thinking about you...

Friday, August 05, 2005 at 7:16 PM

I often wonder what you look like, sat there at your computer, reading my blog.

Some of you read me at work, I know, and that continues to intrigue me - the idea that you'd read an explicit sex blog whilst at work, your excitement at reading my words presumably intensified by the wickedness of it all, of dipping into my blog when there's a chance of being discovered, of being caught reading, sexually aroused, deliciously wet. Maybe you fantasise about what might happen if someone caught you - maybe it would be someone at the office you've always wanted to touch, to fuck. Do you masturbate right there at your desk? Maybe you read enough to arouse you, and then find somewhere relatively private where you can bring yourself to a delightful orgasm. Is that what you do? I'd love to know.

Maybe you have a laptop - do you read my blog in bed? Do you take me to bed with you? Do you imagine I'm there in bed with you, caressing you, touching you, stroking you, fucking you? Do you lay down when you're reading? On your tummy? On your back? Do you lay back and masturbate as you read my words, finding just what you need to take you there, coming gorgeously, your fingers rubbing hard around your clit? Maybe you have a vibrator - do you use that when you read my words? Is it deep inside you, right now? Are you fucking yourself with your vibrator right now, thinking about me, thinking about my cock deep inside you, wanting me to cum deep and hard in your cunt, filling you up, spurting all my cum again and again inside you, until you can't hold back any longer and you come, intensely, all over the vibrator - is that what you're doing right now? I wonder about these things - it turns me on deliciously to imagine you, thinking about you reading, thinking about how aroused you are.

Maybe, like me, you have a computer at your desk at home. Are you alone when you read my blog? Or do you have a partner, and maybe read secretly when he's out, or in bed, bringing yourself as quietly as you can to an intense orgasm, hoping you won't be discovered? Or maybe you live alone, or have your own private room, and can lazily explore the archives as long as you like, getting yourself hotter and hotter, until you cum, hard, any way you want to. Is that what you do? Are you naked at your computer? Or do you just slip your hand down inside your panties and masturbate deliciously, fully dressed? Are you doing that now?

I'd love to discover you like that. I'd love to find you there, wanting me, needing me to fuck you, masturbating gorgeously, reading my words, touching yourself. I'd want to watch you play, to watch you come... loving how good you look, loving how my words turn you into such a delightfully dirty girl, so wet, so aroused. My dirty little slut. I'd want to fuck you, very much.

I'd love to bend you over your sofa right now... maybe tying your wrists behind your back, your skirt up around your waist, and I'd thrust my cock deep inside you from behind, my cock sliding all the way into your dripping wet cunt. You'd be so turned on from reading my words, from being discovered masturbating - maybe you'd want it playfully rough - I know you like to think about that sometimes.

And I'd know that. I'd know that's what you wanted tonight. So I'd fuck you hard, just the way you wanted it. I'd grab your hair and pull your head back as I slammed my cock into you, into your dripping wet cunt, again and again and again, fucking you so deep, groaning with each thrust, reminding you what a dirty, filthy little slut you are, asking you if you wanted it hard, wanted my cock to pound harder into your cunt, and you'd gasp with pleasure, telling me you wanted that so much, begging me to fuck you hard, ohh god so hard, and I wouldn't be able to hold back any longer...

I'd groan with intense pleasure, telling you I was cumming, cumming deep in your cunt, and you'd feel my cock pulsating over and over again, and you'd scream with pleasure as I came urgently deep inside you, my hot cum spurting and spurting into your cunt, again and again and again, flooding you, filling your cunt, and you'd come then, intense, frantic, all over my pulsating erection, your juices pouring down the length of my throbbing cock, your body convulsing, coming so hard, your wetness drenching my cock... god...

I'd love that.

