Saturday, August 06, 2005 at 8:06 PM

I enjoy all kinds of sex, and I love variety and experimentation, trying out all kinds of different things - for me pretty much anything goes, so long as it feels good for both of us.

However, when it comes to fantasising, when I'm masturbating and thinking of something I know will make me come, I often find myself returning to the idea of fucking you deliciously from behind. It's becoming quite a specific fantasy these days, crystallised in my mind from writing entries in this blog, from reading comments left for me, from delightful cybersex I've enjoyed. It goes pretty much like this (and if you're at all familiar with my blog, you'll have read variations of this scenario from time to time, as I do love to think about it)...

You're wanting to be submissive for a change. Most of the time I prefer you to be as greedy and lustful and full of ideas as me, but when you're like this, and you just want to be taken, imagining that it's against your will, wanting me to be a little playfully rough with you, I can't resist - I love it when you're like this, when you want me to just fuck you, hard, any way I please. And you surrender control to me.

You know I still want you to be dressed - a tight, form-fitting top that shows off a little of your tummy; a bra underneath; a short skirt; small white panties, bare legs; maybe some sexy boots. As I come into the room, you smile at me, and without me asking you, you bend over the back of the sofa, displaying your bum to me, your bottom still covered by the short skirt. As I move closer to you, you slip your arms behind your back, crossing them at the wrist. I slip a silk scarf out of my trouser pocket, and wrap it around your wrists, tightly, tying a firm knot. You can feel the pressure of the silk on your wrists - it's tight enough that you wouldn't be able to free yourself, even if you wanted to. Bent over the sofa like this, your wrists tied tightly, you know you're on display to me, and you know you're helpless.

I could fuck you like this - and sometimes I do - seeing you like this arouses me so much, it's difficult to resist sliding my erection deep inside you, fucking you hard just like this, over the back of the sofa. Tonight though, I want more. Right now I just want to touch you, feeling my cock growing hard in my pants as I slide my hand up your back, taking hold of your top, tugging it up your body, my fingers stroking as I slide up, caressing your back, pulling your top all the way up, over your breasts, until it's bunched up under your arms. I move closer then, pressing myself against your bum, leaning over you, sliding my hands underneath you to cup your breasts through your bra, squeezing, caressing, stroking gently, feeling your nipples harden through the material.

You're wriggling against me now, trying to push yourself back against me, knowing I'll be erect, but I pull away slowly, watching you wriggling, wanting me, needing me, so turned on by that, and I tug your short skirt up to your waist, looking down at your small knickers, sliding my fingers up the inside of your thigh, until I reach the crotch of your panties. They're already damp - I need to touch you - I tug the knickers to one side, my fingers finding your cunt, and you're so wet, so deliciously wet- I slide my fingers between the swollen lips of your cunt, drifting between them, parting them, getting my fingers wet, spreading that wetness to your clit, stroking rhythmically, round and round, hearing you gasp, a little shudder rippling through you, and I can't resist - I slide my fingers into your cunt, and you gasp again, a small flood of your wetness dribbling from your cunt, down my hand, as I slide my fingers deep inside you...

It's clear you can't take much of this - you need to come, and I'm so turned on now - your wrists still tied, I pull you up from the back of the sofa, and lead you to the bed, pushing you quite roughly onto your hands and knees - you can hear me undressing, pulling off my shirt, tugging down my trousers and pants, leaving me naked, but you know you're not to look - you wait on the bed for agonising seconds, on your knees, your wrists still tied behind your back, your head laid on the bed, your bottom still presented to me, wanting to be taken, hard.

I slide onto the bed behind you, naked now, unclipping your bra strap and pushing your bra up from your breasts, my hands cupping them again, stroking your naked breasts, caressing your erect nipples, pressed against you from behind - and you can feel my hot, hard erection pressing against your skirt, rubbing against you.

You beg me to fuck you, to make you come, and once again I can't resist - I tug up your skirt again, this time pulling your wet knickers down your thighs, tugging them off. I move close behind you - you can feel my hard cock sliding between your bare buttocks now, moving against you, my hands back at your breasts, stroking, squeezing, caressing - and I'm so turned on now, and i need to fuck you - I slide the head of my swollen cock down to your wet slit, and I push, slowly, inch by inch, inside your dripping wet cunt, sliding my hard cock deep inside you, until you feel me filling you, all the way inside you, your cunt squeezing and caressing my erection, your wetness dripping down the length of my cock.

And i start to fuck you, long and hard, thrusting harder, deeper, and with each thrust you slam yourself back onto my throbbing erection, feeling my cock thrusting harder, harder, your cunt splashing around my cock with each long thrust, your wetness dripping from your sex, onto the bed, my belly slapping against your bare bum with each thrust of my cock inside you, my hand pushing your head down onto the bed, holding you there, not letting you move.

