at the party - part one

Friday, August 05, 2005 at 7:11 PM

Here we go with another requested sexual fantasy, this time suggested by Secretive - this one has jumped the queue considerably, as it's a situation I'm familiar with, so I knew it would be easy and fun to write - I have an erection already, and I haven't even started yet (must resist touching it for a while, or I'll never get this written!) - so I know I'm gonna enjoy this! Very little scene setting with this one - I'm impatient and horny tonight, so it's likely to get sexual very quickly...

Relax and have fun - I want this to make you wet, and I'd love it if it makes you cum...

At the party - a sexual fantasy

We're at a party held by a mutual friend - it's a big house, just the right size for a good party, maybe fifty or sixty people here, some couples, a few single people, a few others just looking for a fun night out away from partners - a chance to have a dance or three to some good music with old friends, meet some new people, drink a little too much alcohol, flirt more than you should, and let your hair down for the night. As usual at such parties, most of the guests are divided between the room where the music is playing (currently filled with twenty or thirty people having fun on the dancefloor) and the kitchen, where most of the booze and the food are situated.

You've been looking at me all night, smiling at me when you catch my eye, being a little bolder than you might normally be - you're on your own tonight, you've had just the right amount to drink, and you know you'd find it very easy to give in to temptation. You don't usually behave badly at parties, but tonight, despite yourself, you're in the mood to have fun - or at least flirt a little - and at the moment you can't seem to take your eyes off me, watching the way I move, fascinated by me as you watch me talking to friends, your gaze roaming around my body, liking what you see, wanting to get a little closer, suddenly wondering just how I'd taste...

I haven't missed the way you're looking at me, looking at you too, loving the way you're dressed, your short skirt showing your long legs, your tight top curving temptingly around your soft breasts, and before long we've talked for a while in the kitchen, flirting, smiling and drinking beer, dancing to a couple of songs - and when a slow tune comes on, we move in close together and sway dreamily to the music, our bodies pressed close, arms wrapped around each other, and when I brush your hair from your face and lean in gently for a kiss, you respond easily, kissing me long and slow, our lips sliding deliciously together. When the song ends, and the music moves to a faster tempo, I suggest we move to the sitting room, halfway between the music room and the kitchen, to relax and talk for a while, stopping off at the kitchen first to pick up a bottle of wine.

We don't talk for long - sat together on the huge, comfortable sofa, the lighting low, a young couple kissing and talking quietly in the other corner of the room, we kiss again, more sensual this time, our lips sliding together, my tongue slipping into your mouth, tasting you, my fingers running through your hair as the kiss becomes more passionate.

Hardly aware of it happening, you find yourself laying back in the sofa, your arm pulling me closer, my body now half across yours as we kiss more sensually. Your thighs are draped across my lap, and as you run your fingers through my hair, you feel my hand sliding slowly up the inside of your thigh, working my way up as we kiss deliciously. Forgetting where you are, you open your thighs a little - my hand slips further up, my fingers brushing along the inside of your thigh, my tongue slipping into your mouth again as my fingers reach your panties.

You hear a whisper from the other corner of the room, and a quiet giggle, suddenly remembering we're not alone, breaking the kiss for a moment, your fingers sliding around my wrist, stopping me from going further. "No..." you whisper, "don't... there's other people here...". "They're not watching..." I smile, "just lay back and enjoy this...". I kiss you again, my hand sliding back up between your legs, under your skirt, my fingers tracing their way up to the crotch of your panties...

I kiss you again, slowly and sensually - you're certain we're being watched, but you feel yourself melting again, sliding your tongue against mine as we kiss deliciously, your heart beating a little faster as you feel my fingertips brushing across the crotch of your panties. You slide your hand down to my wrist again, making a half-hearted show of stopping me, but my fingertips are rubbing between your legs now, gently but firmly, round and round, caressing you - you can feel that your skirt has been tugged all the way up - if the couple across the room are watching, they'll now have a clear view of everything I'm doing...

You kiss me again, hungrily, and I tug your skirt up around your waist, sliding my hand down inside the front of your panties, drifting down past your soft pubic hair, my fingers finding your clit, rubbing gently and rhythmically, kissing my way down to your neck, as my fingers caress your clit, over and around, then slipping further down, down to your sex. You're so wet now - you gasp as you feel me bite along your neck, opening your thighs a little further as you feel my fingers sliding down to your cunt. You tremble visibly, gasping again as you feel my fingertips dip into your wetness, caressing you, your slick juices pouring along my fingertips,, sliding them back up to your clit, rubbing again, harder this time, and you groan in response, wanting more.

You hear a gentle gasp from the other corner of the room - a female gasp - you know they're watching now - you're not sure you want this, to be touched in full view like this, to be watched - you wriggle underneath me again, trying to escape the gentle, insistent pressure of my finger - "no... please... ohhh god... please don't... not here..." - you can hear footsteps walking along the hallway past the room now, passing to and fro to the kitchen - this is too public, you don't want this - you struggle again - "no... please... I don't think I can do this... unnhhh... ohhh fuck...." - I ignore your gentle protests, my fingers slipping back down, sliding between the lips of your wet sex,, pushing two fingers inside you, and you groan again - "uunnhhhh.... ohhhh god...." - you tremble again, nervous and incredibly aroused, all at the same time - I push my fingers deeper, my thumb caressing your clit, and you shudder deliciously, trying to hold back your arousal, a small stream of your wetness now pouring from your cunt, dripping down between your thighs...

more to follow...


previous comments:

Why leave us hanging? I'm at work and I need the rest before I go home....please?!?!
Anjie, July 22nd, 2004

sorry anjie - I ran out of time yesterday - though the rest will follow imminently - and it makes you have to come back, which obviously I like ;)
dirtyboy, July 23rd, 2004

So would you care to elaborate on how - "it's a situation I'm familiar with, so I knew it would be easy and fun to write" - ???
VicxGirl, July 23rd, 2004

And you leave me this way??? You frickin' tease!
Actually, I love it. I love the anticipation, especially now that I know I'll be taken on my knees. My breath is shallow and I'm so wet, thinking of how to get back to this computer tonight, despite our evening plans.
secretive, July 23rd, 2004

oh that was a trick...leaving us like that!!
Hurry back with the rest, please. happy.gif
Luci, July 23rd, 2004

Vicx - I didn't mean the actual sexual events, I meant the party backdrop lol. Though (like many of us, I'm sure), I have had my share of relatively hot and heavy party fumblings ;)
Luci - I will!
Secretive - you will be taken on your knees - it's interesting that I'd already decided to write that before you mentioned it - it'll be twice as much fun now I know that's what you had in mind...
And it won't be later today (it's late evening already here), but should be tomorrow, unless something unexpected crops up. I'm pleased (and aroused in equal measures0 that you're anticipating it so much...
dirtyboy, July 23rd, 2004

We are on different sides of the world. I'll wait, impatiently. This is so well written erotic, so fucking sexy.
You are damn good; but you know that already.
secretive, July 23rd, 2004

Holy crap that was my my.
red, July 23rd, 2004

Thankyou, both of you xx
dirtyboy, July 24th, 2004

OMG I am wet and ready to be finished off ... I will come back to finish what YOU started ... ;)
mindy, July 25th, 2004

mmm good x - then you'll be pleased to hear I've written some more - part two now up...
dirtyboy, July 25th, 2004

You and Secretive have amazing sexual energy... I am so damned crazy about your custom fantasies.
phoebephrodos, August 01st, 2004

Mmm...perfect. I think this is about to become my new favourite.

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