hello lurkers x

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 2:45 PM

Hi lovely reader xxx

There have been a run of sexual fantasies in here of late - lots more to come (I still have my list, and I'm going to try and do every one requested), but I haven't really talked to you personally for a while - so a brief pause to do just that.

Hello you x

I seem to have a nice group of regular readers now who like to comment regularly - thankyou, I very much appreciate every comment left on here (except maybe the crazy ones lol), and if you do leave a comment, check back as I always try to reply individually. You're the reason I keep writing in here - I love it when you tell me that my blog turns you on, and every comment like that which I receive encourages me to write more - basically it gives me pleasure to make you cum (it's why I do this), I love it when you tell me that something has worked for you, and it helps me know what sort of things you like to read. So please keep leaving comments, I love them, and they really do arouse me.

And if you're one of my lovely lurkers (and I know there are a lot of you), be bold, be brave, leave me a comment to tell me if something i've written in here made you cum. Just make up a name, it's completely anonymous, no-one knows who you are - and it might just turn you on to see your words up there on the screen.

And that's what this is all about - I want to turn you on, and I want you to turn me on too - so if something in here makes you cum, tell me, I'd love to know - or if you're wet, excited, aroused - why not leave a comment to tell me, I'd love that, very much.

And if you can - if you're somewhere reasonably private and you can get away with it - why not touch yourself right now... get yourself deliciously wet... find something in here that you like... and cum for me, right now...

and when you're done... when you've cum delightfully... come back here and tell me what made you cum... be as dirty as you like... I'd love that...

ahh, what a delightful idea... I'm gorgeously erect just from thinking about you there... thinking about you masturbating to my words... I think your comments will make me cum...

back to the fantasies next time, promise xxx


previous comments:

:) I'm new here but I've been reading your blog. I can't wait to see what you post next.
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 03rd, 2004

thankyou undercurrent - let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like to read - welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy your stay x
dirtyboy, August 03rd, 2004

Rog... if your smooth demeanor were unleashed unto the masses with your girlfriend's blessing, you would be the most oversexed man in the British Isles, and that's a compliment.
phoebephrodos, August 03rd, 2004

Just call me Mister Smooth lol
dirtyboy, August 03rd, 2004

Hi, I'm new here too. I really love reading your blog though dirtyboy. You make me wet everytime, occassionally you even make me cum, but I'm a hard case. Keep up the good work!
VirgiNympho, August 05th, 2004

And I loved reading your comment VirgiNympho - I'll do my best to make you cum every time you're here x
dirtyboy, August 06th, 2004

Oh dirtyboy! I read "punishing the maid" last night. That one really got me going! thank you so much! Now please excuse me while I go buy a maid outfit.
VirgiNympho, August 06th, 2004

Glad you liked it - and I'll expect you to do the maid's job to my satisfaction - you know the consequences if you don't ;)
dirtyboy, August 07th, 2004

It would be my pleasure! though I must warn you, I do have a tendency to be abit rebellious and nauty, you may have to punish me a few times...
VirgiNympho, August 07th, 2004

I'm pleases that you understand what the job entails, VirgiNympho. I run a very strict house, so any naughtiness or deviation from the rules will result in swift punishment. Initially I would hope that a firm, hard spanking would be sufficient to keep you in line, but if you persist in your rebellious nature, I may have to resort to more severe punishment, of a sexual nature...
dirtyboy, August 08th, 2004

As if I shouold be so lucky!
VirgiNympho, August 10th, 2004

Dirtyboy, I am being brave and posting a comment, just like you asked. In fact, I would do just about anything you asked - you have made me come so many times that I am forever grateful. There's certain phrases you use that tip me over the edge every time. I love your imagery so much that I never leave my computer to masturbate; I always come while I'm reading your delicious words. Oh, and I have so many fantasies that I'd love you to write about that I don't know where to begin. Should a new commenter like me dare to even suggest something? I really love boss/secretary and teacher/schoolgirl fantasies - never in real life, of course - but I'm not sure that it's really your thing...
Geek girl, February 24th, 2005

Dear Dirtyboy,

just discovered your blog today. Yes, am one of your lurkers (after several hours intense reading) and got a very wet and twitching cunt reading your unedited, erotic mind. How can I tell you how much I love it!? You're so far the only blogger I've responded to with a comment. Normally, I'd never. So why you? Maybe because I truly am turned on by your absolute, unrelenting desire to pleasure a woman. You're really genuine. It's with a sense of amazement that I write this statement. I also wish to give you pleasure...so here's my fantasy. I have this desire to be erotically humiliated for having the most lushly haired cunt. I masturbate to that, especially in my bath, using a showerhead on my pussy. Anyway, in my fantasy, I'm a spoilt young woman (just like the heroine of the Orient Express) with a milky porcelain beauty. But between my legs, I have this jet black furry cunt pelt -- lush, thick and cock hardeningly obscene. I have fantasies about my lover discovering my furry jungle and going completely wild at the disconnect between my delicate beauty and this animalistic explosion growing on my cunt. In my fantasies, he makes me so wet for having such a hairy, dark pussy. You naughty, dirty girl....He puts me in "humilating" positions - spreadeagled or in doggy with my ass in the air, furry cunt lips pouting between my sweet ass. I must be exposed while he's driven wild with desire by my obscenely lewd cunt which is so lushly haired. I wish to be "examined" and "inspected" but erotically. Later, after we've fucked....he'll (maybe) get the servants into the bedroom to do an almost gynecological examination of my pubic hair ----they have to comb through the hairs for pubic lice! Which of course, makes me cry with the most pussy wettingly exciting embarrassment....Sorry, it's inarticulately written but at this moment, am so excited about having my lush, wet cunt exposed to your mental gaze...and wondering what you might do....please, make me orgasm...please....for having such a naughty, lewd, unshaven cunt....


