from behind...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 7:41 PM

You don't hear me at first - I can see you sat there, alone in the house for once, reading my words, and as I stand quietly at the door, I can see you wriggling a little, your face flushing a little as you feel yourself getting turned on, trying to resist touching yourself, knowing you don't have much time alone. It's so tempting for me - I move behind you - you hear me approach, about to turn around to look at me, when you suddenly feel my hands sliding over your shoulders, stroking them gently, leaning over to kiss you softly on the top of your head, kissing my way down, reaching your neck, trailing my tongue along it, tasting your soft skin, kissing and gently nibbling your neck as you sit there, unable to resist me.

Your heart beats faster - you're worried about being seen, being caught, but as you feel me move so close behind you, my hands sliding down your body, down to your breasts, stroking and squeezing them as I bite your neck, you're ceasing to care if anyone sees us. I slide my fingers through your hair, tugging you gently up to face me, smiling at you and kissing you sensually on your lips, kissing slowly, lingeringly, our lips sliding together, my tongue slipping into your mouth, caressing yours, as my hand finds its way inside your clothes, slips down inside your bra, cupping your naked breast, my fingers sliding over your hardening nipple, stroking, teasing...

I lift you up from your chair, turning you towards your desk, pushing you forward, clearing a space with my hands, bending you over the desk. You're suddenly afraid - you're sure we'll be seen, and you know what I'm going to do, but I won't be stopped now - you ask me to stop, struggling a little, worrying that we'll be discovered - but I don't care any more, I want you, and I can't wait. I hold you there, pinning you over the desk, my other hand tugging your skirt up around your waist, pulling your panties down roughly, then undoing my jeans, tugging them down with my boxers, sliding my hand around my erect penis, stroking it, masturbating behind you.

You're wriggling on the desk now, not sure whether you want me to stop or whether you desperately need me to carry on - but it's not up to you - already my hand is sliding between your thighs from behind, parting them, sliding my fingers over your already wet cunt, stroking, caressing, sliding over and around your clit, then back again, slipping my fingers into your cunt, sliding them deep, and you gasp, trembling as you feel my hand slide deep inside. You're shaking now, so turned on, no longer caring if we're seen - I slide my hand out of your dripping cunt, sliding my wet fingers over my hard cock, getting it wet, then moving close behind you, pressed up against you.

You can't wait any longer - this needs to be quick, urgent, before we're discovered - you slide your hand between your open thighs, finding my warm erection, stroking it, tugging me towards you, guiding me to your cunt... the head of my swollen cock slides between the lips of your sex... and suddenly, I'm inside you... you groan, biting your lip, trying not to cry out, pushing yourself back onto me as I thrust deep inside you, and I start to fuck you, my belly slapping against your naked ass as I thrust deeper inside you, harder, the rhythm increasing, grinding deep into your dripping wet cunt, your sex squeezing around my cock as I fuck you harder, leaning over you sliding one hand up to your breasts, stroking, squeezing, my other hand tugging you up, your back arching as I thrust deeper, leaning over to kiss you sensually, passionately, fucking your mouth with my tongue, fucking your cunt with my cock - it's so urgent... so intense... you can't hold it back - you feel my cock slamming deep, pulsing... swelling... throbbing... you groan with pleasure... your body trembling hard... I thrust my cock so deep... a sudden flood of your wetness spurts from your cunt, splashing over my cock.. and that's it... ohh god that's it... you come... ohh fuck yes... so hard... trying not to scream as your body shakes into convulsions... your tight cunt engulfing my cock... your wetness gushing down my erection, dripping down my balls... I can't take any more... I cry out... groaning your name... intense orgasm surging through my body... ohh fuck and I'm cumming... ohh god... cumming so hard... my cum spurting from my cock... unnhh fuckk... splashing into your cunt... again and again and again... filling you with all my spunk... our bodies locked together... urgent... frantic... coming so hard... god...


