Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 11:54 PM

I'm masturbating right now, right this moment, as I type. I'm laying on my bed, naked on my stomach, my cock warm, hard, erect, pulsing deliciously as I move against the blankets, rubbing myself against them, wriggling and writhing a little, wanting to be between your thighs, wanting my erection to be sliding against your cunt, the head of my cock rubbing against your clit, teasing you, wanting you, needing to be inside you.

Does that excite you? I hope so. I want to excite you, I want to make you wet. I want to make you need to touch yourself, to masturbate with me, to think about me looking down at you, my cock hard and swollen, throbbing, nudging against the lips of your pussy, needing to slip between them, to slide deep inside you, to fuck you.

It excites me to think about you reading these words - I wonder if already you're getting turned on, imagining you touching yourself, your breath a little harder, your clit sensitive, throbbing, needing, your cunt wet, anticipating the first thrust of my hard cock, as I slide it deep inside you.

Are you touching yourself? Are you masturbating for me? I hope so. I want that. I'm masturbating for you, right now, thinking of you laid on the bed, your legs wrapped around me, your back arched, your breasts thrust upwards towards me as my lips engulf a hard nipple, sucking, licking, teasing, my body moving against yours, my cock wet now, wet from you, as I slide the head down between the lips of your cunt... and push... deep....

until I'm inside you....

Can you feel me there now? Can you feel the full length of my cock sliding deep into your dripping wet cunt? Can you feel me starting to fuck you, rhythmically?

I want you. I want you to cum. Masturbate for me, right now. Cum for me. Cum all over my hot, hard cock. And when you cum, when you gasp and groan and scream and convulse... when your wetness streams down my throbbing erection - then I'll cum - hot, frantic, urgent - filling you with my cum, again and again and again....

god... I need to cum, hard...

right now...


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Now I need a nice warm pussy ... uugh great stuff :)
HIM, June 06th, 2005

mMmMmMmm exactly what I need right now!
bedroomeyes, June 06th, 2005

all right then, I am, I did, I feel great--god thats hot!
I hope you did too.
dancing backwards, June 07th, 2005

now for the first time in a while, you've put some thought into it! Don't mean to be a critic, but the last few posts have left me feeling how I felt with my last lover............wanting more.
I came twice hard this ti;me. Once at the thought of masturbating in front of you and the second with you inside of me. Roger, you are yummy. Not even a faithful lover can be as consistent as you are.
Tara Anne, June 07th, 2005

Greed, Lust. Are we going to taste all the deadly sins? I do hope so. When you get to Gluttony I have a deliciously wet pussy for you to gorge yourself on. Will you? Gently part my thighs as I sit at my desk...
Sinnamon, June 07th, 2005

And then me next, you dirtyboy, my horny, hot and wet pussy is waiting at the next desk over--oh god I can't wait...!
dancingbackwards, June 07th, 2005

can u feel my legs wrapped around you?
My sweat on your skin?
My breath on your neck as you thrust your hardness in and out of me?
Can you feel my pussy squeezing your cock?
I'm cumming now. Cumming for you...
I'm cumming
paige, June 07th, 2005

thankyou girls, I'm glad you enjoyed it - and the seven deadly sins! Now there's an idea!
dirtyboy, June 07th, 2005

Dear god yes you excite me, have I ever given you reason to believe not too? wink.gif I'll just have to try harder to show you (hee hee) ;) ;) ;)
You were right here with me Rogy, I could feel your hot pulsing cock against my pussy, rubbing agaisnt my clit, feeling your hot breath on me.... I came twice to this, both times with your hot cock inside me....
doing just what you described: gasping and groaning and screaming and convulseing... all for you my hot, amazing Rogy
I need you now, right now.
Kitten ;), June 07th, 2005

Reading the comments of your lovely readers turned me on....... can I watch....?
Russel, June 08th, 2005

Kitten - I love making you come, very pleased you enjoyed it so much ;)
Russel - we're all voyeurs here, to an extent - feel free to watch whomever you wish!
dirtyboy, June 08th, 2005

I'm masturbating as I read... except I'm not rubbing myself against a blanket, I'm rotating my finger around my clit,using the juices that your words have made flow, god, it's so slippery, the thing is, I am trying not to get too excited, Mmm I want ths feeling to last. your words could excite the unexcitable, the thought of you laying on your bed, all naked, and hard and and and ohhh god...what I could do with you now, right now, right this second...
saphire, June 08th, 2005

did the sheets feel all creamy soft and cool against your skin? the bed yielding and yet a bit hard against you? the softness of the bed pulling against each stroke? mmmm still in the limbo between dream and awake, the best time...for dream-state touches, caresses to your body each one felt. Yes. It feels good, doesn't it., when it's a choice to open your eyes or stay within the dream and yeild to it all. so delicious.
Irishmamere, June 11th, 2005

I am really soaking wet as I've been reading this and my pussy is still vaguely throbbing from it's orgasm. All of your stories make me hot and horny and it really makes me want to fuck you, with your hard cock in my pussy, pounding and thrusting, with my pussy tightening to milk your cock and your hot cum squirting inside my pussy...
Karina, June 14th, 2005

thankyou girls - as always, it's a pleasure to excite you so much x
dirtyboy, June 15th, 2005

considering this blog was written on my birthday i quite like a tease when my boyfriend is away. Thanks for making me wet. I think ill go have phone sex now, although ive never quite been able to take it as seriously as i want to....
Thanks anyway for making me wet
Should make a book out of thise stuff...
Sofronia, July 05th, 2005

Wow! This is my first visit here, and this is the first post I read. Damn sure coming back!

Welcome to my blog, Mystic Spirit - and it's always nice to know when one post is all it takes ;)
Hope you enjoy the archives x

Watching you masturbate exites me deliciously.My breathing is a bit ragged now, my cunt open wide and wet.I want to finger myself, but won't, just yet.I keep watching.
You've had your own way far too long, it's time for you to submit now, and do as you're told.
I'm moving away, still watching you wank yourself off.I order you to pull harder.Then, I bend down, move your hand away and take your rock-hard cock in my mouth.Suck you, lick you, hear you beg and moan.
Do you want some more?I know you do.Keep begging.

tryig to turn the tables? such a bad girl....

I wouldn't dare try to turn to the tables....unless you had me bent over them, with your fingers pushing into my cunt, talking dirty to me and begging for more.
I'm sooooo wet, wishimg your cock was edging itself into my pussy, over and over again.
Sorry, I'm becoming incoherent..mmmmm...

incoherent is definitely a good thing, I think ;)

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