smart too!.. :) multi-talented
bored@work, August 05th, 2004

hehe! Could you imagine his surprise when he sees all the comments. He's going to have a yeah yeah yeah smile and boner to match.
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 05th, 2004

His virtual harem, all working on his cock together!
Secretive, August 05th, 2004

he will have a spillage all over too!!! ;)
bored@work, August 05th, 2004

oh my god...
speechless and aroused, and smiling wickedly...
quite possibly the most fabulous comments I've ever had - I'll try to reply individually, but I need to do something about this erection first...
thankyou all of you - I'm now extraordinarily excited wondering if there'll be more to come...
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

spillage...speechless.. its all the same.. i was right!!.
bored@work, August 05th, 2004

okay, one by one - tricky this, as I'm masturbating as I type - that's how much you've all turned me on... anyway, here goes:
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

lascivious: I would move very close, between your open thighs, kissing you again, then working my way down, nibbling and biting your neck, pulling you forward a little until my cock began to nudge inside you - then I'd slide into you, my cock sliding slowly into your cunt, all the way, and I'd start to fuck you, deliciously, long and hard and deep - would that be what you wanted...?
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

oooh!! just like you made him blow his top!! it's payback time!!! to your thing, db...do your thing!
bored@work, August 05th, 2004

frozen: I would be so turned on... my hands would slide over and around your breasts, caressing your nipples, leaning down to take one into my mouth, moving between your open thighs, my cock sliding easily and deeply into your cunt, fucking you deliciously as your fingernails raked down my back... god, this is getting hard, I'm very turned on...
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

* giggles *
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 05th, 2004

whatever happened to you getting into the bath? lol
FrozenDesire, August 05th, 2004

Hehe! I think it's desire overload.
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 05th, 2004

undercurrent: ahh god... I'd move behind you - you'd feel my body up against yours as you bent over - my hands wouls slide up your back, then underneath you, cupping your breasts, squeezing and caressing them - you'd feel my cock begin to slide into you - so hot and wet, i wouldn't be able to go slow - i'd thrust deep and hard into your dripping wet cunt, my belly slapping against your bum as i began to fuck you from behind, my cock throbbing hard inside you as I pushed deeper and deeper... what would you do?
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

lol frozen - i got distracted - i'll go now or I'm just gonna lose all control here lol
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

Simple, I’d arch my back and squeeze my pussy making the walls tighten around your cock. The deeper and harder you pump your cock into me the more I’d moan and peek over my shoulder to beg for more. Then I’d get a devilish grin on my face and pull away from you, my pussy wanting to feel and have your cock enter me, but desire of sexual torture burning for more.
I’d slide my hand in my pussy fingering it making me moan while pushing you away each time you got close to me, one hand in my pussy and the other pushing you away. I’d stop play with my pussy and take my fingers and lick the juices off, put my hand back into my pussy and play, letting you listen to the juices of it, while pushing you away from me, with a playful smile.
I’d take my hand out of my pussy again; it would be dripping with my juices as I put it to your mouth and lick my juices, still making sure to keep you away from my body… What would you do next, dirty?
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 05th, 2004

I said it before Rog, and I will say it again (actually I haven't, but I should.) You are the god of cybererotica.
phoebephrodos, August 05th, 2004

undercurrent: in that situation, I can only take so much teasing - if you insisted on being such a bad girl, then I'd just have to pin you down and take you whatever way I pleased...
phoebe: you're too kind x - you are, of course, the Princess of Pleasure
and secretive: you should know, when I start to cum, and you feel it start to fill your mouth, I'll pull out whilst cumming, so that my cum shoots over your face, spurting onto your lips, your cheek, splashing onto you...
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

Yeah....you know I really have to second phoebe on that one...the god of cybererotica indeed
Always entertaining, reading this blog - makes me smile and squirm. Literary hardcore porn.
red, August 05th, 2004

Thankyou red - though you're by far the better writer! But yes, literary hardcore porn is exactly what I'm trying to do - as well as making you smile and squirm, of course...
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

OOH YEAH Baby... that's exactly what I'd want for starters. Once we were both hot sweaty and satisfied, I'd love to draw you a bath, wash every inch of you slowly and seductively. Then dry you in the same manner. Take you to the bed and start kissing you from head to toe... what would you want next?
lascivious_lil_me, August 05th, 2004

mmmm... for starters, lascivious, I'd want a blow job - I'd want you to take me into your mouth... would you do that for me...?
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

