you're a dirty girl

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:54 AM

You're being a bad girl again, aren't you.
Are you reading this to get off?
I know you are.
I can see you there right now, I can see exactly what you're doing, so I know what a dirty girl you are, what you do when you think no-one is watching you, how you touch yourself, thinking no-one can see you.
I can see you. I'm watching you. And I know you're getting aroused. I know you're getting wet. I know you're touching yourself, down there, between your legs, where it feels good. You think I can't see you, but I can. I know exactly what you're doing. Dirty little girl.
If you keep misbehaving like that, I'm going to have to spank you. Spank you very, very hard. And if you keep misbehaving, I'll have to teach you a lesson. I'll tie you down onto the bed, very tightly. You won't be able to move, won't be able to struggle. Then I'll show you what happens to dirty little sluts like you.
I'll fuck you, hard, over and over again. But I won't let you come. If you try and come I'll spank you. I'll take you for my own pleasure. I'll take you any way I please. And then I'll cum all over you, spurting my cum all over your belly, over your breasts, all over your pretty little face.
Then I'll leave you there, tied up on the bed like that, naked, wet and trembling, my cum dripping down your body, like the dirty little slut you are.
So you'd better behave.


previous comments:

No no no I will NOT behave.....
xxoo ;)
DirtyTalkinGirl, June 02nd, 2004

mmmm... where are my fingers now?
tequila_sunryz, June 02nd, 2004

Ain't that just like a man? Get his own pleasure then leave the girl trembling and wanting and unsatisfied and in a mess ;-) Sorry, couldn't resist saying that. lol
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 02nd, 2004

Bear in mind it was supposed to be a punishment, Flirt x
dirtyboy, June 02nd, 2004

I'm so sorry for making all that noise. I didn't mean to. Really ... I didn't! I try to be a good girl. I do!! Please don't get mad, Mister, Please don't!
bliatz, June 02nd, 2004

Now I know why I wouldn't like being a sub
;-) rofl One on One all the way, equality...give and take..
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 02nd, 2004

oh, and shouldn't that be MASTER...not mister?
;-) lol
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 02nd, 2004

Exactly!!!! ;-)
bliatz, June 02nd, 2004

hehe, nice little story, i like happy.gif
t, June 02nd, 2004

lol - I think Bliatz knows exactly what she typed ;) - and welcome to my comments, Bliatz - I'd recommend anyone reading this to dash across to her blog right away - it's gorgeously designed, fun to read, and delightfully horny too.
Flirt - of course, but it's just fun, silly x.
t (and DTG and tequila) - thankyou, it was fun to write x
dirtyboy, June 02nd, 2004

I've just noticed that Bliatz typed her blog address incorrectly (another spanking for her, then). Here's the correct address for her blog:
Wish I knew my way around blog templates - I use my 'friends' section to list my archives (which I type in manually), so have nowhere to list links. I'm sure there's a way for the archives to list automatically in a section of it's own, with links below, but I have no idea how to make that happen...
dirtyboy, June 02nd, 2004

lol Dirty, I know it's just's just...I have a tender bum ;-) lol
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 02nd, 2004

So you are watching me?...Then you know how I want it now...
Vicx, June 03rd, 2004

I typed it right this time. I'm sorry. I was all thumbs from reading your story ..
Concerning links/design - isn't there some sort of help desk/online manual/support function at indecent blogging who may halp you out?
Bliatz, June 03rd, 2004

Flirt - just how tender is your bum then...? I feel sure the audience would love to know!
Vicx - I have a good idea of how you want it, yes wink.gif. Feel free to be more specific though (I'm so bad).
Bliatz - don't you dare make me impatient with you. You're getting very close to being punished, and I won't tell you again.
dirtyboy, June 03rd, 2004

I know I've been bad, and I know I deserve my punishment if I don't shape up. I'll be a good girl. Can I put my clothes on now? Please?
, June 03rd, 2004

Assuming that's Bliatz again, I can't help but notice that this time you've managed to leave your name off completely. If you're good, you'll get rewards, but I suspect you're being deliberately bad. In all conscience I have no alternative but to insist that you remain naked. Don't bother trying to argue. You're such a bad girl.
dirtyboy, June 03rd, 2004