I can't take much of this - and neither can you - I feel you start to come, your body trembling, starting to convulse - it's going to trigger my own orgasm - I grab a handful of your hair, tugging your head back hard, leaning over you to kiss you on the lips, my tongue sliding deep into your mouth, and as I kiss you, sensually, urgently, you can't hold it back any longer - you push back hard onto my thrusting cock, shuddering frantically, your wetness streaming down my cock as you start to come, so hard, crying out with intense pleasure, your wet cunt engulfing my cock - and as you come, I do too, groaning intensely, my cock swelling, throbbing, pulsing so hard - my spunk suddenly spurting deep into your cunt, spurt after spurt of hot cum, flooding deep inside you, filling you, again and again as we come together, our bodies locked in orgasm, so intense, so intimate, so delicious...

And as our orgasms subside, you know I want more...


previous comments:

Dammit, you've left me throbbing and aching once again. I seriously need to come and sort you out ;)
velvet, December 17th, 2004

I'm in no position to resist you if you still want more.
Do your worst!
clare, December 17th, 2004

velvet - good, I love making you feel that way - and i'd love you to come and sort me out ;) x
dirtyboy, December 17th, 2004

clare - I'm very pleased to hear it - I always want more x
dirtyboy, December 17th, 2004

I know you want more and beleive me so do I... if you would be so kind as to undo the scarf, let me kneel before you and take your still throbbing cock into my mouth........
Snow, December 17th, 2004

*sigh* there's a few things I could say to this but I think you know what is going through my mind xxx
Beautifullychaotic, December 17th, 2004

snow - sounds delicious, yes please... undoing the scarf... take me deep into your mouth... mmm.... xx
dirtyboy, December 17th, 2004

Chaotic - always a delght for me when you comment, thankyou x - and yes, I know just what you're thinking xxx
dirtyboy, December 17th, 2004

My body still trembling, "Please....", I whisper "Take me again..."
You push me down and begin to enter my saturated, throbbing cunt.
" my ass....fuck my ass..."
With a firm hand, you thrust your fingers into my pussy, dripping with the culmination of our prior lust. You smear the cocktail of my honey and your seed over the taut pucker of my backside.
You tease me...rubbing your swollen manhood between my cheeks. Placing the tip against it, pushing slowly, then retracting.
"Please..." ( I think you rather enjoy making me beg)
Again the tip knocks at my backdoor. Entering slowly, until my dark hole swallows it. You begin to fuck me, hard as you like. Still holding me down, a fistful of my hair keeping me in place. My gasps of pleasure trapped in the pillow.
You reach around and cup my breasts, pinching my pierced nipples. Sending shivers through my body. Then your hand slides down my tummy until it finds my swollen clit. You stroke it firmly, feeling my insides tremble around your cock, knowing I will cum soon. As the pace quickens, I can barely control my quivering body....
"FUCK..I'm going to cum..."
The pleasure explodes though me just as I feel you explode inside me.
Deliciously spent :)
MidniteSiren, December 17th, 2004

You made me come at...
"I slide my fingers into your cunt, and you gasp again, a small flood of your wetness dribbling from your cunt, down my hand, as I slide my fingers deep inside you..."
I could not hold back any longer...
LovesTheBeach, December 17th, 2004

MidniteSiren - just the most delicious, intensely erotic comment - thankyou x - needless to say, I'm very hard now... x
dirtyboy, December 18th, 2004

LovesTheBeach - I love making you come - in fact, I want you to come over and over again... x
dirtyboy, December 18th, 2004

oh my god, i am so wet. you know exactly what to do to me! mmmmhhhh. cant wait to do it again.x
lorz, December 18th, 2004

lorz - I love making you so wet, love making you feel so good x
dirtyboy, December 19th, 2004

mmmmmm, delicious, dirty. absolutely so. i came at "I grab a handful of your hair, tugging your head back hard, leaning over you to kiss you on the lips, my tongue sliding deep into your mouth, and as I kiss you, sensually, urgently" - beautifully written, mr. lover lover. you are the master of the combination of greedy neediness, sensuality and that edge of domination that makes me sooo hot...
lucy, December 19th, 2004

thankyou lucy x - that's my favourite part too, that kiss - I love to kiss, and a soft, greedy sensual kiss like that when I'm just on the edge of orgasm will always make me come - so glad you liked it too. I love making you come, especially when you tell me xx
dirtyboy, December 19th, 2004

Now that you've made me come right here at my desk, I'm pulling out the dildo, rolling you over and turning the tables. Oh baby, it's my turn to fuck YOU....ohhhh, I think I'm going to come pussy's all wet thinking about doing you from behind with my cock-dildo....mmmmmmm
happypuss, December 21st, 2004

mmm happypuss... such a dirty girl - I want you to come again, deliciously for me, right now x
dirtyboy, December 21st, 2004

fuck dirtyboy,
it turns me on to no end thinking about all the women that pleasure themselves while reading your words and leave then you dirty, nasty comments.
i myself am fantasizing about your hard cock right now. think i might keep this up all night.
you have deliciously dangerous and sexy mind.
freshbabe, January 18th, 2005

freshbabe - it turns me on very much too - often the comments in here are hotter than my original posts...
And I love the idea of you fantasising about me - hope you came gorgeously... xxx
dirtyboy, January 19th, 2005 are so good at that!
lunazul, January 20th, 2005

