wanting you

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:42 PM

I want to fuck you.
I want to slide my cock deep inside you... all the way...
I want to feel your cunt warm and wet around my cock, sliding up and down along my erection, fucking me, your wetness streaming down the length of my cock... dripping down my balls...
I want to hold you down, my hands holding your wrists down hard on the bed, with you helpless underneath me, my cock thrusting hard and deep inside you, again and again... taking you for my own pleasure...
I want to bite you...
I want to suck on you... to taste you... to take your erect nipples into my mouth...
I want to watch you masturbate, all the way to orgasm... stroking my own cock as I watch you come...
I want to make you come, hard and intense...
I want you to scream with pleasure as you cum all over my cock... so wet...
And when you can't take any more... I want to cum... deep inside you...
I want to fill you up with my cum... spurt all my cum deep into your dripping wet cunt...
I want to cum inside you...
I want to cum in your mouth...
I want to spurt my cum over your breasts... over your belly... over your face... dripping down your chin...
I want you to lick it all up, lick the cum from my cock as it drips down my penis...
...my spunk smeared across your lips and chin...
And then I want to kiss you...


previous comments:

You have no idea how wet you can make me with just your words....your GF must be one lucky woman.
Big wet kisses,
VicxGirl, July 20th, 2004

I love making you wet Vicx xx
dirtyboy, July 20th, 2004

Fuck hunny thats HOT!!!
, July 20th, 2004

i agree! very intense.
if i had a guy like you, id be loving life.
tequila_sunryz, July 21st, 2004

*has just slid off the chair and turned into a quivering mass of jelly on the floor*
Rog, DONT do this.
DTG xxoo
, July 21st, 2004

Yes...yes...please. That was very hot!!
Luci, July 21st, 2004

Thankyou all of you xxx
Sometimes I'm just too horny to write anything creative, and need to be more direct - glad it still worked for you ;)
dirtyboy, July 21st, 2004

perhaps not as bad as i want to fuck you
it's still creative, in its own way, i think. something doesn't have to be round about and indirect to be creative, right?
eh anyways, same effect. ;)
wetnwild, July 21st, 2004

And that's just the kind of effect I want to have on you ;)
dirtyboy, July 22nd, 2004

If only my hands weren't so damn sunburned and I so sober. I am so damn horny.
phoebephrodos, August 01st, 2004

mmm good x
dirtyboy, August 01st, 2004

why can't all men be like u???? *sigh*
mems, August 09th, 2004

thankyou mems x
dirtyboy, August 09th, 2004

if u infront of me now ....i feel fuck u n never leaf you to take u cock out of my HOLE....just ask u to enjoy me n my sexy pusy....
you make me very horny until i masterbath infront of my monitor,i imagening that you are fucking me now....suck me pussy plssssssssssssssssssssss.
sexybabe, October 03rd, 2004

thankyou sexybabe - you seem very exciteable and turned on, which, of course, is exactly how I like you to be...
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

daamn yo dat made me so wet and horny shit
juss by readin that yo i wanna fuk my man soo hard
krissi, October 26th, 2004

glad you enjoyed it so much krissi x
dirtyboy, October 28th, 2004

i might bite back...
moonlitnymph, November 15th, 2004

hey that was really well described and that as always hits the spot...thankyou xx
michelle c ;), December 20th, 2004

my pleasure michelle x - lovely to see you're exploring the archives ;) xx
dirtyboy, December 20th, 2004

Just the thought of you holding me down, your cock thrusting hard and deep inside me. . . I'm so wet. . .I'm dripping in anticipation
vestal, December 23rd, 2004

vestal, I'd very much love to fuck you, just like that, pinning you down, thrusting my cock so hard and deep inside you... wanting you to come all over my cock... mmm yum x
dirtyboy, December 23rd, 2004

mmmmm, yes, come on, come over here, fuck me now, let me feel your erect throbbing cock fill me, let me raise my hips, sliding my soaking pussy along the length of your hard hot shaft, feel my juice run from me to you, feel my tongue tease your lips as I pull you deeper into me...
Saphire, January 13th, 2005

mmm Saphire - looks like you're exploring tonight...
pleased to see you're having fun ;) xx
dirtyboy, January 13th, 2005

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