My bum is so tender, it prefers to be rubbed, not spanked ;-) lol
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 03rd, 2004

well, rubbing is good too, and I'm all for it, obviously, but it's rubbish as a punishment - I'm trying to be stern and dominant here lol. I'm not convinced that taking you over my knee when you've been bad and then just rubbing your bottom is really in the spirit of it. Clearly you need training ;)
, June 03rd, 2004

D'oh! There's me telling off Bliatz, and then i go and do the same thing myself - curses! lol
dirtyboy, June 03rd, 2004 must pay closer attention lol.
I suppose I could handle a little smack on the bottom...but not hard lol
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 04th, 2004

oh just tie her down, gag her and then spank her lol by the time she has any idea of what is going on she'll be loving it hehe
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

lol some friend you are :-P
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 04th, 2004

lol - I agree entirely with Frozen, all this reluctant flirting is just asking for being tied up, gagged and spanked, quite frankly (evil snicker).
dirtyboy, June 04th, 2004

lol I'll hold her down, you gag and that way I can get to watch hehe
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

I just wanna watch frozen and flirt wrassle. ;)
j, June 04th, 2004

I'm picturing the whole thing rather explicitly, I have to admit...
dirtyboy, June 04th, 2004

lol sheesh you men are hopeless
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

I'll still take DirtyBoy watching me...
Vicx, June 04th, 2004

Frozen, you're cruisin for a bruisin... sooo watch carefully J ;-) lol
lol Dirty, you're always picturing rather explicitly ;-)
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 04th, 2004

maybe Dirty wants to be watched for once instead of all me, me, me...
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

so with that thought I think I will wrestle Flirt on one condition, you and J wrestle with us and together lol
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

I was thinking that Dirty might liked to be watched and spanked as well, for a change ;-)
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 04th, 2004

he's a useless sub lol
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

and he was telling ME it's all in
ComeFlirtWithMeX, June 04th, 2004

lmao she got you there
frozendesire, June 04th, 2004

Vicx - I'd love to watch you, though once it all got too much for me, I'd have to do more than just watch...
Frozen - Ah, but I wasn't just watching you two, I was picturing what you'd described happening - you holding her down, me gagging her, and then while you watched, well, I think you know what would come next... and yes, as you know, I am a useless sub lol x
dirtyboy, June 05th, 2004

hmmmm... you know it gets me so fucking hot when you're this mean....but play nice...I NEED to cum!
remittance girl, June 06th, 2004

rg - you'll cum when I tell you you can cum, and not before - patience is a virtue. Don't make me have to punish you again...
dirtyboy, June 06th, 2004

You know you love it when I make you!
remittance girl, June 06th, 2004

guilty as charged lol x
dirtyboy, June 06th, 2004

Dear lawd. Moped on over here from 'This Big Hush' and the first thing I read was this.
I have to go do stuff now. Rawr.
Maculate Deviant, June 07th, 2004

thankyou xx
I've just had a glimpse at your own blog, and I'm pretty damn certain it's gonna make me have to do stuff too...
And for reference, Maculate is referring to this blog here:
- a very intelligent, but still very sexy group blog which I visit daily, and very much enjoy. It's mainly aimed at female submissives, but I sort of sneak in now and again lol. Very much recommmended.
dirtyboy, June 07th, 2004

christ - what i wouldn't give to have my hands tied behind my back, on my thrusting deep into my mouth, telling me what a dirty little girl i am....
Andrea, September 13th, 2004

mmm god... sounds perfect... x
dirtyboy, September 13th, 2004

You know, dirtyboy, whoever you are, i've been searching the internet for spanking stories for years now, since i got out of high school, and...i've never found any that capture the pain AND the pleasure of truly submitting to a man...the playfulness is what i want, but also the "i don't have a choice" in giving my man his way part. you capture all of it beautifully, and it has given me four nights (since i first found your site) of fabulous orgasms and beautiful dreams, so thank you. i'm one of those girls whose cute and innocent by day (i'm 23, but i look younger) but my deeply religious upbringing has left a need to be disciplined in me, a need that is erotic in nature, not sick or weird or anything. you just brought all the parts of my fantasies together without me ever even meeting you, so thanks...thanks a lot...xxxooo
Laura, October 12th, 2004

