Monday, August 15, 2005 at 7:29 PM

I need to feel you sliding down onto me... ohh the intensity of that first long, deep thrust... your gasp as I slide inside you, so easily... the warm, slick wetness of your cunt as you engulf my erect cock, taking me deep inside you... holding me there... our bodies wrapped around each other... so close... so intimate... that kiss, our lips engaging, my tongue slipping into your mouth... joined above and below... unable to resist the impulse to move... to slide... to thrust... to bite... to fuck... our breath becoming more ragged... skin so sensitive... the erotic sensation driving us on... urging us on... pushing and moving together... your wetness slick along my hard cock as you slide rhythmically against me... up and down... up and down... fucking my throbbing, pulsing erection... kissing me... touching me... fucking me... your thighs wrapped tight around me... pulling me back on the bed... wanting to be held down... to be taken... hard... urgent... gasping... groaning... screaming with pleasure as my cock pounds hard and deep... fucking you... fucking you... god...


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when will I learn to come in from work and get sorted before I turn on my comp?????
I need to get showered anyway, but now...
hmmm i need it more than ever!!!
saphire, June 29th, 2005

Oh roger.
I need to be fucked by you. Intensely and crazily.
Thank you, Roger.
Paige, June 29th, 2005

I'm reading this over and over again, baby.
God I love this.
Panties are soaked, breasts are sweaty, and I find myself reading it all over again still...
Paige, June 29th, 2005

oh god you sweet, dirtyboy. I love to feel yor hard, erect cock pounding into my slick, wet and oh my god so horny cunt. My hands running all over your hard body until you can't take it hold my hands down HARD above my head. god that turns me on. and you know it. You ram your cock into me-hard, harder and HARDER-until my release is here..oh god yes...yes please HAR DER>> its huge, yesss, gigantic....overfuckingwhelming....... and as i scream your name roger, you join me in the intense throes of hot, pulsing orgasm..oh god yes fuck me please again you make me insatiable fuck me Please again my dirtyboy.....
dancingbackwards, June 30th, 2005

i''ve been pottering around for a while but i couldn't right til now as my 18th was in december then the computer failed no u for 6 months it nearly killed me!!!! still as powerful as ever these messages again thatnks xxxx
spicydonut, June 30th, 2005

Oh wow. Very glad I stopped by here today.. I'm almost as wet as I am when I'm writing my OWN posts...
Coincidentally, my name is Paige too.
Mmm. ;)
The Wench, June 30th, 2005

Wow! This is just what I needed after a long, hard day working outside in the heat! Thank you!
sk8girl, June 30th, 2005

well hi there Paige ;) it's nearly not my real name, really, but what people call me at home sounds like Paige ;)
This is SO my favorite to the one just before it.
Paige, July 01st, 2005

my fingers made their way to my slit by the second line... still lingering in my soaking cunt now, reading the post over and over. god, that first thrust, such intensity... mmm i want you to thrust your hard cock into me dirtyboy. i want to gasp. god. i want you.
leigha, July 01st, 2005

nez, July 02nd, 2005

The feel of your shaft fully filling me… ohh, yes… The taste of your tongue…. thrusting deeper… unh god… my skin tingling with desire at your touch… giving me more of you… yes, ohh, ohhh, fuck me…. Ummmm!!!!! God Yes!!
Once again Roger you tantalize me from head to toe! I so needed that after waiting so long since your last post! Thank you, sweet prince!
Kitty's Wet, July 02nd, 2005

ohhhh.... Roger.... how sweet that would be.... so vivid... how could we not work ourselves into a frenzy wink.gif ... gasping here...
need you
want you
take me.
Kitten ;), July 05th, 2005

Just found this site and I must say I'm very impressed Dirtyboy........Been looking for something of this calibre to get myself off properly for a long time!! Day off work today so I'm going to sit here and read as much as I can and cum as much as is humanly possible!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm
Sexy Angel, July 05th, 2005

Read this one again
and again
and again
it never fails.
Paige, July 05th, 2005

Thankyou girls - very much appreciated, and as always, it's a pleasure to turn you on ;)
kitten - my place, later ;)
dirtyboy, July 05th, 2005

wow. you are quite talented. unnervingly so. the feelings you inspire in the ladies must bring out some great requests... i love it all!
tease me

Mmmm. I'm glad I found your blog. Aimlessly browsing the net after a long work day and coming across a guy like that can be quite depressing. He could definitly use an advice or two on lust. Or life. *lol*

Thanks for saving my evening.

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