I want to fuck you, right now...


previous comments:

Mmmm....first here for a change and caught with my hand down my panties....
I'm a lucky one... get to stay and read as long as I desire....
very Wanton now and deliciously wet......
ohhh...have to go play....
Wanton Witch, November 28th, 2004

*groans long and hard* God dirtyboy.....I'm wishing you were here right now, bending me over my desk, hands tied, hair pulled, your cock slamming hard into my pussy, slapping my ass as you hear me cum....
Anakalia, November 28th, 2004

Nice story. Have to hand it to you, you are one of the most original ones here. I have often wondered who was reading my pieces, what they really looked like, what they were doing, did they ever masturbate while reading. Never thought to make a fiction piece out of it though. Nice one happy.gif keep it up DIrtyboy. The writing I mean :)
Mike, November 28th, 2004

If I know dirtyboy, (and I do sorta lol) he'll keep it up ;-)
I enjoyed this dirtyboy :-) xx
comeflirtwithmex, November 28th, 2004

I want to fuck you right now too. But since you're not here, I'll have to masturbate. Well I have to do something.
Sexkitten, November 29th, 2004

At work.. I have my own room but the door is always open, quite safe because the screen watches the other side.. still someone might pop in and notice I'm too absorbed to be working.. I'm the only one who knows how wet I am! Reading you is arousing of course. I wait until I get home, or when I get to bed at night, to masturbate thinking about you and your stories.
Elle, November 29th, 2004

Hmm... I think everyone wonders about the people who read. This sure made me think... and tingle. Ooh! ; )
JeN, November 29th, 2004

This is my first time here, and I must let you know I am more turned on than I have ever been before. Tonight, Dity Boy, you will share my bed. And tonight, Dirty Boy, we will not sleep.
MN, November 30th, 2004

mmm... lots of lovely comments waiting for me here, thankyou - as usual, I'll take them one at a time..
Wanton - mmm god, glad you enjoyed it so much - hope you had fun x
Anakalia - I'm sure you know I'd love that too - I love your delightful comments, they always get me hard... x
Mike - thankyou - did you know that you're the only male who regularly comments in here? Not that I mind at all - hope you enjoy it!
Flirt - glad to hear you had fun ;) x
Sexkitten - mmm thankyou - high praise from such a good (and lustful) writer such as yourself - I'd encourage you all to drop into her blog, there's plenty to enjoy! x
Elle - always lovely to see a new name in here (have you commented before? Apologies if you have x) - please don't get caught reading at work, but so long as you can get away with it, I certainly love the idea of arousing you so much when you could so easily be discovered - glad you're enjoying what I write so much x
JeN - I definitely love making you tingle - and again, I'd encourage all of my readers to check in on JeN's blog - intelligent, wistful and occassionally intensely arousing - go take a look x
MN - always lovely to meet a first time reader x - hope you'll keep coming back, there's lots more to turn you on in the archives - and I'm definitely looking forward to you taking me to bed... xx
dirtyboy, November 30th, 2004

since i found your blog some days ago i'm reading your stories right on my leathersofa with a laptop.
(this time i closed the curtains - remember the taxi driver?)
so i do not have to go far to imagine how you bend me over the back of it, pushing me down, tucking my head back by my long hair making me curb my back... and i really love it when you play it rough... i just came back from work, and i'm wearing a short denim skirt and high leather boots, black pullover and no bra - you would just have to rip my black silky tights and push my panties aside, and i swear you could slam your cock into my pussy in one deep thrust, because i am really really really wet. i imagine your cock is very hard, and thick, just a bit to big to take in easily, so that it makes me gasp and moan, and really fills me up.
gosh, i love your blog, darling.
let me be your little slut, baby...
lucy, November 30th, 2004

mmm god lucy - yes I do remember you telling me about the taxi driver - and I'd love you to be my little slut - this comment is so intense it's almost dripping - thankyou, you've made me very, very hard, thinking about fucking you, just like that, god... xx
dirtyboy, November 30th, 2004

oh yes pleeeeaaaase, darling, you make me SO fucking horny!
, November 30th, 2004

oh. that was me.
lucy, November 30th, 2004

I love you getting so horny, lucy - it's what I'm here for - I'm here to make you come, deliciously, again and again... hope you're doing that for me, right now... x
dirtyboy, November 30th, 2004

