Saturday, August 20, 2005 at 11:15 AM

Hi x

Well, the archives from my previous blog are almost all transferred, and we've nearly reached Stage Two of my move over here to blogspot. You're going to see the blog begin to move in a (slightly) different direction...

For a while now, I've been doing research and preparatory notes for an ongoing series of erotic stories set in Paris in the mid 1930s. There'll be a new template (being designed by Ubershique as we speak, who did my rather wonderful Indecentblogging design), and, for at least the near future, they'll be the only thing I'll be writing for the site. All the old stuff will stay here to be enjoyed by those who just need a quick, hard fix, but these new stories will be romantic, sensual, multi-layered, plot-driven, and full of recurring characters. Oh, and extraordinarily sexually explicit - did I mention that? ;)

I think you'll have fun with them - they'll start to appear some time in the next week or three, once the last of the old archives are posted. We're almost there...

roger xx


Good for you. It's always nice to stretch one's horizons. Big fan of that, myself.

Looking forward to it.

Glad to hear there's a template change coming. This is far too dull and drab for the content. No offence meant, but I suspect you're intelligent enough to have figured that out.

Cunting Linguist.

Yes indeed, this one is a standard Blogspot template, and has always been strictly temporary. All good things etc...

I'll look forward to it. Just so long as you leave the archives up though hey? There's too much good stuff up there...I've never met a man who's been able to make me orgasm quicker...especially without even touching me. xx

yep, the archives will be staying right where they are - and I will be going back to that sort of thing from time to time - though if you like the archives, you'll still like the Paris stories - they're gonna be just as filthy and explicit, and when you're in a hurry, you can always skip the plot and get straight to the sex ;)

Plot's titillating sometimes, though. The psychic toying, the social stuntings... it can all be so deliciously complex, resulting in a greater spurt of ecstasy.


Like finding ways to fuck publically and such. All good. All very, very good.

The Cunting Linguist.

Now this I can wait for, and I must admit that your archives always make good reading! xx

Ooooooh ... can't wait to see something completely new from your hand.

Yes Rogy, I can't wait :)

And I just know it's going to be hotter than ever, there will be some rhyme and reason this way... to suck you right in...

At least some sort of sucking will be going on... and deffinatly not in the writing! lol

As for what's important, I've just cum to one of the archives, and as I've been typing this and taking a minute to breathe... my clit has been throbbing against the seam in my shorts... god...


can't wait, roger

bliatz - you make Everything sound like a double entendre ;)

and kitten - I can assure you, there'll be plenty of sucking going on... now if you'd just kneel down between my open thighs... ;)

ohhhhh... anything for you, dirtyboy.... let me just tug off that underwear, while I lick my lips in anticipation....

*pant pant*

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