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Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 3:14 PM

Just in case I haven't spoiled you enough over the past few days, today I've posted the entire story so far in the second series of 'The House' - you'll find the first series further down in the archives - still more old stuff to come, but getting close to finished now, with new material on the way.

enjoy x


So you have...and isn't it good? Good enough to have my fingers rubbing frantically inside my lace underwear anyway, and pinching my bare nipples. It's unbelievable the orgasms you bring me too just from reading your stuff...Can't begin to imagine what you're actually like in bed.

I'm not feeling spoiled. In fact, I'm feeling a bit hungry for more. I guess I just get spoiled and the more I get the more I want...

thankyou, both of you - aroused and greedy are precisely the reactions I'm aiming to provoke ;)
Lots more to follow over this week.

omigod - my right hand is numb from staying in a clicking/scrolling hypnotic trance while my left hand is buried in my panties. Your writing leaves me breathing hard with my hand wet. I'd love to read more, i'd love to experience the lust and passion you write about. Please use me...

oh god your last entry was...wow...i stumbled across this site and im so thankful i did i didnt even get all the way through reading the latest installment of the house 2 (part 7) before i was cumming all over my fingers. i swear i came as hard as you described, breathing heavily, my pussy dripping, my body trembling. i must say i loved the dialouge you encorporated and how you made it all so visual. i'll definitely check back, oh yeah, im feeling greedy ;)

wet1 - I'm pleased you're having fun - I love making you wet x
lex - feel as greedy as you like - I want you to cum deliciously hard, over and over again...

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