Love your blog - it's rare to find a hetero guy in touch with their sexuality and able to express it. I came across yours accidentaly and was immediately aroused by the mental images your writing gave me.

If more guys could express this way, able to stimulate the biggest sex organ - the mind, women would find us far better lovers.

Keep it up.

Head Monkey

Hi Head Monkey - I hear so rarely from my male readers (I think they only exist in very small numbers) - thankyou, I'm glad you're enjoying what you're reading - and keep an eye on the comments too, I think you might enjoy some of them ;)

Can't believe I'm doing this. If anyone found out I swear...I'd never leave my dormroom again. Southern girls don't normally do this sort of thing, you see. (Belles and debutantes and the like...) Scarlet wouldn't be caught doing something like this...but she might do it in private. (After the inital shock and awe from figuring out and first seeing a computer that is...)

Let's see if I can get through this without blushing. Probably not, but since you asked, and I've lurked long enough, here we go. (God, I sound gay.)

My favorites are the ones where we end up tied up. Forced to tell you what dirty little sluts we are. Warning us not to move or fight the restraints. (I can't help it, I wiggle~) Punishments, spanking, tugging hair, being caught touching without your permission. (And quite frankly, telling me not to do it makes me want to do it more.) I don't know if there's a name for it, but possessiveness turns me on. Being someone's and only that person's. My body belonging to you and you alone. (There goes the blush. Look at it spread!)

Whoa. Longer than I thought that'd be. Hope this was what you wanted. Yet another lurker unmasked~! (Shock and awe! Le gasp!) Damn. There went my secret identity.

I should read some things of yours to make myself feel better. Get my super powers back. (Orgasmic scream, pelvic thrusts of death, half-lidded eyes of lusty distraction, etc. Pfft. Wonder Woman wishes she was this cool.)

This is absolutely my favourite comment of the week - funny, sexy and just downright fantastic! With delightful comments such as this, it's a complete waste that you've been lurking - I insist (in my most dominant tone, complete with hair tugging and spanking) that you remedy this forthwith and remain a regular commenter - I'd love to hear more from you x

Oh, and it's a tradition around these parts (as you may well know) to hug lurkers when they break cover - so here's a big hug ***hugs***

roger x

I got a hug. I'm happy now. :) Careful, you know that sign, " Slippery When Wet "? They made it for me. (Bet you'll never look at those the same way again.) Guess what's wet and I've been touching? You'll forgive me right? It's my birthday and I'm lonely, I should be entitled to play a little bit~

Hinoka - of course I forgive you - and in fact I'm going to encourage you, as obviously I love you touching yourself ;)
Have a delightful birthday, and try not to be too lonely - imagine I'm right there with you, doing whatever you want - and since I know you like it that way, perhaps I've tied your hands behind your back, and you're being sweetly submissive - though I wouldn't be too rough with you, it's your birthday, and you know I want you to come for me... you know I want to give you intense pleasure...
So find a post or two that you really love, masturbate deliciously for me, and come for me, I'd love that... x
Happy birthday, you x

This may be long.
I'm a younger woman, and a lover of poetry. Trawling through the net, I had believed that poetry and erotica could not be reconcilled, having read countless stories about mindless nothingness dressed up as sex. But then I came across this site and I realised that the two beutiful things could come together.
Thanks for my release.

P.S. Oh it's not so long afterall. Sorry for my formality, I can't really say anything too sexy, I feel far too open.

Do those that don't lurk but just dive in get hugs too?


Actually, I am quite satisified with my orgasms...no hugs necessary!


lozz - never apologise for a long comment, and I'm glad you've been enjoying my words so much - hope you'll stick around x

p. of lust - you can have hugs aplenty, of course x

Mmmm how should I address you? My Adonis, perhaps.

I've only been lurking for about week and have promised myself to just read one post a night but, with you, one is never enough *sighing with desire*. I get wet as I leave work in the afternoon and anticipate the evening we will spend together. I hope you enjoy watching me touch myself and gasping with pleasure. I can't make too much noise in case the children are awake and hear me. (They are old enough to guess what I am up to *grinning sheepishly*.)

I am glad you've been so busy pleasing all your other lovers. As long as I'm not too greedy and don't read too many blogs at once, there is enough material here to keep me satisfied for quite some time.

I've never had to share before but, after reading some of your threesome blogs, I could learn to enjoy it *winks*. Now you know what I like!

*Passionate, hungry kisses*
Goodnight, sweet lover

You can just call me Roger, that's fine by me, though Adonis is a delightful compliment xx
And sharing is absolutely fun - after all, it wouldn't be just me you got to share, it'd be her too, we all get to share each other, always a delight in my experience ;)
It's very lovely to meet you, especially back here in the hidden backwaters of the blog - you've clearly been delving deep into the archives. I hope your exploration has given you some gorgeous orgasms along the way...
Have you thought about filling in the new questionnaire? Given how delightfully you write, I think it would be a real pleasure to receive - and I think you'll rather enjoy the experience, though you'll need to find a little time alone when you're not likely to be disturbed ;)

it's lovely to have you with me!

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