Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 2:48 PM

touch me
strip me naked
hold me down
do what you will with me...


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On Your Knees you dirty boy....NOW!!!....M
birdmadgirl, March 18th, 2005

holding your wrists tightly in my hands, holding you still, i take your beautiful hard cock in my mouth. mmmmm, you taste divine! don't squirm! you have to hold perfectly still. my tongue circles the head of your cock, then runs down along the underside, to the base. you are deep in my throat, my lips gliding along the sides. back up to the tip, my tongue darts around the hole, tasting your pre-cum. but wait, you eager boy! it's my turn. i shove you down to your knees, grab your hands and firmly clasp them to my breasts, holding them tightly. my pussy, you dirty boy! don't stop until i tell you to. that's a good boy....mmmmmmmmmmmm
neglected_wife, March 18th, 2005

Do what I will?
I've got quite imagination, you know...
JeN, March 18th, 2005

4 little lines. amazing what kinds of sensations and emotions that can evoke.
Queen of Pink, March 19th, 2005

Gosh! Thank you for the invite ... I could do with you right now!! - Kay
Swish, March 19th, 2005

Sounds perfect!
Naughty Girl, March 31st, 2005

Fuck me hard!
, April 07th, 2005

u play doctor , i play nurse ,not any nurse ;) i'm the nurse all ur colleges are dieng to hire :) u know wht i mean .. tight body ..
nice short very tight extra botton opened up frount ... very nice cleavage ,,
legs which can make u stare and drool ..
you r having a staff meeting with alot of doctors inside talking and planning .. but i have a little to say , so i enter the room and start wisphering you .. u wave em saying meeting over there is an emergency which i must be leaving for , and we both head to the door coz we gotta go home .. we will have another meeting later on
..they leave and it only you and me .. we get in the car and drive home all the way u wondering wht is she hidding for me tonight wht's under that sexy uniform .. we get it and u can't wait till we reach the room .. u take off my uniform to find me wearing a bra and thong which made ur blood run boiling at that sight .. passing ur finger on me .. to tease me more and more forcing me to take of ur cloths and start being dirty with you . and i do .... i started strippen you . But every inches of skin i stripe i lick and bite Ooo so softly ,, u like that so u tease me more and more i start getting naughter and dirtier and u allow me too .. passing my hands on ur nipples i bite them and lick em alot suck em softlly then pass ur belly lickin all my way down .. lower then lower , then Ooo lower :d u like it .. and i love what i find and own ... A lollipop i think .. touch then lick then suck i will ,,, start passing my finger till the tip ,, then the tip of my tongue teasing you slightly .. U start moaning and Roaring so loud, tricking me in getting on top .. It's Pay Back time U say;) ..
pleasing me in every angle and every way ,, making me moan and feel pleasure ,, u get rougher and wilder , harder and stronger , to the limit that i start Oo saying * Oo Dr .. plz Fuck me harder n Harder N HArder ... dun Stop Plz babe Just Fuck me !! * u hear that as if u get more energy and u bang me more and more making me reach
the splendor of love . i finish once , twice i reach 6 times and u r about to get done .. * Baby .. Finish it all in me* you say *On You Grrr* you pull out of me placing some on my nipples passing my cleavage till my belly then u quickly move In Ahh what a rush ... all that warm hot juice over me ..
you finish off and say SHOWER TIme * for you that means another round * you carry me and we shower . we touch we lick we play and play and play and then u Fuck me under the water while we stand u kissing me hard me tongue in ur mouth .. ur hand holding No squeezing my tits the other holding me closer and closer supporting me so i dun slip from the reaction of ur movement .. then you finish again .. aw you worked me out i can barelly walk
.. we get wraped out in warm robes we drink warm coffee beside the fire place and u say baby I love you ..
i say *baby hold me tight never let go .. Baby u know .. how much i love you ,, you must know
* then we go to bed sleeping in each others arms .. you sing me to sleep call me your angel kiss me on my cheek and we drift of to our dreams
Lilly, May 06th, 2005

I think I need to change my panties now
Bonnie, May 27th, 2005

Thankyou everyone ;) - and Lily - only just found this - thankyou for such a delightful fantasy, hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it ;)
dirtyboy, May 27th, 2005

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