You: and you're so wet, so deliciously wet...
Me: Yes. Yes I am.
(Btw, you guys need to get gaia online. mucho fun!)
P!nk, February 27th, 2005

I just took my virginity... again. @.@ There's blood on my dildo.
p!nk, March 08th, 2005

That was amazing, I'd be more graphic but all I can say is a man with good words will get me every day. I came more than once and I think I might go for it again, all while imagining your cock and how much my cunt aches for it...

Helen, thankyou - it's a pleasure to make you feel so good - hope you did indeed come again deliciously... x

please roger,
flip me over and pound me again

such a greedy girl ;) x

I don't know what exactly it is about being taken from behind, but I also find myself constantly returning to such fantasies while masturbating. It's so appealing. So arousing.

I didnt even need it today. Just dropped by as a habit. And I had to read something as long as I was here. I had no intention of becoming extremely aroused. But thinking about being taken and pretending it's against my will and being fucked however you like, made me insatiably wet.

I came wonderfully.

First, I held out a long time, just getting more and more wet. Funny, you added the bit about wriggling myself into your erection behind me - that's exactly what I would do. I knew I would come very quickly, so I wasn't hasty letting my fingers drift to my swollen pussy. I even made it past you actually entering me. But when you started to fuck me long and hard. I honestly couldn't back anymore. I let my fingers slide into my cunt and spread the wetness all over. There was so much. Each word turned me on even further. I imagined slamming myself back onto your erection. God I was so wet. It just kept coming. I fingered myself harder, rubbing my clit harder, pushing deeper into my cunt. But I could bearly hear the splashing of the wetness over my pounding heart. I felt my blood run intensely hot. The beating grew louder. I didn't even try to supress my gasping. I knew I was close to coming. So close. Your tongue sliding deep into my mouth made me contract. I felt every muscle tighten, preparing me for a glorious orgasm. Your hot cum pouring inside of me did it. Everything that was building up had reached a climax. And as I listened to my pounding heart, waiting for it to subside, I wanted you. Wanted your warm erection still inside of me, your hot spunk dripping out of me, making me wet and sticky.

I'm tired now. And I wish you were here to take more from me. I think I need sex.

shawn x
it's very much my favourite thing to fantasise about too - in 'real life', I like it all kinds of ways, but there's something about taking you from behind that very much arouses me whilst masturbating - it's an image I cum to frequently.
And speaking of reaching delicious orgasm, you should know - this is the second time that a delicious, gorgeously intense comment from you has made me come - you write gorgeously, graphically, sensuously, all the things I love - I very much enjoy your comments, and came to this one deliciously, urgently - thankyou xx

I love being fucked from behind...having my hair pulled- being totally controlled. I get lost in it and become a completely shameless slut.

and I'd love to fuck you just like that, secret...

hmmm oh you are a man who know his women....god darlin' i cannot stop thinking about that pounding force..and that kiss! mmmm been way too long since i visited...mustn't let that happen again.

It's good to know you haven't forgotten me! x I definitely need you to come more often ;)

A really interesting post, this one.I always think of myself as being submissive.I love being told what to do, being tied up and spanked hard for being a slut.
But reading through your archives, I'm getting turned on at the thought of being the dominant one.
I imagine pushing you down onto the bed, tying your hands to the bedpost above your head and telling you to beg for me to suck you off.How much would you like that?Tell me in graphic detail, and I might just indulge you.

Ha! There'll be no begging from me - you clearly need to be dealt with severely ;) x

You had me at pulling the panties down to the thighs, my legs spreading only enough for a nice, tight fit... leaving me bound and exposed, begging you push your cock past my pussy lips and bury yourself in my wet cunt. Being filled and fucked like this, cumming... yes, that would leave me wanting for more.

dear god... i know this is an older post, but i couldnt help it. the title just makes me shiver by itself. so intese, so horribly opposite of myself. but after my delicious orgasm i could only qualify myself as helpless to you. i was hanging over your every word roger, if you must know. im sure you dont remember me, but lets test your memory. xx

of course I remember you Lauren, and I'm delighted you enjoyed this so much - it's always such a pleasure to make you come xx

Reading your stories always leave me dripping wet... Im feeling extra greedy tonight master, I need you. I'm begging for you to take me hard. Please master.

I want you deep inside me, call me your bad little slut please take me... I want to feel your hard cock fill my tight wet pussy...
Xoxo Gillian

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