slippery and wet

Friday, August 05, 2005 at 7:16 PM

Something I'm fantasising about tonight...
You and me are naked on the bed.
The lights are low, the atmosphere warm and sensual.
You're laying on your tummy, relaxed and turned on, waiting for my first move, wanting me to touch you.
I ease astride you, aware of your need - straight away you can feel my warm erection settling between your buttocks as I rub gently against you.
In my hands, a bottle of warm oil - you hear me flip open the cap, and I dribble a long stream of oil all over your back, up to your shoulders, then back down, all the way to your cute, pert bottom.
Putting the oil to one side, I lean over you a little and slide my hands slowly up your back... spreading that warm oil up your spine, up to your shoulders, back down again, my hands slipping and sliding over your back, rubbing the oil gently and firmly into your soft skin, getting you deliciously wet.
Picking up the oil again, I splash a little down over my chest, my tummy, down over my erection. I rub it in a little, masturbating for a moment, my wet fingers gliding up and down my erect penis, looking down at you, wanting you.
We're both wet and slippery now, and I lean down over you, sliding my naked body against yours, slipping and skidding over your back, my cock sliding against your bum, very hot, delicously erect.
You're getting more and more aroused - you lift up a little from the bed, just enough to give me room, as I slide my hands underneath you, over your breasts, your nipples, spreading the oil into them, caressing them as I rub myself rhythmically aganst you.
You're getting so aroused... you lift up your bum, pushing it up towards me, and my wet cock slides down, down to your cunt, the tip of my cock nudging between the lips of your sex... then pushing... slowly... firmly... and I'm inside you.
All the way, deep into your dripping wet cunt.
And you gasp, feeling my warm wet cock filling you, so hard and hot inside you.
And I start to fuck you, like that, from behind, pushing and moving together, our bodies wet from the oil, moving and sliding and fucking gorgeously...

So good...

That's what I'm thinking about tonight x


previous comments:

mmmmmmmmm.....sooooo nice.
wholesome, September 22nd, 2004

give me the oil, please, and roll over....time for You to cum xoxo
, September 22nd, 2004

That sounds sooo good. You have a real talent for turning me on...
*Kelly*, September 23rd, 2004

sigh....nice dreamy post
comeflirtwithmex, September 23rd, 2004

Oh Roger - you do know what a women wants! So sensual, so sexy... mmmmm. I would love to feel your strong hands sliding across me, slipping over my breasts as you fucked me. Trying to be slow, but wanting it so bad, you throb inside me, needing to cum. Ooohh it feels so good Roger, you don't want to cum yet - you want to make it last. You slow down, but I won't let you. I slide my bum back against, pounding onto you. Oooh this arouses you - no slowing down anymore. If I want it so badly, you're going to give it to me. You grasp my hips, pounding hard as you cum deep inside me, flooding me with your spunk. You're agressivness pushes me over the edge, sending me into a wild orgasm. I moan and press back against, my bum pushing into your stomach. Oh God Roger! The things you do to me...
randy Randi, September 23rd, 2004

So perfect, simply perfect...
Vicx, September 23rd, 2004

i turned on ..and cummed really fast....i was so hard..that my dick almost exploded....
ErectionBoy, September 23rd, 2004

thankyou, all of you - and Randi, thankyou for continuing my post so deliciously, you've left me delightfully aroused xx
dirtyboy, September 23rd, 2004

Roger, you really have created something special here. I'm impressed with the forthrightness of your written fantasies, and by the response of your female readers. You've struck a chord that clearly resonates with them, many to a very arousing point of excitement.
By the way, I agree with you that one of the most amazing and beautiful sights/experiences in this life is to watch a woman in the throes of orgasm. Thank you for the tip telling us about
I've just started a blog reporting on all things sexual that I find interesting, surprising, arousing or otherwise noteworthy. I would like your permission to write an article (all positive, I promise) about your site and include a link to your blog at my blog. It's called "Midnite Blogger" and it's hosted at, for now. I'll post a link to it here if you'll allow it. Anyway, please let me know and keep it up (literally).
Ben Longer, September 24th, 2004