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mmmmm...thank you for a delicious orgasm! you can bend me over anytime! now pardon me while i catch my breath...
neglected_wife, March 22nd, 2005

Oh God..fantastic...instantly wet here....Throbbing..I want that...M
birdmadgirl, March 22nd, 2005

THAT is one of my favorite fantasies. But you wrote it sooo much better than I could have. But exactly as I want it.
Ohmygod, that is fanfuckingtastic.
Queen of Pink, March 22nd, 2005

Ooohhh god...your words have made me so wet...I want you
Ana, March 23rd, 2005

I need a cigarette after that, and I don't even smoke!
Hannah, March 23rd, 2005

Mmm that sounds so sexy and good. Thank you :)
, March 24th, 2005

lol forgot to leave my name.
*Kelly*, March 24th, 2005

Ohhhh babyyyy. this pussy wants more. you made me come twice, darling. the throbbing was so real, i moaned a long one myself.
paige, March 24th, 2005

Ohhhh babyyyy. this pussy wants more. you made me come twice, darling. the throbbing was so real, i moaned a long one myself.
paige, March 24th, 2005

I discovered you by accident and I'm so glad I did. So few can articulate so sexily, so sensuously, just what turns a body into a throbbing, gasping, molten toy.
You are very very good.
Maria, March 24th, 2005

Margaux, March 30th, 2005

oh darling, i've been away for at least two months, and here you wait for me with my FAVOURITE! got me INSTANTLY wet, baby. and now if you please pardon me, i'll go to the office bathroom and live through this again in private.
kisses lucy
lucy, April 01st, 2005

familiar ;) yum.
nez, April 01st, 2005

Oh my god, you are good. You make me so wet. The only thing better would have been for you to cum in my mouth. I am sure you taste heavenly. I would really like to suck your cock.
Victoria, April 04th, 2005

Ok so i cam really fast. The time from reading the first blog to now. That was soooo hot. LOVE YOUR BLOG
You can watch me masturbate any time
butterflies and rainbows, April 06th, 2005

came to this. HARD
paige, April 12th, 2005

Oh wow. You have the talent for writing things excactly as I need them.
p!nk, April 13th, 2005

Some things never cease to amaze me. I just got home and no one was here, I sat at my desk to have a visit with you Roger, all alone at home. I found this writing-this highly intense, erotic writing-and look what I got! I'm so satisfied Roger, I'm not even going to read another story. Not right this minute anyway....I adore you, you dirty boy.
dancingbackwards, June 07th, 2005

This one was perfect. You know how I love to be taken from behind. The biting is such a turn on. And I get wet as your hands toy with my naked breasts. But when you push me over the desk, when I struggle, loving to be forced - that's the best part. That's what drew me away from the screen just long enough to loosen my belt and unzip my pants. I prompty glanced back, letting my hand slide into my panties. I can almost feel the warmth from your erection so close to me and I'm only at the very entrance of my cunt spreading the wet juices. Your hand slides inside, and I urgently do the same. My thighs shake just a little, involuntarily.

As your cock slides into my wet pussy, I become more aroused. My breath thickens. I can feel my heart pulsing faster. My fingers slide more quickly around my clit. For some reason, I can't sit up and do this. I let myself recline down onto my back as my legs dangle off the bed. My tight cunt squeezing, your erection swelling and pulsing and pumping deep inside - I can't hold this one back for long. But I want to. I want it to take me to the end of your sensual entry. I slow my eager fingers down, letting my orgasm take time. Your belly slaps against my ass. I can feel it. I can hear it. Your cock bangs me forcefully. You know I love being fucked from behind like this - taken over and pinned down and used. I love it when you do this to me. I look down to the next line. That's where I orgasm. My eyes scan over the word "throbbing" again and that's all I can take. I can't even hold myself up to read the screen. I let my body fall, my back arch, my hips trust into my fingers - thrust towards your cock - a hard, throbbing erection that very sadly isn't there. My legs clench, trying to manipulate the building orgasm. My toes curl. I throw my head back. My mouth is moving. It needs something. Your mouth or maybe your wet erection. No, my swollen pussy needs your erection. Wants it so bad. My rhythm's now frantic. I slip over my clit a few more times. And I feel myself about to come. And I want it. I want you. I feel a hard cock inside of me instead of my small fingers. I imagine your penis mercilessly fucking me from behind. And that thought, that image, your throbbing cock, throws me over the edge into a glorious orgasm. My pussy very suddenly contracts and slide my fingers out. I lay on the bed for a few moments, reading your last lines - reading about your orgasm. Was it as good for you as it was for me? I hope so. Mmmm, your cum filling me. I wish I'd read that before I climaxed.

You write beautifully, Roger. I love every minute of this.

my god...
just delicious...


I've just cum to this comment, quite the most gorgeously intense one I've received for a while...

I have no idea who you are (you didn't leave a name at all) - but this was gorgeously written, and extraordinarily arousing - thankyou xx

So I did omit my name. My mistake, I blame the fact that I was very aroused.

Well as long as I'm here, I suppose remind you how wonderful this one is.

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