I am imagining a little room with Roger inside and all these women lining up just waiting for their chance to get a piece of him ha ha ha!
Oh, and thanks for the plug : )
JeN, November 30th, 2004

My pleasure JeN - and if only they all were lining up outside my room!
dirtyboy, December 02nd, 2004

Ahuh ! and how true , i sit with my laptop and read your peices ,time to finally fess up and tell ya how you manage to make me cum , time and time again , Ohhhhh god you do , this time no different , still tingling as I full body orgasm and my lounge with my laptop .....
mmmm , gotta love ya dirtyboy , you're the best XXX
LiTtLe MiSs, December 04th, 2004

Thankyou Little Miss, lovely to hear from you - and I'm pleased you've been having so much fun - hope you keep coming back for lots more... xx
dirtyboy, December 04th, 2004

"Or do you just slip your hand down inside your panties and masturbate deliciously, fully dressed? Are you doing that now?"
Yes. Yes.
I love to come visit you.
cookiebush, December 04th, 2004

cookiebush, I'd love to watch you masturbating for me, just like that. And I'd love you to visit me, but sadly I live all the way over here in the UK x
And if you're still masturbating, I want you to come for me, right now. Hope it's a good one for you - have fun xx
dirtyboy, December 04th, 2004

I am a virgin to your blog and I'm sat here with a sweet throbbing ache between my legs and the urge to relieve it.
I shall return to read more as I've only read a few of them so far.
, December 09th, 2004

hope you have fun, mystery girl, I love exciting you so much x
dirtyboy, December 10th, 2004

Mmmm. Yes, you've walked in on me. . .softly moaning. My skirt pulled up reveals I don't wear underwear to work. My clit so aroused, my cunt dripping. I let you take my silk scarf, tie my hands behind my back, bend me over your desk. I love temping, we have all the fun. Its my first day in this office, I've been waiting for you. You pull my head back with a fistful of my hair as you begin pounding my cunt, driving your hard erect cock deeper inside me with every thrust. You feel so good, I groan, "Deeper, fuck me harder. . ." Oh you feel so good, I hope I can work this office again tomorrow
nicky, December 14th, 2004

Nicky - that's precisely what I'd do, exactly what I love to do - such a perfect comment, and I'm now very erect from reading it... thankyou xxx
dirtyboy, December 14th, 2004

come on my man.I need you bably you make me cum so much its unreal.I need you so bad
shazzie, December 14th, 2004

shazzie - I love making you cum - and love that you want me so much - glad you're having fun xxx
dirtyboy, December 14th, 2004


Wow...I am not really sure how or where I found out about your blog. I somehow stumbled upon you on Twitter and the rest is history. I feel like I have hit the jackpot. I have no idea where to start on here, but I have read a few so far. Up Against the ultimate fantasy that has never happened. This one.....when you said "Are your hands down your panties, fully clothed"......yes, they were. I can't get over how it seems like the words you write feel like they are speaking to me....I am shy but im sure with time I will open up....wish you were in my bed NOW!

ps: I am so visualizing a British accent.....*swoon*

hi anna xx - I'm delighted that you're enjoying your first exploration of my blog so much, and there's absolutely no need to feel shy, you're very much amongst friends here. It's a real pleasure to arouse you so intensely, to make you feel this way - and of course I'd be delighted to join you in your bed ;)
I hope I can continue to keep turning you on so much - it's what I'm here for :) xx

Yes yes yes. I want you to fuck me right now. I want to feel you thick hard cock hammering in my cunt. I need to feel your hot cum as it shoots out of your beautiful cock. God, but your words drive me wild beyond anything I've ever known. There are times I like it slow and gentle, but today I want you to slam it into me and treat me like your filthy little slut. I'm getting wet all over again just writing this. You are just what I need. Keep it coming.

mmm, and that's what I want from you, that need, that lust, that urge to come again and again - and of course, I want you deliciously wet when you write to me in the comments - I hope I can keep you this intensely aroused ;) x

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