and...for the record, i would give anything for you to play the headmaster of an all-girls boarding school, and me to play an errant schoogirl. that is my ultimate fantasy. i've never cybered or even played this fantasy out in real life, but i've played it over and over in my head so many times my fingers are raw...i like how you say you can see me when i'm touching myself, you know, in my naieveté i believe you...i want you to spank me while you fuck me from behind...i have asked several of my boyfriends to do this, and they responded strangely...they thought i was wierd or something...i could never explain why it turned me on to be spanked while a guy was fucking me...maybe it's because i felt soooo good and soooo bad at the same time, the spanking kind of justified the pleasure i was feeling, and intensified it at the same time...we should play...???xxx
Laura, October 12th, 2004

Laura, thankyou for such a long, delightful, considered comment - you've made my day x
I'm really pleased you've been enjoying my writing so much, and believe me, there is absolutely nothing weird in wanting to be spanked - in my opinion it's fun and playful, and if it makes you feel good and intensifies your orgasms too, all the better.
And I love the sound of your fantasy - very appealing! Have a look at the 2 Jul entry (brand new cyber) for my own take on that very same fantasy. And have fun! xx
dirtyboy, October 12th, 2004

Caught in the act, how delicious. And the punishment excites me so. . .Tie me down just tight enough so I can't move. Oh yes, I want you to fuck me over and over again. I want you to tie me up and take me any way you please. I want to feel your hard hot cock pounding my pussy and know I can't make you stop. I'm so curious, how in the midst of all that excitement can you keep me from cumming? Just the thought of laying there with your cum dripping off me, knowing I can't move, knowing anyone can do whatever they want to me. My nipples are erect and my pussy is drenched in excitement. I don't even have to touch myself, I'm cumming oh yes
virginpussy, December 15th, 2004

virginpussy - I'm not sure i'd want to stop you cumming - this comment is so intensely erotic that I'd very much want to make you come, deliciously hard, again and again, all over my cock, so good, so wet, drenching my thrusting erection, and then I'd cum, an intense, incredible orgasm, spurting all my cum deep into your dripping wet cunt... thankyou - such a wonderful, intense comment xxx
dirtyboy, December 15th, 2004

What happens after you spurt all your cum into my cunt? How long will you leave me covered in nothing but your spunk, tied to the bed. . .What else will you do with me there
The thought of your erect hard cock driving deep inside me, i can't help but slide my fingers in my pussy, so wet. I'm tingling so ready for a serious pussy splitting pounding
virginpussy, December 23rd, 2004

mmm... such a delicious image virginpussy... thankyou x
dirtyboy, December 30th, 2004

I love getting caught!, you don't have to tie me down, but you can if you want too. I promise that I'll do anything you ask... just be gentle with me... mmmm very gentle...
Saphire, January 13th, 2005

mmm yum... glad to see you're not going to take too much persuasion, saphire xx
dirtyboy, January 14th, 2005

oooh, dirtyboy, I love to be dominated by a man. You know just what I want.
You're an excellent erotic writter.

thankyou pinkslip, it's very much my pleasure x

Better behave? Or what? What are you going to do if I do play with my wet cunt without you? Have delicious orgasms and keep thtem all to myself? Stroke my clit until I'm dripping down my thighs, walk around in maybe just a skirt, or white panties so you could see how damp I am. Keep the skirt pushed up and bend over, like the dirty slut I am. I can't help it when I get so turned on, I need to cum...*Pout* Tie me down and leave me? You wouldn't dare...

It's talk like that which will definitely get you punished, you dirty little girl. Don't make me lose my patience with you. I'm clearly going to have to tie you up, you need to learn a lesson or two. And don't think that being bad will earn you a spank - I think you want that too much. Greedy, dirty girl. No, I'll simply tie you up, and walk away. When you're prepared to submit, I'll come back - until then, you can sit there, restrained, and remind yourself what a dirty little slut you really are. Such a bad girl.