Rog, you just get better and better, darling.
DTG xxoo
Pussy Talk is here:
DTGxxoo, September 24th, 2004

Thankyou Ben - that's quite a compliment, you've thrown me somewhat - thankyou for such a polite, friendly, considered comment - next time I see you at the pub, the drinks are on me. Please feel free to write anything you like about me (positive or otherwise), and I'll add a link to your site in my own links list.
Many thanks again - you've quite made my day.
dirtyboy, September 24th, 2004

And DTG - on a completely different note - I've been reading those disgracefully filthy things you put in your journal, and quite frankly it's long past time you got a good hard spanking. ;)
Everyone who likes my blog should visit Dirty Talking Girl (address in my links section) - always filthy, often friskily amusing!
dirtyboy, September 24th, 2004

Thanks Roger! I will be writing it up later today or tomorrow at - and will reciprocate the listing in my links list.
Ben Longer, September 24th, 2004

My hormones are in overdrive, and I've been thinking a lot about a particular encounter I had a few weeks ago: it was very sensual and very hot… and left me craving more. I’ve been wound up and feverish all day. I needed to get off, and so I paid your blog a little visit. You did not disappoint me.
In anticipation of reading your lovely entries, I hunted up a couple of my favorite toys: nipple clamps and a black silicon dildo. I settled into my desk chair, clothes halfway on. I pinched my nipples erect and carefully put the clamps on. Nipples tingling, I adjusted them tighter and tighter, until they were a sharp pinch at the tips of my breasts, making my clit start to swell.
I ever so slowly slid the dildo into my cunny, already wet enough that my panties were damp. I felt every inch as it filled my belly, and I gently sat up and onto it. I rocked my hips gently a few times and started reading.
As I read, I rubbed my clit and gently tugged on the chain of the nipple clamps. The combination of stimuli made my cunt squeeze the dildo, involuntarily and without warning. I rocked my hips slowly and rhythmically, feeling the tension build. I tried to take it slow, to make it last, but I was too aroused. The ache of my nipples, the fullness inside me, my fingers on my clit, and your words… It was too much.
My wetness warm on my fingers, I tugged hard on the chain. I gasped and bucked and came hard. Suddenly, the tension of the clamps was unbearable, and I fumbled to loosen then, wincing as the blood flowed hotly into my nipples. I leaned back in my chair, eyes closed, and moved my hips in slow figure eights.
And started to write to you, with flushed cheeks and trembling knees, hoping to arouse you, hoping to make you touch yourself…
Specklet, September 24th, 2004

Dreamy as always.
Love the new look.
Kat, September 25th, 2004

thankyou kat - nice to have you back x
and specklet - goodness me! ;) x
dirtyboy, September 25th, 2004

You did it again for me..
wettt, September 25th, 2004

very hot!
cynter, September 25th, 2004

Mmm.. very nice Rogger..dripping wet and ready to play :) hehe
alison, September 27th, 2004

oops sorry for the double press of the g.. my bad! ;)
alison, September 27th, 2004

I have been reading your entries for quite some time, but have never commented before. I have become quite the 'closet porn lover' and have surfed MANY sites. I find the stories to be much more arousing than pictures or even videos. NONE of the other stories that I have read even come close to touching me the way yours do. You have quite a gift for smooth, sensual writing; honestly, your prose and thoughtfulness and generosity with details is amazing and gets me SO turned on! I think I may love you! ; ) What I wouldn't give to be underneath you for real! Your lips on mine, your fingertips slowly trailing over my body, your hard cock pushing at me through your jeans, begging to be inside of me..... (sigh)
I'm curious as to where you live. I don't want to insult you, but some of your terms seem a little odd to me. Is it England? I'm from the U.S. A downhome, country girl from Missouri. If you're ever in the neighborhood..... : )
Keep up the great work!!
Sweetpea, September 28th, 2004

alison - thankyou xxx - that's just how i like you wink.gif
sweetpea - yes, I'm English (one of the very few here in Indecent). And thankyou for your comment - quite a compliment! Hope you enjoy exploring the other entries, and lovely to have you here xx
dirtyboy, September 28th, 2004

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