I came last night reading these comments - a really delicious, gorgeous, intense, pulsing orgasm - and I'm erect again looking at them now - absolutely delightful, thankyou x
Will there be more comments still to come?
I hope so...
dirtyboy, August 06th, 2004

You bet I would. That's one of my all time FAVORITE things to do. I'd like to swirl my tongue around your head slow wet licks. Then lick you from base to tip just teasing your balls. Take special care of the sensitve area where the head meets your shaft on the underside, mmmmmm. Lick your balls gently suck them. I'd totally enjoy taking you deep into my throat feeling your cock throb in my mouth. What's next god of cybererotica ;-)?
lascivious_lil_me, August 06th, 2004

I'd be feeling greedy, lascivious - I think I'd continue to enjoy it until you made me cum...
dirtyboy, August 06th, 2004

It'd be my pleasure. YUM!
lascivious_lil_me, August 06th, 2004

Oh My God! Best literotica ever. And interactive.... mmm....
bored_at_home, August 07th, 2004

Well...I think I'd have to be Mistress of Ceremonies...since obviously no one is thinking "choreography" here.
Lascivious...stop sucking him immediately, please and down on your knees on the carpet on all fours. And Please - legs wide.
Roger, behind her if you would...you know where to put it.
Phoebe...if you could just slide your hips in there, under lascivious. Lascivious, you don't mind doing the honours for Phoebe, do you? Lovely.
Undercurrent....if you'd don the strap-on please, and lubricate it nicely. Roger...take it like a man.
Right...lights, camera , action!
(Me? I'm just going to watch)
remittance girl, August 10th, 2004

uh....can I watch too????
red, August 10th, 2004

May I use my large strap-on? He might have a virgin ass.
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 10th, 2004

If you insist on only watching, then I'd at least like to be facing you so I can see what you're doing...;)
dirtyboy, August 10th, 2004

Ummm... no red, I want you to suck Phoebe's nipple. Undercurrent, oh...I know it's virgin. Use the small one please...this is supposed to feel GOOD. Dirtyboy, of course I'll be facing you! Do you think I'd miss watching your face as you fuck lascivious and get taken by undercurrent at the same time? But remember, the rougher you are on lascivious, the harder you'll get it from undercurrent. *smiling sweetly and planning a career in porn direction*
remittance girl, August 11th, 2004

Wow, I have Lascivious on my pussy and a Red on my nipple. Nice. Is there a cock I can suck on? I saw bored here a little bit ago. Maybe, he'd like that.
phoebephrodos, August 11th, 2004

I suggest you all do what you're told - I'm slipping inside Lascivious right now... unnnh... ahh that's better... the sooner the rest of you are settled, the sooner rg can enjoy this... and go steady with that strap-on, undercurrent...
dirtyboy, August 11th, 2004

lol - isn't it annoying when you can't remove comments! Still, since you're here, I think Phoebe wants you ;)
dirtyboy, August 11th, 2004

Rog: Damn right Phoebe wants bored... well, technically she would be thrilled to suck both of you at once. Two delicious cocks. What's a girl to do, especially when she has to share with all the other lovelies? :)
bored@work: Don't worry too much about it a let me swallow that tasty cock of yours.
remittance girl: The world can never have too much porn or directors of said artform.
phoebephrodos, August 11th, 2004

I would slowly lick and suck my way down to your cock and swirl my tongue around the head of your cock while rolling your balls in my hands and stroking you with my tongue and my lips. Until you thrust your cock deep into my throat, fuck my mouth hard, holding my head and pulling my face into your body, fucking me until you cum in my throat and mouth. After licking up every drop of your cum, I would lay you down and straddle your mouth with my hot dripping pussy making you lick me inside out until I cum or until you have to pin me down and pound my pussy hard with your cock, so hard I can still feel you inside me the next morning at work
virginpussy, December 15th, 2004

god... deliciously intense... I'd love that... would it interest you to know that I'm masturbating to this, right now...?
dirtyboy, December 15th, 2004

oh god,,,,im wet!!!!!!
hmmm, December 30th, 2004

dirty boy do u like girls with small breasts?
curious, December 30th, 2004

hmmm - good, I want to make you wet x
dirtyboy, December 30th, 2004

curious - yes, I do, but I don't discriminate - I just love girl's breasts - especially when I can slide my hands over them, teasingly...
dirtyboy, December 30th, 2004

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