You can't do that! I can't reach my cunt if I'm tied up. That's not fair! How am I supposed to cum without moving? Nnh...I won't be able to not cum if you fuck me. Spray your cum all over my face and deep inside me. God, I want it. I need to cum...What? Submit? Make me! I dare you!

Such a greedy girl. Have you noticed how tight the restraints are? Struggle all you please, it'll do you no good. I'll be leaving you here for a while now. Call me back in the room when you're ready to submit to me. Then we'll discuss what a dirty little slut you really are. If you behave, that is...

Nnhh! Dammit. Alright. Alright Roger! You win! YOU WIN! *Lowers head* I'll be good. I'll be a good little slut and obey. I...I admit it. I need to be fucked. I'll submit. I'll behave. Just don't ignore me...My throbs so hard. Please...

Hinoka - good girl. Good little slut. I'm pleased we've reached an understanding. You still clearly want it too much though. I'm aware that you need to be fucked. I can see how wet you are, sat there, tied to the chair. When I run my fingers over your cunt... like this... stroking you... pushing my fingers inside you... I can see how much that makes you wriggle... and I know you want me to fuck you... but first you have to please me... take my cock in your mouth... suck me... show me what a dirty little slut you are...

Oh God...Oh yeah, just a little further in. Nnh! No! You can't do that to me! That's not fair! That's beyond not fair, it's cruel and unusual! Untie me! I won't scream for you, I--Wave that thing in front of me again, and I'll suck it down my fucking throat. You want to see what a dirty little slut I am, I'll show you. Force your cock into my mouth, so hard it bumps against the back of my throat...My tongue curling around that lovely cock...Mmn...You taste so good. I can't help to start shoving you into my throat, moving my head up and down. Mmm...Does this please you, sir?

mmm god yes... much better... can you feel me throbbing in your mouth..? Such a dirty girl - and I can feel how wet this is making you... pushing my fingers deeper inside you... starting to fuck you with them as my cock fills your mouth... my thumb stroking your clit... such a little slut... I think I'm going to have to fuck you...

Mmn...That's just what I cunt throbbing hard around your fingers...milking and trying to suck them in so urgently while my tongue continues slithering over your cock. Am I a good little slut yet, sir? Will you fuck me now? Please...I'll be so good if you batter my pussy with your cock...

you are a good little slut, yes - I'll let you up from the chair, but I still can't trust you to behave - we'll keep your wrists tied behind your back, I think... now kneel on the bed... can you feel me kneeling behind you...? My hands are slipping around your waist... up to your breasts... pinching your nipples quite hard... and as you gasp, I push your head down onto the bed... holding you there... the head of my cock sliding against the lips of your dripping wet cunt...

Nnh! Oh yes...Oh God, pinch harder. Do that again, goddammit! Mmpfh! I could reach them myself if you'd untie my hands. Holding me down so I can only wiggle, still don't trust me to behave? I'm hurt. I'm really hurt. I'm-Ohhh...I'm a cock-hungry slut, fuck me! Teasing me with just the head of it, when you know how much my soaked cunt is aching for you.

Once again roger, you have managed to form a post which leaves me throbbing.

However, I will NOT submit to your will.

I have iron will. *trembles a little*

I will hold out longer in a waiting contest than you will. ((I hope))

sexkitten - don't make me have to punish you...

*Whimpers slightly*

you kniow what you have to do, sexkitten. Admit what a dirty little slut you are, or I'm just going to have to spank you...

I hate you!! Everytime I quit masturbating YOUR website gets me right back into it.

You are my guilty pleasure, Roger. And it looks like no matter what -- I'll lways keep coming back.

Signed: "just turned legal.."

guilty pleasures are, of course, the best ones of all ;) It's a pleasure to excite you so intensely, hope you do indeed keep coming back for more ;) x

Ummmm, no. Not going to be behaving here. It's too much fun misbehaving.


And yes, I'm enjoying the archives! ;-)

I'm glad to hear it ;)
And the last thing I'd really want you to do is behave whilst you're in here - this is your playground, misbehave as much as you please ;) x

Hmmmmmmmm, how delightful sounds delicious when can we start.....xx

whenever you're ready, I think, Madelyn. Such a filthy little girl. x

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