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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 2:48 PM

I love looking at pretty girls in short skirts. It's become a real weakness of mine, especially over this last summer, when suddenly they really became fashionable, and all the girls were wearing them - often very very short indeed (yum).

Traditionally, received wisdom is that girls look better in stockings - or at least wearing fancy tights under their skirts - but even this has changed this year, and even now, with the weather getting colder, I'm seeing lots of girls still walking around in short skirts with bare legs - usually with funky boots of some kind, and whatever the hell they like on top, as I just haven't been looking there so much.

I wonder if those girls know just how much that affects us guys. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I see a really good looking girl in a short, flighty skirt, with long bare thighs, all I can think of is having her sat astride my lap, the skirt artfully draped over us to disguise what's going on, my cock inside her, sliding deep as she rocks back and forth on my erection. Typically, this is entirely due to experience - whenever previous girlfriends have turned up dressed like that, inevitably they end up either on my lap, as previously described (either facing me or with their back to me), or bent over the back of the sofa, the skirt tugged up to her waist as I fuck her deliciously from behind.

Should you ever come to meet me, and you want to guarantee that I'll definitely want to fuck you at the earliest opportunity, please feel free to turn up in a skirt like that, with your thighs bare, and wearing the tiniest panties - something easy to tug to one side so that I can slip deep into your gorgeously wet cunt. Even if we're at a pub (or something) and unable to fuck, and you're sat next to me, my hand will be caressing the inside of your thigh, sliding all the way up, stroking you, wanting to make you wet.

ahhh, simple pleasures today, I know, but thinking about it makes me very horny. I think I may need you to go down on me...


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racing to the closet, flinging clothes aside in hopes of finding something.. anything that will.....seal the guarantee
g, November 23rd, 2004

i wish i was there to help you out and go down on you.. mmm.. id so love to slowly suck you. whilst wearing a really short skirt that shows nearly everything..
rach, November 23rd, 2004

ohhh my.... short skirt and tiniest thong all in where's that lap.......
Wanton Witch, November 23rd, 2004

You've been reading my blog haven't you?!! Credit where credit's due! You must know that's my favourite outfit!
Except I don't wear panties that often...
Girl, November 23rd, 2004

Oh, my. Trying to figure out when I can schedule a shopping trip. Must add some short skirts to my winter wardrobe. And thigh highs, so I don't catch a chill...
cookiebush, November 23rd, 2004

:) You read my mind
*Kelly*, November 23rd, 2004

oooo lots of comments! I'll start at the top:
g - if that's who I think it is (and i suspect it is), in your case just turning up will seal the guarantee - though a tiny skirt would be a definite bonus xx
rach - I'd love that - especially if you were sort of bent over me, so that I could slide my hand up your skirt and caress you as you sucked... yum x
Wanton Witch - the lap is right here, feel free to slip astride me... x
Girl - great minds think alike - just seen your most recent post! And no need to wear panties, I'd only be tugging them off anyway... x
cookiebush - sounds delicious - I promise you, the guys will be all over you x
Kelly - I make a point of reading the minds of all the girls who come in here - you'd be surprised just how dirty some of them are... x
dirtyboy, November 23rd, 2004

So....this skirt that I've got on right now...that just reaches the middle of my thighs and flips around if I'm moving'd be the kind of skirt you like?
It sort of seems like the right kind of skirt, because I know that when I wear it, with thigh high stockings and no panties..all I can think about is being fucked while I'm still wearing it..having it pulled up in back and a hard cock thrust into me...
wholesome, November 24th, 2004

Your archive is a goldmine... Didn't do a thing today, my boss will spank me, I cant' help it, I can't stop reading you. Great!
Elle, November 26th, 2004

Wholesome - that's exactly the kind of skirt I like. And I'm delighted to find that you're thinking just the same thoughts as me x
Elle - thankyou x - and welcome to my blog, glad you're having fun x
dirtyboy, November 26th, 2004

oooooooo...yes! my Lover and i just tonite talked about this. he loves short skirts...and white cotton panties and little white socks.....but he also likes little red lace panties and bras...i enjoy wearing long t's around the house, with nothing else. it's nice when there are hands around to keep my bottom warm....being in public with a short skirt and no panties are really sexy feeling. while you and i are in that pub...we'd have to have a booth in back...cause i'm going to suck that cock right under the table, while you have a pint and try not to show what's going on. cum for me, darlin'..right now..... manysurprises
manysurprises, January 17th, 2005

manysurprises - mmm, yes definitely, a private little booth at the back of the pub, where if we're careful no-one will see us... my hand sliding up your thigh, under that short skirt, teasing your clit, stroking my fingers between the wet lips of your cunt... until you can't take any more and you have to slide under the table, me drinking my pint casually, trying not to look to turned on, as you suck deliciously on my cock, until I can't hold back, and I stifle a groan as my cum spurts into your mouth, over your lips and chin... that would be delicious... ;) xx
dirtyboy, January 17th, 2005

ohhhhh! lol i just found this after i sent you a comment on your lurkers unite post asking why all the girls in your posts are in skirts and now i understand... lol you should see my daughters teacher when i pick her up from school and im wearing one of those high-waisted skirts that are really short. he gets a fricken hard-on, its hillarious! i must say im a little turned on by girls with those skirts, ve never really noticed it until now though...

Seriously, why don't you update this blog? You really should.

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